NCAA Football 13 Dynasty News Coming Next Week – What Are You Hoping to Learn?

Posted May 4th, 2012 at 3:00 pm

For the first time in its promotional cycle the release of gameplay news for NCAA Football 13 seemed to generate some positive traction for EA Sports. The next area in line for discussion is Dynasty/ Online Dynasty. Here is the general description for Dynasty in NCAA 13 that will be significantly expanded upon come Monday:

Game days come to life with mid-game updates featuring a new studio analyst, plus enhanced commentary from NCAA Football veterans Kirk Herbstreit and Brad Nessler. Recruiting now goes deeper than ever with the addition of dynamic grades and the ability to scout players. Plus, there are even more ways to interact with your Dynasty from the web.

What improvements and additions do you expect, want to see, or need to see in NCAA Football 13? Leave your thoughts in the comments and come next week I’ll attempt to reconcile where pre-news expectations were compared to what will have actually materialized for Dynasty mode.

  • Chest Rockwell

    My biggest hope is that it works.

  • NiNomarley

    I HOPE that from the web i can edit or create recruits… 

  • Newtonfb22

    first and foremost..i want the dam mode to work.

    Beside that it would be cool to get a sportscenter video highlights of the top games and everyone in your dynasty like 2k5 did in their franchise…that was cool. But who am i kidding thats still 10 years away for EA

  • Pony

    Mic support in the dynasty hub for ps3.

    • Mic check please?

      Mic support NOT in online dynasty mode hasn’t been talked about enough!!!! We need that back please!!! Makes off-season so much easier & trash talking makes rivalries really come to life!!!

  • NiNomarley

    I dont know if its just my OCD but i like to be able to wear the same number on both sides of the ball. Just a good BUY!! I waste a lot of time fixing the dumb shit (Rosters, Face mask ect) would be nice to be able to do all that shit online or my phone… AND HAVE IT WORK ONLINE AND OFF LINE

  • Skyflame21

    1. Achive System –  The ability to see seasons past, final rankings, records, conference champions, bowls, etc.

    2. School Records – Some depth here would be nice. The top 10 for each record instead of just the current record holder.  Also would be nice to have the record holder’s name remain after he either leaves for draft or graduates.

    3. A player card – They have this to some minor extent but it needs to have their recruiting info and awards section added.

    4. Coaches Poll –  The ability to vote in the coaches poll

    5. Recruiting – More in-depth.  I would like to see them use recruiting budgets for each university than to use the stupid 6 spin style slot machine version.  Teams like ND, FSU, Oklahoma, etc.  would have big budgets to recruit the nation.  A small school like Miami (OH) would be far more limited in its resources. Allow us to talk about our schools good points not be stuck with the luck of a spin on the slot machine.  ATH should be able to play multiple positions, this has been broke for awhile now.

    6. Coaching Carousel – Nice add last year.  Poorly implemented.  If we are the head coach allow us to choose our OC / DC.  Also, fix the glaring error of the same coaching getting fired and then rehired to a minimum, happened way too often.

    7.  Option for a playoff system –  4 team, 8 team, 16 team.  I’m not in favor of a playoff IRL, but it would add some needed depth to the online dynasties with mulitple teams.

    8. Top 25 Reshuffle –  Instead of always having the same teams ranked in the same position every time we start a dynasty, have some variety.   Instead of Oklahoma being preseason #1 everytime, have a randomizer reorder each time. Keep where its still realistic, but different.

    9. Mel Kiper / Todd McShay Draft Board –  Have this done preseason, who are the top players draft eligible.  Then as the season evolves have the board evolve with them.  Player stats, NFL position prototype requirements (so if I am a 5’11 QB type Russell Wilson, I may not be grade as high). There is so much this would add to the depth.

    10. Medical Red-shirts – Pretty obvious

    • NiNomarley

      i like number 5 and to add to that  * I’m Rutgers and i just dominate for years or when some major bowls we get a boast of resources, Rutgers becomes a place where recruits wanna play and big time coaches wanna coach at. The ability to build up your stadium. (NO? TO MUCH?)  

