NCAA Football 13 Heisman Mode Details

Posted May 30th, 2012 at 1:15 pm

EA Sports today released details on the new Heisman Challenge mode for NCAA Football 13. The mode provides up to 16 former Heisman winners to choose from and add to any (2012) team for a single season in which the main goal will be to surpass their historic stats and milestones.

Barry Sanders, Andre Ware, Herschel Walker, Robert Griffin III, Marcus Allen, Charlie Ward, Eddie George, Desmond Howard, Carson Palmer, and Doug Flutie will be available to everyone. Downloading the demo will unlock Jim Plunkett, Archie Griffin, and Tim Brown.

Tim Tebow, Mark Ingram, and Matt Leinart are exclusively available via pre-order at Gamestop – but it’s hard to imagine anyone taking that offer over saving $15 on the game and getting the exclusive Nike Pro Combat uniforms at Amazon.

Check out screenshots of many of the players included in the mode in the gallery, FB album, or G+ album. Note that all the images are taken of the player’s backs which is curious. Continue on to check out the trailer and leave any thoughts in the comments! 

  • Keith.

    Of all the hair-brain modes and gimmicks that the clowns at Tiburon have cooked up over the years, this one really takes the cake.

    Talk about an epic fail.  I’m convinced that if this gimmick mode and bullet-time crap doesn’t get Haumiller and company fired, then nothing will.

    • I thought this mode was predictably uninspired. I’m not sure how much weight I’d put on the value of Heisman Challenge for NCAA 13 but if the product is disappointing again like last year then spending time on it will warrant the criticism. 

      • The irony of this mode is that it’s named the Heisman CHALLENGE, yet they didn’t make it really challenging at all. In fact, there’s no “challenge” whatsoever.

        Maxed-out ratings above 100. Reaction Time that looks as if it regenerated itself virtually every play. And above all, the ability to choose your own plays. Meaning if I use Eddie George or Barry Sanders, I could probably rush for 2000, 3000, heck 4000 yards JUST by choosing nothing but running plays and abusing reaction time and the ratings.

        I bet there’s a “score” that’s accumulated over the season too. And LEADERBOARDS!

        Challenge accepted. /sarcasm

    • Jpdavis1982

      I feel the same way, only thing I was saying at OS was that they did do a pretty decent job of making the players look like they did when they were playing. If you look at my tweets it was all about this being a gimmick feature.

      • Jpdavis1982

        And Keith you should take notes from someone who knows how to make things happen. Spend your time complaining to developers who can actually make a difference, not wasting time posting on here where it will make NO difference in the long run. I tweet the developers of NBA2k, Madden 13, NCAA 13, on an almost daily basis anytime I have a complaint or suggestion to improve the game. I’m no fanboy in any way, I’m probably doing more to make these games better than most people on here EVER have that waste their time making crap up about me like I work for EA or whatever.

        • Jpdavis1982

          I spent the last 2 years complaining to Phil Frazier and Mike Young about the horrible commentary in Madden games. If after I’ve played the game this year and it’s not up to par than nobody will be telling the developers before me. Same thing goes for June 4th, I will be on them if they announce some gimmick feature, they already know this. Mike Young creative director of Madden 13 knows me by name.

          • Crimson

             ” Mike Young creative director of Madden 13 knows me by name.”

            Meanwhile, over at EA Tiburon~

            “Collins, get “Davis” in here. I need to rub one out. That little rat bastard loves taking it on the chin. Tell him to keep throwing June 4th out there, keep trying to get the people talking about us.. Gotta love these little EA interns hanging around here, willing to work for free.”

          • I must say, you post some funny stuff. And I tried to defend the dude but he’s taken the nut-hugging to the next level.

          • Jpdavis82

            You guys are great, the stuff you come up with. All I said was that if Madden announces some gimmick on June 4th that I would be on them and letting them know how upset I was. That’s nut-hugging? UM ok

          • Jpdavis82

            Tweeting the developers does make a difference, look at the scoreboard banner, zoomed cam, etc… You guys can think what you want to think

          • I was partially joking. I don’t really care. But it does com across as if you wanna work for EA Sports.

