Tiger Woods 13 Kinect Integration Detailed

Posted January 24th, 2012 at 6:15 pm

In a recent preview ESPN broke down the implementation of Kinect for Xbox 360 in the upcoming Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 and EA Sports has also rolled out a trailer of the features in action. For the first time a sim title will fully utilize the motion-device both in capturing the swings as well as taking advantage of voice capabilities.

Interestingly swings will take place parallel to the TV screen/Kinect placement rather than facing it with the side of the body – that will allow for the camera to capture the entire body and movement and apparently will translate with a much more accurate on-screen representation.

As far as voice commands it’ll be a lot like what I wrote about coming out of trying the functionality in Kinect Sports: Season Two. Voice can be utilized to make on-screen selections such as club changes, camera setup, or to ask for caddy recommendations. 

  • not feelin it…but idk.

  • This is stupid

    “Reach out and close hand to aim”

    Ladies and gentleman, this is the future of the Xbox brand. Embrace it. Hope you also own a PS3. You’re gonna need it to actually have fun playing games again after messing around with stupid shit like this on your Xbox.

    • headcoach

      I own both, and the only game I really bother picking up on PS-Crap is MLB the Show…Sony’s network is a sad excuse for a network…I have tried several games all on a fiber connection with 30mb down and 10mb up, it sucks…the network is pure crap.

      I will never tell anyone I know to waste their money on a PS3…I wish I hadn’t.

      Xbox live alone is worth more than the everything PS3 has put together.

      And anyone who’s used live for a few weeks and knows how it works and still thinks the ps3’s network is good…is on some serious crack!

      • This is stupid.

        You own both but you call the PS3 PS-CRAP.

        I’d be willing to bet that like most people, you bought the Xbox360 first. I won’t even bother asking why you even needed to later go out and buy a PS3. Don’t really care. Doesn’t take too long after reading your reply to realize that you’re a dumbass. No one mentioned anything about a comparison between using PSN or Xbox Live. The conversation was about using that worthless Kinect sensor.

        You don’t even need to bother with what I can only imagine will be another dumbass reply. You obviously have an extreme lack of focus and way too much money. Kinect is probably everything you thought it would be and more. Have fun.

  • Anonymous

    It appears to be well-implemented — i’m anxious to get off the couch with my http://www.customgolfstop.com/TrainingAids001.htm  and get tons of swings in.  I think I’ll be happy to take a hundred swings at the Augusta driving range (collectors edition).   

  • InTheGame

    Kinetic released some new technology to allow for shots from the side of the body as opposed to the facing the screen….hopefully it will available in a patch/upgrade from EA as I know they were working on it and even used participants at a local event recently to capture the movements from the side –  Otronicon event at the Orlando Science Center a few weeks back. 

    • JCat04

      Thanks for sharing that information InTheGame!  I really want to address the ball and swing as though I’m hitting the ball into the screen.  I think it’s crucial for immersion!  I’m rooting for them to get this done.

  • SENZ

    I’ll stick with a controller thank you very much. I can do all of what he did in the video with a controller in half the time. Kinect and motion control gaming sucks ass.

    • Anonymous

      There’s a place for both — I vote we have both ways….. oh wait….. that’s what we have this year. 

      Keeping both sides happy —– I’m guessing they will sell some games this year!