Madden NFL 12 Upcoming Roster Update Discussion Heading into the Super Bowl

Posted January 23rd, 2012 at 1:15 pm

Super Bowl XLV will be a rematch of the epic Super Bowl XLII from four years ago as the New England Patriots and New York Giants prevailed yesterday in some fantastic Conference Championship games that came down to the final plays in regulation and overtime.

Some of the names that stood out due to big performances include Vince Wilfork, Victor Cruz, Vernon Davis, Sterling Moore, and Lardarius Webb. And then there are of course the goats who will bear the brunt of the fault for the losses – Kyle Williams, Billy Cundiff, and Lee Evans while Michael Crabtree completely vanished on the big stage.

From the teams that competed what players are deserving of ratings up or downgrades in the next Madden NFL 12 roster update? As always leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • House_boy

    why don’t you cut from free agency a lot of players?

    • Vghelardini

      Yes it’s true. Many players probably will not able to play again.


    CAM NEWTON WILL REPLACE ELI MANNING IN THE PRO BOWL!!!!! OK now you want to acknowledge his accomplishments. I think this is a ratings boost. Not only did he single handly increase Carolina Panthers position in the NFL but now as a Rookie off to the PRO BOWL. That’s a for sure 90 OVR Rating.

    • He’s going because Manning is in the Super Bowl. This changes NOTHING

  • Seargant1

    Haha repping the gay area we will make u wipe ur blood off the floor. Alex smoth won’t go up or down ray mcdonald will go up as well as vernon the rest will stay the same oh and williams better go down to a 40 overall dude is a bum. Eli will go up for sure beating the best defense in the league

  • Joey

    Eli has a strong accurate arm,  make his TPW a 94 at least
    Bradshaw is weaker then DJ Ware, and Arron Brown?, strength should be 73ish, he’s a   powerful little back, ask Poole from the Jets
    Manningham has a TD in each playoff game, runs great routes, and comes out of breaks fast, he should b higher then 79
    Boley is a solid outside linebacker, can blitz and cover, he’s better then Brady James, sorry, Dallas would make that trade in a minute, James 86?, Boley 81? not accurate
    J’Quan Williams can flat out fly, thats why he was drafted, reflect it, 85-88 speed
    Cantys at least a 84-85
    Ross is better then 77, come on
    Rolle is a better tackler then 68
    Dlel, and Booth should both b in the mid to upper 70’s, dont hurt their overall because the Giants have moved them around so much, thats an asset. Remember who they played last week, how did Bradshaw match Gore’s #’s against that front?

    Not being an unrealistic fan, I know this team

  • Hipnotik925

    eli should have “ideal” pocket awareness trait (should have had this for years) as well as 99 toughness and at least 95 overall. his throw on the run should be much better for starters.

  • Chris

    This is a bit behind but I play only with the 49ers and I noticed after the saints game where Alex Smith had the longest run of his career and looked faster than J. Vilma who is 84 speed got his speed lowered from 76 to 75. Its hard to imagine that his speed is only 1 higher then Justin Smith

    • Anonymous

      Not sure what they saw to lower him off that game, but his 40 time was 4.7, he’s not that fast, not slow, but not that fast either.

    • Alex ran a 4.55 and not a 4.7 at the combine, but EA applies the SPD according to position.  VD ran a 4.35 and only got 90 spd.  The same w Willis.  Vontae Davis for Miami ran a 4.45 at the combine but on the game at CB, he has 92 SPD.

  • :)

    Packers defense= OVERRATED worst defense in the NFL 2011 reg season. Seriously? And they have some extremely high ranked defensive players in madden. Players like tramon Williams and an hawk should be lowered Drastically. Also jermichael finley show be lowered alot he’s been playing horrible. Lastly Alex smith should be lowered, he is an average quarterback had 46 cmpl percent against giants.

