EA Sports Going Back to NBA Live Name

Posted February 23rd, 2012 at 11:45 am

Last night I tweeted that the opportunity was there for EA Sports to start promoting their new sim NBA product by taking advantage of All Star Weekend. Not only will fans be engaged with the festivities and the sports media focused on the league but the Tiburon studio that is now developing the series is just minutes away from Orlando.

Now that promotion, viral or otherwise, seems to have started as first noted by Kotaku. Cavs rookie and #1 pick Kyrie Irving tweeted that he was playing NBA Live 13 and then the EA Sports NBA twitter account sent out the picture above. EA Sports then confirmed NBA Live 13 will be the name and that additional news is to come on Monday. 

There was never any doubt that EA would drop the “Elite” name however the question was whether they would go back to Live, which has strong recognition value but as a brand deteriorated over the course of the generation, or go with a fresh name. This was probably the best decision as the company can capitalize on the established Live brand rather than having to build up awareness of a new one.

Though they still will have an uphill battle that will take years to recover from let alone become a force in the market they can focus now on the actual product and trying to sell themselves to a skeptical consumer base. EA doesn’t have to worry about hurting sales of a current game and that allows them to start the promotion now while 2K Sports will have to wait until the summer to do so for their upcoming title. That is an angle they are sure to take advantage of and have started to do so with the news today.

  • Amen_Ra

    Man nobody gives a damn about what Kyrie Irving is playing.  For all we know he is being “exploited” you know like how 2K did with Kate Upton.

    ahahahaha Pasta you a fool mayne!!!

    • Tish

       This is outrageous that EA would exploit Kyrie Irving like this. These business practices need to be outlawed.

    • Sdot




    • bzaaa

      mmmmmm kate upton…… <3

      • kaaaatttupppppptoneen

        dude she let me touch her boobs.

        • TheyCallMeSIR


          • ramody1

            lol shes yummy

        • ramody1

          ohh lucky

  • Novert

    sounds good. 2k needs competition.

  • a33a

    Im interested in what EA does this year. 2K definitely does need a push they showed with 2K12  that theyre already going downhill. I probably wont buy Live 13 but Ill be watching for what they do with it.

  • VircLEE

    Cant wait. As long as this is more NBA Live than NBA Elite. They had good things going with Live 10.

  • MoneyMayweather

    You back kid! thank god!

  • Keith.

    2k12 really is close to perfect — no way EA is going to catch them anytime soon, even having taken the time off.  Competition is good, and I’m sure this news makes some EA fanboys’ day, but this “story” is really more about EA’s marketing department than anything else.

    • bob

      2k is not that good

      • Keith.

        I’d bet you don’t even have it.

        • Tetsuo25

          I have it. Along with every 2K NBA game for the last 6 years. And it’s not that good. I was a 2K fanboy till 2k12. But what they did to their core customers with the shit they pulled, eff them.

          2k12 is a joke. I’ve never been this frustrated with an unrealistic ball game. It’s just like madden- it wasn’t that the AI played better, it was that your team just got worse and worse.

          I hope Live13 is amazing and blows the genre wide open again, because as we’ve seen with Madden- no competition means no innovation.

          I want there to be 2 amazing ball games this year, but I’m not holding my breath.

          • Bs3287

            Or maybe you just suck.

    • WorryVem

      close to perfect? im guessing you dont play online. and things like the cpu not double teaming dont matter to you. or that some ps3 people cant even get the game to start up anymore.

      • Keith.

        You should stop believing what you read EA fanboys post on the message boards, and give the game a try.

        For the record, I have played the game online (smooth as butter with my connection) and have no complaints about cpu double-teaming.  I did have to delete the game data on my PS3 to get past the freeze issue, but once I did that, no problems whatsoever.  

        • Clubguru35

          well spoken keith.Anyone hating on NBA2K12 is just fooling themselves and being short sighted just because online isnt perfect(BIG DEAL).Just do it like we used to when their was no online have some friends over and play that way.

        • i own 2k12 and it is fucking terrible. i havent played that shit since the first week i owned it. it is now a $60 coaster for my beer.

          unresponsive controls, horrible gameplay ….

          • Mike

             You don’t even own a damn candle. Who’s internet you on right now, you at the library again? Beat it.

      • Clubguru35

        I for one can careless about playing online.Im sick of everyone complaining about online in the game like thats the only thing to the game. there is no game that plays perfect online after all these years playing online is far from perfect.I agree online isnt perfect on NBA2K12 but offline NBA2k12 is unbeatable at this time PERIOD.

        • JimR

          for some people all they want is to play online. They could say that theyre sick of hearing about offline gamers. Bottom line is iif half the game is busted theres a problem

        • Anonymous

          if a company advertises online gameplay it better work. period. it doesnt matter if you like online or not. who would want to pay for a game if half of it doesnt work?

        • SharksBreath

          It’s  called real competition. Which if you never play online against a human you will never face. I get tired of people who stay in their rooms and only play with themselves. Who when they face a real human get crushed. You probably still play on the side view.

