EA Sports Has Already Botched the Handling of NBA Live’s Return

Posted March 28th, 2012 at 4:00 pm

Having become the underdog after years of eroding the fan base with sub-par releases and the aborted attempt at a reboot EA Sports is attempting a comeback with NBA Live 13. It will be an uphill battle to reestablish credibility and grow sales – one that really can’t afford blunders along the way. Despite that they’ve already made one warranting serious criticism. 

EA Sports achieved an effective splash leading into NBA All-Star Weekend simply by utilizing some players that visited the studio to play an early build who then spread word of its return through social media channels. The simple reveal of the name going back to Live and “The Future of Basketball” tagline created considerable buzz and early awareness. It probably caught some by surprise just how much excitement it all stirred up.

EA then encouraged fans to visit their Facebook page where the first news would come the following Monday. All that turned out to be was a publicized application process to attend what sounded suspiciously like a “community event”. It shouldn’t have been framed as game news and its relevance to the final product could even be called into question. They blew the momentum they had built just like that.

Having read the detailed rules for the “advisory council” it was very much an official contest. There were eight slots open with the “winners” – supposedly to be chosen based on the best 100 word pleas of why they would be an asset in providing feedback to the development team – receiving airfare, accommodations, meals, and other perks over a several day stay in Orlando at the Tiburon studio to be held in the very near future.

Today the company announced who “won” the contest! But the list of names reads largely like a roster of any past community event with just a couple unknowns mixed in. Ironically one of those chosen is already proving to have been a terribly poor selection in the comments on Facebook, and it appears he didn’t read the rules which clearly defined the dates and is now saying he can’t attend, but that isn’t the issue to be discussed.

The criticism here isn’t directed at any of the guys involved but instead the company which promoted this “council” as a way to involve fans passionate about the series by being part of the development process in a way that otherwise they would not have been. The repeat attendees may very well be the most beneficial people to bring in to the studio however that’s because they’re known commodities. It wasn’t the spirit or the particular terms of the contest though. EA could have held a more standard event with them if they deemed it worthwhile. Given that it was an official contest – with legalities even involved – it’s a legit complaint to make that EA falsely presented the terms and misled the public.

The idea to get fans engaged is a worthy one except when it’s turned into a marketing stunt. The result here was a cheap way to get some consumers invested in the product months before release by leading them on with an opportunity many were sure to be interested in. EA stated they would be selecting applicants solely based on their responses when really all they planned to do was hold a typical community event but get extra promotional value out of it. In doing so now the hundreds or more who took the time to send in their entries were apparently deceived about their chances of winning – yet EA will see it as a net positive nonetheless considering they engaged them this early on and now they’ll likely be following their marketing efforts over the coming months.

This is a borderline insulting development and one that does not bode well for how EA Sports plans to rebuild trust in the consumers that supported their product over the years while attempting to capture new fans in the process. They are showing desperation and a willingness to stoop to a low level in order to generate additional interest in the series.

So far they’ve not only failed to capitalize on the advantage they have over the NBA 2K series – the ability to market the game throughout the year – but they’ve already found a way to put NBA Live 13 in a negative light.

Things of this nature tend to be quickly forgotten. It’s easy to make the assumption that will be the case here once EA begins their true marketing push. It can still be damaging however whether quantifiable or not as missteps add up. NBA Live as a series wouldn’t find itself in the position it resides in now otherwise.

  • Very interesting and engaging perspective. Well done.

    • WAKE UP

      If you say so…

      EA is pathetic. They cut every single corner possible to sale their games but not to improve them year after year. They use the same washed up engine for every sports game every year. They promote (almost brainwash) consumers to buy their products 6 months before the game even comes out so it builds and builds ’till you cant take it anymore. It seems like they break their own games just to rebuild it worst or the same as it was before and then they say “Look at all the work we did.” They dont take us serious and never will as long as we keep forking out money. People need to wake up and relize that EA is nothing but BS. What will it take though? It’s almost as if you need Peter Moore himself to knock on your door and write on your forehead with a sharpie “WE ARE FULL OF SHIT,” then maybe we would get the idea.

      • kubby22

        Its a shame how sports games do this to consumers. EA is not the only company doing this. 2K12 is a terrible game and they know it. They knew they could just put out anything and people would buy it because there was no other option. Also Call of duty has been putting out shit for years now.