  • The 9ers O line only…..only gave up 2 sacks to the might “G MEN” D line.  This should warrant a boost for the whole line.  Its not Alex Smith’s fault for 1)  A WR fumbling 3 times in a game 2) None of the WRs couldnt get open.  The D played lights out… and all of you G Men fanatics on her know that Bradshaw fumbled.  So…. If we take those 3 plays out, the G Men lose. 
    Therefore, Alex goes down 1 pt.  Williams goes down 4 pts.  Crabtree 2 pts.  Vernon 2pt up.  McDonald should get a boost along with Brooks.  Rogers down 1 pt  and Brown up 2 pts.  Goldson up 1pt  while Bowman should be a 90 now! 

    The G Men O line Decreas all over the board and their CBs should increase.  Eli increase as well along with Cruz.

    And this is from a 9ers fan… Good luck G Men in the SB

    • Anonymous

      Lies. Alex Smith was sacked 3 times according to And 3 sacks in a game that you only drop back to pass 26 times isn’t very good. You’re also a dumbass for making an argument stating “if we took those 3 plays out”…. if we took 3 plays of Saints fans choosings out of the previous game the 49ers wouldn’t have even been in that Championship game.

      So let me get this straight, you have the 49ers going +1 after that game? Williams doesn’t count, he’s not a starter. So you think the 49ers should go +1 overall. Wow. Just wow.

      • No…. Youre the dumbass… IF we are talking about this shit and eliminating VD… Then how about Cruz…. Once his ass got shut down in the second half, you O didnt do shit.  Lets not even talk about Williams dumb ass fumbling.  G Men fans know youre o line sucks…. Pass 58 time, 6 sacks and 20+ hit/pressures and 10+ throw aways.  Even Eli said “That 9er team was the best team we played all year, they gave the whole team fits”. 

        Give me a fucking break.  To be honest, once NE got in the SB, the league wanted the Giants because the Ratings of Boston VS NY like Red Sox vs Yankee.  There was no way in hell that the NFL wanted 2 small market teams in the SB (NO VS INDY) like 2 years ago when the rating were in the toilet until the 4 Q.

        The league knows that if even the WC dont watch, the ratings will be high to cover it on the EC.  Quit that shit… I didnt disrespect the GMen… You earned the win…. It is a comment called freedom of speech and logic and not homerism.

        Grow up.  Your D played bomb against a team w/o any WRs and an excellent run game/TE and a GREAT D.  Plus with a QB named Alex Smith and you guys on here bitching cuz I want the O line just to be rated over 80 for the C,RG,RT… Gimme a Fuckin’ Break.  And Alex Smith aint shit…. With Eli as our QB, and Alex as yours, we blow you guys out the fucking water.

        BTW if those fumbles and muffed punt doesnt occur, your fucking G MEN loses easily 17-14.  Go back and watch the game and you will see a 76 RT and 79 RG, 78C shutting down that pass rush. 

        Shut up you tricks and suck on dez nuts…… GO 9ers and fuck the rest!

      • Oh yeah… 1 Sack against Alex were in OT! 

      • If we talk about games, if GB WRs doesnt drop 8 passes, 3 by a wide open TE who dropped the ball all year….. Where would you be… Aaron Rogers was lightening you asses up, but out of all games, this games his WRs start dropping shit.  If and buts were candy and nuts we would all have a merry Xmas.  Shut up and enjoy winning the SB, cuz Im rooting for yall cuz I hate NE even more

    • Anonymous

      It is highly amusing though that you feel the G-Men O-Line should decrease across the board while the 49ers increase. LOL. Yeah, Eli got sacked 6 times, but he dropped back to pass 58 times, Alex got sacked 3 in 26 drop backs, Alex actually got sacked a higher percentage of drop backs than Eli. Dumbass.

      • Oh wow….  10.3% vs 11.5%  a differnce of 1.2…. Thats once in every 100.  What a higher percentage.  Thats the same percentage of a 90 yr old man vs a 25 yr old man getting a virgin pregnant.  Once again, your logic DOES NOT COMPUTE.

