First NBA 2K13 News Coming Soon

Posted May 26th, 2012 at 12:30 pm

2K Sports is now teasing a “big announcement” to come in the next few weeks relating to NBA 2K13. With E3 just around the corner that could the place it happens – or it could simply end up coinciding with the peak of interest in the league when the NBA Finals are taking place in mid-June. Both opportunities have been utilized before for promotions and specifically the announcement of cover athletes. 

In recent years the upcoming time frame has brought news on Kevin Garnett as the cover athlete for NBA 2K9, Kobe Bryant being on the cover of NBA 2K10, Michael Jordan signing on for the cover of NBA 2K11, and the PlayStation Move functionality in NBA 2K12.  Generally it has been those marketing rich type announcements at this time of the year rather than something feature related. In the case of the Move demo at E3 that was for the Sony press conference as they tried to push their motion hardware rather than it acting as a showcase for the game.

Knowing this means setting the proper expectations for a near future NBA 2K13 announcement with the likelihood in mind that it will be either cover related or something else with a very wide scope. It could even have to do with the involvement of celebrities – 2K has been publicly contacting many in an effort to bring them in for a mystery initiative and we already know Justin Bieber will be playing a role in whatever that may be.

While it’s possible that ultimately it could have to do with a feature it would be best not to get up hopes for that given how 2K’s M.O. is to save information on those until closer to release time. This has to be something that will make news to a wide audience and won’t address concerns from past iterations (such as making assurances that online play will be improved). The cover, celebrity involvement, or a basic theme would be the most likely news to come out whether that happens at or following E3 in early June.

  • Zachchapman11

    How about some good online play?  Biggest flaw with 2K12 IMO. 

  • can we get some current players on the cover please….legends were nice but played out now

    • I’m still trying to figure out why LeBron James hasn’t been on a cover yet.

      • CLEfan4LIFE

        He wants a lot of money to be on it is my guess.

      • Hungryandrew

        Because Lebron has been in the league for 9 years but always choke in the clutch/playoffs. The ringless Prince James have to piggy back on D.Wade

        • STFU BITCH

          good job plagiarizing skip bayless fuck boy 

        • Right, because guys like Jordan, Magic, Bird, and Kobe didn’t have help, right?

          And Jordan didn’t even have a ring before his 27th birthday. Kobe got his relatively early because he fell into a great situation, coming to the Lakers with a superstar Shaq.

          Let’s be honest – Wade is on the downside of his career. He has bad knees and legs in general (always was injury prone) and though he is explosive, he’s not getting any better or younger. LeBron has maintained statistically whether Wade or Bosh struggled, but LeBron piggybacks on Wade? GTFO.

          • CLEfan4LIFE

            Kobe was already on the Lakers, Shaq went to him, therefor making Kobe look a lot better. Same case whit LeBron giong to Wade. Get the point. It’s not a hard concept to understand.

          • Regardless, they fell into each other’s laps. Both made each other better, IMO.

            Also, are you saying Wade makes LeBron look better, or vice-versa? Because last time I checked, LeBron is putting up generally the same numbers in Miami as in Cleveland. 

            I’m not gonna continue to talk about LeBron here. Shit, that’s the precise reason I got banned from OS, because of the “LeBron James” thread. Does nothing but get guys frustrated for no reason.

          • CLEfan4LIFE

            Wade makes Leborn look better only if they win it all. The reason why lebron puts up the same numbers is becuase he didn’t realize that before he left the cavs his team was the best defensive team in the league and the players around him were there becuase they gave lebron the best chance to win. Shooters, and defenders. no matter where lebron goes he’ll have to produce the same way, just like carmelo anthony. the number won’t change. THE TRUTH.

          • get off of here you dan gilbert, low life but fucker. You only put lebron down, so that you can feel better about your shitty life.

          • CLEfan4LIFE

            I’m pretty sure no one’s lives here are better than lebron’s so I’m alright with being told I don’t have a better life than him. Second I’m willing to bet I have a better life going than you, so I feel bad for you and will pray for you so that one day you can contribute to society. Just because I’m from Cleveland doesn’t mean I hate lebron you fuck boy. Funny thing is he’s still my fav player, I just say it like it is. Bandwagon fucks like you just see what’s in the present.

          • SJB

            Clevland sucks dick just sayin……… Plus u are just saying that so no one thinks you are a bad person

          • SJB

            Clevland sucks dick just sayin……… Plus u are just saying that so no one thinks you are a bad person

          • SJB

            Who has the better statline? Lebron
            Who has won the MVPs? Lebron
            Who has carried the Heat through the playoffs? Lebron
            just because D-Wade won one title dosent make him better. Plus Lebron by himself put up 60 win seasons. D-Wade couldn’t do that with Shaq

          • 49ersfan1

            old shaq, the shaq who was as good as jermaine o’neal or omri casspi right now. u aint talkin about magic/lakers shaq, u talkin about heat shaq.

