More 2012 NFL Rookie Ratings in Madden

Posted April 30th, 2012 at 1:45 pm

On the first night of the NFL Draft a large number of rookies were dropped into Madden NFL 12 which provided insight into what their ratings will be for Madden NFL 13. They are featured in Ultimate Team mode and any rookies that are obtained will later carry over to start with in Madden 13. Since then additional players have been added.

Overall ratings below. Check out the galleryFB album, or G+ album for the full ratings breakdown of each player in eight primary individual attribute categories.*Indicates new addition

(#1) Andrew Luck: 85
(#2) Robert Griffin III: 83
(#3) Trent Richardson: 83
(#4) Matt Kalil: 83
(#5) Justin Blackmon: 80
(#6) Morris Claiborne: 81
(#7) Mark Barron: 80
(#8) Ryan Tannehill: 75
(#9) Luke Kuechly: 78
(#10) Stephon Gilmore: 73
(#11) Dontari Poe: 75
(#12) Fletcher Cox: 74
(#13) Michael Floyd: 75
(#14) Michael Brockers: 69
(#16) Quinton Coples: 76
(#17) Dre Kirkpatrick: 75
(#18) Melvin Ingram: 76
(#20) Kendall Wright: 74
*(#22) Brandon Weeden: 72
(#23) Riley Reiff: 78
(#24) David DeCastro: 84
(#25) Dont’a Hightower: 74
(#26) Whitney Mercilus: 73
(#31) Doug Martin: 75
(#32) David Wilson: 72
*(#34) Coby Fleener: 75
*(#35) Courtney Upshaw: 70
*(#38) Andre Branch: 70
*(#41) Cordy Glenn: 79
*(#42) Jonathan Martin: 73
*(#43) Stephen Hill: 68
*(#45) Alshon Jeffery: 65
*(#53) Devon Still: 72
*(#55) Peter Konz: 76
*(#61) LaMichael James: 72
*(#64) Dwayne Allen: Added soon
*(#97) Lamar Miller: Added soon

  • C’mon, man. How long does it take to make a Bruce Irvin card??? Sheesh…

    • Gster91

      or a chandler jones

      • No3456

        Same deal – they didn’t make a card for him before the draft so there won’t be one.

        The players were determined before the draft.

      • 49ersfan1

        or a aj jenkins

        • Josh

          Who gives a flying fuck about Bruce Irvin? he’s going to be serving McDonalds in 5 years anyway.

    • As far as I know they don’t have plans for players like Irvin, McClellin, Jones, ect. They had set aside a group of players beforehand and only anticipated adding those guys not doing others. That’s why someone like Lamar Miller being taken in the 4th round is in and some guys who got taken in the first aren’t.

      • Crimson

         As far as you know? What actually do you know about Madden 13? Inquiring minds would love to hear the juicy details about the game. How many more exciting Madden “player ratings” articles will you be posting in between bashing on all the other non EA sports games?

      • Pasta aint being straight up

        As far as you know? Do you anything else about the game? Are you held to some nondisclosure agreement to keep from telling us the game will suck?

        What actually do you know about madden 13, outside of player ratings, and rookies becoming starters, and the new Nike uniforms?
        You been dropping a daily dose of Madden 13 info, but its all been useless information about player ratings and new uniforms and crap like that. Where’s the meat Pasta? Are you not here to help EA promote the purchase of Madden NFL 13?
        As mentioned before in yesterday’s player rating discussion, there are more WORTHY discussions to be had about Madden 13, like the
        major gameplay changes, the new features list and so on. How about some useful actual info that people want to know about the new game Pasta?

        • Mikeq672

          If youre so interested, go watch the 90 minute video he posted the other day instead of trying so hard to be a douche on the internet.

          • Crimson

             Hey shithead, there was nothing in that video that would make anybody excited about buying Madden 13. Why don’t you try kissing my douche ass.

        • 49ersfan1

          ur weird crimson… pasta is better than u and knows way more than u…. atleast he posts FIFA stuff. im mean this is america, no one talks about soccer. thanks pasta… but no 2K stuff…

          • Crimson

             Fifa? Fifa? Who the fuck cares about Fifa? This is America goddammit.