    • I_bELIeve

      In that case, if we take out the 2 long completions to Vernon and the 29 yard completion to Walker at the end of regulation when giants were in a prevent defense (only 3rd down completion of game, laughable) when Smith should have tried a hail marry, then  Smith goes 9/23 for 66 yards, and the 49ers ONLY SCORE 3 POINTS. This was due to great coverage and pressure by the d-line all afternoon. I’m not sure how many times Smith was hurried or hit, but i know there were 3 tackles for a loss in the game…. Therefore all of the SF offense should decrease, o-line for not giving Smith more time when he obviously needed, and smith goes down 6 points for being incompetent.

      • Are you saying your D was better because of the following 49er WR:  Swain, Crabtree, Hastings, Williams?  Who?…..Exactly…. The only name mentionable is Crabtree and he couldnt get open.  Are you saying your D was afraid of any of the other WRs other than Crabs…..?  If so, then you need some major help.  Was your D afraid of Alex Smith?  If so, then you need help.  ONce again, please tell me if any of the above mentioned WRs make your G Men D afraid?

        Thank you

  • Mj23

    Patrick chung is a strong safety check new englands patriots website please change put him back at the correct position

  • Jonathansun81

    Speaking on the bay area being gay area, new york percentage wise actually has more gays than sf. just food for thought for those ignorant folks who have never stepped out of their city 🙂 speaking about ratings, bowmans speed needs to go up a few points, he was tracking bradshaw sideline ti sideline all game. hopefully our d line gets some love, smith, soap and mac.

    • Terrencelewis2000

      Gmen deserve significant boosts

      • Logic

        The question is, whill they get it?

    • Plus NY and Mass legalize Gay Marriages so guess where the SF gay ppl are going to move to now? 

  • M1

    I think the Giants o-line should get an upgrade for sure. They’re too low at this point imo. Amukamara shouldn’t be higher than Ross when Ross is starting ahead of him. Just a thought. Also, Cruz is still underrated. He was 3rd (i think) in receiving yards this season, but isn’t as high as some of the receivers who didn’t have great seasons. As for the Patriots, I think Green-Ellis deserves a small upgrade; Sterling Moore maybe should get a small upgrade. I wouldn’t take many points away from the Ravens. I might downgrade Lee Evans a bit. Please do not downgrade Billy Cundiff. He made one bad kick. Any kicker can make one bad kick. I think Torrey Smith should be higher than Evans. As for the 49ers, Alex Smith shouldn’t change; he had a mediocre game, so what? It doesn’t make him any worse of a QB. Maybe drop Kyle Williams’ carry rating, but i don’t think anything else should change. That’s just my 2 cents.

    • Mj23

      Why should ther o line be higher did you see how many times eli got hit last game

      • M1

        I think they were underrated to begin with, and and the 49ers have an excellent pass rush.

        • Ajgullotta

          madden updates r about stats, not matchups

  • Utchman3

    Carl Nicks being 28 in this game instead of 26 is really bugging me. I love signing that guy to a big contract in franchise mode!

    • No3456

      Jimmy Graham is also 22 instead of 25.

      • Anonymous

        No, he’s 25. Check his wikipedia page. He entered the league older as he played 4 years of Basketball in college before playing football as a grad student. Nicks is 26 though.

        • No3456

           Right. But in Madden he is 22, like I said.

    • Ajgullotta

      i wish we cud edit their age. i want to do the same as ur doing.

  • Tcsibley2

    Is a update coming this week (Friday) or next week ?

    • Anonymous

      Next week. Then one more after the super-bowl.

  • Daboy_bmore06

    Can Bernard Pollard get a increase in speed a little. I cant even start the guy because he slow as fuck on this game. Im saying a 84 or 85. He slower than Ray Lewis really?

  • Daboy_bmore06

    Webb should be the highest rated corner in the AFC north. Only corner in the league to not allow a TD. Tied with Revis for 3rd in pass deflections. Led the AFC North with 5 Interceptions not counting the three he had in the postseason. Leads the postseason with 3 interceptions. Webb should be a 90 at least. 