        • KhalidX

           Ringless and paid . I will trade places with him

        • Gay

          HA! Lebron blows… Heat Blows.  Doesnt matter who winds the West, OKC or SA.  They will sweep the Heat in the Finals…   GAY!!!

      • Mulholland

        No ring!!!!

      • Mulholland

        No ring!!!!

  • Rfwill13

    If it is a Saints Row 3 type teaser with 3 seconds of title card saying “CREW WILL RETURN!” then I’m getting it.

  • Whitejuly

    How would Justin beiber have any effect on marketing for 2k. nobody that plays 2k likes him…its like having mike Vick market for dog food

    • Millions of twitter followers….that exposure is huge even if not the ideal market.

      • Dsaf

         so…. a bunch of little girls will see that Bieber promotes 2K. Are they gonna start buying the product all of a sudden?

  • NoFro904

    We all know its Lebron James 

    • CLEfan4LIFE

      pretty sure LBJ is the silhouetted player in the NBA LIVE 13 pictures. So, I’m guessing he will be on the LIVE 13 cover.

      • NoFro904

        Well, no one else deserves it.
        Except maybe Greg Monroe or Rodney Stuckey 😀 

      • I NEVER even noticed that. Thought it was just some random in-house dude.

  • H

    For myplayer please make it easier to do all your drills consecutively… I don’t even do my drills anymore cause it takes so freaking long to do more than one !

    • Keith.

      I’d love to see ’em announce a Vita version, so we could do drills on the handheld. That would be a great way to kill time while the Mrs is watching tv.

  • Lonnie

    free candy and puppies for everyone!!

    • Lonnie

      alright maybe that was uncalled for but i am just tired of all these games having some sort of “big annoncement” when most of the time it turns out to be some sort of gimmic or someway to draw you in when i just wish their big announcement would be that they fixed the bugs and problems as much as they can..nothing against 2k basketball..its an awesome game but i tired hearing year after year a new big announcement..

  • clubsteve

    i’m thinking they’re going to go with lebron james…’s time he get a cover. i’m not sure what else they can offer besides legendary players/teams at this point. i would go in a different direction for 2k13. since the olympics are coming up this summer, how about an Olympic mode or maybe a FIBA mode? including the 1992 Dream Team (with licensed uniforms) would be pretty cool too.

    • clubsteve

      unless EA gets james for their cover first, then there goes that idea……

    • Lonnie

      would love a fiba mode or tornament but doesn’t ea have the rights to that? i remember nba live having fiba teams,my guess is they hold exclusive rights like they do most other things but that would be awesome if they were in 2k

  • OKAFOR43

    How about real accurate rosters? Or how about post release support? And how about how many people who listen to Justin Beiber plays video games??? 

  • I wonder, does anyone think EA Sports/NBA Live will try to make a “big” announcement at E3 to try to steal some thunder at E3?

    In unrelated game news, there are rumors that GTA5 could drop some type of news around E3, so I’m wondering the probability that Live does that as well, since we haven’t really heard anything substantial about it since All-Star Weekend. Heck, not even a screenshot lol.


    • Koolkid28

      lol wut

  • BCKixAzz

    I would love it if they fixed the passing/turnovers.

  • Jpdavis1982

    Just to clarify before I make this post and people start calling me out for not keeping my word lol. I will only be posting about non-Madden related stuff until June 4th. I am looking forward to this NBA2k13 news. NBA2k12 was a great game, I thought 2k11 had better gameplay though. I am hoping that they announce the addition of Inside the NBA with Ernie, Chuck, Shaq, and Kenny. One of the best shows on TV right now. I think it would be awesome to have an Inside the NBA segment either after every night or every week of games in Association mode. I’d love to see the highlights for that day or if done weekly, like a top 10 plays for the week. It would have to be done right, but if they pulled it off it could be one of the coolest additions to a sports game presentation wise.

    • You set yourself up for frustration, you know that?

      And besides – you have the right to post here. Why are you explaining yourself to anyone?

      • Jpdavis1982

        How do I set myself up for frustration? I know it’s unlikely that they would add something like that, I’m just saying that’s what I would like to see. I greatly enjoyed 2k12 and still play it as of today so however they improve it this year is a bonus to me. I’m nearly 30 and I don’t have enough time to invest in video games to get frustrated with them. I just play them when I get free time and try to enjoy them as much as I can. The more realistic the sports game is, the more I tend to enjoy it.