            Shoot, that’s not a bad thing if you really have a vision for the game. And lol, a job is a job.

            Sometimes, though, you’re over-zealous with some of the things you say regarding EA.

          • Bro I can’t defend you anymore. This is some next level nut-hugging right here.

            I mean, I’m positive and all, but DAMN SON. Not even Kobe fans nut-hug like this.

          • Amen_Ra

            Yeah man, dude is on one. He a sucker B

          • Eagleyedesigns

            Yeah, and where is Frazier now?  Selling hotdogs at a buggy cart on Skid Row.  Fuckin’ douchebag…Young is next…

          • Jpdavis82

            Young is one of the best hires EA has ever made, he works for NFL Films and gives them connections that most games never are able to get.

          • Keith.

            You also have been running your trap about what a big difference Cam Webber was going to make in this, his second year overseeing Tiburon football.

            Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

          • Jpdavis1982

            This is Cam Weber’s first year in charge, do your research. Now let’s see how the game actually turns out before we jump to conclusions.

          • Keith.

            Wrong again, dude:

            “Cam Weber Talks About His Vision, Duties, and Passion for Madden 12”


          • Keith.

            This “research” took me all of 2 seconds.  

            “First, who is Cam Weber?  Cam Weber is the GM of football titles at the EA SPORTS Tiburon Studios.  Cam is responsible for overseeing both NCAA Football 12 and Madden NFL 12.” 

          • Keith.

            And this article just so happened to have been written by a Game Changer — better be more familiar with their work, if you really want to become one someday.

          • Jpdavis1982
          • kbomb1upc

            This was Cam Weber first full year. He came in February where most have the planning was already completed. I will at least give the guy a full year to see what he can do. He doubled the Madden team and pushed the release date back a couple of weeks. Lets just hope he can deliver on their promises.

          • Eagleyedesigns

            Then if his “connections” are so great, why in the fuck can’t Tiburon get instant replay to look good in Madden, why can’t they put in multiple NFL Film-like playable camera angles, why is everything so rocky, unfinished & shaky.  Why are the cut scenes cut-off with instant replay, why do we have the same goddamn, motherfuckin’ penalties, why aren’t there enough penalties, why aren’t they called like a real game, why don’t sliders work, why is there still graphic morphing, why do the sidelines look like shit, why aren’t there no in-game saves, why are there still useless gaming modes when the game plays like shit, when in the fuck are they going to bring the “real” owner mode back, why do I still play Madden on the PS2, why do they not have all of the alternate uniforms, why do I throw for at least 20 interceptions a season, why do I always get stopped at the 1-yard line after a nice long catch, why can my offensive skill player turn on a dime, why does my RB run funny, why in the fuck is the Surprise Onside kick in the game, I know, “Shenanigans”, what the fuck is it that Tiburon does for the 8 month development cycle, now that NCAA is really screwin’ the pooch after the shit they dropped today, Madden BETTER fucking pick up the slack on June 4th.  Why don’t you ask your boy, Mike Young, to answer these questions for the community…THat’s OK, he’ll be right next to Frazier scratching his balls as he lays the mustard down at the hotdog stand on Skid Row.

          • Jpdavis1982

            The reason you throw for at least 20 interceptions a season is because you suck at Madden, same reason you get stopped at the 1. The NFL Films replay stuff is coming this year, I hope they fix the way players run this year, bothers me too. The surprise onside kick is in the game because it’s in real life, do you even watch football? People abuse the surprise onside kick, but it’s a part of the game. That’s not EA’s fault though, that’s the cheeze fest kids online.There’s graphic morphing in EVERY sports game, EVERY single one. I don’t know why they don’t have all the alternate uniforms, I’m sure they will have more this year. I don’t like how players turn on a dime either, only Devin Hester should be able to do that.

