MLB 2K Series Left Out of Take Two Lineup Listing – Could Signal Cancellation

Posted May 22nd, 2012 at 1:30 pm

Take Two reported their Q4 Fiscal 2012 financials today and with that came their upcoming slate of scheduled products for the entire 2013 fiscal year. The only sports title listed is NBA 2K13 signaling what could be the end of the MLB 2K franchise. In fact this was the exact way that both the NHL 2K and College Hoops 2K franchises were discovered to have been cancelled so the precedent is there. (Update) Confirmation has come down the series is indeed dead.

Still there is some level of uncertainty around the situation. There has been no statement as to the current status of the MLB license for 3rd parties now that the previous deal has expired – whether Take Two is going away from it, another company has picked it up, or if there will be no MLB product from anyone but SCEA next year. At this point it seems more likely than not that the Xbox 360 won’t have a licensed MLB game in 2013.

It would not come as a surprise for 2K Sports to lose baseball without putting up a fight. Take Two president Strauss Zelnick has made it clear that the company wants to concentrate almost solely on original IPs and in doing so cut out the costs incurred with licensing. In the case of MLB 2K it has lost over $30 million every year of the deal. Only because the NBA 2K series has become such a huge success does that one seem safe for the coming years otherwise Take Two may have just sold off the 2K Sports division or just shut it all down.

Expect more details on the state of Take Two’s relations with the MLB soon. Following reporting on the absence of both College Hoops and NHL in previous years the company has come out to make statements on their cancellations within a matter of days.

(More on Update) Without seemingly 2K Sports producing an MLB offering the question becomes whether someone like EA could obtain the license – they would need much more favorable terms than the previous agreement – and even if they did whether a game could be produced in time for next year or even this console generation.

  • Marginwalker12

    Let me be the first to say… Thank GOD!

    • I wish I had news to report on the return of MVP or some other company going all in on baseball though. Otherwise is no Xbox 360 MLB game really better than a poor one? At least until now those on the 360 had a choice to buy it or not.

      • Ewsgtyh

        If the end of 2K baseball could help the return of 2K football, then I would kiss baseball goodbye without a second thought.

        MESSAGE TO THE 2K SPORTS DEV TEAM: Get yer butts BACK to Football where you KNOW you belong. Shooting for 400K – 500K in sales is nothing to be ashamed of, considering that NHL, Choops, and MLB are all dead and you’re getting zero from those franchises now, so you need to have SOMETHING else bringing in some cash.

        The most talented football video game development team of all time (2K) needs to be back in the football business.

        • Neetocheeto

           they need 30 million for an NFL license at least ;(

          • Ewsgtyh

            Nah, forget the NFL license. Just give us BackBreaker-like customization tools and we’ll have an NFL game in no time. As a matter of fact, just make a Team Builder style site and fans would make NFL uniforms ready before release date.

          • mcmax3000

             “Nah, forget the NFL license.”

            That’s easy to say when you don’t have to worry about how well it sells…

            For a business person at 2K, it’s a different story. We’ve already seen how well unlicensed game sell.

          • Ewsgtyh

            You’re not considering the big picture of 2K’s situation. Think about it: The last 2K Football game sold nearly 400,000 copies with NO license. That’s more copies than their NHL, MLB, and College franchises have sold in some years separately. MLB just bombed.

            Now NHL, MLB and College are all dead, which means they’ll be selling zero copies with zero sales potential. From a business standpoint, it would make perfect sense to go back to football because:

            1. Their last football release (APF 2K8) already proved to sell as well or better than most other LICENSED titles that 2K has released this generation.

            2. Their last UNLICENSED football game sold nearly 400,000 copies WITH poor marketing (what could it have done with good marketing?).

            3. Their development roster is now 3 titles lighter, and they NEED a new revenue stream.

            They need a new game to beef up their development roster and keep the ship moving. So what are they going to do? Make a Mickey Mouse 2D side-scroller? Do nothing at all? Either of those would be a much worse idea than going back to football.

