PS3 Version of MLB 12: The Show Hampered by PS Vita Development

Posted January 26th, 2012 at 9:15 am

From all accounts the PlayStation Vita version of MLB 12: The Show is shaping up to be excellent – not only as a standalone product on par with the PS3 version but by offering the ability to save on one and continue on the other for those who buy a copy on each. The downside to this is the same development team was tasked with working on the two versions of the game.

That means time and resources that would have went into the PS3 instead were siphoned off in favor of working on the Vita and the cost of doing so was the loss of significant potential features. A rep for SCEA in a posting over at Operation Sports had the following to say:

The PS3 version of the game has more features this year than last year. Vita development only stopped us from doing another major lighting update, a major franchise overhaul, and new grass patterns for the most part.

Most consumers aren’t going to miss what isn’t there but still SCEA risks the perception that not enough was done from MLB 11 to MLB 12 and that has been a concern facing the series the last few years. That more would, or at least could, have been done otherwise for the PS3 version will make the decision to spend time on the Vita side (where indications don’t have the handheld coming out of the gates strong sales wise) at the very least a questionable one.

  • Dunnebuggy2006

    Thats Incredible, I cant believe they are actually admitting that they werent able to change something. All companies should just be honest, if they think their game isnt complete and will be similar to next years game in some places, they should tell us! Bravo SCEA, Bravo!

  • I know I am the minority over at OS, but I just dont see what the big deal is with this years game. The commentary is still subpar, the player models still look similar to mlb11 (apart from minor tweaks like jersey colors and such), and I dont have high hopes for the online which has be below average ever since its inception on the PS3. I know it will be the best game on the market (compared to what 2K spews out), but they could have done so much more and thats what saddens me, when a developer gets somewhat lethargic with a franchise due to other things (Move and Vita) taking there time. And frankly out of all the people that have PS3 and play this game, how many are actually going to utilize the Move and Vita functionality?

    • Keith.

      “And frankly out of all the people that have PS3 and play this game, how many are actually going to utilize the Move and Vita functionality?”
      I’m in that group.  

    • Black Cesar

      From what I played the New Ball Physics separate this game leaps and bounds from the previous version. Believe me the game play is night and day. The animations are sped up and much more fluid and lifelike. Believe me when I say them spending their time on ball physics will make you say oh ok I get it, thanks SCEA San Diego.

      • Fwvb

        I, too, am looking forward to this new version just based on new ball physics to improve game play.  But as always, I will wait to play the demo to decide to get it or not.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah not much changed on the surface, but a game this good can get away with just fixing the glitches (which they didn’t do last year). Still there are some presentation upgrades too

    • QBE

      Thats because OS is full of The Show fanboys. Its like a cult there.

    • One of the main reasons if not the main reason Im getting this is full Move support.

  • MLB The Show continues to be the best game to look at and watch play out.  Too bad so many PS3 owners equate this as gameplay.  It’s sad, really.

    • Anonymous


    • KentAZ

      Please don’t tell me you actually think that ANY aspect of MLB 2K–other than perhaps the commentary–is superior to The Show. 

      The gameplay of the Show is great.  It’s not just excellent graphically.

      • Pete Rose

        The pitching mechanics are superior. The Hot/Cold streaks as well (also commentary like you mention), other than that though, its all The Show.

        • SDwinder

          2K’s pitching mechanics are clunky and designed for little kid arcade play.  There is no way you have spent any extended time with The Show 11’s analog pitching.  If you had, you would not be beating a dead horse.  Unless, you are a little kid who wouldn’t get it anyway.  Or a frustrated Xbox only gamer, trying to over compensate.  Either way, you are just uninformed.  I have both systems and have played both games extensively.  The Show’s analog stick system separates the men from the boys.

  • If the game plays great like it should with bugs that are fixable, since the Show has a gret track record of fixing them, I have no problem with them not updating the other things. Franchise mode was re-written to make it better so I can care less about an overhaul.