          • Eagleyedesigns

            Yeah, dipshit, I watch football and the surprise onside kick has been used THREE times in  the last 8 seaasons of the NFL, where pass interference is called, on an average, 2.8 times an NFL game, compared to once a season in NCAA/Madden…You totally missed my point…Do YOU watch football?

          • Jpdavis1982

            They do need to improve the rate at which Pass Interference is called I agree. I’ve probably been watching football longer than you’ve been alive

          • Jpdavis1982

            Your grammar is the equivalent of someone fresh out of high school so I’m assuming you’re what 18? You don’t have to curse all the time to get your point across. You’ll sound smarter if you expand your vocabulary past 4 letter words.

          • Eagleyedesigns

            I’m willing to bet that I’ve been watching football since you were just a thought in your daddy’s pants…I am way older than you, and that is the way I fucking talk, if you don’t like it, don’t read it.  And, yes, I have a college degree, and yes, I make way more motherfucking money than you… 

        • Keith.

          Maybe you’re right.  But I get more pleasure exposing these douchebags for the fools that they are on here, than I’d ever get for being yet another guy on twitter asking them to add in-game saves.  As evidenced by the (unfortunate) lack of success that the Broadcast Camera Club has had these past however many years — the guys at Tiburon just don’t listen to polite requests.  They do whatever the fu&* they want to do, and expect us to like it.

        • Amen_Ra

          Yo man please stop with your nonsense.  You aren’t making a damn bit of difference hugging nuts on Twitter.  Those chumps know about in -game saves, online franchise, better OL/DL interaction, etc. they are just content  with dropping gimmicks for micro-transaction cash every year.

          The biggest trick Myspace/Twitter and Facebook ever pulled on internet users was have them believe someone gave a fuck about their voice.  Suckers running around talking about they got 50+ friends and spoke directly to XXX.  

          Ninja Please!

          • Keith.

            “Those chumps know about in -game saves, online franchise, better OL/DL interaction, etc. they are just content  with dropping gimmicks for micro-transaction cash every year.”
            That about sums it up.

    • O

      cant wait to play it wit Barry sanders at SMU, and RGIII at TEXAS!!! yall just hatin fags

    • Briz1726

      Your comments are getting old real quick , why do u even resd these articles if u hate madden & ncaa so much ?

      • Keith.

        Here’s a solution for ya — don’t read my comments.  Just enjoy whatever garbage Tiburon has coming your way this year.

  • Honestly, the only reason I can think of for doing this mode is for the 360 achievement that is likely to accompany it.

  • dcu

    Amazon saved this game for me…. This is stupid a waste of space… Smh

  • Keith.

    I wonder how Tiburon can say with a straight face that there isn’t enough room on the disc for certain things, and then turn around and add 64 Heisman winner videos that have to be taking up a TON of space.

    Or how Tiburon can say they don’t have time to add in-game saves or a broadcast camera angle, which have been requested for 8 years, but then turn around and introduce Bullet Time, a feature that nobody has ever asked for.

    Where’s jpdavis?

    • Keith.

      Edit:  Nevermind — I see he’s busy doing damage control over at OS.  Lol.

  • Eagleyedesigns

    Now, this IS FUCKING STUPID.  PERIOD.  “There goes Walker around the corner and to the end zone, where he is brought down by CB #9 and FS #33, just before he croses the endzone!  Wow, what a play…”  Wow…”Hey, Marcus Allen, just think if you would’ve had on the NIKE PRO COMBAT uniforms back in the day like you do in NCAA 13, how much faster you could’ve been…Well, now I can break your records!”  What a fucking JOKE and an EPIC FAIL…Goodbye Hamburglar and the rest of your fucking lazy-ass fucking team…I can’t believe that you cocksuckers sit around a fucking table in pre-production and think this crap up.  NOBODY IS GOING TO PLAY THIS SHIT, SO QUIT WASTING OUR MOTHERFUCKING TIME…Who in the fuck is going to play with a goddamn time vampire like Doug Flutie on a 2013 roster?  FUCKING STUPID and a complete waste of development production…Ooooh, but we get pretty clouds and 25 different pass trajectories…WOW!  Fucking suck me off now, I can’t fucking wait until this games drops…NOT FUCKING BUYING…

  • It’s new, adds something to the game without taking anything away, I dig it.