        • Meeksboy561

          2k not as bad as EA sports.. 2k is fixable, EA ehh

          • Pooncafee

            At least they aint milking us like Call of duty. Im so tired of the same game in different clothes. 

          • Kdh1481

            2k is terrible the online gameplay alone is enough for u to want to break the stupid game and talk about glitches just throw it to anyone running to th corner and shoot it in rhythem dwight howard even knocks em down. cant wait for ea sports

  • Knowself5

    You are overreacting!!

  • I wonder if the chosen ones for NBA Live 13 are going to help in the same way the community did for NHL 12. There will probably be a glitch shot in NBA where you shoot from a certain spot on the court and it always goes in.

  • Well said… 

  • c3am

    boom!! love this article. 

  • CoreySA

    Interesting perspective. I respect what you’re saying, but at the end of the day I think the people going will do their best for the brand. Obviously EA’s PR is not my business but I applied like everyone else and had no previous intentions of actually making it.

    I’m not saying this to argue your points but more so because unfortunately a write up like this is going to put those attending in a bad light like we did something extra to get selected. Although I am a Game Changer, I am also a first-time attendee and ‘fresh blood’ so to speak. I can only control myself and I went through the proper steps like the rest. I have confidence that I will do the job necessary regardless of how EA tries to market it.

    Personally, I wouldn’t have made it public, not for the reasons you state but more so to avoid putting extra pressure on those selected. Clearly being in the public eye will subject attendees to a higher degree of unfair criticism, but this motivates me even more, and I have full confidence that I have the proper scope of what the community wants and plan on making use of it. 

    I would have been more worried if those who have been vocal in the community about Live’s return and what it’ll take were ignored in the selection process. That would have set off more red alarms in my eyes. 

    I know this isn’t an attack on the persons involved but more so directed at EA, but this is also going to reflect on us and how the community perceives us. Although it could have been reflected or marketed differently to some, at the end of the day I think the people going are going to shape Live in a positive way. Just my two cents.

    • Agreed. I think it’s quite unfair for the selected council to have to deal with this kind of fallout on day 1. The contest nature of the “advisory council” does warrant some eye brow raising though. 

      Seems like another PR blunder to me. Ultimately EA was going to select who they were going to select, and I actually think they chose wisely for the most part (sans the kid complaining on FB). I fully believe you guys will do a hell of a job providing the Live team usable feedback on behalf of the community. It’s just a shame such positive news had to come out of the gate in such a negative light. 

    • Amen_Ra

      All community days are the same.

      They send the same stooges every year to flaunt how much the game improved and we get the same b.s. every year.  This does not reflect poorly on EA because every other game company does it too.

    • Keith.

      Easy to see why you made EA’s cut, since defending EA’s games on public forums is likely one of the requirements of the Game Changer program itself.  I’d sure love to see some of the “winners” 100 word essays on why they should be chosen…Can only imagine all of the ball washing that was laid out in those essays.  LoL

  • They can have all the people there they want the truth of the matter is NBA Live has been sub par and pathetic for years the only thing that can change that is a new and improved product built from the ground up. PERIOD

    • Skopin

      They tried that, and no one gave it a chance because it wasn’t pretty enough. The fact of the the matter is that the majority of sports gamers don’t care about innovation or realism. They want good graphics. So until EA gets their graphics engine overhauled, no one will even give them a second thought. That is why 2k is so high selling and NBA Elite flopped.

      People don’t realize how much time and effort it takes to build a game from the ground up. EA tried to do that with Elite, and we all saw what happened. They simply did not have the time to make it presentable, and to be honest, they really shouldn’t have tried to do it in a single year. It’s sad, because I liked the direction they were trying to take it, but because they tried to release a clearly unfinished product, the whole project was scrapped. I am just hoping they kept the idea of total 1:1 control for Live 13.

  • Adixon908

    i knew the contest was fake as soon as i seen the winners. Most of them where well known to EA and already established themselves in the market.  It is a shame too because i’m sure most ppl like me had great ideas. But i agree, this is a great marketing stunt.

  • Rm7280

    EA makes 2 sport titles, FIFA, and NHL, the rest is crap, and they know it

    • 49ersfan#1

      i love the point of madden (the point of madden is football!), but the game itself sucks… FIFA IS BEAST! nhl is good.

