Widespread Freeze Issues with NBA 2K12 Being Encountered on PS3

Posted February 8th, 2012 at 9:15 am

Many consumers are currently dealing with a situation on the PS3 that has made them unable to even reach the main menu for NBA 2K12. The game is freezing upon start-up when it makes the attempt at “loading settings”. This has been reported by a growing number of people with it exploding on forums and through social media in the last two days.

Given how many are being affected by this severe issue 2K Sports has responded with a “workaround” (suggesting the deletion of the “Game Data Utility” file) but based on responses it doesn’t seem to be doing the trick for everyone. Those that have been able to make it back into the game after doing so have found items like shoes and other content to be lost – while some others are still unable to load up the game at all even after deleting the files in question. 2K has stated that a “permanent solution is being looked into”.


  • Mizzacnyc

    I deleted every file, even my old 2k11 files.  That did the trick for me…  Hope it helps…

  • Hrhleves

    So what do we do? My teenager is upset and wants me to return it. Unfortunately I don’t have receipt (from christmas)..and from what I read a new one is not the answer.

  • Anonymous

    when you delete the data and all that shit it works on my player and quick play but it doesnt work ONLINE ! thats like the main thing about the fucking game . .these bitches need to fix this shit ASAP !

  • Mjam2

    when will it be fixed u guys?

  • Dangelogedeon

    This Is Fucking Bullshit everytime i go onto 2k i get  past that loading setting but then when i get into the main menu it Fucking Freezes Like What is This 2k Sports has to do better this Freezing Shit is Getting On my Nerves Hopefully they Would Fix this Freezing Problem I Said it so many times im done with the game why does 2k try i doint see madden freezing so wtf 

  • Jgnyfhtyghbn

    I havent played my game for 2 months and it still doesnt work. i feel like turning this game in because of this. BS