    • Keith.

      The webcast said they’ve got 64 videos in the game of these Heisman guys sitting around shooting the shit about their playing days.  Not to mention all of the development resources that went into adding this crap.

      Under the circumstances, I’d argue this crap mode and Bullet Time gimmick are definitely taking things away from the rest of the game.  

      • By “taking  anything away” I meant things I actually give a f++k about and have already been in the game. Can’t take away something that was never there.

  • If the gameplay has improved.

  • Eagleyedesigns

    I love the podcast for this today when they were demoing the game…THEY THREW NOTHING BUT INTERCEPTIONS…The fucking guys that made the goddamn game threw NOTHING BUT PICKS…”Tear, tear…weep…weep…” HA HA HA!

    • Keith.

      Yep.  Did you see the one where the developer scrambled with his QB all the way to the left, and then threw across his body all the way to the right side of the field, hitting the WR between the numbers?

      No wonder this miserable game is in the state that it’s in, with these clowns at the helm.

      • Eagleyedesigns

        Yeah, I saw that one too…Funny shit.  They can’t even play their own game…Hahahaha…

  • I think one thing that may have been missed is that the Reaction Time looks to be a “feature” in Road To Glory mode too.

    The dude they had show off the mode though, sucked ass. Totally didn’t do it any favors. I mean, why would reaction time matter when you’re running a route, or when you’re deciding who to throw to? All it does in those situations is make it ridiculously easier to make simple plays. The only justifiable situation for it is in open-field situations. Like if I wanted to pull off a Mike Vick type scramble, or a Barry Sanders-type run. Not just to make a damn catch or completion. If you need to slow the game down to make a pass, then play on Varsity.

    All this did was show me that the NCAA series involves a lot of guys who don’t know football, and who don’t know what the hell they’re doing. They would’ve been better off just talking about it, then showing the trailer because THAT looked a hell of a lot better than that live demo BS.

    • Keith.

      “All this did was show me that the NCAA series involves a lot of guys who don’t know football, and who don’t know what the hell they’re doing.”
      Agreed.  I’ve been saying this to anyone who would listen for 7 or 8 years now.

  • Crimson












    • Rm7280

      I concur

  • Ptcommish

    Sorry to disagree with most posters, but I am excited about this. I’m an older player who grew up on games, and the opportunity to play w. Marcus Allen, Barry Sanders, etc is very intriguing.  So what its modern day?  I’m not 100% sold on the reaction time mechanic, but still.  Instead of creating a player, I have the actual player with his attributes.  

    Its cool if you respect college football history.I can’t believe all the negativity on this page.  I think the younger generation is spoiled. These games are beautiful, play well but are flawed.  Two years ago, NCAA was on top of the world with the impressive NCAA ’11. In one year they are the anti-christ?

    Don’t buy the game then and see it go the way of college basketball and 3rd party baseball.

  • CLEfan4LIFE

    HAHA Bullet Time or Reaction Time or whatever the fuck that garbage is. what is this NFL BLITZ haha. wow these guys really outdid themselves this year. Just when I thought they couldn’t possibly think up any shittier gimmicks, yuuuuuppp heres some more.

    why the fuck would I want to see someone using Eddie Geroge on the michigan wolverines. that would make me puke. I’m sure eddie would puke himself. what a STUUUUPID FUCKING IDEA this is. 

    I love how the one guy they have working there says he played college football for the gators and he played QB and always has his nat’l champ ring on. what a fucking douchebag. Bro you prob (wait, no, I willing to bet that you) rode the pine and were a walk on and grabbed water for either Tebow, Leak, or Brantley. Let alone washed their jock straps after each practice. Dude obviously knows very little about football if he actually wants to put his credibility on the line and then be apart of this abomination of a “sim” football game.