    • mad habber

       NHL really isn’t all that good. 2k had them beat good in hockey except for glitches and freezes which ruined the game (for me anyway). If 2k had been able to fix those problems then I would’ve happily bought the NHL 2k series right up to today, sadly they stopped making the game instead.

  • Clintbeastwoods

    Only a moron would waste their money on an ea game!

  • Garcon

    This niggas standing in the middle of the court like hes Jesus

  • Keith.

    Lol — what a disgrace. Thanks for exposing this for what it really is, Pasta — the latest opportunity for the EA Game Changers to go do some more ball washing with the devs at Tiburon, before coming back from the event and hyping the shit out of the game on all the forums, on twitter, etc., after sucking down another all expense-paid trip down to Orlando where, if history is any guide, they’ll even get to hob-knob with some NBA guys or some B-rate celebrities. Then, they’ll go onto become OS mods or even land a dev gig at tiburon itself (jake stein, Bumble OS, etc., I’m looking at you).

    One of the Madden GC’ers is even on record as saying he never has and never will play NFL2K, and basically that Madden can do nothing wrong. Yeah, that’s the kind of guy I want having Tiburon’s ear.

    • CoreySA

      No offense but how do you expect these types of comments to have any kind of merit what so ever? 

      It’s immature and unfounded to base comments on things you have never experienced. I am a Game Changer for no reason other than to improve the quality of the games we play. Period. I could care less about the trips or anything else thrown my way. I have a full-time job and a daughter that needs constant attention. Doing anything community related only takes time away from those priorities in my life. I am 31 years old and not about to take time away from my life only to impress some people. For what? I’m not paid. I play a ton of different games and don’t care to play games early. When you do play games early it is only a shell of the final product anyways. I do it for the love of gaming and to try and take games I’ve been playing since I was 9 years old to a new level. I try and take what the community wants and get the dev team to listen to requests. If you don’t think we do that then that’s your opinion – but what can you base it on? Have you ever been there? It’s not all positive and a lot of work goes into these trips including 10-11 hour work days only to try and better the good of the product the community sees in the end. Just an FYI – the passion is there, and being constructive is the only way we improve these games. Only difference between me and you is instead of hiding behind a screen name and swearing like a 10 year old immature child, is I’ll actually take my concerns to the teams that make these games and face the community head on. I take time out of my life to make your games better without pay. There are guys running incredible services and sites for absolutely nothing to better the collective of the sporting community and that’s the best you can come up with?
      Again, your opinion is yours but there is no merit and absolutely nothing supporting it. Oh and btw — I love NFL 2K5, AND NBA 2K12…shocker!

      • Clintbeastwoods

        I f you truly want to help the sports gaming community tell ea to give up their exclusive license and allow 2k sports to make the dream football game we all crave! EA has a 7 stranglehold on nfl games and all they have produced is shitty bug and glitch filled games with substance or fun factor! The fact that people still mention nfl 2k5 is a disgrace for ea!

        • Clintbeastwoods

          correction no substance or fun factor!

        • Skopin

           How do you know NFL 2k wouldn’t end up the same as MLB 2k? That franchise used to be decent, too.

      • Clintbeastwoods

        When you have to buy an exclusive license to prevent the better company from competing is a true sign of weakness and that is why people can not respect ea!

        • CoreySA

          Do you seriously believe that’s how it played out? Ever stop to consider that maybe the NFL approached EA about an exclusive license? Ever think that maybe they weren’t happy that 2K was selling their name out for a fraction of the cost? Ever think that the NFL wanted the exclusive deal? Food for thought…

          Again, arguing these issues intelligently means there needs to be merit behind the argument. I like competition as much as the next man, but I want to focus on making the games we have better each and every year. Why argue what I can’t control?

          • I’M NO DUMMY

            ^^ This guy has to work for EA, it’s pretty blatantly obvious. Either that or Peter Moore has given him head at one time in his life… My logic is telling me it’s the first one, buuut you never know.

          • CoreySA is an EA Troll

            “Ever think that maybe they weren’t happy that 2K was selling their name out for a fraction of the cost?”
            ^^ This right here, this, this just ruins your entire argument you moron. HAHA LMAO. 

            This is the reason everyone hates EA, they bought the NFL rights because EA realized that NFL2K was able to outsell Madden at whatever price they wanted to sell.