            Lastly, I’ll point out that unlicensed football ganes have done very well in the past. See Madden 64, and Blitz The League I. Both were Million+ sellers. Blitz was marketed well however, and that’s where 2K needs to improve is in the marketing area, because they completely effed up with marketing APF in ways that can only be described as legendary.

          • mcmax3000

            “Their last football release (APF 2K8) already proved to sell as well or
            better than most other LICENSED titles that 2K has released this

            Sure, and what happened to all of those licensed titles that it beat?


            “Their last UNLICENSED football game sold nearly 400,000 copies”

            Calling it unlicensed is debatable. I remember reading that their licensing costs were pretty high for all of those legends.

            “Their development roster is now 3 titles lighter, and they NEED a new revenue stream.”

            Sure, but it doesn’t need to be a sports title. Given that they’ve cancelled all but one of their sports franchises, I’d say 2K is probably getting out of the sports business. If NBA 2K’s sales go downhill, I bet it’s gone too.

            And yes, there may have been a couple of unlicensed football games that have sold well in the past, but that was also at a time when the market for sports games in general was a lot better.

            Now, even licensed games are declining in sales (except for FIFA, and some series that get an occasional bump from a big new inclusion like NBA 2K11 with Jordan & Tiger Woods 12 with the Masters), so I think it’s highly unlikely that an unlicensed game in any sport would fair well, even with the world’s greatest marketing.

          • Ewsgtyh

            You’ve made some excellent points there, mcmax3000. I wanna touch on some of them:

            “Sure, and what happened to all of those licensed titles that it beat? Gone.”

            Very true. But we can’t forget that these major sports licenses cost a pretty penny, so 2K was stretching themselves thin continuing to pay the high licensing cost while pulling less than 500K sales in some years. Honestly, I don’t even know how they were able to stay afloat with some of those other projects for as long as they did with the board’s approval. I seem to recall one of their NHL games doing like 150K or something one year? Segue to my next point…

            “Calling it unlicensed is debatable. I remember reading that their licensing costs were pretty high for all of those

            I was meaning non-NFL licensed, but you’re right in the sense that the game did carry around 240 player licenses, and
            you’re right that it did cost 2K a fortune. It was a big mistake on their part with the way they went about it. But those
            contracts have been said to have expired and I don’t believe 2K would do the legends angle again, so they wouldn’t have to take a beating on licensing costs like they did before.

            “Sure, but it doesn’t need to be a sports title. Given that they’ve cancelled all but one of their sports franchises, I’d say 2K is probably getting out of the sports business. If NBA 2K’s sales go downhill, I bet it’s gone too.”

            Well, it doesn’t *have* be a sports game, true. But 2K Sports is a sports game developer dating back to their days as Visual Concepts (which they technically still are, they’re just owned by Take-Two now), so unless they’re planning to dissolve, they’re going to keep making sports games. They currently have a few others franchises (Top Spin, The Bigs, NBA 2K), so they’ll probably continue with those until they start flopping.

            To the last point you made, that’s a good point too. The market was better during the times that unlicensed football
            games were selling at their height, no argument there. But 400K copies of a new APF today without licensing expenses killing their profits would be one of the best sales captains for 2K Sports in a while (profit potential minus licensing cost) considering where their enterprise is heading and how the market is declining in some areas. I think the nearly 400K they pulled off of 2K8 was quite an accomplishment considering the market even at that time, and if you remove the licensing costs that killed their profits,
            APF 2k8 would’ve been considered a victory.

            At least with football you can count on just below 400K at worst, and they already have a mature engine in place, so they
            wouldn’t have to get creamed on new engine creation costs (until next gen of course). If they went off into another genre
            direction, they could get lucky and make the next Final Fantasy-like craze, sure… but they could also bomb completely and sell 100K of that new game. Certainly, selling 400K or 500K of a new APF isn’t 1 Million+ in sales units, but 2K Sports isn’t in a position to keep holding out for the Million seller anymore. They’ve got to get back to basics and focus on their talents, because that’s the only thing they have left at this point.

