NCAA Football 13 Dynasty Improvements

Posted May 7th, 2012 at 12:30 pm

EA Sports today rolled out highly anticipated details on the additions and enhancements being made for Dynasty mode in NCAA Football 13. The mode will feature studio updates, an ESPN bottom line ticker, triple-threat athletes, dynamic conference prestige, new pitches with additional depth, expanded player scouting, and much more.

Check out a series of brand new screenshots in the gallery, FB album, or G+ album. Continue on for the trailer highlighting the most prominent improvements to Dynasty mode. As always leave your thoughts after in the comments!

  • I really like the recruiting/scouting features very in depth. But it seems like the rest was about presentation which is nice but for me not that important. I would have liked them to spend time working on coaching carousel since OC and DC feel useless. Coaches progress too quickly in a way. Would be nice to have FCS teams in so you can start with one if you choose an go all the way to he top of D1. No playoff system, no neutral field mention. Draft board feature is nice hopefully the transfer with Madden isn’t screwed up when people do it. No way to start new rivals since the alignment kills some off. HS All star game would have been perfect with scouting to see how the players stack up with other top players.

    I am not bashing the game they are moving in the right direction with recruiting. But they could have added way more than presentation.

    • Amen_Ra

      Yeah this presentation only thing is getting old.  They did the same with Madden.

      • CLEfan4LIFE

        I hate EA just as much as you, but in my opinion NCAA Football has always been the better football game, and gameplay wise played better. Give EA a break with this one, it’s hard enough to supply all the D1 teams into the game and get as many stadiums and entrance’s, etc… into the game. This is a nice update to this years game, I’m hoping they really focus on upgrading gameplay for next year’s football games. It’s very doubtful as I think they will just wait for the newer systems to come out.

        Everyone on here knows I have an extreme hate for EA, but it seems a lot of you guys come on this site and, no matter what, find something to bitch about when there is an EA article.

        I haven’t bought NCAA in a couple of years, might just buy it this year so I can get my football fix, cuz I know Madden will be crap regardless.

        • Chicagobearsdefense

          It’d be nice if instead of ratings they give you measurables in madden/NCAA when you scout a player. for example instead of getting 90 speed, you see a 4.4 40… acceleration could be represented through the relation between the 40, the shuttle, the cone, 20yard… etc. jumping would just be vertical in inches. Thats the future for these games. Eventually have a number scale wont be enough to satisfy us… hopefully i wont have to wait too long for this to be implemented 

          • Rduffey1

            You can sort by 40 yard dash times too. doesn’t make much sense when you can see their 40 time before you scout them, essentially knowing their general speed rating.

        • Amen_Ra

          NCAA is my favorite sports game so I’m not hating on Ea. I’m just saying they can improve more that presentation in any given year.

    • Curtis50jackson

      you made some excellent points and i completely agree with you

  • I love all the improvements. Ticker, updates, recruiting Just wonder how many people will bitch about pointless stuff still. 

    •  Depends on what you view as pointless. Most wanted playoff option we know it is coming and it has been in games before. Expand on CC which has been the best idea ever put in NCAA just not much put into it. Roulette for recruiting is gone which is great.

      • Well, the NCAA won’t allow the playoff option until/unless it’s officially a part of the NCAA, that year. I think it relates to not being able to rename conferences or divisions. I don’t think the NCAA will allow something in the game that wouldn’t replicate what you see in real life.

        • This is true. We won’t get a playoff scenario (or even option) until something is officially done with the NCAA system.

          • Carter

            July they should have it done and patch that baby in!

          • Curtis50jackson

            the bcs just passed a vote allowing a four team playoff system

          • CLEfan4LIFE

            It doesn’t go in effect until 2014 season tho.

          • James Kraft

            To be fair @pastapadre:disqus , you vilified The Show for not having a playoff system in this year’s game, but it wasn’t announced until late in the development cycle. Baseball hinted at the expanded playoffs, but didn’t announce until late. 2K took a chance and won, but I fully expect you to vilify EA Sports in your review if they don’t have the playoff option in the game…

          • Vilified seems a bit dramatic. They did know for over a year that it was likely going to be in the new CBA – so it was worth noting that they didn’t get it in but 2K added it as an option which was smart.