          • CoreySA

            My arguement is that did you ever think that the NFL was unhappy with 2K because they were underselling the value of the NFL namesake not EA. Please read properly before resorting to name calling thanks.

          • EA Sports brand needs to die.

             Cory, all that dignified shit you wrote…go suck a EA dick. Nobody likes EA Sports games and they will never get any better than the crap we’ve seen over the years. You can say all the positive “I’m the good guy” bullshit you want. Fuck EA. Fuck Madden. Fuck NBA Live.

            People need to stop supporting this sorry ass game publisher. Period.

          • Jo Jo

            It didn’t happen that way. EA went to the NFL to secure the rights. It was all over the web when it happened. They tried to do the same exact thing with the NBA but David Stern said no. 2K5 Football put the rear of God in EA and that’s why they did what they did. 

          • kubby22

            I agree…. I loved NFL 2K5. I think it made the best out of both madden and 2K. Who cares which one you like or which company. I just want competition so companys can’t get away with putting out shitty games like EA has tried to do and 2K.

          • Jo Jo

            EA went to the NFL to try and secure the license because 2K scared the shit out of them with ESPN 2K5 Football. It was EA that initiated the move. EA tried to do the same thing with the NBA but David Stern had sense enough to say no. EA knew that if 2K had kept making football games Madden’s days would have been numbered just like Live. It was a desperation move by EA. 

        • Ghoti34

           That’s the NFL, not EA.  The NFL is the one who chooses the exclusive license so that they can better control its branding. 

          The NFL and Nike just recently signed an exclusive five-year contract with the NFL to sell uniforms and related apparel for all 32 teams.  The deal goes into effect on April 1st, 2012.Reebok, the old holder of the license, is now being sued by Nike as they are currently making/selling Tebow Jets jersey’s.

          • Jo Jo

            That’s such BS! Why would the NFL not keep EA and 2K when they both were making them money? I’ll tell you why, because EA made them an offer that they couldn’t refuse by throwing a boatload of cash at them and basically shutting 2K out. All the reports when it happened said that EA was the one that went to the NFL, not the other way around. 

        • Alex

          Oh, like 2k sports did with MLB? 

          Funny how everyone hates on EA to the point of completely making arguments that apply to almost every company in the industry.

          • Jo Jo

            2K only did that as a counter move to EA getting the NFL license. They couldn’t let EA lock up everything or they’d be out of business. EA started all this “exclusive” crap and it’s only hurting them in the long run because competition breeds great games and EA doesn’t work as hard with no comp and it shows in their products. 

      • Clintbeastwoods

        EA is like a dictator! This country is a democracy but apparently the rules are different when it comes to nfl video games!

        • Matrix

          The NFL decided it didnt want to deal with more than one party so it put up a nauction for the rights, EA won easily hands down. Howver the MLB did the same thing and 2K also turned tha tseries int oa pile of crap. It happens both games but bottom line is, no competition, equals less work needed. EA operates on Apple’s business model and both are successful with it. Tell the consumer what they want, not give them what they ask.

      • Amen_Ra

        Give it up my dude. We all know you are an Agent.

  • FreddyMac87

    I like your site, Pasta, and I love it when you stick it to the big guys, but this doesn’t strike me as anything to get worked up about. Let EA make their NBA game, then you can rip on it or praise it accordingly.

  • nolabeast504

    When will the LAME “EA has the NFL license locked” debate end. EA does not have a lock on it, just like all of the NFL’s other sponsors and contracts they bid their exclusive rights out. Just like Nike won the new contract to make jerseys. What are you going to say, “the new jerseys suck, NIKE has the NFL contract locked. SMH, they should make posters take tests before posting the internet is out of control. People who do no research complain and spew ignorance, you should go and do research on the topic, you may then understand how foolish you sound. You probably dont care, you just like to complain.

    • Clintbeastwoods

      You work for ea so of course this would be your point of view! All I am trying to say is that for the past 7 years madden has been pathetic and after seeing what 2k could do with the nba 2k series I could only imagine how awesome their nfl game would be!

      • nolabeast504

        I dont work for EA, i just speak the TRUTH. Obviously you will LIE just to prove your point so there is no further reason to respond to you. 

