THQ Lays Out UFC Undisputed 3 DLC Plans

Posted January 25th, 2012 at 3:30 pm

It has been known for a while that THQ was planning downloadable content for UFC Undisputed 3 and now comes some general details on what to expect and when. While specific fighters are not named the “packs” are themed and could hint at who will ultimately be included considering a number of notable fighters were left off the base rosters. 

  • ALL UNLOCKABLES – Unlock over 150 attires and nicknames for instant use! (Available Day 1)
  • ALISTAIR OVEREEM – Available for the first time in the Undisputed™ franchise! (Available Day 1)
  • FIGHTER PACK: FIGHT OF THE NIGHT PACK – A collection of fighters who’ve stolen the show on UFC Pay Per Views! (Available March 2012)
  • ULTIMATE FIGHTS: ULTIMATE UPSETS PACK – The unpredictability of the UFC is the focus of this Ultimate Fights collection. Relive some of the most surprising outcomes in the Upsets Pack! (Available March 2012)
  • FIGHTER PACK: INTERNATIONAL PACK – A set of UFC’s best fighters from every corner of the globe! (Available April 2012)
  • ULTIMATE FIGHTS: MIXED BAG PACK – Download this bundle for a collection of some of UFC’s most memorable fights! (Available April 2012)

While pricing has not been revealed THQ did state that the DLC represented “over $20 value” and that it will come free to those who purchase the game from their official website. Those who get the game elsewhere will have the option to buy the DLC individually or get it all through an as of yet to be detailed “season pass”.

Anyone who really wants the game on release day though should be hesitant to take advantage of the deal. The company was unable to fulfill orders for WWE 12 in November – with some consumers not receiving their copies until weeks later. They offer no delivery guarantee for games bought through the site. If immediacy is not important, but getting the DLC for free is, then it could still be worth consideration. Otherwise it would be best to go with Gamestop (for the four exclusive fighters they are offering) or Amazon (for the $10 promotional credit that is included).

  • Anonymous

    When I first read this post, I was ready to jump on the free Season Pass offer, especially since they’re also giving free shipping to Canada but when I thought about it…

    I really only care about the two fighter packs out of that list (I’m getting Overeem for free through the FB promotion).

    If I were to cancel my GameStop pre-order, I’d lose their pre-order fighter pack and would have to buy that separately whenever they put it up for sale (which I can almost guarantee they will do since they’ve done it for the past two UFC games & based on this list, it wouldn’t be included in the Season Pass).

    So, really, I’d only be saving the cost of a single fighter pack but I’d have to wait for shipping from the US to Canada and I’d run the risk of getting charged duty at the border, which would likely cost me more than I’m saving.

    So, yeah, no.

    • Anonymous

      On another note, I’m actually pretty disappointed in this DLC list.

      I would’ve much rather they focused on adding to the roster then adding more Ultimate Fights, especially if they’re going to continue with the longer development cycle, giving the roster even more of a chance to get stale before the next game.

      • DLC is the devil

        The idea of DLC is to extend your investment in the game. If you buy the $60 game PLUS the DLC, you are less likely to sell the gamen used because you spent more to own the complete experience. These game companies are getting smarter about tricking consumers to invest more in their initial offering. I don’t play this DLC bullshit. I won’t even support this underhanded strategy to milk customers with the promise of a more complete product. Gamers need to wise up. They could easily fit all of that content on a single Bluray disc even if it meant pushing the release date back to complete it. I’ve noticed I’m spending less and less on games recently and I’m rather proud of it.

        Gamers need to wise up. They are supporting this business model at their own peril. This greedy beast will only continue to grow and it will get much worse. Don’t continue to feed it. Paid DLC is not “continued after release support”. DLC is the devil.

        • Anonymous

          “They could easily fit all of that content on a single Bluray disc even if it meant pushing the release date back to complete it.”

          If they continually pushed back the release of a game to fit in all the content they have ideas for, no game would ever get released. Every game from the past 15 years or more has content that was cut. That’s the nature of software development. You have to eventually set a date and say “No More”.

          Yes, they could’ve pushed it back to add the dozen or so fighters that will probably be part of the DLC packs and the extra ultimate fights but then there would’ve been even more fighters in that extra time that people would want and so on.

          I look at things pretty simply: Pretend the DLC doesn’t exist. Is the content on the disc worth $60? If so, I’ll buy it. If not, I’ll wait for it to be cheaper or I’ll pass on it completely.

          • DLC is the devil

            “I look at things pretty simply: Pretend the DLC doesn’t exist. Is the
            content on the disc worth $60? If so, I’ll buy it. If not, I’ll wait for
            it to be cheaper or I’ll pass on it completely.”

