24 Nations in UEFA EURO 2012 are Unlicensed

Posted April 24th, 2012 at 2:30 pm

A word of warning to those considering a purchase of the UEFA EURO 2012 expansion pack – 24 of the 53 nations are unlicensed which means they include fake players and kits. Host nation Ukraine is even among those which have generic replications rather than their true representation. In response to immediate consumer backlash EA Sports provided a statement to Eurogamer:

“The inclusion of national teams is negotiated between EA and each national football association, which we need to license individually. Licensing teams and leagues is a business decision based on market size and limited resources, and within these parameters, we were not able to negotiate an agreement with every football association to have their national team included within the game.”

When EA announced UEFA would be DLC the overwhelming reaction was positive. The problem is consumers may not have fully analyzed what the lower price meant – reduced resources for development and ultimately less value to be had out of the product. Expectations may not have properly been adjusted. No one would have unanticipated this though and it borders on deception by EA. The company promoted all 53 nations being included but made sure never to mention that nearly half of them are actually generic until they got called out on it.

  • Hugely disappointing. Chalk me up as a lost sale. No reason to buy a licensed product when nearly 50% of the teams are unlicensed and fictional. I’d rather just pop FIFA 12 into my 360 for no extra cost and call it a day.  

    • JC

      Yup same for me.  I’m not buying this now.  No use playing with fake players. A shame.

    • JC

      Yup same for me.  I’m not buying this now.  No use playing with fake players. A shame.

  • Keith.

    Unbelievable.  No wonder EA’s stock is in the toilet, with deceptive acts like this.  

  • Hour23

    Can I get a list of the unlicensed teams please?

    • Sorry don’t have a complete listing yet. These I’ve seen mentioned though as unlicensed: Ukraine, Russia, Poland,  Switzerland, Finland, Romania, Bosnia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia, Wales, Estonia, Belarus

      • Keith.

        Lol @ EA for not including host country, Ukraine. Wonder who made that decision and how he still has a job.

      • Rase370

         Poland has all the players but no official kits… So I would cross the name off the list 🙂

      • eCiuj (Guest)

        Finland is licenced. Well the players are, not 100% sure about the kit. And I’m Finnish.

  • Lelebu

    No Sheva, no money. I’m not buying this thing

  • Jeff

    In the Expedition Mode, I was unable to select the player I wanted from Malta.  I was under the impression you got to pick your player not they picked one for you.  Or is it because they don’t have the license for Malta?

    • I read in a review (I believe GameInformer) that you don’t get to pick them. Its one of the gripes they mentioned and understandably so. 

  • 49ersfan#1

    not buying it… bs, plus if i wanted all the countries, i’d just buy fifa world cup south africa 2010, it has all the nations in the world and they are licensed…. FAIL!

  • Leo

    i expected this… which is why I was against euro being dlc because i knew it could be crap

  • mcmax3000

    This is definitely very poorly done by EA but I can understand why they did it. Individually licensing 53 teams for a $20 game add-on likely just wasn’t cost effective.

    They should’ve either just not included the teams that weren’t licensed or at the very least been up front about the fact that only certain teams were going to be licensed when the content was announced.

    Having people find out after they download it is really, really poor on EA’s part.

  • CLEfan4LIFE

    Pasta, quick question? Why do you only show FIFA information on this site, but never include anything about PES? That’s kind of unacceptable and pretty biased on your part in my opinion. It is your site tho, so do what you want. Not complaining, just asking.

    I’m not a huge soccer fan by any means, but found this puzzling that you only have FIFA information. PES seems to not be as polished as FIFA gameplay wise, but certainly has much better graphics. Maybe certain ppl would like to be updated on information about both soccer titles?

    • PESisReallyBad

      Ha. You’re joking right? I hope you’re joking.

    • That would have been a legit gripe 4 years ago when PES was still relevant. The game is so far behind FIFA now it’s sad but I suppose it is still worth discussing.  Perhaps.

    • Most of the site’s audience is from North America – and FIFA is relevant here but PES is barely a blip on the radar. If I had the ability to create content that had a more international appeal I probably would cover PES also. 

      • CLEfan4LIFE

        Alright, was just wondering, thanks. I really don’t care too much for soccer, but I was just curious.