            I don’t think there’s any chance a 4 team playoff (or whatever) would start this year in college football anyway if I understand it right. Wouldn’t it be 2014 or something like that? So they wouldn’t be able to do it yet even if it were to be approved to start in the future. No playoff in real life this year means no playoff in the game. I don’t think it’s really feasible to lock it so it would only activate in the third year of a dynasty (you didn’t see the baseball games move Houston to the AL in later years). Im guessing the NCAA would either approve it or not if EA wanted to make that effort.

          • James Kraft

            That seems fair. However, you did go after them in a few articles saying that they game that hangs their hat on realism didn’t have the feature. I would say you kinda went after them…

            As for NCAA, I think ’14 would be the first year they’d implement the playoff. Is there any chance that if the NCAA passes it this year, it could be implemented before next year’s iteration? I doubt it, but it’s worth asking.

          • Possible I suppose, but unlikely. I suspect both EA and NCAA would want to make a big deal of it coinciding with the real playoff coming in the year that it happens.

        • CLEfan4LIFE

          Jwaan finally something I can agree with you on lol. Solid point.

          • Yeah I know right lol. I want the playoff system in too though, it would make for intense ODs. But we won’t get that for another 2 years at the earliest.

  • YOpassDAmike

    I like the ticker in the dynasty; however, do you think they will possibly port the ticker in a play now game or online game with scores posted on it from real games from that day, just like if i was watching sports-center on espn

  • Keith.

    Still no in-game saves?

    • I’m assuming not. If they choose not to put in additional camera angles I doubt they’re going to invest time on in-game saves either.

      • Keith.

        That stinks — but thanks for confirming, Pasta.

  • Hey Pasta any chance the PS3 NCAA 13 gets a preorder deal like 360. I have a 360 but I have always played NCAA on PS, just seems odd one system gets a killer deal.

    • YOpassDAmike

      what deal do 360 users get?

      •  Amazon lets them pre order for $45 and get the pro combat of course. Pro combat are a given for Amazon pre order but the $45 is a steal right now.

  • YOpassDAmike

    pastapadre why do you think the ncaa franchise reincorporate stadium pulse into their games,  you know the feature where the screen would shake and the controller would vibrate on big downs in the game in big stadiums.  This was my favorite feature in the game but it seems that it may never make it to the next gen platforms if it hasnt already.

    •  The screen shakes on big downs if the team is part of the top 25 home field thing. I don’t know if it impacts the cpu, but when you hot route you have to tell the receiver 2 times. Some times the button is a ?.

  • Guest

    With all these “improvements”, the game won’t REALLY BE READY until Mid November…if we’re lucky! Patch after patch after…..

  • Keith.

    Hey Pasta, buried in the new EA financials released today is this statement — do you think it’s related to the Madden monopoly litigation, the EA-Activision litigation, or the NCAA player likeness litigation?:

    “During the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012, Electronic Arts recognized a $27 million expense related to a potential settlement of an on-going litigation matter. This significant non-recurring litigation expense is excluded from our non-GAAP financial measures in order to provide comparability between periods. Further, the Company excluded this expense when evaluating its operating performance and the performance of its management team during this period and will continue to do so when it plans, forecasts and analyzes future periods.” 

    • Could be the retired players suing about their likenesses in previous Madden’s also…

      Not sure I’ll have to dig into it. 

      • Keith.

        Thanks, Pasta —

        • Keith.

          Hey Pasta, the LA Times has an article up about the potential lawsuit settlement — this is going to be a story to watch.  If they’re right, and it’s about the Sam Keller lawsuit, then all of the people who laughed off his and the other players’ suits (like you) have been wrong all along.

 It could also be about the Pecover lawsuit — which is currently set for trial in the fall — but I think EA is still dug in deep with that one.  Could be a HUGE bad year for EA’s legal department.