          • Rm7280

            Hears a thought, u can get a Lacrosse license for cheap, you could own Lacrosse, with an old engine, some motion capture, and u have the only game out, serving the fastest growing HS sport for the last 5 years. Combine soccer and hockey, Lax is perfect, and you don’t have to play it to “get it”
            Add a customizable football title, and I’d be buying stock in 2K games…

        • mcmax3000

          (I’m replying to your original post because that other thread is getting too skinny to read)

          I agree that if they could do 400,000 to 500,000 for an unlicensed game, based on an engine that they already have, could probably be considered a success.

          However, I don’t know that they could do it. At the very least, I think it would be tough.

          The legends obviously weren’t worth the cost of those deals, but I’m sure they brought in some buys, plus given that we’re now eight years removed from NFL 2K5, I don’t know that the 2K Football nostalgia holds as much weight as it did back in 2007 (obviously it does here & on other similar sites, but I don’t know that it does in the more general population).

          As a full price, retail release, with no licenses, I think it would be hard pressed to crack 200,000 buys, maybe even ending up under 100,000 buys.

          However, the more I think about it, I think if they could work within the size limit, a downloadable XBLA/PSN title could work. Lower barrier to entry would give people more of a reason to check it out, and it would keep the development costs down, plus eliminate manufacturing & distribution costs.

          • Ewsgtyh

            Hey McMax3000,
            Another strong post.
            Good idea moving this to a new “thread”. I don’t know what’s up with Pasta’s blog comments getting skinny all of a sudden, lol.
            Your digital approach makes sense. Natural Motion originally planned to do that with the full game of BackBreaker but changed course. I wonder how they feel about that decision now after having to split funds with 505 Games?
            I’d be on board with 2K if they did that. I hope they do something to get 2K football back out there, and some other moves that’ll keep 2K Sports afloat. Right now, I’m really worried about the future of the sports dev team at 2K, because if that house gets broken up we may never see 2K-style football again in our lifetimes unless another company gets the rights to remake it (but then there is no guarantee it’ll be done right).
            Smh, the future look so bleak.

      • Wake Up

        Hey Pasta. What’s the odds of EA buying back the Visual Concepts team and have them make their NFL and NBA products?

        • Not sure they have the desire to do that anymore. A few years ago they tried, it made sense then to do so, now it’s just one series/one dev team (which they’ve invested heavily in restarting their own)

      • Nicholas_andrea

         I wouldn’t be shocked if another company waits until the next gen of consoles comes out.  wouldn’t be a good business model to put money into a console that will be gone in a year.

      • Marginwalker12

        For those with just a 360 and love baseball, I do feel sorry for. But even if it’s slim, the odds for MVP’s come back just increased. Though if it does, we’d probably won’t see it until the next generation.

      • Mikemck09

        I agree to disagree with your comment bro… Having no MLB game on the 360 is better than a poor one. It was not a choice of buying the game and enjoying it , but buying the game and putting money in the pockets of a company who never really gave a shit due to the license. The day has come where all console owners may finally have multiple MLB games to explore and enjoy. I’m a Show fan solely because MVP was put out due to the license shenanigans… Bring MVP back and I will be a happy dude… lol

        • mcmax3000

           “The day has come where all console owners may finally have multiple MLB games to explore and enjoy.”

          That will be awesome if it ends up being the case, but I don’t think the baseball market is big enough to sustain multiple third party series.

          • Mikemck09

            Hopes and dreams dude lol… I would just honestly love to have a great MLB title for both PS3 and the XBOX 360… I own both systems but prefer 360 over PS3, I would appreciate the chance to play a baseball game that actually gives the show some competition…

          • mcmax3000

            I agree 100%. I’d love to have a game that rivals The Show, especially on 360.

