Online Home Run Derby in MLB 12: The Show Still Missing in Action

Posted April 12th, 2012 at 12:30 pm

One mystery surrounding MLB 12: The Show has been it’s Online Home Run Derby mode which even now in mid-April remains absent from the game. Granted it was not highly promoted, and actually I could only find one reference to it from the company and a flash of it in a trailer, but it’s still a feature that some anticipated taking advantage of that has not been delivered.

Based on some comments out of SCEA in response to consumer inquries the mode was left inactive at launch to protect against increasing the server load to an extent that would damage the standard online experience. Not that online could get much worse and taking away features is not the answer – nor does it explain why it’s over a month later and has yet to be turned on.

  • Ben

    Thanks for writing about this. There are threads about it on TSN and OS and even comments on Facebook but Sony is mostly ignoring it.

    • Amen_Ra

      SCEA brought it weak this year.   Can’t believe people are still trying to stick up for this game.

      Vita development my ass, they phoned it in. At this point, I’d rather they not patch this year’s game and just focus on next year.

  • John

    It’s hard not to be critical of SCEA on this. It’s a good thing I’m a patient man!

  • Wake UP

    Kinda like Madden and the tuner sets they never used. Can we get an article on that?

    • I’ve mentioned that multiple times. Though it wasn’t really a feature, and they didn’t promote it after that first blog 6 months before release, it was definitely embarrassing for them and probably why they stopped doing Super Bowl blogs. 

      • Wake UP

        Well I searched the site and found nothing. I respect your site and your opinions but I think if you posted more about how EA Sports has turned their games into a mockery (excluding Fifa and NHL) it would actually motivate the devs into making better games so that way you don’t have to write harsh articles on NCAA football. Your website can have a big impact on the sports gaming community as a whole. So why not use that power to put EA on the hot seat. That way they feel a little more pressure in making better products and less time promoting.

  • ryan

    Patch news?

  • No3456

    I buy The Show knowing that online play is essentially not an option. 

    That is telling – both in the ridiculous quality of the rest of the game, and lack of confidence that online play will be addressed.

    • James

      Same here… the only time I will hop online with this game is when I’m down to those last two trophies and feel like going for “platinum” lol. Other than that it’s just franchise mode mixed in with some RTTS, and with the OS full minors I’m pretty much hooked.

  • Seangoggins23

    Interesting, would this be false advertising? What’s the deal with ps3 servers, it seems xbox live runs smooth but the ps3 servers seem to always have issues, is this one of those hiding in plain sight things, everybody knows the issue but won’t be addressed.