      • Matrix

         Like I said above, NBA 2K11 was amazing but it took over 4 years of crappy games to get it there and 2K12 took steps backwards. MLB 2K and NHL 2K were garbage, as was their boxing game. 2K has one real sports franchise, EA has quite a few.

      • Skopin

         Or, they could do what they did to the MLB 2k series. Why does everyone think 2k can do no wrong?

      • let’s be real here

        c’mon now, nolabeast504 is far too stupid to work for EA. and that’s really saying something.

  •  they should have picked me i created a amazing video about 2weeks before the advisory contest. i have my own sports show and a huge fan base  my video about nba live 13 is going viral . i applied for the contest tell me what you think …… i wasnt selected ……wowhttp://blip.tv/spontaneouscooking/nba-live-13-easports-5987947

    • CoreySA

      Good vid man. What’s your email? I’d like to get your thoughts and feedback to add to my notes. You can follow me on twitter as well — @CoreySA:twitter 

      • nolabeast504

        Im a fan of the NBA Live and 2k series, im an adult to and miss being able to play both. Make sure they bring back that Live 97 PC, Live 98′ PS1,Live 03,Live 04 PS2, feel back those were classic next gen games at the time. They missed that on this gen, I like Live 08,09 360, but the glitching and morphing is what destroyed the game, other than that LIVE has always been more FUN to play than 2k. I play 2k for Association mode WAY more in depth. If LIVE can match that, in 13 and include online franchise im copping instantly. CANT WAIT.

    • nolabeast504

      Saw your video about a week ago, via twitter. Good stuff, I agreed with everything except the cut scenes near playoff season. GREAT idea, my concern is does the ps3/ or 360 have to power to process the info correctly, if would hate to see my game freeze while going into or leaving a cut scene. If they can make it work flawlessly it would be a great idea. Keep up with the videos homie, you doing your thing. You bringing PROGRESS people see you.

  • JJ

    I’d like to see Ea bring in some competition, regardless of how inept they are.

  • daley7199

    Pasta, never let it be said that you dont have a flair for melodrama.  Seriously, give us all a break.  The games release is 6 months away and nobody cares about basketball video games when we have baseball in full swing and the newly developed Madden just around the corner.

    You act as if these people who are selected to be on this council are going to have real meaniful input.  If I recall EA did the same thing with Live 07 and that game was pure garbage.  I don’t need nor want some self absorbed, self proclaimed video game guru having anything to do with what goes into a game.  The game needs to be designed with “ALL TYPES” of gamers in mind and not just the career gamers.  

    Furthermore without gameplay videos or screen shots there was no sustaining any momentum that would have been gained from its initial announcement.  I fully understand though, that you have to come up with some BS to talk about since this is the lull period in the sports gaming landscape.

    Bottom line is simply this.  2k fans will continue to buy 2k and NBA live fans will look at this game and see if its worth a buy.  They aren’t going to win over 2k fans in the first year.  It doesn’t matter if EA makes the most incredible basketball game on the planet, there will always be those fanboys that will be stubborn and refuse to acknowledge it.  

    2k has its loyal fanbase and that will largely not change no matter what EA does.  Quite frankly I do not like the NBA2k series.  While I think it is the most realistic basketball game, to a fault, I just can’t forgive 2k for its shoddy business practices and continual failure to deliver a functional game on all facets of game modes.   Also there support of their games is abysmal.

    As far as EA goes, if they can deliver a game that is marginally better than Live 10 then I will be all in.  I don’t require the detail that 2k puts into its control schemes.  I find them to be overkill and isloates the casual player from enjoying the game.  

    • Isn’t that kind of the point though? If they’re not going to have meaningful input, why would they trump up a contest and then not follow through with the terms? They could have brought in anyone who showed passion for the game. Instead they just made a typical community event a big PR show.

      • Hey Pasta

        Why dont you write more about how EA is one big PR train game after game? I think this might be the first time you stuck up for the little guy and took an actual swing at EA. Good for you Pasta! Bout time.

        • Keith.

          That’s what I’ve been saying.  It’s 7 or 8 years too late, from a football perspective, but better late than never I  guess.

        • EA is a company. Just like the others. I don’t think that’s a revelation.

