Alistair Overeem Codes for UFC Undisputed 3 Not Reaching All Intended Recipients

Posted February 14th, 2012 at 5:45 pm

It seems a large number of people who signed up for the free Alistair Overeem code through UFC Undisputed 3’s Facebook page – which was available to claim beginning in late December and through much of January, and then was opened back up again until last Friday – didn’t receive the code today as expected. The codes were apparently all sent out this morning but many, myself included, even after checking spam folders and such didn’t receive it.

In response THQ has set up a page where consumers can go to enter their email address after selecting the system they signed up for. This is intended to provide the code to those who already input their email during the prior process – not to give it out to those who missed the earlier opportunity. Unfortunately though it doesn’t seem to be working properly either. Many people are receiving an error message and I’m amongst that crowd.

So…give that a shot and post in the comments whether it was successful for you or not. I’ll post any updates here given that something else will obviously have to be done in order to get the codes out to those who should rightfully get one.

•Update #1: THQ is aware that the page to get the codes isn’t functioning properly and are working on it while providing assurance that eventually everyone will get their code.
•Update #2: Just received my code email – and based on Twitter responses others have begun to see them coming in too. Not sure if this is now solved for everyone?

  • Mason Drews

    It should be noted if you buy the season pass you get him in that immediately anyways, no need to wait if you plan on purchasing season pass.

  •  I’ve read it’s mostly Xbox 360 users having trouble getting Overeem. I’ve also went to the site and got the error, as well.

  • I was wondering where it was. My friend got and I didn’t. And I got the same error message on the link. They should make Overeem downloadable for free for everyone. 

    • Oppoppo

      Eventually, that might be what they have to do.

  • Didn’t work for me, either. I would assume that the fix will be that he’ll be available for free for everyone. Right?

  • Sincerjonez

    I actually got him but it came through a automatic download this morning when I pop the game in. FYI I did buy it from wal-mart lil after midnight. So Idk why I got it and no one else did

  • I got PS3 codes but not my 360 one.

  • Anonymous

    Pasta can you guide on where to input the pre-ordered fighters code from GameStop I have looked on every menu item and can’t find where to type in the unlock code

    • J_p119

       is yours xbox or ps3. If it ps3 just to psn store and click redeem code n enter it, all dlc characters can be chosen in exhibition if you press the direction pad to the left or right. Yeah its kinda funny like that. sorta like a dlc selection

      • Anonymous

        360. Maybe I will try the marketplace and look for a place to put a redeem code thanks

  • HERNO11

    that sux i didnt get it just the error message

  • I just got mine in my e-mail!  This is from the Facebook event because both attempts to get the code the new way failed.  So do yourselves a favor and check your inboxes!

    • Likewise. Just received mine as well. 

  • blink

    i was emailed the code and downloaded the fighter, but he won’t load into the game. any ideas why?

    • DLC fighters aren’t stored in the same column as the base roster of fighters. Have to move to the right/left with the d-pad to get to the DLC column. Check to see if he’s there? Not sure if you were aware of that or not.

      • blink

        I wasn’t. I’ll check that out. Thanks dude

  • Kujayhawks152006

    i got like 3 emails with codes lol

    • Rapidlyfierce

      I didnt get anything.. can u spare one?

    • lol same. all 3 were the same code tho

    • what is the code to get overeem on x box 360 fam

  • Y_ambassador

    ive never got the Alistair overeem DLC… please send it to… thanks a hole lot

  • Dragonslayer326

    yes I got the code for alistair overeem but when I downloaded it and went back to the game he was not on the roster. How do i get him to be on the roster?

    • Sjsjdjnd

      Move right or left on the analog

  • Shotta815

    I received my code the day before the game was released. Downloaded Overeem, but I can’t find him in the game. Is there something else I have to do besides downloading him? Is there anyone else having this issue?

    • Anonymous

       When you’re on the fighter select screen, move left or right. There are four columns, UFC, PRIDE, DLC & RANDOM. He’s in the DLC column (same goes for the GameStop pre-order fighters if you got those).

  • R_Montanez

    All the codes are the same! So if somebody has the xbox one and has already used it, do you mind sending me it or posting it up? I still haven’t received my code and I just wanna fight with Overeem lol

  • Kangasjordan

    I got my code and put it in but he does not show up.. It says its downloaded so idk the problem any suggestions?

    • Anonymous

      Try this – when you are in the fighter select for heavyweights or any division if you flick your left or right joystick to the left or right you will see another row of fighters to choose from which are the created and the downlodable fighters

  • Lynnweaver

    i have a ps3 and i have yet to get the code through my email

  • FUck these guys, It says I don’t qualify cause I only liked it on FaceBook. What a joke. 

  • Twosetsof2

    No code for me yet and I signed up at the end of Dec correctly, wtf dudes, just make it available to everyone.

  • Chadenemyofmankind

    still not getting one and I signed up as soon as it was announced, saying “no key found” 🙁 

    • jcs0141

      RAPF-DDNM-AG7J  there is a ps3 code for the first person that gets it cause im nice =) i have 3 more would like to switch 2 for xbox 360 codes and after i do that ill give away the other one. thanks and enjoy

      • Xthedynasty16x

        Could you post another for ps3. Email it possibly. I dont have a 360 code but overeems one of the main reasons i got ufc 3. Thanks


        • jcs0141

          i am in the process of emailing you a code now. last one i have sorry to everyone else. I have 1 left but MUST trade it for a 360 code

  • Tlucasenterprises

    it shouldnt be this complicated shit just make him a downloadable character on the market place it’s much easier im just sayin 

    • jcs0141

      you can pay for it on the marketplace/playstation store for 99 cents but why pay for something when its free

  • Jir4

    a move to the right/left, and the DLC colum does not appear. 

  • Jir4

    i have the ufc, pride and random, but not de DLC comun

  • PSN-Dx916

    Free code for everyone regardless of signing up prior or not.

  • PSN-Dx916
  • Life89ryan

    ive bought the season pass it says it downloaded but hes not there what cam i do

  • Kim Austria

    the code isnt working for me. ive tried so many email addresses but all of the codes that were given to me wasnt working. ughhh. 🙁 :/

  • No Reem

    i got the pass code… typed it in, and said it worked. then went to heavyweight, and he wasnt there! now my code wont work again and i have no overeem

  • Matthunternra

    I bought him and he doesn’t show up anywhere what do i do?

  • Jason

    Thank you for letting me know about the Alistair redeem page…been trying the other one but I liked it on Facebook and now i have my code. Thanks.

  • Klaudjokeci

    how to get alistair overeem now

  • Me

    Didn’t work for me…