2012 NFL Season Day One Transactions in Madden Screenshots

Posted March 14th, 2012 at 10:15 am

As always the first day of the new NFL league year was a frantic and exciting one as free agency opened and a big trade was completed. Brandon Marshall becomes the first Madden NFL 13 cover athlete candidate to change teams during the voting period as he got moved to the Bears. The Bucs made the most significant signings grabbing two of the top players on the market and despite having their salary cap slashed the Redskins made a splash by picking up two receivers and working on a third. 

Randy Moss – San Francisco 49ers – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (84 Before Removal)

Pierre Garcon – Washington Redskins – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (79)

Josh Morgan – Washington Redskins – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (78)

Jason Campbell – Chicago Bears – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (84)

Brandon Marshall – Chicago Bears via trade – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (92)

Carl Nicks – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (97)

Vincent Jackson – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (89)

Cortland Finnegan – St. Louis Rams – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (93)

Robert Meachem – San Diego Chargers – Final Madden NFL 12 Rating (77)

Crucial re-signings: Marques Colston (Saints – 92), Carlos Rogers (49ers – 90), Reggie Wayne (Colts – 90), Red Bryant (Seahawks – 85), Dwight Lowery (Jaguars – 78)

  • Jason

    Grubbs is going to look good in red and gold

  • Keith.

    Hey pasta, any chance we’ll see an article about SSX’s disappointing sales?  Gamestop already has it knocked down to $39, just 2 weeks after it was released.  I had a feeling that Grand Slam 2, SSX and Fifa Street were going to bomb.  So far, I’m two for three and will be looking to complete the sweep when Fifa’s sales figures start trickling in!

    • No indication on sales yet…have to wait for NPD next month. The price drop isn’t a surprise though. It was basically $50 to start since Amazon and Walmart offered $10 promo credits and its not hard to find similar deals on every other game a few weeks after release. Arcade-style games aren’t going to sell at that high price though as has been well established. $40 was probably the right price point for SSX. Will have to see how the sales numbers turn out before making judgment.

      • Keith.

        Well now that it’s been knocked down in price 2 weeks after release, I’d think first months sales will be skewed somewhat.  Still, given the deep early discount, I have to believe it’s not selling anywhere near where EA had hoped.

        • I’ll give you this much…it’s not a good sign that it’s Gamestop that’s the retailer that dropped the price. They’re usually the stubborn ones that keep it full price longer than everyone else.

          • Keith.

            Yeah…I thought the same thing.  They must have piles of them sitting in inventory that they’re looking to get rid of.  I thought they were crazy to release SSX at $60, but even I couldn’t have predicted such a price drop so soon after release.  Don’t know that I’ve ever seen it happen before.

  • PayDAman504

    Crucial re-signing: Marques Colston (Saints – 92)

    • Yep…somehow forgot this one. Thanks.

  • Greg Carlson

    I’m not a Redskins or Bears fan but I’m very excited to see what happens with J-Campbell and Brandon Marshall when Jay Cutler looses the starting job. and over in Washington, How RG3 and Pierre Garcon will do with the addition of Josh Morgan

    • lol @ Cutler losing the starters Job. 

  • cant wait for madden13

    • Dirk

       thats because you’re a loser.

      • Dirk

        I can’t wait to hear that everyone at Tiburon has been fired and that Madden13 has been canceled. Oh, and I want the guy that says ‘EA Sports, its in the game ” to be fired too. I hope my wish comes true before yours does.

  • Jarod

    Add D-Jax to that list of re-signings: 5 yr deal, $50M

  • ramody1

    oh yeah! crabtree 83 and moss 84!!! and now lloyd!!!!

  • I am in love with what my Bucs did. Feels good to make a splash again.

  • Mason Drews

    Brandon Carr to Cowboys (Final Madden 12 rating 84 OVR)