    These fools working on this game obviously don’t know a lick of football and should all be fired today. Just release the shit they have now and then give up on making college football. shits a flatout joke and no one deserves to get ripped off buying this mess.

    • Dlsf8607

      I am now definitely going to use Eddie George on Michigan just to annoy the crap out of Ohio State fans.

      • CLEfan4LIFE

        it’s a good idea, right lol

  • I have to say that I have arrived at a point in my life that I never thought I’d come to. I actually don’t care about how bad this game is going to be (in relation to progressive development that is). This is NCAA 11.3 and for some reason, I’m not even mad about it. I remember being “giddy” at screenshots, videos, and any sliver of news about my favorite video game franchise. That’s all gone now. I’ve gone through the stages of grief: denial, rage, etc and now I’m at acceptance.

    I accept that in this generation there will never be an awesome version of NCAA or Madden. I accept that engine is broken. I accept bugs. I accept poor defensive line play. I accept lackluster audio and full immersion. I accept that I’ll still buy it and not even worry about the fact that I traded in last year’s version, NBA 2K12, and WWE12 to get it for $20. I accept that I’ll be there at 12am or 10am to pick it up to play for hours on end.

    However…if Playstation Orbis or whatever they’re going to name it comes at us with this same effort, I’ll be out forever. I’m 31 with two kids and I’m perfectly fine doing something else with my time.

    • Crimson

       That was an awesome post brother. I feel exactly the same about their next gen effort. Thanks for sharing your feelings man. Good stuff.

  • Skihawks

    I like the addition but I would prefer classic teams and uniforms.

  • Bobo

    I like gimmicks.  They sell.  But this is just pure shit.

    What is the challenge in heisman challenge??
    I can buy any ncaa game, rename the players, and put all these fucks into one big-ass dynasty.  And add non-heismans too….brady, manning, tomlinson, revis, etc etc. and call it college all time all stars. 

    EA provided nothing new here with this mode.  Truly a letdown.  Cant wait for another kick in the twig and giggleberries on the magical date of june 4.   On that note…20 bucks says they dont do anything to improve create a team or re-locate a team in franch.  it will be the same shitty logos and stadium builds as the last 6 years. 

    and didnt jpdavass promise no more posts until then???? twice???

  • FootballFan

    Chalk this up to another useless mode, that I won’t play.  It is getting beyond asinine with EA sports.  Why?  Why waste time on this when your WR/DB interactions are non-existant.  Why waste time on this when on any given passing play there will be one or more offensive linemen looking around like they have nothing to do in pass protection.  Why is that I will see less than one pass interference or illegal formation call a game?  Seriously who said at their iniatial meeting to divide up resources, budget and time “Hey guys, I wonder what Charlie Ward would’ve looked like if he was a Gator? Would Barry Sanders still have been awesome if he went to Oklahoma instead of State?”  That person needs their ass, kicked as does the jack ass that approved that idea.  Mode looks week, and again I could give two shits about it.  Looking less and less like I will pick this pile up, even at the $45 amazon price.

  • Jumpman2033

    This will be a “mode” that I never touch.

    Maybe I’m the only one, but I would love for Madden and NCAA to COMPLETELY ignore or strip away all “extras” and simply work on the on-field gameplay. Rework player models, running, jumping, juking, spinning, shuffling, throwing, tackling, catching and any other animations. Incorporate real time physics and better AI. If there is time left over drastically upgrade the commentary. Once they accomplish that then work on RTG/Superstar modes and whatever other bonuses.

  • Quay_901

    I agree with most of the stuff that everyone is saying, bad thing is E A sports is bitches and bought all the football rights to everything because it’s the most beloved and profit sport of this generation and more to come. they know people like me Love football is going to buy the game regardless because I love the sport so much and I just want to play a new football game.

  • Keith.

    I think 2 other groups deserve special mention on a day like today.

    EA Game Changers. Why don’t they speak out against this shit when they’re not busy being wined and dined down in Orlando? Think I just answered my own question, but still, they should be called out for hyping the game whenever they returned.

