A Look at the Five Pre-Order Exclusive Pro Combat Uniforms for NCAA Football 13

Posted May 12th, 2012 at 12:30 pm

With the $45 deal at Amazon attracting a ton of attention it’s worth noting that an image has been added showing off the five exclusive Nike Pro Combat uniforms that will come with the purchase from the online retailer. Check it out full size by clicking on the image below.

The pre-order incentive features the unis for Army, Georgia, Oklahoma State, Oregon, and Michigan State. A code will be emailed soon after the game ships to download them. While EA Sports plans to update uniforms throughout the year these five will only be available to those who get the game through Amazon.

  • Gotta have those neon Oregon’s, really the only reason I’m preordering through Amazon besides the discount. I like buying something and having it in hand immediately, but the discount + unis are too good to pass up.

    I have a question though – for anyone who knows, if I preorder at the current price or $45, will it stay at that price for me, even if it goes back up?

    • Darvis

      Sure, it will stay that price just for YOU, Jwaan.

      Just You and the rest of the EA Gamechangers. Everybody else?


      • I’m VERY sorry. I’ve looked all over, but it seems I can’t find a fuck to give.

        How about you ask your mommy to let you use her credit card, so you can preorder the game and get it for $45 too? Or maybe you can arrange a fundraiser?

        And an EA Gamechanger? WTF? Nah bro, I just enjoy the game. If you, or anyone else for that matter, can’t do the same, well I really don’t care.

        • Amen_Ra

          nah Bro, het got you.  Give him his props, don’t try and get mad.

          • Jwaan

            I love football, and that’s all you need to know!

          • Wow, just…WOW.

  • Marginwalker12

    You will be charged with the lowest price from the time you pre-order to the shipping date.

  • chris

    someone will have all of these and many more made through teambuilder during the first week of release..not worth it.  Those arnt even the best looking unis they should have offered us.

    • It’s not like your paying extra to get them. It’s just an incentive to preorder it through Amazon. 

      I’d rather buy the game for $15 less and unis made by EA, than pay full price and DL a uni from Teambuilder that I can’t even use online or in an OD, or even a real Dynasty unless I edit the roster. And even then, I’ll only have one uniform to choose from. Not to mention it won’t be as crisp or what not.

      • chris

        Lux makes some pretty spot on unis through teambuilder…ill get mine from him.  5 pro combats will not sway me into preordering this.

        • Amen_Ra

          Dude, get the game for $15 cheaper, who cares about the unis.  You are not making any sense.

        • Yeah I feel you, I think he did the FCS project on OS right? I made a couple teams for that.

          But the unis at this point is an added bonus. You can save 15 bucks.

          Plus, what’s the difference between preordering v. not preordering? You’re still playing the same price, right? Well, unless you preorder from Amazon lol.

        • Guy29

          Or you could just pay $15 less and get the 5 uniforms anyway…..

  • JC

    Whoa what? “While EA Sports plans to update uniforms throughout the year these five will only be available to those who get the game through Amazon.”  Will these be DLC? That is awesome if they give us unis throughout the year like that if they don’t make it into the original game.  I feel like 10-15 teams every year release some kind of new uni that doesn’t make it into the final version.  I’m  a stickler for uniform accuracy. 

    • Gwen

       You like to dress up your sister’s Barbies too dont you?

    • Nah it says these 5 won’t be DLC, but others that are revealed may be, a la the Michigan uniform updates or the Notre Dame unis.

  • Hey guys

    I just found out what the ” monumental change” in Madden is. A first person camera view!

  • Larryperry697

    wow,this is amazing!!!

  • Clintbeastwoods

    It is unfortunate that nobody is willing to burn down the ea headquarters with all of the devs and ea game changers inside.

    • mmo123

      The FBI and Homeland Security will be contacting you shortly.

      • Clintbeastwoods

        You should inform the fbi about the cheaters in the top 100 for madden 12!

        • mmo123

          Touche, lol.  Maybe that would finally clear those jackwagons out of multiplayer.

  • These are Maddening! These are valuable addition to my collections. Thanks!

  • Michigan St unis looked way better in real life. Maybe it is just the picture but they look off.
    I hope they have Navy PC unis they were great.

    • chris

      agree one hundred percent..they look horrible.

  • This is stupid

    Lord forbid these assholes just make the uniforms available to everyone “in game”. Fucking stupid shit like this is why game publishers get such a bad reputation.