Madden NFL 12 Receives Rookies in Ultimate Team Mode and Reveals Their Ratings

Posted April 27th, 2012 at 1:00 pm

EA Sports is introducing 30 of this year’s crop of rookies to Ultimate Team mode in Madden NFL 12 and began doing so during the first round of the NFL Draft. There are also 6 players that get “Future Stars” cards which represent a rating that could be from the peak of their career. Even more important though is that obtaining a rookie card means starting with that same player in Madden NFL 13’s Ultimate Team mode.

This also acts as the first opportunity to get an idea of how these rookies will be rated in Madden NFL 13. Presumably they will enter with similar numbers and potentially even these exact numbers. Here are the players that are already in circulation within Madden while the addition of a few more are expected on Monday.

Overall ratings below. Check out the gallery, FB album, or G+ album for the full ratings breakdown of each player in eight primary individual attribute categories.

(#1) Andrew Luck: 85
(#2) Robert Griffin III: 83
(#3) Trent Richardson: 83
(#4) Matt Kalil: 83
(#5) Justin Blackmon: 80
(#6) Morris Claiborne: 81
(#7) Mark Barron: 80
(#8) Ryan Tannehill: 75
(#9) Luke Kuechly: 78
(#10) Stephon Gilmore: 73
(#11) Dontari Poe: 75
(#12) Fletcher Cox: 74
(#13) Michael Floyd: 75
(#14) Michael Brockers: 69
(#16) Quinton Coples: 76
(#17) Dre Kirkpatrick: 75
(#18) Melvin Ingram: 76
(#20) Kendall Wright: 74
(#23) Riley Reiff: 78
(#24) David DeCastro: 84
(#25) Dont’a Hightower: 74
(#26) Whitney Mercilus: 73
(#31) Doug Martin: 75
(#32) David Wilson: 72

  • My boys barron and martin all day

  • Venom4ya908

    sheesh brockers a 69…good job for my virtual rams smh lol

    • Badboy3ai


      • Themadness2009

         bew hew

  • Amen_Ra

    Ryan Tannehill is over rated.  Dude should be a 65.

    • DSAlexander

       He’ll have inflated numbers because of his speed and agility, bet his passing isn’t all that wonderful

    • 49ersfan#1

      yeah ikr doesnt mean if he got drafted number 8 means hes mvp. plus he was drafted number 8 cuz look who drated him. the smartest team

  • I’m glad to see no one is over an 85 OVR to start with

  • What EA Sports should do is update rosters and ratings until August 1st.  People would still buy the next year of Madden, and it would keep more people interested from February-August. 

    • 49ersfan#1


  • No3456

    Pasta – You are waiting to reveal the other 6 rookies until they are drafted?

  • how is fletcher cox rated 1 point worse than poe? poe did nothing in college, but he had good combine but cox was a beast in college and great at the combine and hes rated 74 smh

    • No3456

      Probably, because in order to accurately rate his physical abilities they had to rate him that highly.  One of the problems with OVR.

  • BANE

    NONE of these players will have the rookie impact that Cam Newton will have. None of them deserve to be ranked that high.

    • BANE

      Had, not ‘will have’.

    • Coolcam28

      you know this how?

  • Adam

    Brockers, a proven DT, is a 69, but the riskiest pick in the 1st round (Dontari Poe) is a 75?

    • No3456

       OVR doesn mean that much.

      Poe has too many insane physical skills so he ends up a bit high – otherwise his physical attributes would be too low.

      • OVR doesn’t mean anything.  I have done several blogs to show how bad this current formula is.

        One example is that the formula doesn’t consider the difference between 4-3 OLB’s and 3-4 OLB’s.  There is a huge difference when it comes to skill set.  OLB’s in a 4-3 are used in coverage much much more, yet EA will boost a 3-4 OLB’s MCV/ZCV just to boost OVR, even when the player has rarely dropped into coverage.

        The same is true for a 3-4 DE compared to a 4-3 DE.  A 3-4 DE is more of a run stopper and gap filler first and pass rusher second.  A 4-3 DE is just the opposite in most cases.  A 4-3 DE is closer to a 3-4 OLB than a 3-4 DE.  A 3-4 DE is closer to a 4-3 DT than a 4-3 DE.  These are things EA does not consider  in the OVR formula.

        I have several examples.  This doesn’t even cover the attributes that are weighted too heavily at each position’s OVR.  They have it all wrong in most cases and they have been using the same formula for years with no changes.  It’s sad.  