  • Philly

    Why must the heads at EA, the people behind the decision to not say anything about teams being unlicensed until the DAY the DLC comes out, be such trolls!? I guess honesty in business got kicked out the window a looong time ago. I already bought (in fact pre-ordered) the content, as I’ve been a huge fan of FIFA. I don’t dislike the total package, but seeing this, knowing it’s pretty much new kits, new stadiums, and the ability to play out the tourney online, just makes me feel cheated again by the people at Electronic Arts. They’re not the only ones with these tactics, but it still doesn’t mean they are necessary.

  • 49ersfan#1

    oh yeah, pasta, no PES? FIFA is better and more real, but still…. i mean if ur gonna put all that boxing, golf, and skating crap, i suppose you put soccer, a real sport….

  • Poland and Ukraine are both host countries and neither have a licensed team, wow EA Sports, wow.

  • MoneyMayweather

    looks like you got bambozzled

  • Tish

     It’s your guys’ own faults for continuing to buy garbage EA products.

  • GKage

    What I think is hilarious is that an EA employee is arguing with me in another article comments on this site about why I chose to comment on the article. 

  • Smsixx

    I guess it was too much of a strech to include the host nations.

    Of course…EA comes out with a statement “after” the fact 🙂

  • One thing that EA always misses on is all the little things that make up the final package. It’s why NBA 2K (and College Hoops 2K) always trounced EA in terms of attention to detail.  It’s why a game like MLB The Show succeeds and EA doesn’t even touch baseball now. It’s just screams laziness and just trying to get by on as little as possible. The true sports fans and gamers would love to see an all out effort to get all the details right, I tell you, as a hardcore sports fan myself I absolutely love it when I see that kind of effort put into a game. On the flipside, I feel quite cheated out of the authentic experience if it’s done like this. Congrats EA you just marketed a game worldwide for a tournament and you don’t even included a licensed hosting nation. Who made that decision and didn’t expect to get called on it? I almost wish the FIFA seres would be taken up by a European publisher that understood the importance of not missing on such a major detail…

    Another argument for another day, but if this is the road were going down with digital distribution creating excuses for half assed work, then I still want my full retail releases…

    • Briebert

      That said, EA still made the best baseball game we all have ever played – it is just that 2K bought the license

  • Count me out EA.  I was already pissed to not have the qualifications but now you can’t even license all the teams you DO have.  Pathetic.  And this lame excuse about it being impossible is BS.  You’ve known about Euro 2012 since the last tourney ended, there is simply no excuse.  Count me as a lost sale.

  • Beermn76

    I’ll stick with WC 2010..  Still enjoy that game.

    • Aro91502

      I have that game too but the problem is gameplay between this two. When you compare fifa 12 and wc 2010 gameplay you feel huge difference.

    • Aro91502

      WC 2010 songs and celebrity is the best beside that it’s shit after playing FIFA 12 

    • Aro91502

      I hope WC 2014 will be the best game in EA Sports history with excellent game play and celebrities.  

  • I don’t even understand how there can be fake players in this expansion, when the real players are in the full game like Bale, Dzeko, and probably most others. Fake kits I understand, fine, it almost seems like they had to go out of their way to do it like this. These guys are in FUT repping their countries, after all. I’m sure the licensing for these games are impossible because there are so different many entities to deal with, but just seems like they didn’t even try to get this worked out. Surely it’s in the benefit of all parties and licensees to get this right.

    Usually defend EA from the constant, often unreasonable attacks, especially with the FIFA series which has been truly excellent, but this really does seem half baked, even for an expansion.

  • Anthony

    what is stopping EA from allowing users to populate the teams from the existing rosters in the game?

    I don’t mind if the countries are unlicensed but the players shouldn’t be.  Strikes me as lazy.

    Its a shame, FIFA could be awesome with the inclusion of all the national teams and allowing a full national calendar as a part of manager mode.  Manage a club and/or a country at the same time.

    As someone without an allegiance to a club but one that loves international competition this would be the holy grail of sports games.  Football manager does this but I would like to play the games.

  • Greg

    Ukraine/Poland host, they co host.

  • it’s terrible. I’ve bought this pack for 1800 ms points and even can’t suggest such disappointment. playing with such big amount of fake players.
    It’s a shame for EA that host countries have unreal players and kits.

  • I can’t even understand how they can drop down such big amount of teams and kits.
    It’s a shame for EA. 

  • ElaborateTiger

    I don’t acctually care that much because all the unlicenced players are nobodies anyway and I havent noticed it at all.