            I’m in the same boat as you. Own both systems but I prefer the 360. The Show is basically the only thing that gets me to boot up my PS3 every summer.

      • gamingbus

        My only concern is that if EA goes in to make MVP, they won’t do it until they get exclusive rights to the license. Correct me if I’m wrong, but they own *EXCLUSIVE* (I.E.: Sony can’t bring back Gameday) rights to the NFL and other leagues, right? I’ll sacrifice MVP Baseball if it means we don’t have a monopoly on every single major sports league outside the NBA.

        • mcmax3000

          I think NFL, NCAA (Football for sure & I’ve seen some people say they have the Basketball rights as well) & FIFA licenses are the only ones I believe they have exclusivity on… Maybe the PGA Tour as well (no idea on that one for sure but it wouldn’t surprise me).

          They don’t have it on NBA obviously, and I don’t believe they have an exclusive on the NHL, they’re just the only ones making an NHL game.

          I honestly don’t believe that EA would be willing to put up the kind of cash that would be needed for them to get the exclusive MLB rights.

  • mcmax3000

    Obviously it’s not 100% until 2K says so, but I think it’s safe to say it’s cancelled.

    I think it’ll be interesting to see if EA picks up the license, and a thought that just occurred to me that I haven’t seen mentioned before… Chances that EA goes for a completely exclusive license and shuts out The Show?

    I really hope that isn’t the case, but if MLB wants another exclusive license, EA is pretty much the only company out there that they have a shot of getting that with, and I don’t see EA agreeing to the third party only exclusivity that 2K did (in fact, I seem to remember an EA spokesperson publicly mocking 2K for not having an actual exclusive license when they signed it).

    Just a thought on the situation.

    • Alex

      This is what im worrying about if EA gets an exclusive deal then we will get a crappy MLB game and loose The Show. I’m just hoping that The Show might come to the xbox 360 i know it’s 99% not going to ever happen but one can hope  

      • mcmax3000

         The Show isn’t even just published by Sony, it’s made by a Sony studio.

        It’s 100% never going to come to a non-Sony platform as long as Sony platforms still exist.

    • Keith.

      EA has lost a boat load of money with its exclusive licenses, and has already said they’re expecting another big loss next quarter.  People seem to think EA has the money to do anything, but the reality is that they don’t.

      • mcmax3000

        It was just a hypothetical point that I was throwing out there, mostly in response to all of the people hoping that 2K’s license expiring means the return of MVP.

        It’s not necessarily what I think will happen.

        Realistically, I think MLB will probably shop around trying to find another similar deal to what they had with 2K, will quickly find out that their chances of getting such a thing in the current market are next to none, they’ll end up signing a non-exclusive deal with EA (worth much less than they were getting with 2K), and EA will return to baseball in 2014, maybe 2015 (meaning that The Show is the only MLB game next year & possibly the year after that).

  • mmo123

    About time!  The MLB 2K series was one of the worst, buggiest, glitchiest, craptastic games I’ve ever played.  It should have been murdered years ago.

  • Gadfasdf

    Good, hopefully this means exclusivity is dead and someone else can make a baseball game for the 360

  • Manofsteel

    Hey maybe Sony can buy 2K’s Audio technology for future MLB The Show games.

    God knows they need it badly!

  • Pacman knapp

    This might be a excuse to have Konami pull off a MLB simulator
    Pro Yakyuu spirits is so well made it puts MLB the show to shame trust me 

  • Keith.

    Funny how Pasta doesn’t mind speculating on what’s contained (or not contained) in 2k’s financials, but has no problem completely ignoring the $27 million litigation settlement OR the $11 million license “termination” that were referenced in EA’s financials 2 weeks ago.

    • mcmax3000

      EA has lots of licenses and lots of lawsuits, sports & non-sports related. Any speculation on those two items being sports related is a pure guess, with no evidence to back it up, no matter what your guess is.

