Demo for SSX Now Available

Posted February 21st, 2012 at 8:15 am

The demo for SSX is out now for the Xbox 360 and will be arriving for the PS3 when the store updates this afternoon. Featuring two online and RiderNet enabled events of “Explore” mode along with two tutorials (Skyboarding and Ground) the demo will upload race times, trick scores, and “ghosts” to the servers. The playable character is Zoe and by referring the demo to a friend Mac will be unlocked for use. Leave any thoughts on the demo in the comments!

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  • ben

    the online stuff in this game is amazing. im a buy.

  • Keith.

    Haven’t tried the demo yet, but I still can’t believe that EA has the balls to charge $60 for this game.  I predict this will be in the bargain bin by Easter.

    • I think $60 is easily justified for SSX. Plus you can get a promo credit for $10 from Amazon so it’s more like $50 anyway.

      FIFA Street at $60 is the one that baffles me.

      • Keith.

        Lol — SSX, FIFA Street and Grand Slam wouldn’t sell all that well in a good economy.  In this economy, when you can get a snowboarding game on a tablet for $1.99, it’s gonna tank.  I sure wouldn’t bet on seeing another SSX anytime soon.

        •  Keith are you serious? Try getting the level of an SSX snowboarding on a tablet for $1.99. Given the history of the series and online features, this game will easily sell.

          • Keith.

            An A+ game like MLB The Show has trouble selling these days.  Trust me, you won’t be seeing SSX sitting at the top of the sales charts (or even the top 40) after the first week or two. The game should’ve been a $14.99 downloadable title, at best.

          •  $14.99? You clearly are biased against this game.

  • Walkergodeep

    i cant find the demo in psn

  • jac

    does anyone know when psn will update I want this dang demo already my console updated but the store still doesnt have it

    • Crazy_wysiwyg

      Just type ssx on the search box and it will appear together with the trailer. I’m downloading it now.

  • Ilovetogame27

    its hard..

  • RobDX

    Won’t be getting this game until it hits the PSN (same with UFC3, can’t afford). I played the demo and it’s fun but I can see where it will get repetitive. Plus, there is no way to turn down the stick sensitivity so you sway so much it feels like u are in a NASA spinning tunnel. Plus I am doing tricks off a ramp and just a little loss of control before you hit it and bam you fall into a small groove in a wall and loose momentum. Oh and if you loose momentum it is impossible to get it back (unless you are about to go down hill), jumping or holding the stick forward nets you zero. One more thing, it feels like Tony Hawks, with all the rap SKA music and the “doods” and “bros”