  • Baby Cakes

    Pasta Were The Flip Is The Update! Don’t Make Me Get My Baby Powder Out *Pimp Slap*

  • Daboy_bmore06

    EA has confirmed via Twitter that the next Madden NFL 12 roster update will “take place next week, prior to the Super Bowl”.

    • Ajgullotta

      realllllllyyyy, thatt makes me sooooo mad. we shud go to their house and jump em.

  • Deathpool005

    damn i wanna see my gmen get that mean boost like the 49ers did after that saints game

  • bigTXambition

    Discount Double Check.

  • Dmasstar

    can i use the latest roster update in madden 11 game?

    • Anonymous

      No, but you can use the roster update in Madden 06

  • Naspicer

    Eli, Cruz, Davis….Elite, Make him faster, More Speed!!……Thats all I’ve been hearing since the midddle of the season…..Lets face it, the Giants are really good this season….the 49ers were too….but the Giants were the better team in the NFC…hands down…They were just more well rounded, while the 49ers just had a dominant, confusing defense….But moving on, there is a team that isnt mentioned enough, there is a team that despite terrible offensive coaching and a kicker that shouldve been duct taped to the goal post and left in NE…..Thats right, how about those Ravens? I watched, and then re-watched that goddamn game…..the Ravens were the better team….Period!!….Keep in mind Im talking about player performance not coaching(or kicking)…because they were out matched in those categories….But overall, WOW, was I impressed with the way the players were getting it done out there(in NE by the way)…So show the boys some love….Especially BERNARD POLLARD for fucks sake, he plays amazing!   

     PS.  HEY CAM CAMERON……mix it up!   Fuck, run to the outside occaisionally, Call some reverses with all that speed that Evans and Smith possess…..And dont blame Evans for that dropped pass…that was stellar defense….Blame Cam for not calling a run play to get the first down/center the ball, spike the ball, get another play or 2 off to get the win….U can still blame Billy though, HE FUCKED UP MAYNE!!!!!

    • Logic

       I agree Cruz needs to be faster. I get tired of playing the Cowboys and Terrence Newman (97 speed) who got burnt is faster than Cruz and can stick him cut for cut, and I get tired of th Pats corners being so overrated on Madden. Nicks and Cruz is too superior to many secondaries and it doesn’t show in the game. Manningham is faster than a 93 too. Cruz should be 96 speed/ 90 overall. Nicks should be 93 overall/ 93 speed, and Manningham’s speed should be at least 95. These guys are burners in real life, and please give Eli more than 90 throwing power. Tom Brady and Drew Brees don’t have stronger arms than Eli.

      • SnubbbS

        Did you just say the pats corners were overrated? Are you blind? They’re awful in madden and in real life. Name a team with worse corners than the Pats in madden.

        • Logic

          The Giants

  • FormerLegend

    none of you have a clue what your talking about and if you knew who i was you would understand why im saying this. both quarterbacks are good and neither of them deserve to go up in the ratings because neither of them had good or bad weeks. Eli had one successfully long drive to score a touchdown and the other td was because of kyle williams. Smith had an okay game considering the fact of where he was at the beginning of the year and the defense he went up against. the only stats that should change are both defenses should go up and kyle williams should drop below a 30 overall and the 49ers should cut him. 

  • Tcsibley2

    Well gents and ladies the count down to the updates has begin . I truly hope THE GMEN get the respect they have fought for all year . Every player doesn’t need to get a up grade but there are a few . Cruz cth rr cit . Bradshaw str stiff ARM car . Mario acc awr . Williams spd awr mcv. Boley spd awr mcv . Kiwi spd awr tak acc . Webster spd awr mcv zcv . Ross spd mcv zcv tak . Rolle tak awr acc . Kenny spd awr zcv . Canty str awr prc. Linval str tak prc . Henry awr rblk str . Weatherford awr kacc kpwr. Tynes kpwr kacc .

    • Wildfirexxi

      SafetiesLBs blow coverage against Vernon and go up. Makes sense…..