    • chris

      That feature to have a kiper/mcShay draft board is pure genious!  That would be awesome…but likely wont happen.

    • JC


      Just like last year when they allowed us to customize conferences, they need to have this playoff option in due to the BCS all but over now. It would absolutely suck each year after the 2013 season if it went back to BCS bowls. Even if the playoff formats isn’t finalized, at least default it to the 4, 8, 16 teams and let us pick from a select group of popular bowl sites for now. When this game is not realistic, it becomes less enjoyable.

      • chris

        Very true.


       Progression – If I have a 70 ovr back and I can achieve 1500 yds rushing and 20 TDs, he should at least be an 80 by next season. There needs to be progression achievements as well, such as a bonus +3 on the OVR to an All-American before training camp. Boost up things like awareness and ball carrier vision or route running, the mental stuff with the progression achievements and everything else in training camp. Drop players in progression if they were an All-American freshman and sophomore year but didnt make the list their junior year. Its reality, players get lazy and their ratings should show it.

      Weight – Im tired of recruiting the #5 DE in the country whose 6’2 190 pounds and only grows to be 205 by time he’s a senior. There needs to be a weight system for players whose position requires them to be big, no more 6’2 205 pound defensive ends, he should be 240 at the LEAST. Maybe a small player every now and then, typically at a small school.. but Ohio State shouldnt be fielding 200 pound middle linebackers. Yes I know we can change the weight in the system for any player but when you take your draft class to Madden its frustrating seeing all the teams whose players werent up to size getting drafted in the first round and its simply not worth it to go to everybodys team and change the weight so it looks right. Fix it.

      • Mike Peters44

        I think the fact that you can run for 1500 yards and 20 TD with a 70 OVR HB needs to be fixed.

        • Guest

          Not if you have a great offensive line. Doesn’t EA update ratings in Madden based on player performance? Why shouldn’t NCAA be able to do the same thing? Your response is just dumb.

          Also, you ever hear of a guy named Arian Foster? How about pre-2010?

    • Bamabrave4

      Is it just me or did the Coaching Carousel suck last year? There wes no clear understanding between the people in my online dynasty of how that thing even operated. It was more of like a game of chance then actually looking for a new job. You just threw your name in a hat and hoped that a good HC job would offer, that’s not how it works in real life. Most of the time, me and my friends didn’t even know what jobs were even available and whether or not we had a chance to get the few coming up that we did see. It is really broken.

  • Fix the transfer error

  • Skyflame21

    Another quick thought.  Allow online dynasty users the ability to watch each others games.  Not real video, but something like the Super Sim would be great.  Theres so many times a group of us will be chatting and listening to each others games.  If I didnt have a game all I could do is just let them tell me what’s going on.  This would be incredible.


  • Expand recruiting but don’t have it take forever to do.

    Expand coaching carousel so you get to hire the OC or DC if you are HC. If you are DC or OC you get a list of schools an pick which one you like instead of the click one by one.

    Have all recruits be unique in gear. If a player wears high socks let them not every school has a sock length limit.

    High School All Star game during off season. Like the Army game but they will likely have ESPN Underarmour game. Another way to evaluate talent.

    Have recruits last longer if a big game happens in their state between two teams like UCLA vs USC. If you use UCLA that is the only rivalry it makes it hard to get top guys since that game is the last week. Most recruits sign between week 6-10

    Neutral field games.

    Create rivalries since so many schools are leaving conferences rivalries die. You should be able to create some in the new conference. Whether by challenging team in recruiting, them being close in proximity, or having tough back and forth games each year.

  • Wake Up

    How much is EA paying you?

  • Off the top of my head:

    1) More emotion. Playing last year, I never was really motivated to grind for over 1-2 years and build a dynasty because it just felt flat or dry. The general routine was “Play game, recruit, advance, repeat.” I think having more emotion in the games would help a LOT; if rivalry games truly FELT like rivalry games, I’d have something to look forward to every season.