          • Hey Pasta

            Just because it’s a company, it still doesn’t give them the right to blatantly lie to us and shove their products in our faces. You yourself should know there’s a fine line between consumers and the actual “sports video gaming” community. They too know this and have capitalized on this community as a whole. Knowing full well that if they can deceive us as a community then their promotional schemes are a success. It’s a classic ‘You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time’ kind of thing. When a company promotes as much as EA, you can obviously see it’s money first and consumer last. And that’s not to mention the horrible games they’ve made for the past 8 years.

          • grego

            Horrible games for the past 8 years? They had MVP baseball, mid 2000s nba live, fifa, NHL, and battlefield to name a few. How are these games horrible?

          • nolabeast504

            You are correct, but the truth is not a language alot of followers of this site practice. I cant knock Pasta, he’s catering to his audience, as a media outlet thats his job.All this hating shyt is getting played out though. Its 2012, LETS BE REAL. EA has dropped some memorable hot games. Dudes on here acting like 2k dont promise and promote hella features that dont work as promised. Its time to start enjoying sports games again, the drought has been long enough. The internet obviously hasn’t been helping because Ive seen the same complaining and hate for the last 4 years constantly and it hasnt improved one thing. Can anybody bring some good ideas to the table without promoting negativity?????

          • Hey Pasta

            First of all, I’m talking sports games. Second they have had some good games here and there but when your sport games come out every year and you have maybe 5 good games since 2005…that’s not a good ratio. I’m not saying every game has been bad for the past 8 years. I’m saying they’ve HAD some really bad games over the years. One was so bad that they didn’t even release it… 

          • Alex

            I don’t get it though. The game was so bad they didn’t “shove it in our faces” but then we’re complaining that they do? This is just pathetic hating on a company.

            2k sports copped out and threw MJ into their game. The gameplay in the 2k games wasn’t the reason why they dominated, it was the feature and fluff.
            2k makes promises all the time, that they don’t deliver. The NHL franchise tanked entirely because they are inept. The MLB franchise is pathetic, too. (And they have a lock on it, just like people complain about EA and Madden.)

            The reality is, exclusive contracts are the problem because they don’t promote quality. Every company uses these, and abuses the consumer. If you have the exclusive contract, there’s no reason to make a better game until the contract is about to expire. 

  • i’d go one record if what u say is true.. padre ea isn’t the sharpness game company in the droller… i’ll pass my official opinion. when i see a trailer or somthin.

  • Scottyo614

    I’m guessing 2K fan boys won’t read this so come 2K13 they Wil say you never complain about EA

  • Cnuttzznc209

    Tiburon screwed up the madden franchise with their arcade football experience, will most likely f up nba live too!

  • thanks pasta for bashing EA for once. I know you have in the past but never like this

    • grego

      You’re happy just for the sake of him bashing them just for the sake of bashing them, rather than for any real reason at all.  That’s just as bad as, if not worse than, assuming that he blindly supports them. Typical fanboy.

  •  For those who missed it last night here’s the show again.. Also usually the Online Nation Show comes onevery tuesday nights at 9pm Eastern.. About 2k n Live..

    Discussing Online Association.. Ideas from it to make NBA 2k13 Online Better.. NBA Live13 Talk.. Should we Expect Spectator Mode in NBA2k13 n Live13? Basketball Segment, HipHop Arena…

  • Also some1 said about Live was more FUN then 2k..lol yea we see where the FUN gets you.. Leave the BS Dunks n stupid gimmicks to NBA Jam…. I want a basketball game that takes skillz, strategy.. Casual games can play at an easy level. FOr real hardcore gamers like myself we need a game that takes skills point blank.  N NBA Live series gameplay has been terrible.. NBA 2k Series Online Has been terrible tho. Live Online is a million times better then 2k but only cuz 2k is trash Online.. Servers, features their whole online setup for 2k is disgusting..

    NBA Live has to work on their Gameplay for Live 13, then work on making Online Great. Bring SPectator Mode for both games that is where it is at. Making the Rank system for rank matches mean something. It shouldnt be about who plays the most rank games to be number one. Ea sports for FIFA Online RANKING System i Hear is perfect. Both basketball games should check that out.

