The Line Drive 2/19

Posted February 19th, 2012 at 10:45 am

The Line Drive is a weekly collection of news, links, and updates that didn’t necessarily warrant their own postings.

•If you’ve ever wanted to record your 360 or PS3 gameplay this is the cheapest the HD-PVR has ever been. It’s what I use to capture footage and have recommended to many.
•12 months of Xbox Live (card or code) is back being offered for $40.
•The Gaming Tailgate notes former Heisman winners are involved with NCAA Football 13.
•The demo for FIFA Street will arrive for the 360 and PS3 on February 28th.
•Latest FIFA Street videos show off the venues and provide tips on ball control and juggling.
•THQ has set up a page explaining DLC redemption for UFC Undisputed 3.
•THQ has set up a page to get the UFC 3 Alistair Overeem code if it didn’t come through.
•Last week it was the announcement of an MLB 2K12/NBA 2K12 combo pack. Now 2K Sports has announced Best Buy will sell a special edition NBA 2K12 which includes the Legends Showcase DLC for $50 beginning March 11th.

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•On UFC Undisputed 3’s rough online play at release.
•On 2K Sports exploiting Kate Upton for a recent MLB 2K12 ad.

News and content that may have been missed from the last week around the site.

•DVD/Blu-ray Releases This Week. Headlined by Puss in Boots, J. Edgar, and Tower Heist.
•Trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The horror thriller arrives on June 22nd.
•Michael Bay Returning for Transformers 4. He’ll again direct and it’ll be a form of reboot.

  • Jrs


  • Anonymous

    Pasta stop hating on 2K. You wrote a article bitching about them using Kate Upton for marketing.  Come on Bro, this is getting sad.  You got something against hot chicks?

  • D0S3

    Overeem keys are gone and I went through the process to get one.  Disappointing.

    • Stop whining, man up, and eat some horse meat, buddy. You’ll thank me in a few years.

  • Tish

    Haha “exploiting” Kate Upton. So 2k can’t pay a famous person to help sell games but every other company on earth does the exact same thing and it’s ok? Bahaha your articles that hate on 2k are so bad they’re good.

  • sup

    pasta can u plz post the nba 2k12 update that came out on 2k share yesterday. it includes jr smith…

  • MoneyMayweather

    Why do you never hate on madden?

    • Keith.

      Because he was one of the original EA Game Changers a few years back, before there was a formal Game Changer program. Some of his EA contacts have since moved on, and he no longer goes to Community Days, but his loyalty will always be to EA (he doesn’t have any contacts at 2k or SCEA, which is why he doesn’t get their games for free, and why he’s always tearing them a new one).

      EA lost $600M+ during the last 3 Christmas quarters, but you’ll never see stories like that here. Only potshots at the competition.

      • mcmax3000

         “EA lost $600M+ during the last 3 Christmas quarters, but you’ll never see stories like that here.”

        That’s because a story like that doesn’t really belong on a sports game website.

        If it was just the EA Sports division that lost money like that, then it would be applicable news to a site like this but there is a LOT more to EA than just Sports so news about EA’s overall financials is no more applicable than news about Take Two’s overall financials (which you also don’t see here).

        • Keith.

          You’re kidding, right?  If 2k repeatedly reported hundreds of millions of dollars like that, I can guarantee you’d see at least a passing reference from pasta here.  Hell, Madden and NCAA Football sales have gone down every year but one since the exclusive licenses were signed, and yet pasta wants everyone to believe they’ve gone up…LoL.

          Want a different example that’s directly tied to sports games?  Okay, I’ll play along.

          Did you know that Peter Moore and a bunch of other current/former EA big-wigs recently had to submit for depositions in the Madden monopoly law suit that’s going on?  You know the lawsuit that (1) survived EA’s motion to dismiss, (2) has cost EA a ton of $$$$ in discovery costs, and (c) has the potential to cost EA hundreds of millions in damages and forever change the football videogame landscape?  Here is a link to the order signed by the Judge in that case where the deposition schedule is laid out:


          Pretty big deal I’d say, if the Judge made Peter Moore sit for a deposition.  Not too many times are plaintiff’s counsel allowed to depose someone that high up in the company.  Not surprisingly, you haven’t (and probably never will) see a story from pasta about it, though.

          Can you imagine if 2k’s CEO had to be deposed, and if 2k was messed up in a lawsuit like this?  Think pasta would’ve covered it?  You bet.

          • mcmax3000

            My point was specifically about EA losing money that you mentioned. That has nothing to do with sports games… Neither does Take Two’s financials… So there’s no reason for it to be reported on a site like this.

            The stuff you mentioned that is related to sports games does have a place on this site but you’re trying to make it sound like I was implying something that I wasn’t.

            I was simply saying that EA’s overall financials have no place on a sports gaming site.

            (Also, I won’t even bother getting into talking about that BS lawsuit… It’s the only time I’ve ever opted out of a class action lawsuit that I’ve been notified of because I think it’s beyond stupid & should’ve been thrown out the moment it was filed. That said, news about it does definitely fit on a site like this.)

          • Keith.

            Well, EA losing hundreds of millions of dollars every year DOES have something to do with sports games, if you believe like I do that EA overpaid hundreds of millions of dollars for exclusive licenses to try and kill off their competition.  And speaking of…

            Needless to say, I feel differently than you about the Madden monopoly lawsuit and believe there’s a whole lot of factual and legal merit to the suit.  But I don’t begrudge you of your decision to opt out of the class of plaintiffs.  I’ll never know why someone like you doesn’t believe there should be competition among sports videogame companies, but that’s your right to feel that way, I guess.

          • mcmax3000

             I would love for there to be more competition in sports games.

            I don’t think that it should be legally required though. If a sports organization wants to sell its license exclusively, they should have the right to do so, as the NFL chose to do. I would prefer that they didn’t (well, in the case of the NFL, I don’t personally particularly care because I’m not a football fan but you get the point) but they shouldn’t be required by law to sell their license to multiple companies.

            I believe competition is much better for all involved (everybody likes to talk about Madden dropping in quality when it went exclusive, but I think the best example is MLB 2K… Madden has at least stayed decent… 2K’s baseball games went off the fucking cliff in terms of quality the moment they got the exclusive license), but I don’t see any rational explanation for how having an exclusive license should be breaking any kind of law.

          • Keith.

            And I will have to correct you on one thing — pasta has reported plenty of times how much of a financial loser the MLB license supposedly has been for 2k.  So, if it’s fair to talk about 2k’s financials, it should also be okay to talk about EA, IMO.    

          • mcmax3000

            Like I said above, if it’s the EA Sports division specifically that lost hundreds of millions of dollars, or the NFL license for example was noted as a money loser that caused a big portion of the loss, that would be relevant news for a sports gaming website, just as it is relevant news when 2K talks about losing money specifically on the MLB license.

            The MLB situation has a specific relation to sports gaming. EA’s overall profit or loss for the entire company doesn’t, nor does it for Take Two, THQ, Sony or any other company that produces other games in addition to sports games.

          • Amen_Ra

            Dude Pasta is fully on the take now.  You have some good arguments but the shit is not even debatable at the point.  The Kate Upton hack job sealed the deal.

  • I want to buy the video recorder, but the reviews are iffy. Is there a better option at $200?

  • Upton wants to get like most supermodels means more exposure.

  • sup

    upton is hot