Pastapadre Turns Five!

Posted March 27th, 2012 at 3:00 pm

Today marks the fifth anniversary of Pastapadre launching! It’s been a fascinating journey that began with very little in the way of expectations but has constantly surprised with the site’s rapid and continued growth and increased influence.

What started as a side-project while contributing at the now defunct SportsGamer quickly became a passion. Being able to operate independently of restraints and outside pressure have been the key – allowing for proper analysis that takes into consideration the industry perspective while countered by an element of consumer advocacy. The ability to hold companies accountable for their actions and hopefully enact positive change became the central goal along with dispersing information to help consumers make the best purchase decisions possible. That has remained supplemented by other original content and even giveaways. Not a single day has gone by in the five years that the site hasn’t been updated with new content.

Thanks to everyone who continues to visit and support the site as well as those who follow on the various social networks. A number of exciting things are in the works behind the scenes for later this year and next!

  • Flithy

    i found this site by googling gaming news. it always came up.

    • Jarod

      Same here

    • Amen_Ra

      John Carter sucked!

  • Congrats Bryan!

  • Admiral Buster

    Congrats other site will give the small bits of info and personal articles that we hardcore sports gamers love. I gotta post more on the forum.

    PS You have excellent taste in TV & Movies.

  • Clintbeastwoods

    Happy birthday EA padre!

    • Carterandtrevan

      lol too funny

    • Tish

      Pasta’s is “fair and balanced” just like Fox News. Lol.

  • At least you will act your age now

  • GotHeeem

    This site had the best and latest madden news, thats how i got hooked. Congrats!

  • This is pretty much the only sport video game blog site I go to.

  • AmazinsCowboys

    happy birthday Pastapadre! congrats Bryan you’ve done a great job with the site. Only sports videogame blog I go on visit it all the time it’s great!

  • Congratulations, Bryan. You’ve done a great job. I’ve been following for… damn, probably 4 of those years. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon the site.

  • Good Stuff Pasta.  I always enjoy the site and sports gaming discussions.

  • Thanks Pasta for all the news on Sports gaming.  I turned to you a long time ago after getting banned and banned again from operationpoop nazi mods.  This place seems to be more “open minded” to people’s opinions.  Happy 5th Anniversary Pasta!

    • Poster X

      The owner of OS should be ashamed for having such d-bags like Pared, etc. manage his forums.

  • chubbz0727

    i havnt posted on this site in a min. mostly because of ppls’ craziness but TRUST me i visit this site everyday. your great at what you do man keep it goin. 

  • Keith.

    Me and your site share a birthday pasta (I’m 41 today). Congrats on the site man.

    • 49ersfan#1

      41?!?!?! u hav no life…. -_-
      p.s. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    • Amen_Ra

      Yeah Congraqts on the site Pasta! But I’m still not going to stop bringing the real!

  • HoodIII

    Congratulations.  I have always enjoyed what you have done in the online space.

  • JP27


  • MoneyMayweather

    your site sucks you always hate on the MLB 2k franchise for no reason whatsoever.

    • Skihawks

      Yet, here you are.

      And MLB 2K does suck.

    • jerkfacefave

       dude, its the worst sports game franchise ever created, period, Its not hard to hate on that.

  • Darkness

    The day before KH’s 10th anniversary.

  • Poster X

    Congrats Pasta. I really appreciate what your site has to offer as an alternative to sites like OS. However, you did wimp out on the broadcast camera issue in NCAA. Just saying

    • Keith.

      I’m with you in hoping he takes Tiburon to task for its broadcast cam in both NCAA and Madden (what’s there can definitely be improved) this year.  Along with in-game saves.

  • CJ

    Congrats, Bryan. Keep up the good work.

  • Skihawks


    Congrats on five years. I have been a long time follower of your site and I appreciate what you do. For some of the flack you take regarding articles that are designed to breed discussion, I appreciate your insight and freedom to allow people to voice thier opinions freely.

    There arent many sites dedicated to sports gaming. It is awesome to see someone who is passionate about the genre.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Poster X

    Pasta please take this as a compliment. You are the CM Punk of gaming sites. This is the site for the people not for the gaming companies to rape and pillage.  

  • Neilbarth

    Congrats pasta. Maybe now u can quite being so biased against 2k. How do u rip nba 2k12s online but let UFC 3 pass? What a disgrace.

  • Admiral Buster

    Remember any publicity is good publicity..just ask Samsung.

  • 49ersfan#1


  • 49ersfan#1

    now whats next for pasta is to add cheat codes…

  • Let’s see how soon it takes this celebration to turn into a full fledged argument. 

  • I’m a fw days late, but I still wanted to chime in and say congrats.

    I faded out of talking about stuff too much on the site and I stopped sending in Hockey tips.. but I always kept reading.

    Great job, man!

    I’m almost certain I been here since the first year.. and man did I hate the original color scheme, but this site was one of the first sites that I started visiting daily.

    You even sent me a free game (NCAA Football) for helping on the forums (after I kinda whined about not getting one originally.. lol). Always thought that was a stand-up thing to do. Thanks .. for everything.

  • Nick

    I was born 2 days earlier 

  • clubsteve

    happy anniversary, pasta……thanks for all of your hard work and keeping us sports gaming fans updated and giving your honest opinion about sports games. this is probably my favorite sports gaming site.