NBA Jam: On Fire Edition Finally Gets Its First Roster Update

Posted January 31st, 2012 at 1:45 pm

It took until practically a third of the NBA season was complete, and pressure from outside sources, but EA Sports has finally met their obligation to provide at least one roster update for NBA Jam: On Fire Edition after advertising it as a feature. An update arrived today and can be grabbed by going to the ‘Online Arena’ section of the game.

Don’t expect much out of this roster update though. Players have been moved around – the Chris Paul and Blake Griffin tandem is now available – but as anticipated it’s all the same players and no new ones (such as any rookies) have been added to the mix.

  • lol typical ea.  do just enough to get by.  we will give you a roster update but not add ANY new players (including rookies) and from what i read on facebook they actually took away a few players.  i bet that will be the only update we get too so nothing after the trade deadline.

  • Sim gamer

    where are the 2k bashers at now… lol at this pathetic ea nba jam ofe update.

  • chicken ribwhichs

    Andrea is best player in the league right now

    • MoneyMayweather

      he’s hurt

  • Only minor changes…. Oh well… At least this is exciting than that crap I downloaded called Blitz. I would like to see the rookies like Jimmer, Kyrie, Derrick, Leonard, and a few others in the game. Nooooo…. Let’s keep it with Ricky Rubio is who is the only rookie in the game.

  • im glad your being honest about an EA product, I hope your just as harsh on Madden 13 and not lie to yourself when it comes out because i know damn well you didnt think madden 12 was a good game even though u had it ranked pretty high

  • BCKixAzz

    So they give you wanted you wanted and you still bitch about it?  I’m sad that all the anti-EA trolls seems to have affected you, Pasta, and now you seem to bash most everything.  If everybody here hates sports games so much – go do something else with your life!

    • Thizzinmarley

      hey idiot, they bash because this is not a full game.. people like you are the reason they rip everyone off…. cuz tooo many mofos like yoou

  • 10oREo

    Title of story should be First and probably the Last roster update.

    • Anonymous

      No comments on the additional roster update now?  Just gonna cry and complain about all sports games and then say nothing when they do what you actually expect?