Early Madden NFL 13 Rookie Ratings Insight

Posted March 15th, 2012 at 9:45 am

Dictator of all Madden ratings Donny Moore recently posted his first NFL mock draft of the year. In doing so he also sprinkled in Madden NFL 13 rookie rating details – some being very specific and others more as general expectations. There was enough relevant info included to pull them out and spotlight those that will be of most interest. 

Though Robert Griffin III was earlier singled out as potentially being the highest rated rookie in Madden franchise history it’s much more likely he will become arguably the most effective but not necessarily highest rated. Andrew Luck however is said to enter in the mid-upper 80s. Again, it’s much tougher to justify a rookie QB in that range as opposed to other positions no matter their expectations, but it’d be understandable if Luck does land there all things considered.

There is more that can be dug out of the mock draft summaries than just what is posted below. Check them all out here.

Luck: Around 87 overall
RG3: 90+ speed, 90+ throw power, high accuracy. Could exceed Michael Vick’s 94spd/97thp
Matt Kalil: Comparable to Jake Long who came in 86 overall
Melvin Ingram: 85+ power move, “bull rush” and “swim move” traits
Luke Kuechly: 95+ tackle
Ryan Tannehill: Will have decent WR ratings
David DeCastro: 84 or higher overall
Mark Barron: 90+ hit power
Trent Richardson: Could be highest rated rookie. Only 80+ RB.
Janoris Jenkins: 90+ man coverage
Dre Kirkpatrick: Highest rated rookie CB in zone coverage.

  • Kujayhawks152006

    rabble rabble rabble! donny moore sucks!  ea sucks! madden sucks!  ahhh i hate consumerism!!!!

  • Kujayhawks152006

    rabble rabble rabble! donny moore sucks!  ea sucks! madden sucks!  ahhh i hate consumerism!!!!

    • Kujayhawks152006

      sorry for the double post…..

    • Kujayhawks152006

      sorry for the double post…..

  • Kujayhawks152006

    rabble rabble rabble!  donny moore sucks!  ea sucks! madden sucks! i hate consumerism! 2k is awesome! yayyy

    • That One Guy.

       Come on guy, don’t be a dickhole.

      • James Kraft

        Too late…

      • Kujayhawks152006

        lol its sarcasm.  i’m poking fun at all the people who come on and rip madden saying they cant wait til 2k makes a game

        • Guest

          Get the fuck out douche shill

        • Enlightened27

           I guess those people didnt play All-Pro Football 2K8. If you played that game and would still pay to play a 2K football game, you are retarded.

    • Michaelanthonyruby

      2k sucks

  • Kujayhawks152006

    rabble rabble rabble!  donny moore sucks!  ea sucks! madden sucks! i hate consumerism! 2k is awesome! yayyy

  • orolo

    interesting. thanks for pointing these out

  • Leo

    I agree 87 overall before a snap is pretty ridiculous

    • James Kraft

      Completely agree…It’s not like they can’t adjust it during the season if he trending toward that 87 overall…

  • DeuceDouglas

    I hate the fact that rookies come into Madden so highly rated. It goes with the fact that the players as a whole have skyrocketed in overalls compared to the old Madden’s.

  • Kushmir

    to even suggest ratings like these is heresy. do we not learn from the examples of Jamarcus, Mandarich and countless players every year like Patrick Peterson this year? (average CB at best)

    say no to foolish ratings like these. casuals who think rookies should step on the field as anything higher than a 60-65 are destroying sports games.

    • jonny

      cam newton was pretty impressive in his first game

      • Mason Drews

        Tyron Smith was the second best tackle in football last season as a rookie, I do understand your point and completely agree.

  • Ken

    Donny Moore absolutely sucks.  They completely overrate rookies every year.  they had Tiki Barber as a free agent last year rated higher than half the starting RB’s in the league and no one even gave him a sniff.

    They only go for big name players, there is no research done on lesser guys.  Perfect example, Sebastian Volmer was 2nd team all pro in 2010 at RT.  They had him rated in the 70’s when the season started.  Ridiculous.

    I guarantee RG3 will be stupidly overpowered.

    • Homer alert

      Talk about lack of research – Sebastian Vollmer is not a starting tackle in the NFL. 

  • wow,these rookies are rated 2 high and have not proven there self yet in the nfl.college fotball is not the same as the nfl…..ea football is horrible allaround!!!!

  • So if Luck is an 87 an Trent could be highest rated 88 to 90s lol Moore is on drugs. Trent is good but vastly overrated. RBs are not even important anymore. Jenkins being a 90+ in man crazy I know he was good with Florida. No way RG3 gets above Vicks power  that is insane and I am a RG3 fan. A lot of these ratings are over the top makes me not want to play it. Rookies are stacked then many teams will be juggernauts with current guys and draft classes.

  •  donny moore is an idiot, he has ruined the fun for video games.

    • Ghost

      Yeah he has straight blew it. An easy job and he has made it real hard to enjoy

    • Logic

       Not only that but I hate how speed is everything in madden. There’s no difference between Ed Reed and Daniel Manning. There’s no real difference between Rodgers-Cromartie and Troy Polamalu; as lon as they are fast then it’s enough, and that’s false. All the quarterbacks in the league don’t throw the same and yet on madden there’s no difference just throw it high and a rocket. A 59 overall corners with 97 speed should be able to stick Nicks who is 94 overall and 92 speed. A 61 overall safety with 98 shouldn’t be able to stay with Calvin Johnson just because he’s fast.

