Robert Griffin III Will Share Cover of NCAA Football 13 With Past Heisman Winner

Posted February 27th, 2012 at 9:00 am

ESPN Central Texas is reporting, as first noted by The Gaming Tailgate,  that Robert Griffin III will be on the cover of NCAA Football 13. Given that some sort of focus with NCAA 13 seems to be Heisman winners of the past it then makes sense that the latest Heisman would play a role in the marketing of the upcoming title.

It’s unclear though exactly where RG3 would fall as a potential cover athlete and given that the news seems based on involvement with a cover shoot that doesn’t eliminate other possible players from being involved. He could be one of several in the mix rather than the single chosen one. NCAA 10 had a different player on each version while the decision was left up to the fans to vote for the eventual winner from four candidates with NCAA 12. However if the theme of NCAA 13 is Heisman based it’s certainly possible he has been singled out by EA Sports for the honor.

(Update) Beginning on March 12th fans will be able to vote for what former Heisman winner will share the cover with RG3 on Facebook. Barry Sanders, Desmond Howard, Marcus Allen, Doug Flutie, Eddie George, Herschel Walker, Charlie Ward, and Andre Ware will be the names to choose from.

  • Yeah I just heard about this. I am glad he has gained such popularity I have been a fan of his since he started he will be a great pro too.

    Now hopefully the game is as good as the cover athlete. When do you start covering NCAA 13 and ask for our wish list Pasta?

    • I wouldn’t expect much news on NCAA until maybe April rolls around.

  • Doug Flutie? lol

    • irrlo

      More like Charlie Ward lol

      • Alanole

        “Ward holds the second-largest margin of victory in the history of Heisman trophy balloting, with a 1,622 point difference, second only to O.J. Simpson’s 1,750 point win in 1968.”

        Yes, lol indeed.

  • Navro

    Great news. RGIII deserves it and its cool theyre going with a heisman theme.

  • Malcolm James II

    A cover with Charles Woodson as an option would be awesome, dynamic players on offense and defense

    • He should have taken the place of Howard since he had a solo cover.



  • Dre2778

    Barry Sanders

  • Panthersman52

    If they spent as much time focusing on gameplay as they do on marketing and gimmicks this would be one of the best games every year

  • Dymez

    Herschel Walker deserves it…  Greatest college football player of all-time.  But scratch all that, I’m getting a little worried.  They were going in the right direction with NCAA Football 12 and instead of talking about more improvements to gameplay, I’m hearing gimmick news.  So, yeah, I’m definitely little worried.

  • Bobo

    No Reggie bush on the vote list? LOL!
    I guess that means they aren’t expanding the road to glory mode to include bribery, illegal activities, kickbacks, and activities that garner suspensions and expulsions. Damn, I think a road to disgrace mode would be fun and realistic. EA sports, it’s in the game…

    • L-Boogie

       ur a dumbass bitch

  • guest

    no OJ Simpson what gives?

  • gully


  • will

    where can i put feedback to EA sports for ncaa 13 at

  • Strb247

    No cam newton smh