      • Tcsibley2

        Ok. Look at it this way . Where was crabtree that game ? How bout any wr ? How bout the Gb game ? Any big numbers put up by wr ? Maybe the Atl game this must be the game where the off. showed our secondary up right ? No its not . Since we have beaten the jets til now the whole has been on point . Why do u think the Dline is as good as they r ? Because everyone is covered . How does that happen U MUST HAVE GOOD IF NOT GREAT COVER SKILLS ……. Learn the game of football b4 u open the tunnel to dead space on ur face . Night kiddio u have been put to bed …..

        • WR/TEs Dropped passes in the GB game 8 of them and name any of the 49ers WRs that scared the Giants DBs besides Crabtree……….  Hell even Crabs didnt scare them cuz the Giants mostly ran Man 2 Under on Vernon.  So once again, your point being……???? 

          Your DBs are good but doesnt deserve a SIGNIFICANT BOOST that most G Men fans are screaming about.  1 point but not 4 to 5 like some of them want.

          • Logic

            No I strongly disagree. They locked down Jennings, Jones, and Roddy white, and Jordy too. The safeties got burnt but those are safeties. Corey has made wide recievers vanish. The dropped balls has nothing to do with coverag; that’s the QB and who ever he throws too fault.

          • Tcsibley2

            Thank you sir .

          • So, if you drop a ball and you are open who was covering the WR…. A Ghost.  My only point was/is dont ask for outrageous boosts.  Like I said before, Does the following WRs on the SF 49ers scare anybody:
            Crabtree, Swain, Hasting, Ginn, Williams?   NO……….Exactly!

          • Tcsibley2

            Ok lil buddy here’s my thoughts on the wrs for SF : crabtree and ginn were 1st rd top 10 picks so they do have the talent to b a threat in any game . It just so happens that the off they are in is run heavy . The other wr haven’t proven themselves yet but if these wr trash then they will be cut soon if not then SF feels they are good enough to be on the roster . I never salesperson said the Gmen secondary should get 4/5 point up grades . Just the areas I felt should be touch . But its all good after we win the SB all the band wagon riders will show up .

          • Logic

            Just calling it like I see it.

          • So then, the CBs goes up and S’s goes down… I agree then.  But please answer my ? about the SF WRs and would your team be afraid of them?

          • Logic

            Crabtree has the potential to be a good reciever, but he doesn’t seem hungry. Nicks, Brit, Heyward-Bey, Crabtree, Harvin, etc all came out the same draft, but the only 2 of them that seems to be making strides is Nicks and Brit (Before injury) Heyward Bey is coming around Crabtree is a bit of an enigma. You just don’t know yet I followed him all through college, so I know what he’s more than capable of.

          • Logic

            No, they wouldn’t. Production and consisten caused respect; big play ability causes fear.

  • 2k12

    When is the next update? Because it wasnt on friday.

    • Tcsibley2

      This Friday .

  • Tcsibley2

    I pointed out what I felt they should get . Dropped passes in every level of football . But what has taken place in the games that the Gmen have played does not show on their ratings . I’m not asking for the key to the city I’m only asking for the respect that they have fought for . Everyone in the NFL is a threat if not they wouldn’t be in the NFL . Take Cruz for example no one knew who he was until he got a shot . Take jpp for another one they (reporters) said he was a reach and a project but it turns out they both r beast on the field . The truth is what it is u can’t twist it by any means . The Gmen secondary is good and will only get better but for now just give the what they deserve. Also I stated what I would like them to get or the areas they should get upgrades in .

    • Thats the same thing SF fans have said all along but they including me get chastized on here consistently. 

  • Racerx159

    Just saw the ratings update on the EA blog.  Donny moore is soooo full of shit.  How the hell does michael boley go down two points after recording two sacks?  Why does Jernigan get an increase when he rarely plays a role in any game? I’m so fucking done with this game.

  • maddenbeast

    I agree with clint beast wood and it really doesn’t matter always block like a allpro offensive line

  • maddenbeast

    And rather than forcing us to wait I would appreciate atleast 1 roste update between now and the new madden that updated actuall rosters like when trades happen in the offseason or a freeagent pick up