  • PmoRVA

    RG3 is the fuckin truth

  • Luck could be rated 87 overall on day one? Sorry, no rookie deserves to have a rating over 80 until they prove they can play.

    • Cc2

      At the end of the day whatever the rate luck rg3 should be rated higher. He is a world class athlete and his speed needs to be at about 95 with a 97 acceleration and his throw power at 91 accuracy 87. Remember the guy set a college record in the 400m hurdles and ran a 4.4 in the combine. Without a new rating system than the one they have now even with his off. awr. Down to like a 70 it’s impossible to create rg3 and him not have an 88. I personally don’t think a rook should come in over an 84 but in his case idk how it’s possible because he’s so athletic. And by no means should Trent Richardson come in the game higher rated then ap I actually don’t think he’s gonna start so a 78-80 is cool.

      • eazy

        Trent Richardson’s a day 1 starter and a three down back, or else they wouldn’t have moved up to get him.

    • Zac

       the biggest issue is that they, for the most part, completely disregard any number below 70. There’s no disparity between anyone on the game because of this. For instance, everyone on the game has at least 70 speed, barring some offensive linemen and defensive tackles. So, in reality, they only use 30 points to differentiate between thousands of players in any given stat, so everyone seems the same. And, naturally, this goes for overall ratings as well. Every year, they seem to close that window a little more, so it gets worse and worse.

      If for some reason, anyone at EA reads this post. You have 1-99 for a reason, please start using the rest of those numbers so everyone doesn’t feel exactly the same.

  • cover2blitz0

    it really rubs me the wrong way that moore refers to himself as the ratings “czar” anyone who adds a nickname like that must be a douche especially when your mediocre at best at what you do

    • Cnuttzznc209

      I hope this idiot Moore actually uses the combine numbers to come up with these playeyrs physical ratings this year. This douche every year screws certain teams and players.

  • Bakes

    I remember when Bush was a rookie, he came in at about 86 or 87. High speed and elusiveness…gotta love DM!

  • Ograkshot

    WTF??? Tannehill wr rating?? Donny Moore please don let Andrew Luck be  87 that too overated.. Like This if Luck is too OVERATED

    • No3456


      Educate yourself.

  • Micheal

    Tannahil is NOT a WR you idiot!!! Only Donny Moore

    • Hellokity

       uhm i beilve that say tannhehill will have a decent wr rating uh okay

    • chris

      He played wideout at texas a&m and quarterback….pretty good wideout too.

    • Shutup stupid

      Tannahill is a wideout you idiot

      Only Michael….

    • noon

      whoa bro this isnt even donny moores ratings just some noobs

  • Mike Jones

    What’s funny is that when LaDainian Tomlinson was drafted by San Diego in the early 2000’s, Madden rated him around a 74-75…Most rookies were rated around that, even Champ Bailey(I think he was a 76-77 on Madden). Now we’re seeing rookies being rated 87’s before they even take a snap, and RG3 is looking like John Elway/Mike Vick put together, while Luck is looking like a Super Ultra Steve Young with Joe Montana prime intellegence lol….Either football is evolving or Danny Moore is getting paid to hype these rookies attributes…

  • Mike Jones

    Also, I’ve seen Trent Richardson play…The fact that he will be rated higher than Adrian Peterson was when he came out of Oklahoma is kind of absurd. His best attribute is his breaktackle and he will not be trucking over veteran LB’s. The 5’9 veteran CB’s MIGHT have a hard time bringing him down but if he tries to be too physical in the NFL he will be a serious injuy waiting to happen

  • MDG

    I don’t have a problem with any of this. It will be updated accordingly through roster updates. It could be a new feature that separates them like players traits 2.0.

  • CJ

    Ryan Tannehill is a quarterback. That’s the position he will be playing in the NFL. I don’t care if he USED to play receiver. He’s not one anymore. If Donny Moore is going to just stick guys at whatever position that he wants, how about going ahead and moving Tebow to fullback. For some reason, I thought Donny had been fired. Guess it was just wishful thinking.

    • He is not moving him to WR he just has some wr abilities. You do know some teams have trick plays. If wildcat is in the playbook or some other trick plays it may be useful.

    • Shutup stupid

      Tebow has fullback ratings – his trucking power is in the 80’s, and is the highest for non runningbacks/fullbacks.

  • Soooo Andrew Luck is already better than Cutler? wow… horrible ratings

  • EA Gets No Play

    Madden has to be the worst game ever. The developers blew this game up from the inside out to the point of no return. Not only is the gameplay the worst in any sports game, the logic behind ratings and how they impact players performance is ridiculous. If they took the time to fix the gameplay and forget the gimmicks and promoting schemes maybe we could get a decent football game. Until then I’ll be waiting for a company to make a real simulation football game. NFL lisence or not.

  • ea=dead


  • BigJay429

    I hope they get it together with the ratings I believe u should prove urself no out ragious rating coming to the league I’m for no ratings above 78/overall coming in earn ur ratings like u earned that roster spot.

  • Sharyland

    what about claiborn!?