          • 81

            Your post exemplifies what is wrong with America.  FIFA ’12 is, hands down, one of the best games I’ve ever played and one of the reasons I come to this site is for the FIFA information.

          • Rm7280

             and if EA would use the FIFA engine madden could be saved

          • 49ersfan1

            ikr fifa, madden, and nba 2k are the only reason i come here.

          • Papelbon5821

            Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and this place is just a website, not America. We can all tell you’re clearly ignorant by your posts.

        • Showstoppa818

          The problem I have with pasta was that he totally ignored the franchise bug in which first round draft picks were getting cut within the preseason of their very first year. And the HUGE problem with UDFA dominating the preseason rosters to the point where CPU teams had to be taken over, or they would choose having a 55 UDFA QB as a back up instead of picking up a 72 ovr that’s sitting out in FA. Everyone in EA from Josh Looman on down basically ignored that terrible problem.

          • Showstoppa818

            And it wasn’t just QB, it was the entire team. After 5 years, it was disgusting.

      • Geeznutz

        Where is Bruuuuuuuuce  Irvin???

        • 49ersfan1

          up mah butt

    • Bryce

      Or any of the 3 draft picks Green Bay took in the first two rounds,  seriously not even one!

  • tish

    These ratings are terrible. the ratings in madden are way too high.

  • Cici

    Every 1st round pick should be up..

    • No3456

      They made these before the draft, so any unexpected 1st rounders won’t be a part of this.

      • Keith.

        Honestly, how long could it possibly take for douchebag donnie moore to come up with ratings for the unexpected 1st rounders?  10 minutes?

  • Wow. How exciting.

    Another useless smokescreen article about Madden player ratings to try and get people interested in transitioning from Madden 12 and getting them to buy Madden 13. Madden player ratings don’t mean a damn thing. The game plays the same no matter what the friggin player ratings are.

    If EA were to do a late night infomercial on Madden 13, Pasta would star in it as that fake ass hyper cheery dude with the super excited look on his face, who always talks with hand gestures, while trying to aggressively push you to ” ORDER YOUR COPY OF MADDEN NFL NFL 13 RIGHT NOW WHILE THE NEVERENDING SUPPLIES LAST!!! ”

    ” And if you call in your order in the next 5 minutes, any rookies that are obtained in your purchased copy of Madden 12, will later carry over to start with in Madden 13! Thats a $0.00 value just for ordering!!! ”


    • guest

       You know what I don’t get, why the hell so many of you, the ones that are so pissed off at the reporting on this site, still show up?  If you don’t like what Padre does, then stop coming here and shitting all over the place. 

      If you don’t want to buy Madden ’13, then don’t buy Madden ’13, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a cock to those that like these articles and find them interesting.  I mean, I don’t even play UT, but I like finding out ratings and the like.

      • 49ersfan1

        ikr MUT is gay, but i still read the article cuz its football.

  • Wow Alshon Jeffery 65? Their is no way you can honestly say Floyd is 10 points higher overall. All the individual combine/pro day numbers are virtually the same. Yet another player over valued because he’s from Notre Dame.

    • No3456

      As a Bears fan I definitely disagree.  Jeffery runs AWFUL routes, and dominated for one year in college. 

      It’s cliche but he looks like Mike Williams 2.0.

      No doubt rookies are overrated, but relative to Floyd a 65 seems pretty much dead on.

      • Jt8702

        u obviously have no idea what you are talking about

        • Mikeq672

           Ya hes obviously way wrong, thats why Alshon was drafted way before Floyd right? Oh wait

          • Meeeeeeeee

            UDFA WRs are rated higher than 65. 

          •  Maybe they are making rookies low like they should be. None of them have proven a thing in the NFL against grown men. The best rookie should be a 78-80 tops

          •  I don’t get why some people think Alshon Jeffrey is some outstanding WR.  He only runs a few different routes, and is good at high pointing the football and making tough catches, but not likes he gets a ton of separation or is overly explosive.  During the season he was a couple of biscuits away from being a TE.

