NBA Trade Deadline Brings Numerous Deals

Posted March 15th, 2012 at 1:45 pm

The NBA trade deadline always provides an opportunity for teams in contention to bolster up for the coming playoffs while those out of it can position themselves better for the future. Dwight Howard waiving his opportunity to opt-out of his contract meant the biggest attraction was off the market however a number of trades went down in the final minutes.

The Lakers and Blazers were especially active and a big three team deal involving the Nuggets, Wizards, and Clippers was pulled off. The highest rated player in NBA 2K12 moved today is Gerald Wallace now of the New Jersey Nets.

Current NBA 2K12 rating in parenthesis

Wizards receive: Nene (77), Brian Cook (60), unspecified draft pick
Nuggets receive: JaVale McGee (70), Ronnie Turiaf (62)
Clippers receive: Nick Young (73)

Nets receive: Gerald Wallace (83)
Blazers receive: Mehmet Okur (68), Shawne Williams (61), protected 1st rounder

Lakers receive: Jordan Hill (66)
Rockets receive: Derek Fisher (67), protected 1st rounder from Dallas

Lakers receive: Ramon Sessions (72), Christian Eyenga (60)
Cavs receive: Luke Walton (63), Jason Kapono (53)

Spurs receive: Stephen Jackson (78)
Warriors receive: Richard Jefferson (72)

Rockets receive: Marcus Camby (71)
Blazers receive: Jonny Flynn (70), Hasheem Thabeet (51), 2nd rounder

Pacers receive: Leandro Barbosa (71), Anthony Carter (53)
Raptors receive: 2nd round pick

Grizzlies receive: Future considerations
76ers receive: Sam Young (68)

Earlier this week Monta Ellis (83), Ekpe Udoh (64), and Kwame Brown (59) were shipped to Milwaukee in exchange for Andrew Bogut (78) as well as Stephen Jackson (78) who was just dealt away. No word on when the next NBA 2K12 roster update will take place but given the magnitude of a passing trade deadline the assumption would be within the next few days.

  • Draft picks won’t be included of course. Gotta change that somehow. Not sure how they can, but it’s something small that would be nice. 

    • Killian

       Yeah this is one thing I wish would be in the game, draft picks that have been traded. Because some of these trades are strictly draft picks and scrubs.

  • Craigd

    I like what the Lakers have done.

    • DerekFishersulking

      I like robbery too.

      • Darkness

        Derek Fisher wishes it was still the lockout.

  • Nothing special with trades. I actually forgot it was trade deadline

  • DJ Promy

    Nets gave up a lot to get Wallace. But i guess they were thinking that as deep as this draft is, they’re now set at all their positions especially their weakest which was SF with Wallace & the surging Gerald Green. Anyone they picked that high would’ve been a project or overpayed sub. Plus they have Houston’s 1st round pick this year, so they won’t miss out a deep class. 

    They think they could make a playoff push as currently constructed. At 12th place right now & one of the easiest schedules to finish the season, it’s not out of the question.  

  • Eandickerson

    I don’t know what was more of a robbery what the Lakers did to get Sessions or what the Clippers did to get Nick Young!

    • Cbi

       I wouldn’t call the Lakers trade a robbery because Sessions was not going to come back to Cleveland next year, and the Cavs got a 1st rounder for him.  As a Cavs fan, I gotta say, it’s going to be very cool seeing Sessions starting on a good team.  He deserves it.

  • Jmichaelhatcher

    how do iget the updates onnba2k12

  • Kclingerjr

    where is jamaal tinsley?

  • Bbnr

    when will the update be available

  • truman

    Do you think 2K will fix the offline association lag (Frame rate drop) along with updating the roster? The bigger question is, will there be another patch?

  • Looks exciting

  • Tj064

    Not that it matters in terms of 2k but the trades here aren’t all completely accurate, including some missing draft picks. For example the lakers also gave up their other first round draft pick in the Sessions trade. Golden state also received a first rounder from the Spurs in the Jefferson/Jackson trade