    Also worthy of some mention: websites run by Game Changers, like The Gaming Tailgate. I just checked out the forums over there and, not only are the Mods (who I believe are all GC’ers) going to great pains to defend the inclusion of this crap in the game, they’re also mocking OS posters for being so negative. Makes me want to puke.

    • FootballFan

      It’s is why i hold 0 stock in what GCers say.  There has never been a GCer who has given the community any kind of feedback that could be construed as negative about anything EA has shown them.  Prior to the GCer program there were some guys who would say how they didn’t like something or thought something wasn’t going to work right.  Those guys have been left out of the GCer program and subsequent community days.

      Before jpdavis comes in here and says how if the GCers don’t give negative feedback at community day (which he is clearly trying to get invited to) they don’t get invited back.  STOP that is not what I am saying.  I’m saying they never say to us the communities they “represent” what they saw that is or could be problematic.  That only comes after they have hyped that game and people have spent the money do they say.  “We told them that _____ needed to be tweaked or changed.” Never in the lead up to the release day.  Which is why I take their “praise” with a grain of salt.

      • Keith.

        I agree with everything you said, except I don’t stop at taking what they say with a grain of salt. I think it’s also important to expose them as the EA shills that they are (rather than the “community representatives” they purport to be).

  • Bogwughin

    Just another reason why that sloppy bitch fat fuck will be fired after this year.  FUCK YOU EA SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Newkirkcmj

      You couldnt do any better

  • Nobody seems to understand this: The reason that NO company will ever go all-out on a yearly release product and try to make a mind blowing release is because it would leave them with less (or nearly nothing) to “improve” or tout as a “new feature” in the game each year (essentially what happened during the PS2/Xbox era of Madden and NCAA). It’s all about marketing. No competition = less improvements. They can put half the effort and still get all the profits. When there’s competition in the sales department, you better bet your ass EA will step their game up 100%.

    Until then, complaining about the game to EA gets you almost nowhere. Sit there and take the games for what they are; games with good graphics that provides average fun and boring/broken game modes. As long as there’s no competition, you will be sold an average game.

    • The only way EA steps up is if they’re the clear “second” option. It’s like they need that motivation, that “push” to put in work on games, so to speak.

      You can look at how EA approached the NHL series. You can look at how they approach the FIFA series. Heck, even if you want to look at non-EA Sports games, you can look at how EA tackled the Battlefield 3/MW3 competition, and even how they pushed THPS out of the skating gaming market with the Skate series.

      Not saying EA ever will, but that may be the only scenario in which EA Sports would put in the work sim gamers expect. Unless they get guys who wants to go towards the sim route, which it remains to be seen (at least with Madden for now).

      • Crimson

         “The only way EA steps up is if they’re the clear “second” option.”

        That’s just the way it is. Plain and simple. Shame on the NFL.

  • Qh_rhema2006

    dude this is ridiculous i think they trying to appeal to the casual gamer with this one. i couldnt imagine a hardcore fan spending time with this mode, its a complete waste in my opinion and blasphemous to see charlie ward in a gators uniform or eddie george in a michigan,notre dame uniform. i will not touch this mode. like a post earlier, all this game need to focus on is play now, online dynasty and offline danasty, everything else needs to be trashed..smh

    • So let me get this straight:

      You would prefer EA alienate the majority of their fanbase by removing those “gimmicks” and “casual gamer” features? Because as much as you may not like it, those same features and modes keep the game relevant. These modes drive sales.

      Of course this is for casual gamers. You realize people will buy this game JUST to use RG3, or Tebow, or Eddie George, or Barry Sanders? If this game doesn’t have these modes, then NCAA wouldn’t sell, guaranteed. This isn’t the NFL or NBA, the two most popular sports in the nation. College football probably comes after the NFL, NBA, MLB, and possibly college basketball (in general).