        • No3456

          Yes I realize that, I was just being diplomatic in my reply.

  • Geeznutz

    Where is Bruce  Irvin #15 for my Seahawks 6′ 3 245 4.43 40yds ?

    • No3456

      Players that were not expected to be drafted in the first round – no matter what – weren’t selected.

  • zzzz

    Milk it, milk it, milk it, milk it good

  • Pirates1fan

    Love how David DeCastro is rated 84, and reading scouting reports it sounds like a good pick for a team who could use some protection for Ben Roethlisberger. Hopefully the Steelers next Alan Faneca.

  • CLEfan4LIFE

    WTF are these ratings so high? all of them. EA needs to learn how to spread the ratings apart, all it will do is help the gameplay and make the superstars stand out like they should.

    • Reggiegreengrass

       Agreed.   In Madden 12, I’d been creating numerous 1st round rookies over the last few days, and I had Luck 83, Griffin 81, Richardson 78, Kalil 77, and after that most of the 1st round guys I’d created fell between 72 and 75 or so.  No way should any rookies be rated an 85.  By Madden standards, Luck could end up like a 93 after one year of progression, and that just seems a bit much. 

      On that note, I really wish EA would do some serious tweaking to the progression system so it isn’t so….inconsistent.  We all know that guys drop for no reason (young, good season…regress?), and I think the physical drop off all players see at that magic age of 30 is just unreasonable.  Most guys are unserviceable by 32 or so….IMO anyway. 

      • CLEfan4LIFE

        well i haven’t bought madden since like 09 i think not sure, but yeah that does seem pretty dumb. that would mean a guy like manning, say in madden 09, by the time hes 34 would be around an 86 which would almost make Luck as good as him. Sounds like a dumbass rating system to me, and that’s why I dont give this garbage my money.

        • 49ersfan#1

          ik but lucks only experienced weapon is reggie wayne… yes they got coby fleener but hes a rookie and he might turn out to suck….

          • 49ersfan#1

            plus that means that luck is better if he goes 3-13 cuz manning in his rookie season had marvin harrison and they werent really rebuilding as much as now…

      • 49ersfan#1

        the colts will go 3-13 just like manning did in his rookie season cuz the colts suck. their play makers are luck, wayne, freeney, and mathis… 4 players if i thought deep enough i would have found maybe 6 or 7….

        the 49ers on the other hand will go 11-5 cuz of the hard schedule. their playmakers are davis, gore, willis, staley, bowman, miller, ginn, lee, akers, goldson, rogers, whitner, grant, walker, hunter, manningham, justin smith, aldon smith, sapoaga, brooks, etc. 20+ players… i was just to lazy to add the other good ones…

      • 49ersfan#1

        in franchise if u have a 81 overall guard and a 79 overall backup guard, the next season the starter suddenly becomes 90 and the backup becomes 68 so i had to edit the roster so i can put the starter to about 83-84 and the backup to 76. its not cool if a player had a good season he should go a few points, it depends if hes 55 then he goes up to 75 but if hes 84 then hes already good so he goes up to 85 or 86 not 90’s. if he had a BAD season and hes 55 then he goes down to 52 not 40 but if hes 87 then he goes down to 83 not 72. if he didnt play as a backup, third string, bench, or practice squad (i heard theyre gonna add a practice squad to madden 13) then they stay were they are or if they appeared in a few games like a 3rd string running back, then they go down by one maybe unless they did good as a backup then they go up by 1….. its not fair since every season my backup running back goes down, its not his fault hes good but not as good as the starter…. i like to have good backups but after the season they become terrible overalls so i have to edit them back…  

  • Kidrocker13

    How do you get them? is there a pack cause i could only find off season pack and there were no rookies

  • OVR is a joke and means nothing.  EA has clearly not addressed the broken OVR formula and by the looks of the other attributes for these rookies, they are still overrating them.  Donny will never learn.  If he was a little conservative with attributes, he wouldn’t look so foolish once the players actually hit an NFL field.  These players have not taken one snap in the NFL, leave some room for them to earn their ratings/attributes.

  • Maybe 15 years from now Donny Moore will retire and we will all see a difference in the accuracy and consistency in Madden attributes.  It’s unreal how one person can ruin such an important aspect of the game.  No excuse after all these years.  Hopefully I am still young enough to play Madden when Donny moves on.

  • CowboysFan

    Mo Claiborne!! who are the 6 with the “Future Stars” card? I would guess Luck, RGIII, Trent, Blackmon, Claiborne, and one other guy (maybe Kalil to get the top 6?)