        • It has nothing to do with the game. It’s about you posting on here. If you wanna post, then do that. Don’t worry about what guys think of you. You don’t have to say “Oh I’m not posting until June 4th.” If you wanna believe that Madden will change people’s minds on the 4th, then do that. Don’t say it, then hide when people attack you. First, it makes you look like a coward, and second, it only draws more attention and attacks to you. THAT’S what I mean.

          Point blank: If you wanna post about Madden, then do it. IF you think this series will change, then stand behind it. Because running when they don’t agree with you is only gonna confirm what they already claim to know, which is that you’re an EA employee or shill or whatever. You’re objective, so stick to that. But don’t run lol, especially on the internet.

          • Jpdavis1982

            I agree, it’s hilarious to me that they think I work for EA

          • Amen_Ra

            You might not work for EA but both you dudes obviously want to be down. All the Madden hyping between the two of you is the worst I’ve seen since Ian Cummings first year

          • Dude not one time have I hyped the game up, and you know that. I told Jp personally that he hypes the game WAY too much, but you can never claim I’ve hyped this game.

            In fact, if you can find three – hell even ONE – post where I’m HYPING the game up, then I’ll never post again.

            Because all I do is TRY to comment on the subject at hand. And I stay objective. As I’ve said before, if anyone asks me what I don’t like about Madden, I’ll tell them. Period.

  • Larryperry697

    2k will have new’s on madden13,my guess

  • My panties are getting wet knowing Justin Bieber is in the game xD

  •  Fouls need to be fixed (they almost got it right in 2k12) bring back Crew and Online Leagues. Online Services (i.e. 2k insider/ NBA Today) need to be fixed, the ability to customize your player with goggles, Add more legends teams, PS Vita support, a halftime show, more MY Player voices, All-Star Weekend, find a new sideline reporter, and more than anything 2k needs to be more active with their post-release support

  • KhalidX

    Justin Bieber? What!!!?

  • I recently played 2k12 since Gamefly sent it to me. I thought it was really good now the lockout is over hopefully they fix some things in association. Change player roles some guys are happy being 6th men like Ginobili, Jason Terry, and Harden(for now) just because you have a good rating does not mean that you want to start. Change the whole loyalty thing we came in knowing D-Will will test FA yet he always re signs. Howard always re signs too. Need to fix the freezing problems that happen at times.

  • Tish

    I have bought 2k the past 3 years, but am not going to buy it again until they fix Association mode. There are just so many things in there that piss me off, especially how minutes are allocated to the rotation players and how player roles and happiness system is broken. You basically have to control all 30 teams if you don’t want something relaly stupid to happen.

    • The frustrating thing about 2K is that there are so many LITTLE problems and issues in the game. And because there’s so many, they all add up and frustrate the hell out of you. 

      It’s like the complete polar opposite of EA Sports titles, namely the football ones, where you have a couple bigger problems, whether it be the tendency bug or the ODs freezing, etc. 2K12 just has so many little frustrating things it drives me crazy almost every time I play it.

    •  Thats what I mentioned too. I think they need to re do roles completely and the whole play for a winner, financial, and loyalty. Stop with the play for winner they are in the pros everyone wants to win either drop it or change the way it sounds.

      Coaches need to play a role more in getting players which means teams should not change coaches every damn season. A great coach can have guys check egos making them happy coming off bench.

      Have player test FA but have a list of teams an have their original team be 1-3 unless they are pissed. Always new CBA better be in no need for a 80-85 getting 100million dollars if potential is already reached. Contracts get stupid in year 4.

  • Gy3

    my guess is dynamic season like they put in mlb 2k12.

    • Jkrr

      Hope not since that hasnt even worked.

  • Jesus

    Keep Michael on the cover because he is still the most marketable basketball figure in the world. Obviously fix the game play but once I got used to the gameplay this year I started to really enjoy the game. My Player needs to get better. What I truly want is more legends. We need Iverson. Shaq during the 3 peat, Barkley, Reggie Miller, Bob Cousy, Elvin Hayes, Mikan and Lenny Wilkens. 

    Also just make another College Basketball game. Its long over due. 

    • Jesus

      One main problem to me in 2k12 was that offensive rebounding is still broken although it was much better then 2k11.

      • Efrwes

        in my player, ur team, no matter what team, sucks, and u always miss shots..

  • hamburger

    I never even saw Jordon play, he is overrated get a current player back on the cover please

    •  so because you never seen the guy play that make him overrated lol wow that is logical.

