Fan Voting Opens for NHL 13 Cover

Posted March 29th, 2012 at 10:00 am

With the success of the cover votes for their other sports titles it comes as little surprise that EA Sports is now spreading a similar initiative to the NHL series. The cover athlete of NHL 13 is being determined by fan voting with the first round already underway.

All of the 30 teams have two representatives to start which is similar to how Madden NFL 13 handled it. One player will advance from each team to the round of 30 where things change somewhat. Instead of a tournament bracket the top 16 players in terms of total number of votes in that period will move on to a round of 16 where the bracket format will begin.

The first round runs until April 11 and is completed from the cover vote page.

  • Man, a whole site and bracket for a whopping 5 people to vote. Is Gretzky still playing?

  • Keith.

    Here’s a much more entertaining “fan” vote that’s going on, which I haven’t seen pasta mention. It’s The Consumerist’s “Worst Company in America 2012” poll, in which EA just breezed through the 3rd round and will now be taking on the “winner” of the Facebook vs. AT&T bracket in the semi-finals.  I guess all of the nickel-and-diming of its most loyal customers, and other terrible business practices, are finally starting to catch up to EA.

    • BCKixAzz

       Could you just go away and get a life?

      • Clintbeastwoods

        The truth  hurts your feelings huh?

  • asmckenna1215

    Is anyone else REALLY tired of these cover votes at this point?  Just pick the best player in the league or a breakout player and put him on the cover and be done with it.

  • Dsg


  • ramody1

    GO SHARKS!!!

  • BA

    how is miller not a candidate?