    • CLEfan4LIFE

      The last one is clearly John Hughes DT Cincinnati. hahaha lmao, what a fuckin bonehead pick by the Browns. it’s hard being a cleveland fan folks. I guess I could be a Jaguars fan tho lol.  

    • Reggiegreengrass

       Given the 6 players pictured at the top, I’d say the last guy you’re looking for could be Michael Floyd.  The other 5 guys you mentioned are in the above picture with him.

      • CowboysFan

        that DB isn’t Claiborne though…. it’s Kirkpatrick

  • Qh_rhema2006

    wow DeCastro a 84, second highest rated rookie, better than rg3, morris claiborne, trent richardson…wow

    • No3456

       Seems accurate – relative to the other rookies.

      • CLEfan4LIFE

        Ok Mel Kiper…

        • No3456

          It is the general perception, what is your problem?  It’s not like I’m a Steelers fan.

          Take 5 minutes to look at opinions and you come away with a general idea. 

          Who knows if he will be one of the best rookies?  I don’t care, but it doesn’t make the perception any less true.

          • CLEfan4LIFE

            yeah, Tom Brady was the 199th pick in 2000. Last QB taken. Bottom line is no one knows shit until these guys get on the field.

    • CowboysFan

      DeCastro is going to be dominant. The only reason why he was picked in the 20’s is because he’s a G. If he played a skill position and was as dominant as he is at G he would easily be a top 10 pick.

  • Larryduzan

    i like that 9th best ranking is LT> R.Reiff  at 78 when u move hime to rt he a 82 giving the lions a 84 Lt. 88Lg ,81 C ,82,RG and now a 82 Rt .best and leshore can finally get some blocks and with to LT tackles we can protect stafford .i bet wr broyal will be 71 overall next year .all det needs to do is sign  SS atogwa  and trade for mike jenkins and well be ready for a super bowl run

  • Yo

    why cant madden do what the show does take the last 3 years and base it off that

  • Same old hyperinflated nonsense. I know we’re talking MUT here, but as far as M13 itself goes, the new features look really encouraging but I still can’t see myself buying it as long as Donny’s doing the ratings. What they really need to do is change the system, but getting someone(s) competent to do the ratings would be a start.

  • 49ersfan#1

    kalil is useless even if hes 85… all o-line stink at blocking… i always use fast qbs like vick and newton so i can run out of the pocket, i rarely use brady or p. manning cuz they r slow…. on madden 13 they should make the bad o-line men suck and the good ones like kalil give u some time in the pocket…. but if u only had 1 or 2 good o line then u have to scramble a little more…. if ur using brady and the pats or eli and the giants, u should be comfortable in the pocket… but if ur alex smith and the niners or mike vick and the eagles, u should scramble for your life…

  • thirdnick

    These are pretty bad. Floyd and Hightower are underrated, Cox should be higher than Poe (perhaps with lower potential though), and Kuechly should break 80… and those are just at first glance. Still though, I don’t make as huge a deal over ratings as most people do because year after year it seems like I’m the only one who remembers there’s an “Edit Player” option.

  • Dawg19

    Where’s Weeden?

    • No3456

      Again – players that were not expected to go in the first round WERE NOT SELECTED for the MUT cards.  They made these before the draft.

      • CLEfan4LIFE

        pretty damn sure david wilson wasn’t supposed to go in the first round. he’s a damn good back but was slotted as late 2nd early 3rd, so the point your making is not relevant.

        • No3456

          Sure it is.

          These MUT cards are the players EA/DM thought would go in the first round, or at least very early.  I am not stating my opinion, I am paraphrasing Donny Moore.

          It doesn’t matter what I think, or what you think – EA made the rookies.

          • chris

            Just so we are clear Doug Martin was supposed ot go in the first round? 

  • Propwnge

    lols they just skipped Bruce IRvin…they’re like who cares about this guy….lols

  • N8dog1123

    and once again the bills rookie is rated lower than most, typical EA

  • Justoutthere2752

    when do the other round players get ratings. i wanna know what upshaw is

  • Low804

    am looking for wr deon sanders 89 xbox gamertag OG evilways

  • Nluciano212

    Does any one have a Ryan tannehill card sell trade? Plus I have questions
    Psn flyyisklique or email me

  • Juwan__Sec

    Shouldnt The Ratings Be like 77?? Cam Newton Was and I Dont think Thats right