  • Kinda irritates a little bit. Franchise was PROMISED to get an overhaul this year, as RTTS got redone for last years game. Honestly, i don’t see so much hype either, other than new artwork such as OSD’s, and new sounds, but there isn’t that WOW factor that makes me want to buy this years version. I think franchise PS3 should have been taken care of before Vita got the attention, because i know for a fact that most users were looking forward to having Franchise Mode totally new this year, and now we are stuck with it again because Vita apparently is more important than the number of people who play this game for the Franchise Mode. I love SCEA and they’re great at what they do for the community and everything – they are second to none, but I am quite disappointed that after hearing Franchise was gonna get redone for this years game and now I have to wait again. But im excited for new ball physics…

  • Black Cesar

    This is a case of a writer not knowing all the info or not giving all the info. Repeatedly Ramone has stated that we have over 70 new features and refinements. Give the full story, which I think should be commended, SCEA San Diego wante the Vita version to be comparable to the PS3 version so they chose not too farm it out to another developer who doesn’t have the same passion as they do about their product(see Visual Concepts and farming out NBA2K12 to a china dev for the mobile/portable game). So SCEA wanted to put out a quality product instead of an inferior version of the game.

    Also the omission from the statement is he stated that Franchise saw great attention too make sure the features that were there worked properly i.e. line up logic ect….Madden didn’t up grade their franchise did you share the hampered statement? I applaud them for being honest as to why they chose to do what they did. But if you’re going to report the story at least report it properly. But we know whats up…LOL U Mad U don’t get too go to Comm. Day, so you feel as though how can I twist the knife a bit. OH You also didn’t share that ONLINE will Be Server Based doesn’t sound hampered to me. Sounds like critisism address.

    • Keith.

      Good post.  Of course, you and me and a bunch of others can see this story for what it is — just another biased hack job from Pasta.  I’m sure it won’t be the last, either.

      • Something tells me if EA was taking Madden 360/PS3 dev time away to work on the iPhone version or something you’d find that to be newsworthy…

        • Keith.

          Tiburon has never even had an “A” team that could be put on Vita development, so it’s really a pointless discussion.

        • Trikedice

          You do realize that the PS3 team also produced the PS2, and PSP games right along with the PS3 just 1 year ago (and had for 3 years running)?  Talk about uninformed sensationalism.

          • Anonymous

            …did i just read somebody getting pwned? I think I did lol

    • FrimJ2

      cant believe a thing that ramone guy says. hes just a hype man

    • Wes

      Obviously the new game has new features added. The point is they would have done more if not for the Vita. That to me is annoying.

    • It’s not my job to sell the game. I’ll pass along info, and provide analysis, like I have always done and I do so by treating the games equally. I also turn down all invites to community events from every company – I have no interest in those things. I feel I can do a better job without being drawn into those circles.

      I didn’t even provide an opinion here just reported on the facts. If you’d like to see my opinion:

      Like I said in the article people won’t miss what they don’t realize “could have been” but by reducing the potential of the title somewhat, in favor of a version that won’t be widely purchased, is a call they made that is worthy of scrutiny.

      • Black Cesar

        So You tell me with them focusing on Vita and PS3 for this year. Now in years past they were working on PS3/PSP & PS2

  • Keith.

    Thank God someone at SCEA had the wisdom to make this decision.  Now, I’ll get to play a killer baseball game on both PS3 and Vita, unlike say, Madden, which gives us a “C” game on consoles and an “F” game on portables.

    • Aaaaa

      and youll spend $100 on the games not to mention like 300+ on the vita to do it. have fun i guess?

      • Keith.

        Absolutely. I’m a baseball nut and will always spend $ on quality baseball games. I used to do the same thing with football — I’d buy 2 or 3 different football games every year, because each game offered some good things that the others lacked. Obviously, that all changed 7 years ago.