      MLB 2K missing from 2K’s schedule is 100% sports related, and prior history of that leading to cancellation of sports titles makes this one a lot more educated of a guess.

      I can see logically why anyone would choose to go with a story on the latter and not the former.

      • Keith.

        The $27 million settlement has been confirmed as being related to the Madden Monopoly lawsuit (I’ve already posted links from the LA Times and other sources), so there’s no guess-work involved there.

        And as far as the licenses go, name another that it could be (EA doesn’t have as many as you think).

        • mcmax3000

          I don’t know off the top of my head all of the licenses that EA has, nor their status, to be able to guess what else it could be.

          Even if the Settlement money is related to the Madden lawsuit (I’ll take your word for it), unless you’re an investor, that’s not news.

          When there are actual terms for the settlement that are made public, that’s when it’s actual news. Right now all we know is that they are settling, and that EA has estimated in their financial report that it will cost them $27 Million. That’s it.

          Until we know for sure how much it will cost them (the amount in their financials is an estimate… Likely an educated estimate, so I imagine it will be fairly close, but an estimate none the less), and more importantly, what the actual terms of the settlement are, it has zero relevance to the vast majority of gamers.

          • Keith.

            If it’s not considered to be news, then why was it reported by the LA Times and other news sources? Only ones ignoring it are gaming media who’ve attended numerous EA hype events.

          • mcmax3000

            It’s news to investors or potential investors. If you’re considering investing in EA, then knowing that they’ve got an estimated future liability of $27 Million is important information.

            To a gamer, not so much.

          • Keith.

            And I’d argue that the potential end of EA’s monopoly on football gaming has FAR more relevance to the “vast majority of gamers” than does speculation about 2k’s baseball plans.

          • mcmax3000

            I would agree with that statement, which is why I said the settlement information would be relevant to gamers.

            However, this is a monetary estimate by EA that may have no impact on their exclusive license (just because they’re settling doesn’t necessarily mean they’re losing the license).

          • EA doesn’t have a monopoly on football gaming Keith. Any company is free to make a football game,they just can’t make an NFL football game.

          • Keith.

            You think they’re throwing away $27 million just for the hell of it?  Okay, champ.

          • You’re still not showing where they have a monopoly Keith. I understand you don’t like EA, but it’s not a monopoly because you and a few others don’t like what’s going down. If it was a monopoly,then nobody would be able to make a football game. They’re not stopping anybody from making a football game. Seriously Keith,who are they stopping from making one?

          • And where does it say that EA is paying 27 million to settle this case? All I’m seeing is that they set aside 27 million potential settlement of an ongoing litigation matter.” For all we know that could be to pay off the Call of Duty lawsuit that was just settled. You’re just taking something and running with it. When you get some facts,get back to me.

          • Keith.
          • Keith.
    • Like I said I go off facts and precedent. When/if something goes down with an EA lawsuit/settlement I’ll cover it and provide analysis of course.

      I do wonder if that settlement info pertained to the suit the company just settled with Activision last week relating to the guys who came over from Infinity Ward rather than what you’re referring back to.

      • mcmax3000

        I could be wrong as this is entirely off of memory, but I think I read somewhere that the settlement money listed in EA’s financials had been confirmed to not be related to the Activision case.

        • Keith.

          Yep — it also was said to involve little or no money exchanging hands (per Pachter).

  • I actually liked the 2K series.  Have been with it since it was called World Series baseball, through all it’s iterations.  The 2k4 one was the worst.  That was he one where they tried using their NFL idea in MLB.  That is “First person baseball”.  Didn’t work.

    But even with it’s issues, it’s not as godawful as most people make it out to be. Yeah, it has problems, but I still enjoy playing it.  So I’d like to see it continue.  If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.  

    I wonder if someone else will pick up the franchise.

    • Wake Up

      The first World Series Baseball on dreamcast is still a favorite of mine. Everything about that game was fun. Then 2k1 came out and it killed that game for me. I didn’t understand how 1 game could be so cool and fun 1 year and be so bad the next. Killed the series for me.