    2) More difficulty. First, games have become too easy these days, and an example of that in the NCAA series is building programs. Usually it’s too easy to progress a team from a 1-2 star into a 4-5 star program. Middle Tennessee shouldn’t be competing with premier programs after 3 years. It should take a smaller program a LONG time to build a powerhouse; otherwise, all people would have incentive to do (namely in OD) is program hop, and it also lowers replay value.

    Also, even if a team – say, Middle Tennessee – schedules teams like Alabama or LSU and that user has good stick skills, it shouldn’t be easy to beat an Alabama or LSU. That doesn’t mean an Alabama player should break 5 tackles every play, or read your defense like a book. There should be a clear talent gap, and that should force you to try to play a perfect game and catch some breaks along the way, JUST to pull off an upset. Normally, an Alabama or LSU (or any team with premier talent) should be breaking 5-7 yard runs almost every play, NOT 40-50 yard runs featuring 2-3 stiff arms and a truck here or there, followed by 2-3 stops in the backfield. Years ago, games were legit DIFFICULT, when now, difficulty = cheap ways to outsmart or defeat you, like defenses knowing your playcalls or reacting unrealistically to those plays (2-3 defenders shedding blocks simultaneously when you run a certain direction, etc.). We need more pure difficulty, the higher you go up from Varsity to Heisman (and less cheapness within the gameplay).

  • Bobby Ferguson

    It has always bothered me that there are almost no white corner backs and runningbacks to recruit.  There are a ton of white corners and runningbacks even at the high levels of NCAA football.  

  • Dave3979

    Some sort of recruit feedback. So frustrating to hit on all the key recruiting interests of a prospect, have you school score high in those same areas, be at the top of his list, schedule a visit for a big rivalry game and then have him sign with another school.

    Recruiting just seems so random and so hit and miss.

  • Mason Drews

    If custom sliders will finally work?! Before you could tweak them but they had no effect in game whatsoever and were a broken feature. 

  • 49ersfan1

    nothing… its college… those kids work hard to get into the big thing, the NFL. so im HOPING madden 13 is worth it.

  • I would allow merging and/or partnerships between conferences, say if you wanted to merge the WAC into the MWC that the WAC would be gone, none of this 4 team conference minimum also have partnerships where the Big Ten schools would agree to play games againist the Pac 12, I do like the idea if we play as a coach to vote in the polls 

  • Dreneel79

    Players getting dirty…

  • Dre2778

    Either fix RTG or scrap the mode altogether. This mode has been broken since the start of the next-gen cycle. I preferred the human element in the last-gen instead of relying on a dumb @$$ A.I to win or loose the game for me. The transfer option to your school is broken but your players constantly leave every year.

  •  1) Spectator Mode. This can be used in two
    different ways. Take this scenario for example. You are in an online
    dynasty and its the national championship game against the two best
    people in your dynasty who always play really close games. Imagine if
    the people in your dynasty could watch the game from Stand/Booth view
    while in an xbox live party. How intense would that be when one of the
    guys jukes the other person and hearing everyone in the party yelling
    and ooooing. It would make the national championship game awesome. I
    would be fine with only allowing this during bowl games in online
    dynasty if people are worried about people watching the whole season.
    I’ve thought about if this would lag the game so I decided that it would
    be best if people could only join to watch the game in between quarters
    (Ex. Beginning of the game, end of the 1st, halftime, end of the 3rd) I
    really believe this would take online dynasties to the next level and
    especially draw people into being committed to a dynasty (Most dynasties
    fail because people get bored or lose).

    In addition to spectator mode in dynasty I think they should
    implement it into your friends list as well. I think we have all been
    playing someone online and been talking to a friend in an xbox live
    party and saying “Man you should see what this guy is doing” or “I have
    no idea how to stop this guy.” It would be awesome if your friends could
    join the game a spectator and watch from the booth view as explained
    above. I thought about what if the other person doesnt want spectators
    to join their game to watch. You could have a game setting before the
    game that “Allowed Spectators” or “No Spectators Allowed.” Honestly I
    think this would take online 1vs1 to the next level as well.