  • All that was missing was…
    a major franchise overhaul.  Oh, is that all?  Yeh, no one cares about franchise mode except – you know – almost everyone (at least of the people I know that play the game).  Commentary wasn’t mentioned as something that was cut?  Sad, because from the trailers and the gameplay video released it sounded the exact same as the last 2 iterations.  At least they have Vita integration…  Oh, you don’t care about that?  Neither did I becauise let’s face it – it will be just another dead mobile platform in the next couple of years.  Mobile gaming platforms are all but dead.  How can anyone compete with smartphone games that cost a tenth of the cost?  Hell, if Nintendo is feeling the pain (and they certainly are) when it comes to a lack of mobile gaming systems sold, where does that leave Sony?  Well, other than with an entirely new CEO…

    • By the way, I’m sure The Show will sell very well for the Vita and it will be a good game.  That doesn’t matter.  They need a lot of games to sell well on that platform and I just don’t see it happening.  There is simply too much competition in the mobile market.  

      • Keith.

        Gee…the editor in chief of an IPhone blog thinks the Vita won’t sell well?  Lol.  That’s almost as funny as Pasta, our resident EA spokesman, telling us all the problems with NBA2k, The Show, etc.

        Last time I checked my IPhone, I could only play HR Kings or some other baseball games with old school graphics.  Surely, even the editor in chief of an IPhone blog realizes that there are baseball game fans like me who want cutting edge graphics and features on a mobile device.  

        • Keith,

          True, I do review a lot of iPhone games.  Did you know that Grand Theft Auto:Chinatown Wars and GTA 3 were released this year for the iPhone?  The graphics look the exact same as the DS and the Sony PSP (respectively).  Those games were under $10 each.  The same games on the DS and PSP were $30+.  It is only a matter of time when buttons will be the only thing going for a mobile console (which are something I truly wish did exist).  

          You are also limiting the discussion by speaking about the iPhone.  Tablets are everywhere now and tablets like the Kindle have nearly as much power as something like the Vita will (although not as much graphic muscle).  It won’t be long until someone makes it easy to connect and Android based tablet to an HD and allows them to play.  You can already do it with a few games on the iPad.  The games will still be cheaper to play, you’ll be able to easily use a Bluetooth controller and you won’t have to re-buy the same game twice to play it on the big screen.  

          Finally, I never said that these games would ever meet your standard.  but are there enough Keith’s out there to buy things that are unquestionably better…but how much better?  People have a very hard time making a distinction between good and great when convenience is the trade off.  I don’t think there will be enough money to go around and I also don’t think people are going to be willing to carry another device with them along with their cell phone and tablet.  To prove that, do you have a digital camera in your pocket when you walk along the street?  No.  You have an iPhone or an Android.  Of course the quality isn’t better but the convenience makes up for it.  That analogy alone should help prove my point.  

          • Anonymous

            He makes a good point Keith.  

            I haven’t seen anyone walking around with a PSP in a long time….

          • Keith.

            I had a psp 5 years ago and stopped using it a long time ago — I couldn’t ever get past there being no umpires in the Show.  Won’t have those kinds of problems with Vita.

    • By the way, I’m sure The Show will sell very well for the Vita and it will be a good game.  That doesn’t matter.  They need a lot of games to sell well on that platform and I just don’t see it happening.  There is simply too much competition in the mobile market.  

    • Quan

      Actually 3DS is selling well ever since the price cut.  They actually sold more then what what the DS sold in it’s first year.

      • It looks like your right.  I didn’t realize there has been such a huge jump in sales over the last 10 weeks.  I wonder if there will be sharp decline.  Also remember that the 3DS didn’t sell for 2 reasons: it cost too much and so few people had it that there wasn’t good word of mouth for it’s cool 3D effect (which can’t be shown easily on TV or print).  The Vita won’t have that cool 3D effect that looks to be driving sales now that the word of mouth is spreading and the price is lower.  Here is the chart showing the growth in sales: 

  • Well the lack of new features in Franchise mode is enough for me to not buy this. And based on experiences in years past, franchise mode is always littered with bugs(I don’t care that they fix them after release). Looks like I’ll have to wait for MLB13 before we get a decent franchise mode that isn’t broken, has some fresh features and better stat tracking.

