MLB 12: The Show Gameplay Videos

Posted February 22nd, 2012 at 8:15 am

Though there’s still no word on a demo the first extended gameplay videos for MLB 12: The Show have arrived. SCEA has delivered a handful of videos to various sites to post with this first set courtesy of Operation Sports, Game Trailers, and Machinima. Continue on to check out footage of the Cubs @ Cardinals, Yankees @ Tigers, and Angels @ Rangers and as always leave any thoughts in the comments! 

  • Harlln

    same old commentary. big snooze on the videos and the game this year. 

    • Chicagobearsdefense

      the albert heckler was the pretty funny… but i am falling asleep watching this… a lot of the things theyre showing, are things u can skip by pushing x after ur pitch anyway.

      wuts with the yellow thing, do u need to get that on the ball??? thats a bit different from last year. as a cub fan, id be buying this game just to help fix my favorite team, and take some cuts with STARLIN.
      Does anyone know if theyre putting all the players on the 40man roster in the game? The Cubs might not have a great team, but it would be a big deal if i could have some of those high end prospects like Brett Jackson, Anthony Rizzo, Junior Lake… etc? Pasta? Im counting on you to get to the bottom of this for me.

      • jk912

        Rizzo will be in, as well as any other prospect that was called up at any point last year during the regular season. Guys like Brett Jackson and Junior Lake who haven’t been on the active regular season roster (even if they were on the 40 man) are not officially part of the MLBPA, so their likeness can’t be used in the game.

      • jk912

        Also, the yellow thing is the new PCI indicator. I’m not sure, but I think for the new analog zone batting, the PCI is probably on by default.

        • Chicagobearsdefense

          thanks man

        • Shemp8972653

          The PCI isn’t a new feature. It’s been around for a few titles, just has always been defaulted as being turned off.

    • Amen_Ra

      I see some minor visual improvements. It’s all about franchise mode to me.

      • Groll

        which they did very little to cause of the vita sadly

    • kdog

      How different do you want it to be.  It’s baseball.  A base hit is a base hit.  The color guy is more ensightful.  Mute the da$% TV and play if that will make you feel better. 

    • Karros is boring as heck in real life, why anyone who want to replicate his boredom on a video game is beyond me.    He is the weakest part of the game.  Other than the new yellow hitting spot which is a little intrusive and the new marlins stadium i am having a tough time trying to justify laying down $50 for this one.  With some of the rosters posted with all the offseason moves, I may stick with 11 for a while.

    • mattevilspawn

      Ditto. Commentary needs a total revamp. (And replacing Hudler with Karros is NOT a total revamp.) We’ve been hearing some of these lines since ’09…maybe even ’08. (e.g., “They haven’t made it easy. It’s taken him 11 pitches…”). Is it really THAT expensive to create new commentary? Would rather see $ allocated here instead of some other “new animation” (e.g., batter swings so hard on a foul, he drops to a knee – an animation overused in gameplay.) Also, compared to video, audio files are much smaller, so there is no real dev excuse for this. New audio would create a marked improvement without dragging processing speed down. And before anyone posts “Just turn the audio off”, just so you know, I already do. But I shouldn’t HAVE to. $60+ should give me a game with listenable commentary. I am a pure baseball fan and I want it to feel AND SOUND like a real broadcast. Not something that came out of a box.

      I haven’t bought MLB The Show since the Franchise debacle in ’10. I still enjoy ’09 in my spare time. Tho I’ve tried the newer versions, they are not worth it. If they want to make incremental changes from year-to-year, they should charge us incrementally – say something like $10-$20 just to “upgrade” the versions we’ve already purchased.

  • jupebox

    Crowd needs less brightness for night games.

  • guest

    The player’s view on defense is behind the pitcher in all of these videos.  You should be able to change it so you can see the field from the catcher’s perspective, right?

  • Skinsfan

    Looks good as usual. I like the CON and ENG bars on the pitching interface.

  • Keith.

    Absolutely love all of the TV broadcast camera cuts — if only we had a football game that had this kind’ve presentation.

  • Jakepetty58

    Why will they NEVER give Carpenter his cutter? That is possibly his best pitch. And he really doesnt throw a 12-6. =(

    • Shemp8972653

      You can fix that in the player edit screen, you can make his repitoire whatever you want it to be…but you will have to adjust the pitch attribute bars in order to get the pitch speed, movement, and accuracy correct.

  • Bonzo

    Videos look great, can’t wait to get my hands on it. But it’s not perfect… love reading Pared’s posts over on OS as if the game is perfection personified and leaving people with genuine complaints a feeling of “How Dare You Question The Almighty SCEA”

  • TonyH.

    Furcal isn’t #3 he’s 15, Carlos Beltran is #3. Jon Jay is in CF, Beltran is in RF. The game has it the other way around. Most people don’t care about these things, but this being the game for the hardcore fan it’s necessary for them to get these little things right. I’m sure it’ll be fixed on the first update, but I like to jump into a franchise. I’ll have to spend time adjusting these little things that I shouldn’t. Other than that the videos look great and I can’t wait.

    • TonyH.

      only the Cards third base coach is right. It’s been known for a while that LaRussa’s staff (except Oquendo and McGwire) were gone. No reason Matheny and his staff should be excluded.

  • GKage

    Finally a vid of my cardinals. You;d think they didnt win the world series in dramatic fashion last year. f u c k pujols -_-

  • triguous

    Why does every reliever have 4 or 5 different pitches, when, in reality, they have 2 or 3? Can this be altered in the settings? If so, where? I don’t want to see Kimbrel with anything more than a fastball and a slider.

  • Theglove52

    it look great