          • I never laughed off the player likeness lawsuits. In fact I’ve always represented them as a serious concern.

            I have trouble thinking EA would settle there though cause it would open up lawsuits from every player ever to play college football since the NCAA games started getting made essentially and wreck their college football series for the future.

          • Keith.

            I don’t disagree with you — but their only alternative might be to go to trial, which could cost them a LOT more than $27 million.  EA could really be stuck in a bad spot here.

            Unfortunate for EA to have to make that kind’ve disclosure in their financials.  If I was Keller’s class attorney, I’d now be thinking $27 million is the floor for settlement talks.  Like I said, with the Pecover case also scheduled for trial this year, things might go from bad to worse for EA’s legal.

  • YOpassDAmike

    any predictions on what Heisman mode will be about, maybe something similar to jordan moments in nba 2k12

  • Jt8702

    I hope with the new updates to recruiting they have some options to keep a little basic but still realistic as well. For someone who can’t spend a whole lot of time playing the recruiting is almost becoming a laboring process. I love the aspect, but just don’t always have the time to do it, and if I sim it the results always come out terrible due to the computers garbage strategies.

    • Qh_rhema2006

      i agree, but do like what they have done though, now it almost takes me like an hour to complete my offseason tasks, so with more decisions to make ill probaly be spending like 2 hours or more just on offseason tasks

  • Jarod

    I’m going to wait on NCAA 13 until I see a good deal for PS3. If I don’t then EA won’t be getting my cash. This would be my first time playing NCAA on 3rd-gen systems and I’ve wanted to, so if I can get a good deal on NCAA and then on trading it in for Madden I might consider.

  • Msdm27

    Pasta, do you know if this Mock Draft projecttions will be transferred to Madden with imported draft classes? Thanks!

  • Watchme876

    i’m a fan of the recruiting and scouting features!! also the triple threat athletes.. athletes have gained more value

  • Eagleyedesigns

    OK.  I am at the state of mind that I’m in every May.  I get hyped up about Madden and NCAA just like the next fan.  Am I excited about this year’s titles?  Yes.  But, I do have to say that EA is so fucking smart the way that they real us in.  Do you people think that these features are implemented during the production cycle?  Fuck no.  This shit was laid out for years, for both games.  Their schedule of production was done in 2007 for the next six years, and what the teams were going to implement in each year for both titles.  Putting one main feature in one game, then the other “great idea” goes to the other game.  They finally realized that this strategy no longer is working for them, since they are losing money, that they decided to produce both titles with the same teams at the same time.
         Us fans are just siting back and watching this shit and screaming…”Why in the fuck couldn’t you put this in four years ago!”  Of course they could’ve done that…These new features, year after year, were already completed in years past, they fine tune the “idea” and slide it in the new game for whichever game is slated for that feature…”OK, guys, it’s NCAA 13, and on our production schedule is…”Organic Commentary” and “Motion Blur”, you know, the shit we completed in 2007, it is “their” year to go in…Let’s do it.”  The PS3 and Xbox doesn’t change.  The hardware is what it is…It obviously can handle a lot of information for them to be implementing feature after “new” feature every year…Co’mon, people…The tech was and has been finalized and produced in the past.  There is NO FUCKING WAY that all of a sudden, in the short production cycle that these games have, they can put in “new untapped” technology into each game, Motion Blur, HDR Lighting, Organic Commentary; There simply is no fucking time.  They were done and completed throughout the years and “frozen” to be brought back in later editions.
         This is why EA is smart…This is how they capitalize on the product.  They make the new edtions of the game good enough to make last years editions worthless with no replay value.  Why in the fuck would I want to play NCAA 12 now?  Or Madden 12?  I’ll just again give them my $125 and call it even.  If EA would’ve put all of these features in at Year One of the Next-Gen cycle, and they could’ve, what would they gain in profit in ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12 from these titles?  NOTHING.  They are laughing all the way to the bank…And they still laugh at us for buying their broken product…I am a dedicated 20 year customer of these two football games…And I want my motherfucking respect and what is owed to me from EA.  I am entitled to it, and so is everyone else on here that struggles with the lies, unfinished product, poorly implemented technology, patronizing, false imformation, and gameplay issues that go untouched.  And you know what?  We DEAL with it, because we love the game of football and are stuck because the only way we can get it is from the Devil, and its’ hands are tainted with the blood from our hard earned money.  But, we still HAVE to give it to them because the urge to replicate what our heros do on the field in “our world” is so much fun to do in their’s.