        • SharksBreath

          Your on the wrong site guy. You should goto Operation Sports where they think like you. Where they would give MLB the game of the year when online has never worked on the game and no one seems to care.  

    • Amen_Ra

      We all know EA has great marketing., especially when it comes to sports games.  People are already thinking NBa Live was a decent game and not remembering that shit was trash for 3 years before it flopped.

      Remember when they had that knew “game manager” or whatever who wanted people to be able to control the ball, “People want something to do after the ball is released”.  what a joke….


      NBA 2K Insider cant put out a good roster update to save his fucking life… I guess hes too busy pounding you in the ass

    • Skopin

       So what exactly is your definition of “perfect”? I usually associate that word with good things, but you’re using it to describe NBA 2k12. So I’m a little confused.

      2k12 has more problems than I can even count. And it stems from the horribly programmed AI. Not to mention the lack of ball awareness, and animations taking over and causing things that deny the laws of physics to happen on a consistent basis.

  • Skihawks

    Glad to see competition. Live 10 had some awesome qualities. Cant wait for the demo.

  • Lets be honest…we don’t expect much…but we hope they challenge 2ksports to be better…

    • Amen_Ra

      This is the simple truth right here

    • Keith.


    • That’s a fair approach to take. Go year by year and see where they’re at. 

    • Rick

      Yeah, challenge 2K’s servers.

  • im going to take a wait and see aproach before i give my money to ea nba live again dont for get . just 2 yrs ago it was kevin durant who hyped us up. and it turned out to be crap

  • PipSkinny

    2K has taken so much of the market that EA will probably have to offer Live at a lower price to lure away some buyers (like 2K did with the NFL games back in the day).

    • NBA won’t allow price manipulation. The major sports licenses restrict that as an option.

      But surely they’ll look to capitalize on the weaknesses of 2K. So if 2K continues to have a sub-par online experience then EA can go for that crowd that cares deeply for online…and so on.

      • clubsteve

        i’d really market the fiba license if i were EA….especially with the 2012 olympics coming soon. also, i would include the nba all-star weekend too.

        • ramody1

          if they add all the fiba teams, like jordan becuz jordan is top 40 team, then im on it. fiba is all that will attract me to the game. bcuz if not, then im all staying with 2k12. plus i hope live and 2k update roster more often………….

      • Sdot


        I HAV 2K 4 BOTH 360 & PS3 & RUN 5 ON 5 ON DA REG


        • Bren

          features taken out, shitty servers, online has been a joke

          • ramody1

            forget online for a second, offline on 2k12 is beat…

        • Skopin

           Yes, Pasta, wut physical training of district attorney online general manager r u referrin #2?

    • clubsteve

      yep….i think so too.

  • clubsteve

    competition is always good…..why can’t there be room for TWO great games?

  • Clintbeastwoods

    Who cares ea basketball games have always been shit! Nba 2k is the only game worth buying!

    • SharksBreath

      Showing your EA fanboy colors hun. 2k has been kicking Live’s but since 2000. They are like the Boston Celtics of basketball video games. With that being said. 2k has got fat and lazy.


    As long as the online play is decent……..I’m all in.

  • Rick

    Where’s Daley?


    • Tetsuo25

      Hahahahahaha Ok now thats a name I forgot about.

      I might rag on EA at times, but I like both companies.

      But if ever there was a EA troll on this board, that bastard was him!

    • Keith.

      He’s probably an EA Game Changer now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s down at Tiburon right now chilling with these dudes playing Live so he can come back and tell us all how great it is.

      That’s the way EA works.  They look for the most outspoken defenders of their mediocre games and make them Game Changers, before bringing them in later as developers on the games themselves…lol.  I think there’s 3 former OS mods who are now Madden Developers, and just as many former Game Changers are Madden developers as well.  Lol — no wonder most of their games suck. 

  • ramody1

    2k12 is the beast!

  • ramody1

    2k12 is beast

  • Bill

    Lol. Let’s see if this one actually gets released. I remember seeing the elite videos with curry from the warriors saying how awesome elite was. Looks like there doing the same thing to kyrie. Poor fool.

  • pAoK

    what’s the matter with easports?
    i heard they need all the time and they they still admit they can’t compete with 2k.

    It’s february man.2k13 is 7 months away and live 13 is playable???
    I hope i am wrong.

    Oh …someone here wrote that 2k12 is a joke.Are you on drugs man?

    • Skopin

      Well, if you know anything about programming, you know that you don’t wait until you’re completely finished to test it. They may be playing an early build to get feedback and find glitches.

      And yes, 2k12 is a joke. I find myself saying that almost every game I play in it.

  • Yaboythecib2

    like the great Charles Barkley said & i quote a opinion is like a asshole every body has one. Idk from Kyrie Irving   face it look like there into game… idk that what it looks like 2me if anyone see different let me know…

  • Panthersman52

    Anyone on here saying that 2k12 is not better than 2k11 obviously hasn’t played eleven recently the improvements to the post game alone make it much better. and while i’ll admit it had a lot of issues with online the gameplay itself got better