    Follow me on twitter.com/NYCDaFuture n shoutout to my boi OGSPORTS who got selected to the Ea sport council. Also Corey Made it also from wat im hearin so dats def wats up. Hopefully they can be da voice for us n make a difference for Live… ALL i have to say tho since im a 2k Loyal Customer since dreamcast.. If Live2013 Demo is terrible then they lost the battle of having 2k customers even buying Live im jus keepin it a 100.. But Live has a chance to take me away from 2k cuz 2k fucked up big time wit me n alot others with their Terrible Online Product n wastin all their time on legends instead of improving their gameplay… Ghost

    • nolabeast504

      Sometimes you just want to go by a friend or relatives house and play a game where you dont have to time every shot to the exact point of release. Which takes learning every players shot on every team, spending valuable time from life in practice mode……………….. just to make a shot. 

      Ive been playing 2k since sega NBA David Robinson 98′ and 2k with Iverson on the cover Dreamcast, back WHEN THE GAME WAS FUN. I play 2k12 to enjoy it, but honestly I DONT. Online play is so bad IT LITERALLY MAKES ME MISS THE FLAWED BUT FUN NBA LIVE. I used to complain about LIVE like you until I got stuck with 2k. 2k9 and 2k10 were two of my favorites because it pushed to be better than LIVE. Now the game is a stale reboot with HORRIBLE online play. THANKS 2k fanboys, and thank EA, you really made me appreciate LIVE. Its not all about being REAL, i play ball in real life if I WANT 100% REAL. I play video games to have fun, not arcade, but a middle ground, LIVE mastered funsimulation.

      • nolabeast504

        Damn that was David Robinson NBA Action 95 sega sports/2k been doing this LOL

  • Skihawks

    I am not in theedia circle so this information doesnt impact my enthusiasm. My expectations arent allthat high. Live 10 was a solid game and fun to play. If EA builds on that then I am good.

  • dangertime

    EA shoud hire this guy to help the development team haha…

  • dangertime

    There’s just something sad in the fact that EA does so much market research and fails to deliver time and time again. I was paid for market research on Elite a few years back, before they pulled the plug. At that time it was quite apparent that they have had no clue what to do with this franchise, and it seems now that they are not much closer than they were at that point in time. Another year and another EA disappointment. Maybe they should spend less time caring about who is on their cover and more time on what’s inside of the cover..


    Hey Pasta, did you try to enter the contest……I’m curious.

    • No…don’t have any interest in attending company held events such as those.

  • BCKixAzz

    As well as NBA 2K does so many things, especially the fantastic presentation, I still think the NBA Live games were more fun.

  • Jz

    I wouldn’t play a EA basketball game if it was free. Madden is the same garbage but I get the football itch and cave in every year.

  • The good news is that NBA Live 13 is coming to PC as well. But I think that’s just a marketing tactic from EA Sports to try and persuade people to buy it. Because they know that 2K is the dominator at the moment and EA Sports want to compete with 2K Sports by releasing the game on all platforms so that they satisfy gamers of all platforms.

  • Clintbeastwoods

    I find all the ea employees that post on here to be pathetic! Nobody likes live or any ea game for that matter! The things they all write on these boards are just plain retarded! Nfl 2k5 and nba 2k 11/12 are the best sports video games of all time! Ea games are filled with bugs and glitches and are just stale and boring to be honest! Madden 12 is a joke with all the online glitches and cheating going on! Look at the top 100 on xbox live for madden 12 the number 1 guy is QUIT HATIN! he is the biggest scumbag cheater and yet ea does nothing to remove him from the game amongst so many others! EA is a fucking joke!

  • cabrillo24

    Pasta, ultimately NBA video game fans are not going to give EA the benefit of the doubt.  All this talk of momentum, involvement and what not plays no role in how the community feels about the products.  Until there is actual game play footage, EA will have an uphill battle and will not win over any fans in the mean time.

  • Kam_howard23

    im get both 2k and live

  • WHY NO PC version, I hate EA with a passion 2k is going broke and ea wont release a single game for pc…like no UFC, NBA,Madden,NHL,Tony Hawk, SSX, The show,etc i hope they go bankrupt and the people who own ea eat there own s*** why the hell dont they port the games just because pirates…ohg well eliminate pc gaming then we can all just mod our consoles. i pirate bad games/new games to test. i buy 6-10 games a year no more, even if the most amazing game comes out i still am forced to a handful of buttons scripted EVERYTHING and lame errors with half the patches coming late or never.

  • MJ45

    Man, you people take this shit way too serious.