  • mmo123

    It’s officially dead.  Per Kotaku:

    “Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of 2K Sports, notably left Major League Baseball 2K out of its planned releases in its coming fiscal year. Kotaku asked Take-Two Interactive if it could confirm the end of the series, and it did.
    “Our legacy Major League Baseball agreement will sunset in fiscal 2013,” a Take-Two spokesman said, meaning in the coming 12 calendar months. “MLB 2K12 is our last offering under that agreement. At this time, we have no further comment.”

    • Keith.

      I’m no 2k baseball fan but, to me, this statement doesn’t say the series is officially dead…only that the old agreement with MLB is expiring and that 2k has no further comment at this time.  It could be the series is dead, but this statement doesn’t come out and say so.

      • mmo123

        The series is dead.  They’re not gonna piss away another $30 million a year for another handful of shitty games.  MLB 2K was shit from day one, great and almighty 2K is “a mere mortal” when it comes to making games.  This series should have been killed after MLB 2K9.

        • Keith.

          What you fail to realize is that a non-exclusive license would cost 2k significantly less than the last contract did.  Without the exorbitantly high semi-exclusive license costs involved, MLB2k could be right back in the game.

      • mcmax3000

        I thought the exact same thing when I read that statement.

        All it says is that the agreement has ended, with 2K12 being the last game under that agreement. It doesn’t rule out the possibility of a new agreement.

        I think it probably is dead, but I don’t really see that statement Kotaku posted as being any more of a confirmation than it being left off of their release schedule.

        • Keith.

          Exactly. And if the next MLB contract is still being negotiated, Take Two surely wouldn’t list a MLB2k13 in today’s financials.

          Some people are dying to see the series get killed off though, so they’re quick to run with shit like this.

          • Keith.

            Just finished listening to a replay of the Take Two earnings call, and there was no mention of the MLB2k series being dead. However, they did reference “other unannounced titles” that would be released within the next year and implied more would be said at E3.

          • Gay

            HEY!!  Like you and Madden!!  hahaha 


  • HaywoodJablowme

    Thanks you, thank you, thank you.

    It’s about time this embarrassing calamity of an abomination was put to pasture. This series has been nothing short of a travesty. And everyone involved with putting together this sham of a product and leaving 360 users with no other alternative should be ashamed of themselves.

    Go fuck yourselves, 2K, for putting out this piece of shit product.

  • KBroth125

    Do you think that Major League Baseball would allow for there not to be a game for the XBOX 360? I feel like they would not want to lose whatever revenue they could potentially make, even if the game is half-assed

    • mmo123

      LOL.  What is Major League Baseball gonna do?  Force a company at gunpoint to produce and put out a game?  If no company wants to make and put out a game on 360, then no one wants to.  There is absolutely nothing Major League Baseball could and can do about it, no matter how much they might want the revenue.

  • Moss2Wayne2Johnson2Hankerson

    Its amazing how they had a million dollar challenge for MLB 2K and not one for their best game NBA 2K. That always made me angry because MLB 2K sucks.

    • Ewsgtyh

      That’s why they had the challenge for MLB, because nobody wanted the game so they had to give away 1 Million dollars just to get people interested… and it STILL failed, lol!

  • Colonel_yz

    I hope 2K Sports or someone else puts out a MLB game next year because it could mean bad news news for fans of MLB The Show. If there is no competition it could led to what happen to the Madden NFL series.

    • mcmax3000

      The difference is, with MLB, since The Show doesn’t have an exclusive license, there’s still the threat of competition. I think this would be more comparable to how NBA 2K has lost its competition for a couple of years.

      With Madden, there’s zero threat of competition, so they know they can count on a certain number of sales each year with only the bare minimum of effort. Plus, with Madden, they’ve got a much more popular sport to work from so again, they can count on a certain number of sales with little effort.

      Baseball doesn’t have that luxury so even if it’s the only game in town, it’s still going to have to work for its sales.