            I ‘ll have to agree with you. I’m just a much older gamer, well into my forties, and I can see the trends a mile away and I just simply don’t like it. People have to fight the industry or it will just get way out of hand. I love gaming, but the people pulling the strings, not so much. They think gamers are stupid. Too many tricks and tactics to keep their product in your disc tray longer. I just want the full complete product on day one for a fair price…just like it used to be.

  • DLC is the devil

    They are already advertising DLC fighter packs. The game’s not even out yet.

    I don’t support or endorse the future of gaming if this behavior is going to continue as the new standard.

    If all that shit can’t fit a huge PS3 bluray disc and ship as a complete game…they can simply kiss my ass. I won’t even bother with the demo at this point, let alone buy their product. Thanks for the memories THQ.

  • Nikephoros

    I’ve played the previous entries in the series and have been impressed enough with the demo for this year’s game to pre-order.  I’m not sure who to pre-order from, however.  I’m a fairly hardcore follower of MMA and am leaning towards Gamestop for the 4 additional fighters.  That said, I also like to create my own fighters based on the real ones that haven’t made it into the game.  Amazon is offering the Ultimate KO Artist Boost, which claims to cut 8 to 10 hours of gameplay time out of the creation process.  Anyone who tried to create custom fighters in the past games knows that you need to spend a large amount of time in career to keep from making a gimped fighter (at default create-a-fighter you weren’t given enough points to make a decent Fedor or Couture, for example).  I don’t see the KO Artist listed as planned DLCm which doesn’t suprise me since it is supposed to be “exclusive” for the time being.  Anyone have any insight or helpful opinions toward which pre-order I should choose?

    • DLC is the devil

      Anyone have any insight or helpful opinions toward which pre-order I should choose?



  • Nikephoros

    Funny, you singled out the section I wrote that was placed to perhaps discourage comments such as yours. Well, I won’t choosing “none.” Hopfully the overall community here is stronger or more insightful than you. I have my doubts.

    • DLC is the devil

      Dude you wrote a big ass paragraph about this game. Are you sure you need advice about where you should preorder it? Someone as passionate about the game as you should already know where to preorder it. Have you ever heard of “Google shopping”? Sounds like your one of those imposters who go on game blogs to gauge the interest level of an unreleased product.

      • DLC is the devil

        Phony ass mofo. You work for THQ don’t you?

        • Blood

          There are definitely a lot of shills that frequent this site.

  • Bas Phony Ass Mofo Rutten

    Yes. You’ve got me. I’m actually Bas Rutten.  My contract not only included voice work for the Pride mode, but posting on internet forums to generate hype for UFC UNDISPUTED 3.  I’m definitely not some random guy attempting to create a discussion with like-minded individuals in the comments section of a sports gaming website.

    Obviously I’m on the wrong forum/site to do this since I see the comments for this story are low and I have only attracted your attention.  I forgot protocol for these forums is to insult or attack and not help or discuss.  Good luck in your crusade against DLC.

    • DLC is the devil.

      “I forgot protocol for these forums is to insult or attack and not help or discuss.  Good luck in your crusade against DLC.”

      No sir. You’ve got it all wrong. Actually, protocol for these forums is to “deceive the users into thinking its a legitimate forum created for like minded individuals”. The actual purpose of the forum(from some of many user’s previously expressed opinions) is to promote sales of sports games through the clever marketing tactics of the supporting game companies who use this forum to market their competing games. I’m not exactly sure what the percentage of Pasta’s payoff is, but I can only imagine that EA Sports is probably paying him top dollar to keep Madden 12 sales from falling any further.

      In any event, I personally won’t be purchasing this game on the principal of its rather early DLC promotional tactics alone. Put the DLC content on the disc at retail and sell it as a complete product or risk losing sales. People like myself are sick of game publisher schemes like this to further milk their customers out of more money. Its a slap in the face to the customers who helped these companies grow their business. So whoever you are, have a nice day and good luck with the game. Think I’m gonna pass on this one and just continue play the 2010 version a little longer. My kid happens to love it. So…I wont be ditching it anytime soon. I did purchase it “new” though. But only 3 weeks ago, as the price was finally justifiably right.

      • Thqtank

        shut up faggot

  • Guest

    Anyone who buys bullshit DLC micro-transactions deserves the future that these precedents set. This will be the second consecutive year I won’t be buying the game.

  • I will patiently wait for that Strikeforce Bundle to come around hopefully. Just to see El Nino, Jacre, Fedor, Big Foot, Barnett, Werdum, Cromier, Lawler, Lil’ Overeem, etc. Can not forget the Flyweight class that Dana brought in.