      • Qh_rhema2006

        i dont think majority of their fan base is casual gamers first of all, and i dont think heisman challenge will be the reason they sell alot of copies. the reason ea was the worst company is not because casual gamers took the time to go to sportgaming websites and complain about the lack of effort put into their game. the reason the game is relevent is because of hardcore fans who demand a playable offline and online dynasty. Even if they left this mode out, the casual gamer still would play the game whether that be RTG, or play now, because all this really is, is a RTG mode with legends. all the casual gamer would have to do is, create a player and put all the ratings to a 100 and slap the legend last name on the back of the jersey and play one season. thats basically what they did.

        FOR THE CASUAL GAMER: if you want to play with legends dont waste 60 bucks to do so, just buy an old copy of ncaa 12 and play one season with Baylor and boost RG3 ratings up to 100 and there you go. Oh!
         you want to play with Eddie George “ok i can help you with that, pick Ohio State or any team in the game, create a player, boost his ratings up to 100 and put Goerge on the back of the jersey and BAM! you a Legend.

        As a matter of fact i can do better than EA, i can help you play with Cam Newton, Charles Woodson, Joe Montana, Ron Dayne, Ricky Williams, Gino Torretta( you young boys dont know about him), Reggie Bush, hell i can even get you Lee Corso when he played, just follow my directions from above and put their names on the back of the jersey and BAMMMMM! you got any legend you want.

        Gimme a Break, talking bout these modes drive the sales, what drive their sales are people like me, a hardcore gamer who buy their game regardless of the lack of effort they put into the dynasty modes, because i have know other choice. i played football, i breathe football, i love football and i have to get my fix every year, im part of the reason they are relevent, NOT A CASUAL GAMER.

        • LMAO, you don’t know what a casual gamer is.

          And you think you’re the majority of the sales?

          Tell me, then, why are you complaining about the game? You ARE part of the majority, right? That means you and the sim gamers must be the first guys EA goes to for improvements, right?

          • Qh_rhema2006

            im not complaining about the game im complaininng about the heisman mode which the disc space could have been used  for something other than that

        • Keith.

          I agree. Casual gamers buy COD, BF3, Batman, Kinect Adventures, etc. They’re not the ones spending $60 on a football game using an 8 year old engine, no matter what the dumbasses at Tiburon want to believe.

          I’ve got a twin brother who’s a casual gamer and who’s not a big sports fan. He wouldn’t pick up Madden or NCAA if they were giving it away for free — probably doesn’t even know when they come out. None of the modes or gimmicks will ever matter to people like him.

          It’s been a big mistake by EA to think casual gamers drive sales of football games, and they’ve seen their overall sales numbers go down every year as a result.

          • By casual gamer, I was talking about the gamer I USED to be – the gamer who buys the NEW version just because it’s new LOL. The younger you are, the more you’re gonna be enamored by something being “new”.

            Most guys I know who play Madden wouldn’t even know what’s in a game engine. They don’t care about footplanting or momentum because they don’t even notice or look at the game like that. They buy it because it’s fun and it’s cool to play with friends.

            THAT’S what I mean by casual gamers. The gamers who don’t really take gaming seriously, it’s just for fun or entertainment. Yeah, we all play to win, but most casual gamers just wanna pick the best team and cheese you to death, then let you know about it like they’re a god. Those type of gamers come back for more every year no matter what.

            Now, casual gamers may not drive the NCAA sales, but they sure as hell drive Madden sales. If sales are dropping, it’s because certain people are getting fed up with the game.

        • chris

          my thoughts exactly…this is purely create a player mode maybe enhanced?  Shocking that this is a highlight for nccaa 13.  They are laughing all the way to the bank every year..They will continue to do so until we consumers stop buying this shit, and preordering this crap.

  • Newkirkcmj

    No matter what EA does, No matter what features the put in, y’all are never satisfied.  All y’all do is complain each and every year about each and every game.  It could be worse, we could have one of y’all designing the game.  Which would suck due to the fact none of y’all know how to design a game.  Give these guys a break.  I believe they work hard to put out a decent product. 

    • Keith.


    • love the sarcasm, classic

      wait.. that was sarcasm right..?