  • MVP Baseball!!!!

  • Larryperry697

    baseball is so lame anyway 

  • Despite what you all think, less competition is just bad for everyone.  It is a damn shame.  

  • Clintbeastwoods

    EA can you please do something about the cheating that is taking place online? The people who use lag switches and the people who ip boot! There has to be some sort of way to tweak your systems to fight this sort of thing! Is there a way that the game or servers can recognize shady business. Perhaps a 3 green bar graph to represent connection strength at the start up screen and visible throughout the game so you can see during a crucial 3rd down play or a game winning fg attempt whether or not the connection is still strong or being messed with?

    • mcmax3000

      Would it not make more sense to take this stuff to their official forums, or their support team, instead of the comments section of a blog post about 2K Baseball?

      • Clintbeastwoods

        People have been begging EA to do something to deter the cheaters online for years now but those cries have fallen upon deaf ears.

        • mcmax3000

           I have no doubt that EA is doing nothing about it… Doing nothing is one of EA’s specialties…

          However, that still doesn’t explain what there is to accomplish by posting a comment directed towards EA in the comments of a blog post about 2K Baseball.

  • Clintbeastwoods

    I wish Madden would get cancelled!

  • Matthew Self

    I bought it because I love baseball, but it was so disappointing to see the awkward game play for fielders. Reminded me of an arcade game from the 80s — Dragon’s Lair. It’s enough that I’m actually OK with no baseball game for the xBox. If it can’t be done right, better nothing at all.

  • ……

    with this news, the sports gaming world looks smaller than ever……doesn’t sound good anyway you look at it……..about 10 years ago, there would be at least 3 companies making a game for each sports genre…….now, its either a single company or two at the most, smh

  • Truetrue85

    Well isn’t that just great. Unless SCEA begins to use 2K’s analog pitching (SCEA’s blows and you know it!) and fixes their online play… it looks like I wont be buying a baseball game next year.

  • Fubar

    RIP and good riddance!

    Now perhaps the team can focus on rebuilding a great Hockey game….And eventually Football game!

  • Skihawks

    It almost sounds like 2K Sports division is more cost to Take Two than what it’s worth.

    Take Two could eventually shut down or sell off 2K Sports which would be awful for sports gamers.

    Take Two has a pretty strong portfolio with non-sports titles. Losing sports titles would eliminate licensing costs. Not to mention its sports titles arent breaking sales records.

    • Ewsgtyh

      Yep. Though I’ll say, 2K Sports would easily and quickly be swept up by another publisher. They may have made one shitty Baseball game, but but their Basketball and Football skills are top-notch, the whole industry knows that and would love to take advantage of it. In all reality, a lot of their sales trouble has a lot to do crappy marketing moreso than the games themselves. A company with the right marketing arm could make 2K a force again.

  • Thank the good lord!! EA jump at this right now!! MVP Baseball 2013!!! please happen

  • Bbiihknoojo

    i didnt like the mvp series and cant understand why anyone did. i enjoyed the 2k series way better. please sony, bring the show to 360.

  • Why mlb2k12 is great i dont see anyone playing OOTP13 and that is truly the best baseball game out there. if this goes then what we lose another game.

    Produce games based on demand release 2 or 3 on one engine then leave it for a year or two and come out with a whole new game instead they use the same engine for a decade people get tired of the exact same thing and the only fix is throwing money for the best players and new higher textures and arenas. MAKE A GOOD GAME AND PEOPLE WILL BUY IT. warning doesn’t this look exactly like the future of the COD series

  • Rovaira2

    I hope they do make more games. I buy their games each year on the PC.. If EA or some other company gets license they don’t exactly have the greatest track records of releasing games on the PC.. Look at Madden for instance.

  • Socal71

    Confirmation that the series is likely dead? Are you retarded? That is not a confirmation of anything moron.

  • dothisman





    Hit em up – THEY WILL HELP U!!