  • Uluay2k

    I would like to see a more in depth, depth chart. I would like to see the WR/SL positons separated LWR, RWR, LSL, RSL, so we can have the proper second string players play at the proper position, and also to not have CB, S and so on playing WR.

    • Uluay2k

       also would like to see the CPU controlled teams red shirt players. so those players can develop.

  • control all 12 teams in confernce instead of one like they have allways done for years instead of one team

  • Cokleyj16

    add helmets getting knocked off like in madden 05 and 06. 

  • If they don’t have multiple camera views AND Broadcast view, I won’t be buying it.  Haven’t bought NCAA since I don’t know when.

  • Eagleyedesigns

    I just want the fucking game to work!

  • Myles Smith11

    If you build a team like FAU from a sun belt teamdormat to a SEC level team you should be able to expand your stadium

  • SilkCB21

    There are talks of a playoff system coming 2014 so that sud b put in the game as of now jus for kicks

  • RambleOn84

    I want to actually feel IN CONTROL of my program.

    If I want to turn Ball State into a powerhouse, I should be able to really do it.  As it is now, I can’t.

    We need to have a rewards-based system (doesn’t have to be money, if that’s the issue; it could be “points”) that allows us to upgrade certain aspects of the school.  I should be able to add seating and/or build a whole new stadium.  I should be able to hire better assistants, training staffs, etc that have an ACTUAL impact on the gameplay and recruiting aspects.

    I should be able to create new uniforms.

    The “academic prestige” area shouldn’t be so arbitrary.  For some reason the academic prestige of the entire university drops if a couple players go pro early.  I should be able to use funds earned from the football program to build new academic buildings or fund new majors to increase academic prestige.

    These are just a few ideas, but the point is we need more control and less randomness.

    I’m not holding my breath, though.

  • RambleOn84

    Also, fix roster rigidity.

    Georgia Tech doesn’t use a tight end, so why am I forced to lose two roster spots to a position I don’t need?

    Let me play the game how I want…if I want to field a team of nothing but kickers, let me.  It would be stupid, but hey, isn’t the point of the game to allow us to control the program the way we want to?

    Also, someone below had a good idea in being able to create new rivalries.  Maybe things like close scores, etc could add to “rivalry rankings” that would judge the top rivalries and make those games that much crazier.

  • 65South

    Just a couple I’m hoping to hear about, most of which are related to online dynasty.

    1. I hope there’s information that they’ve figured out a way for two online dynasty members to play in a national championship game without jumping through hoops. In our online dynasty there have been several occasions where two users in a championship has become a game of roulette on whether or not they’ll be able to make it past the opening kickoff.

    2. The second..the website…please work. I know you’re still in ‘BETA’ mode, but sheesh. We finally get the new website that offers some awesome features, but then you can’t take advantage of the essential elements the website offers for online dynasties. In particular recruiting. The old website actually gave me a real idea of how far ahead or behind I was on a recruit. The new site just offers arbitrary numbers that mean absolutely nothing in terms of where your team stands in the race for a player. 

    More importantly online recruiting…what the heck happened here? Awesome idea, poor execution. I don’t know what the heck happened from the old dynasty website to the new one, but it’s a crap shoot. It’s almost a given that anytime you log in and click the recruiting tab that it won’t be your recruits, but a random set of players.

    3. A couple other minor issues in regards to recruiting. 
    In general: Finding a better way to sift out athletes. If I set my query to DT (or insert your particular position here), I don’t want to sift through the ATHs that are 5’10” 187lbs, or any other athlete that possess no applicable attributes to play DT. 

    Online: The ability to see high school seniors versus JUCO recruits…the ability to set “Ready to Advance’ even when I’m short of using my full 10 hours of recruiting because I’m recruiting 3 or 4 guys…

  • Huejac

    What about Cam?

  • Logan

    Make online dynasty the focus. It has taken over NCAA. Recruiting battles should be based a lot more on visit experience like in real life. So make it available to schedule more specific things during visits

  • Tlars02

    Be able to grt money to edit your stadium or buy new jerseys!

  • Allstar20

    Mic’s need to work in online dynasty