    • Texan

      Bravo…You must write for “Truth”…I once echoed those very words and got banned for life from “Operation Sports”…no big loss I assure you. But you left out one thing….they (EA) did it because of their “exclusive contract deal” with the NCAA & NFL. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the contract expires after this year?. So what you’re saying makes since, in other words, if their contracts are up for renewal, “why not show ’em what we (EA) can really do!” That was the plan all along….yea smart, spelled “G R E E D Y”

      • Eagleyedesigns

        Ex-“Fucking”-actly my friend…

    • CLEfan4LIFE

      No offense dude, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. I’ve been saying this for years now. Good write up tho.

      For some reason ppl seem to be satisfied with these shitty football games. I also don’t understand how the ppl that complain and know the game is crap actually go out there and buy the game. If you went out there and bought the game then your just as dumb as the next guy.

      Plain and simple if you want it changed don’t fucking buy it. That’s what I have done the past 4 years. I know I’m only one person but apparently more and more are doing what I’m doing and EA’s sales are going down, and I’m happy to know I’m apart of that.

      • Eagleyedesigns

        Bottoms up!

  • James Kraft

    These features are all well and good, but the meat of the game is played on the field and that’s where most of the improvements need to be made. If the on-field action is up to par, this is an easy purchase. I’ve been saying it all along, this franchise needs to prove it and I will not blindly buy the game this year, it’s a rental first.

    That being said, I hope they succeed because it’ll be VERY difficult to go a year without a football game, but it’s a put-up-or-shut-up year for EA Sports with both NCAA and Madden.

  • Cowboysfan10

    that’s sick they got ESPN for NCAA, why can’t they get something like that (ESPN, FOX, CBS, or NBC) for Madden?

    • Featuring one partner means not featuring another. That’s been the conflict with Madden. ESPN heavy would mean the NFL upset that its not NFL Network branding all over, and so on.

  • still no mention of Broadcast cam. That will be the killer of this game.  Fans wanted it the past few years.  Madden brought it, why can’t they?   I remember the dev saying he didn’t care what the fans thought. He’s adamant to not bringing multiple cams in.

    • No mention cause they didn’t add any camera angles this year sadly…

      NCAA has been more ambitious than Madden in terms of features (up to last year maybe) but they definitely haven’t done a good job in determining what fans want and utilizing feedback from them to improve the product. 

  • JC

     Not going to lie, this got me really pumped up.  Even if the gameplay is slightly improved enough so you it’s actually playable (i.e. no more psychic DBs or super LBs swatting everything), this game looks awesome.  Once again I promised myself I wouldn’t get into this game and once again with two months to go I cannot wait and will be ordering this on game day.

    I could care less about their not being highlights.  The in game updates w/ stats are good enough for me.  Can’t wait!

  • Esco09

    I like the studio updates and the ticker. It would be nice if they could add hightlights from other games.

  • Jtroach94

    Did I dream this, or was it mentioned sometime that the OUTSIDES of stadiums are going to be shown as well?

  • Rm7280

    In one month E3 will confirm most people’s fears

    • Jtroach94

      What is that?

  • pissed off australian


  • Danieljamesalley

    We don’t need studio updates.  We need freaking defensive players that can catch the ball.

    • Danieljamesalley

      But Reese Davis has been a must have for some time.

  • C.J

    how does the espn bottom line work if for example my team and the team of my friend play at 3pm but he allready has finished his game, will it also be displayed as ‘live’ score or how????

  • for so

  • for some reason i dont have the esp bottomline anyone know why or had this problem?