          • Jt8702

            Stephen hill caugt 48 balls in his entire career and only 28 his last year… How does that make him better than alshon?
            Alson had 183 catches for 3042 yards and 23 touchdowns in his 3 years compared to Floyds 223 catches for 2967 yards and 30 touchdown in his last 3 years with a much better qb and help on the opposite side.  Explain the 10 pt discrepancy…

          • Papelbon5821

            Combine hype… Sorry

          • 49ersfan1

            no they shouldnt be rated and in week 1 after the preseason they rate all of them with a roster update.

          • telfair31013

            Not everyone has xboxlive gold to download updates….I do but alot dont

      • Meeeeeeeee

        Floyd played one more season than Jeffery, overall stats pretty similar. Jeffery avg 16.6 per catch, Floyd, allegedly very fast, only 13.6. Jeffery played against better competition. 

    • DDog

      lol yes your can everything isnt based on the combine at all just thinks like speed and jump lol

  • Keith.

    Like these ratings mean anything.  DeCastro is an 84, but in Madden I can put a punter in at guard and get the same results.  Lol.

    • Crimson

      My point exactly. Another write up about player ratings. Anybody that’s ever played Madden knows these numbers don’t mean a damn thing, and they haven’t meant shit in any Madden game this generation. Pasta is tight with EA but what he ain’t telling us is that the improvements and new features we want to see, still ain’t in the damn game. All he’s got is another write up about player ratings. Great way to promote the game.

    • DDog

      i doubt it bro

  • Venom4ya908

    Damn can we get a 2nd round player drafted by the rams…Jenkins, Quick, or Pead

    • You Got Jokes

      The Rams? I wouldn’t wish the Rams on any rookie. The Rams ain’t ever going no where. Who wants to play for the Rams? Nobody wants to play for the Rams. Have you ever started a game of Madden online and any of your online opponents ever clicked to be the Rams?

      The answer is “What is ‘hell no’, Alex”.

      • steven jackson, sam  bradford, james lauranitis, chris long, robert quinn, cortland finnegan, just a few of the 80 man roster.

  • Iranman

    nick perry?

    • The Man

      yea how in the hell is my cousin not in yet, He was projected as a first rounder in every important mock draft and they didnt make his card. That was the only card i even wanted what kind of bs is that

  • What

    Hill has 49 career catches ranked higher than guy that has 183 catches and 23 TDs. Makes sense. 

  • BrownsFan10

    Ryan Tannehill is in no way better than Brandon Weeden at this point in time…he probably has higher potential than Weeden but right now there is no way he should be rated higher…and Dontari Poe is a perfect example of the flaw of madden ratings…hes a freak athlete but unpolished and wasnt very effective in college, so he probably has high physical attributes which sky-rocket his rating…he should be around 70-72 at the very highest!

  • Jt8702

    David Decastro as an 84 is ridiculous if griffen is an 83. And Jeffrey at a 65 doesnt make sense at all. Especially since they have Hill at a 68. No way you can put them on the same level.

    • DDog

      Griffen isnt 100% gonna be great in the first place, David has a way better chance of being a long time starter lol

    •  Hill played for Georgia Tech an all option school can’t tell what he will be like in the NFL. Alshon is just physical and if he balloons up to 240lbs like he has before he will be out like Mike Williams was at one point.

  • Dymez

    Yo Pasta, you have a lot of ignoramuses on your site, bro.

    • Mikeq672

       Seriously though, I would just start banning IP’s of the idiots like Crimson.

  • Mikeq672

    Why are people so surprised by these ratings? Its madden and their rating douche Donny Moore. The guy is an idiot and has been made a fool of on national tv by people like TJ Houshmanzadeh, so why the surprise that he still sucks at his job?

    • Keith.

      Douchebag Donnie must be related to someone high up at Tiburon/EA.  How else can you explain him surviving both the David Ortiz and the Ian Cummings/Phil Frazier house cleanings?  The dude’s a complete tool.

  • LeMicheal james should be rated higher atleast 79

    • CowboysFan

      are you kidding me?

