New Gameplay Video for NCAA Football 13

Posted May 17th, 2012 at 3:45 pm

EA Sports has released a brand new gameplay video for NCAA Football 13. The USC vs Oregon match-up that was featured in the debut video last week – which was primarily centered on showcasing the opening along with an early studio update – continues here. Take note of the ESPN ticker at the bottom of the screen, faded out pass icons for receivers who are not looking for the ball, the QB dropbacks and screen pass, and a mid-quarter studio update.

Unfortunately post-play scenes still appear to have much of the same awkwardness that plagued the game last year. Presentation as a whole has improved greatly with the ticker and studio updates but those on-field moments can really damage the immersive nature being built otherwise. Leave your thoughts on the video in the comments! 

  • Guest

    Have they done anything to build a team that hasn’t really been touch since it came out.

  • PB

    Ticker’s cool, in game studio updates are too. That being said it still has the same boring feel to me as always. Same dry commentary I’ve heard for about 5 years in a row now.

  • Benzpusha600

    They are playing the wrong song when USC scores.  I’m not a USC fan but even I know it’s the song that they score on that should be in their intro and the intro that should play when they score

  • The lighting and depth of field in this video is really impressive. I’ve never been a fan of next gen player models EA has used, but the environment at least looks incredibly realistic.

  • hamburger

    looks like NCAA 11.5

  • Bdog

    Looks the same as last year’s to me. What’s the difference?

  • Chenna An

    Coming from someone who hasn’t bought a football game since NCAA football/Madden 09, this game is a huge improvement.