  • Qh_rhema2006

    Nobody cant tell me with all the disc space they used for this mode, that they could have gave us halftime shows with highlights, spring games, pre-game analysis, post game analysis, college gamday on campus, interactive sidelines, team celebrations on big plays and first downs in the 4th quater, somebody singing the national anthem before the campionship game, locker room scenes before big games, more stat overlays, keys to victory by the announcers before the game, sideline reports by Erin Andrews, better crowd reactions, how about an Athletic Director Mode where you can add to your stadium or facilities according to how you do in the season(based on a point system) i mean im just throwing stuff out there but something besides this.

    • Wait, so you think you and the sim community are part of the “majority” of sales, yet you’re here complaining and wondering why these things aren’t added to the game?

      If you think the sim or “hardcore” community is the majority for NCAA or ANY game, then you’re out of touch with gaming reality in general.

      • Qh_rhema2006

        dude again, im not complaining about the whole game in general, im complaining about this pointless mode.

        • Qh_rhema2006

          jwaan you know in your heart this mode is garbage and a waste of disc space

          • It’s not pointless. There’s a reason it’s in the game.

  • I liked the gameplay improvements i’ve seen, but i have zero interest in this.

  • chris

    this just in you can now play with a created player in ncaa 13.  Pretty cool, but hasnt this been around for over 5 years now?

  • Jpdavis1982

    Keith, read this If you still think Cam Weber was in charge when Madden 12 was made then I’ll know for sure you’re delusional and there’s no hope in knocking some sense into that thick skull of yours.

    • Keith.

      The article I posted above said that he became the man in charge in February 2011, when Ian Cummings got the boot.  Given the hot mess that was M12, I can see why you want to give him a mulligan.  The fact that it took the first 4 months of his being on the job to figure out a long range plan for Madden (according to your article), also says a lot.

      Besides, even if this was his first year in charge (which it’s not), he’s still the guy on the hook for Bullet Time and their latest gimmick, i.e., Heisman Challenge mode.  Like I’ve said before, “Meet the new boss.  Same as the old boss.”  

      • Keith.

        On a happier note:

        “NEW YORK (TheStreet) — Electronic Arts (Nasdaq:EA) hit a new 52-week low Thursday as it is currently trading at $13.80, below its previous 52-week low of $13.83 with 915,881 shares traded as of 10:55 a.m. ET. Average volume has been 6.8 million shares over the past 30 days. Shares are down 30.2% year to date as of the close of trading on Wednesday.” 

        • Keith.

          And I know this article is about Tiburon football, but I was also glad to see today somebody in the gaming media finally calling out Grand Slam 2 for being the flop that it was:

          “We all know that plenty of critical darlings are commercial flops, and vice versa. Grand Slam Tennis 2, as of May 12, has sold about 80,000 copies worldwide between the PS3 and 360. Top Spin 4? About 760,000. Top Spinsold more in its 10th week of release than Grand Slam did in its fourth. No, those sales numbers don’t approach the NBA 2K series, but they represent a clear victory for 2K unless Grand Slam magically gains a ridiculous amount of momentum. We saw it play out in basketball, and we’re seeing it play out in tennis. Sometimes, quality actually matters.”


      • Jpdavis1982

        You can look at it however you want to, the fact that he took 4 months to work on a plan for Madden just shows how serious he is about it. That article didn’t have anything to do with NCAA and Cam is working on developing Madden, he’s not the executive producer of NCAA, that’s Ben Hammueller or however you say it. We’ll see how much your tune changes after Monday. I’m not going to sit and argue with you about pointless stuff like this. I’m just going to let the facts and the game speak for itself. Monday you will start to see that this isn’t the “Same old boss”

  • Monty

    fucking weak.

  • how is that even a challenge mode?

  • B_illydrake86

    Ok so they’ll let you play as Mark Ingram via pre order,but they didnt put Cam Newton on the game?Prob the best QB ever…WTF??

  • pissed

    why are there no defensive players?

  • I wish we could use Reggie Bush.

  • jit

    Why is reggie bush not on here!!!!!
    He deserves to be