    • CLEfan4LIFE

      Jake Dogg a.k.a. Donny Moore

      • sorry brah dont know who donny moore is im a 49er fan

  • prodigy

    How did I know that whomever the Bears drafted would be the sorriest player out of the rookies. This Green Bay packer dude needs to get off of these ratings. I’m tired of this guy downgrading my team like this.

    • Mikeq672

       Donny Moore is a cowboy fan…

      • No3456

         Tampa Bay fan*

        • JeffJ

          No he’s a cowboys fan

  • clubsteve

    no rookie should be rated above a 79…..period. once they show what they have in pre-season games, then ratings should be adjusted accordingly. no disrespect, but they have to “earn” their ratings. just like players already in the nfl do.

  • I do not understand how this works. Can I download and use these players in all modes?

  • Justoutthere2752

    how is Courtney Upshaw only a 70 just cause he fell out the first round doesnt mean anything he had top 20 talent. he should be at least a 76-79. but a 70 is BULL.. cmon the person who makes the ratings should be fired same as the person who creates the NFL schedule.

  • JoshtheSteelerfan

    Cordy Glenn is too high if he is a T.  If he is a G, I guess 79 is okay, but personally, I would put him at 77 at the highest.  

  • Gay

    They just need to slim down the ratings.  People were so OBSESSED with ratings, that they added more to keep em happy.  Is there really a difference between one receivers route running and another?  The more ratings they, have the more they would have to do under the hood.  Which is way to much programming.  They just need a handful of attributes per position.  I would like to see more of an RPG like system with ROLLS.  Like if Ware has a 93 block shedding rating, going up against a rookie LT with 72 Pass Block, then do a ROLL with bonus to the higher rated attribute holder.  8 time outta 10 Ware will blow em out.  But thats life.  Chip his ass with a tailback, or get the ball out quick. Defenders Tackle attribute rolled against a backs Break Tackle.  Not hard. It could be done with a system like that.  RPG that shit with a ROLL System!!    GAY!!!

  • Daboy_bmore06

    How is Courtney upshaw’s rating not the same or higher than Hightowers? Rated a top 15 pick remember.

    • JJ

      Upshaw got shafted the second he was drafted by a small market team. He would have been an 80 if he had gone in the first round to Dallas.

      • Daboy_bmore06

        Small market? Ravens small market? What is your definition? That theory can’t be true because Stephen Hill is the 68.

        • JJ

          Stephen Hill wasn’t the consensus #1 at his position. Neither was Coples and he got a 76.

  • Themaninsidethewall

    84 for DeCastro? Fail.

    • Trey Kjono

      How? Decastro was the best lineman in the draft. Better than Kalil it’s just LT is a highly coveted position.

  • Justphil15

    Smh no Irvin what a waste of reading time and is the douche who runs this sight British or what? Tea time? O the 9ers suck

  • Popnfresh12321

    Wow. Totally screwed the Rams.  First of all, Michael Brockers is not the worst player taken in the first 2 rounds.  Second of all, the Rams had 3 other picks in the first two rounds that were just left off

  • I really hope these aren’t the ratings they are coming into madden 13 with because Donny Moore has gotten to extreme with these ratings, rookies shouldn’t be coming in so high. 70’s and lower till they prove themselves. The player ratings in this game are starting to get to high.

  • Venom4ya908

    whats lamar millers ratings???

  • brockers is 69?

  • Karl

    wheres Harrison smith?

  • Claytont980

    rg3 should help redskins into the playoffs in 2012. The receivers have to play hard for him and get open. TE davis could be a big playmaker and gacion should help.

    • Peyton H

      The redskins won’t make the playoffs bud.

  • Bobby Bouche

    in madden, no overall besides QB matters. If the guy has speed and strength, thats all you need.

  • Bryan

    Some of these are way too high. Cam Newton started on Madden 12 with a 77.. There is NO way RGIII is that much better, or even better at all than Cam. And there is NO WAY IN HELL that Tannehill is only 2 points below Cam.

  • tha breeez

    If ne1 has a RG3 card add me DC SUP3RMAN i’ll give ne card or 500,000 coins’

  • where is Kevin Zeitler? idiots!