    • Anonymous

      Fair Statement. They supposedly fixed the bugs, but I can respect the wait and see stance. Developers always sell the dream

  • Scott Trible

    Really would have loved to have the Franchise overhauled.  The RTTS has consistently been great and is the primary source of my play time, but it would be nice to go back to Franchise now and then.

  • Camrone

    seen footage of the game and its basically the same as last year. ill pass

  • Mikemck09

    who cares about vita coverage… majority of the fans will be enjoying this on the PS3, the way its supposed to be…

    • P00K

      which is why people would care about this. the ps3 game isnt going to be as good as it couldve been if not for vita.

  • KentAZ

    I have no interesting in the Vita or utilizing the “Move” feature, which IMO is only well-suited for golf and bowling simulations. 

    That said, while the trailer doesn’t look all that different from last year’s game, I think it’s misguided to expect major overhauls from year to year.  The game is excellent as is and relatively incremental improvements are logical. 

    • KentAZ

      “interesting” should be “interest”

  • James

    The difference between The Show and other sports game is that they already have a solid game that replicates the sport. I for one don’t see this as an issue because I know if the games anything like it was last year it’s going to be playable.

  • Razy

    Game is still gonna pickittypow!

  • Skihawks

    Who has $299 to drop on a handheld? Then to purchase the same games twice to utilize the ability to continue your game on either the console or handheld? And in this economy?

    • Anonymous

      I do. I travel a lot for work and I am in a Holiday Inn alot. Plenty of time to play the Vita version. I amhave more excited for the Vita version. I will be sharing saves between the two can’t wait.

      • Keith.

        I also travel a fair amount for work but I’m also looking forward to being able to play a PS3-quality version of the Show on Vita sitting on my couch, whenever the wife has something on TV that I’m not interested in.  I think I might even enjoy it more, not having to mess around with turning on the PS3, loading everything up, etc., when I can just keep the Vita in sleep mode.

        • Skihawks

          Both good points. Huh? I travel some but usually take my console to the hotel.

          I just dont see many people that would spend money twice on the same game.

  • I like grass patterns…

  • Fwvb

    Now is the right time to start building MLB The Show for Vita.  Sony will be losing The Show revenue for the psp and Playstation 2.  As more revenue comes in from the Vita version of this game, the hope is that Sony will continue with the same development budget (or more) on future game enhancements.  So, here’s to its Vista sales number improving alot over time as the Vita base grows.  I can see myself playing this game away from home.

    Although, less features were put into this year’s version due to Vita diluting the ps3 resources, it will be good for The Show in the long run.  Unlike the useless 3D that was put into MLB 11 which resulted in less player uniform texture details and increase controller lag input as compared to MLB 10.

  • spektrall

    Having a vita version of the game would be non-negotiable for SCEA – they work for Sony, and The Show is a game that people buy consoles to play. They’ve continued to support PSP and PS2 over the years, but now with Vita launching they needed to make a quality product to help it out of the gate. Vita has to be the priority, it makes sense. I don’t even plan to get a Vita, and it is disappointing that they couldn’t do more with the game this year, but it’s just logical. Sony writes their paychecks. Hopefully next year they won’t have to dedicate as much time to Vita development and can make a lot more improvements on the PS3 version than this year.

  • Pasta did you notice that these guys used to have to work on PS3 AND PS2 AND PSP.If anything they are giving more attention to the PS3 version.

  • Steve

    so you failed to do a franchise overload again? You failed once again losers.

  • Steve

    Great Stupid vita ruins mlb 12.. Won’t be buying this one.. same game very year and they fail to fix RTTS or franchise.

    • RTTS was fixed for MLB 11 you dumbass