      • hamburger

        players better then MJ Rondo, Ray Allen, Kevin Gannett, Paul Pierce 

        • hamburger

          most people who watch hoops right are too young to have seen Jordon anyway

  • Rogauthi

    How about College Hoops 2k13… I am almost getting tired of playing College Hoops 2k8

    •  Someone needs to step up an do a college bball game whether its 2k, EA, or some other company.

    • 49ersfan1

      why college when u have professional?

      • College sports has way more than Pros. In college players change every year recruiting is better than signing and March Madness is better than playoffs.

        2k association gets boring maybe because it is flawed. I know how to create a team with no one complaining but the cpu has no clue how to. Coaches change every year even when a team changes. Nobody signs contracts in FA until the final day an they pick odd teams. FA and contracts are broken everyone seems to get 11-20million when they shouldn’t. Just not even close to being real like.
        Same with football games. More can be done in a college game.

        • 49ersfan1

          i see were ur going.. can u put more details plz.. i actually liked that paragraph u wrote even tho college sports bore me.

  • 49ersfan1

    nba live 13: kyrie irving or lebron james
    nba 2k13: lebron james or chris paul

    • sarcasm

      nba live: Kwame Brown
      nba 2k: Darko Milicic 

      • 49ersfan1

        nba live 13: luke walton
        nba 2k13: kwame brown

      • 49ersfan1

        why theres no nba cover curse like madden

  • Myahoo94

    more realistic my player mode, allow my my player to pick which jersey he wants to wear, penny hardaways shoe, realistic all star weekand, and allow rising stars to wear their team jesrsey, theres alot 2k need to improve

  • Brandon Darling

    In My player mode they need to fix the speed on everyone

  • Brandon Short

    As I type this comment, let it be known I paid no attention to 2K12 after the way 2K screwed up 2K11, so I don’t know what’s been implemented in 2K12.

    But 2K12 should bring some things back from 2K10, like the Dunk Contest for starters. With Jam being the only competition for a street ball style game, they should really expand Blacktop. Not having Slam Dunk practice and contest in 2K11 was pretty horrible. 

    I’m not really an online gamer, but I do feel the pain of not having crew games. They were pretty fun IMO. 

    My Player mode needs to revert back to 2K10/2K11-pre-patch status. Also, the option to choose jerseys before My Player games would be awesome.  Something I remember from MLB 2K that I never understood not being in NBA 2K was having different skill points for different aspects of your game. In MLB, you earned skill points for Fielding, Hitting, Baserunning, and pitching(if you were a pitcher). You could get Offense, Defense, Physical, and Mental points for doing things like scoring, playing good D, making hustle plays or smart/clutch plays and get points in each area. Also it was nice to be able to allocate some points to certain attributes, even if you didn’t fill up the bar(i.e. putting 200 pts on Speed when it costs 2000). 

    Also, a cool gameplay add would be Flagrant/Technical Fouls, as well as the punishment for them.

    The last thing is going way back. Back to NFL 2K5. Bring back the celebrity games, your house, and all those things.

  • Need to fix association like I said in the other 2K post.

     I think they need to re do roles completely and the whole play for a
    winner, financial, and loyalty. Stop with the play for winner they are
    in the pros everyone wants to win either drop it or change the way it

    Coaches need to play a role more in getting players which means teams
    should not change coaches every damn season. A great coach can have
    guys check egos making them happy coming off bench.

    Have player test FA but have a list of teams an have their original
    team be 1-3 unless they are pissed. Always new CBA better be in no need
    for a 80-85 getting 100million dollars if potential is already reached.
    Contracts get stupid in year 4, 2k12 FA part was a disaster nobody tested but when 2-3 yrs pass everyone test and they ask for amounts that are not realistic for them.

  • Jianjl

    For NBA 2k12, Can someone that knows a author name Champione suggest to him that he upload the 2012 Draft Class with Faces V4, V3, V2, and V1 for everyone to access on 2kshare because when I went to 2kshare to download some Draft Classes the players were created instead of the people that uploaded those Draft Classes take some time out to at least Cyberface the players to make them look realistic. I want to see those Draft Classes uploaded to 2kshare on the PS3 Version beacuse me and evryone else wants to enjoy playing NBA 2k video games. Also, it has to look how I saw it on the website: Center and have the other authors of every single download request integrate the rest of the Roster Patches, Player Updates, Jersey an Court Patches and whatever uploaded to 2kshare on the PS3 Version of NBA 2k12.

  • nbafeen23

    yoo the my player should be way better nd they should add some lockout games in nba blacktop with the crowd nd the trash talker and also relive some good moments in the nba