NCAA Football 13 Loses Momentum With First Gameplay Videos

Posted June 1st, 2012 at 11:15 am

EA Sports did well to reestablish some lost interest following a dismal year with NCAA Football 12 by introducing news on gameplay and Dynasty mode improvements first for NCAA Football 13. The positive vibes were somewhat halted when actual gameplay videos released however. With nearly 4K votes cast here is how perception shook out for NCAA 13 soon after the first gameplay videos arrived.

•37% No change and still likely to buy
•24% Discouraged and less likely to buy
•23% Encouraged and more likely to buy
•16% No change and still unlikely to buy

The discouraged number had not hit double digits in a poll for NCAA yet – and factoring in Madden polls only once there topping out at 12% following the disappointing audio reveals. So the 24% that NCAA has received is a glaring concern for EA as consumers were thoroughly unimpressed and maybe even turned off to the product when actually seeing it in action.

With the largely negative response to Heisman Challenge mode NCAA Football 13’s presence at E3 and later on the demo will hold even more importance in trying to create the necessary credibility with those who remain skeptical or find themselves undecided on a purchase.

  • I gotta admit…gameplay videos, to me, are losing their luster. I’m sorry, but I just can’t get into them before I play the game. Especially after NCAA 11’s video that had everyone heated, then I played it and loved the game. It’s becoming pointless damn near for me.

  • PJ

    I hope this and madden are better than they look cause i wanna get both this year

  • Keith.

    Good start to the weekend — stock is down another 47 cents so far today, to $13.15, which I read is a 30 year low for EA.  Burn, baby, burn!

    • Keith.
      • FactCheck


        Please stop talking about the stock market when you know nothing about it. I’m sick of these stock updates from you. They mean nothing to EA as far as their football games are concerned. Do you even realize their stock is going down in a time when a football game isn’t actively on the market? Or that they produce more than sport games? It’s a tech stock. In a down market tech stock don’t thrive. You’re look too much into this.

        • Since it seems you know about stocks, does the whole Sam Keller case with him suing EA and the NCAA, as well as other athletes, have anything to do with it? Because it’s been lower than “usual” I guess since 2009. BUT, that was a quick look. I don’t know too much about stocks to analyze it.

        • Keith.

          Lol — I know a lot more about it than you think, champ.  And I’m sure as hell not going to stop with my TRUTHFUL updates because you said so.  I mean, who the fu&* are you?

          Funny though that you should mention their other games — I’ve got to give them credit, as their non-sports games (Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3) have been pretty big hits.  But their sports games (TW13, SSX, GS2, NHL) — not so much.  Maybe if their sports game division was delivering hits, which it obviously is not, the stock wouldn’t be at a 30 year low and we wouldn’t even be having this discussion.

          • You expect niche games to be hits? Seriously – you consider SSX a true sports simulation? LMAO.

            Let me guess, you were expecting EA’s Skate series to put up Madden numbers, weren’t you?

          • Keith.

            According to an article at OS yesterday, Top Spin 4 sold 760,000 copies — while Grand Slam 2 sold 80,000.

            I’d hardly call a sport that sells 760,000 copies a niche. Rather, I’d just call GS2 a disappointing bomb.

          • Like I said, Tennis games are niche games. Tennis isn’t as popular here as it is in other countries, so tennis games aren’t gonna sell as much here. That’s why they sold more in other parts of the world, namely Europe. That’s according to your favorite site VGChartz.

            SSX isn’t even a true snowboarding sim. It’s a game targeted at a specific audience, such as the THPS remake coming out at this summer. NOW, I agree that maybe it shouldn’t have sold for $60. It may have been better off going as an arcade game for $20. But you couldn’t have expected SSX to be a hit when snowboarding isn’t even a huge sport to begin with.

            And Golf is declining as well. Hell, I used to play the Tiger Woods series when I was younger, because Tiger Woods was that global star who helped sell the game on name alone. Plus, it was pretty cool to create a golfer and have a career, and compete against my stepbrothers and stepfather. But now, Tiger is declining and golf is becoming less interesting. So that wouldn’t have sold well either.

            And the NHL series I’m not familiar with but I expect it to come after football, basketball, baseball, and college sports.

          • Keith.

            “Tennis isn’t as popular here as it is in other countries, so tennis games aren’t gonna sell as much here. That’s why they sold more in other parts of the world, namely Europe.”

            What does this have to do with Top Spin 4 selling 760,000 copies, and GS2 only selling 80,000? 

          • I was making two points.

            1. That tennis is a niche game.

            2. Because it is a niche game (or can be considered one), it would not sell well PERIOD. So to expect EA’s game to be a hit is asinine. Just like expecting SSX, TW13, or even the NHL series to be hits. None of those sports touches the popularity of a football or basketball or baseball.

          • Keith.

            You don’t think 760,000 copies sold of Top Spin 4 is “sold well”.

            And to think EA had expectations that TW13, SSX, GS2, Fifa Street and NHL would sell well, is “assinine”? Okay, man. Tough to argue against someone who has your logic.

          • Mikemck09

             Top Spin has always been superior to any EA tennis game developed… They tried to implicate the analog swings into the game which felt horrible in my opinion… Just sick of these games getting so much tv and internet time because of the money and they are the same game as the previous year come release date….

          • Keith.

            And check out the posts from the article back in February, where Pasta and some other clown were arguing with me about SSX.  Pasta said ” $60 is easily justified for SSX,” and some other due said, “Try getting the level of an SSX snowboarding on a tablet for $1.99. Given the history of the series and online features, this game will easily sell.”

            Sure seems to me like people were expecting big things from SSX, before it bombed, that is.

          • Yeah, all of what, 3 people?

          • Keith.

            Obviously, EA thought it was going to be a hit — in this day and age, where they keep saying they’re delivering “fewer, bigger titles,” somebody there green-lit the development expense.  If he’s not out on the street already, he probably will be soon.  

          • FactChecker

            You make terrible points Keith. If you play a game every year, yeah your marginal utility will decline for it. And you won’t be nearly as satisfied. But I seriously doubt EA Sports is failing because of things like OL and DL interaction in one of their games. “Cover their stock Pasta.” “Tell the truth.” I’m sick of these comments. Pasta has practically laid it out there for you. You just don’t know how to read between the lines. EA stock isn’t failing due to bad games. It’s failing because it’s losing market share to iPhone aps and games. During the PS2 days, game systems had the market all to their selves. As time goes on, and technology gets better, smaller, more efficient, consumers will look to other outlets for gaming. And that is going to be soon because it’s what the younger generation is being brought up on by. And this industry is bottom heavy. People with more spare time, a-hem, younger people are the majority consumers. Now, does EA have an impactful presence with aps or mobile games. Not really. The only impactful share they hold is in home consoles who are by the way becoming extict. You can make the greatest album in the world, but no one will listen to it if it’s only available on cassette. So why spend all their time refining gameplay, when they need to focus on mobil gaming. Something it seems like “Connected careers is hitting on. Dumb ass.

          • FicticousEmailblahblahblah

            And also, keep rooting for EA to fail. Because once they do, no other publisher will pick up their mantle. You won’t magically have 2K again. Failing markets aren’t usually what upstart companies strive to compete in. If that’s the case, go start a record label. Since no one is buying music anymore, I’m sure you can make there.

          • Keith.

            Frankly, I could care less whether EA stays in business or not. I’d just like to see them cough up the exclusive licenses and let the market decide whether they have the chops to make the best game. Us consumers have suffered enough the last 8 long years. If a tanking stock price helps end the misery any sooner, I’ll keep reporting it. All of the people who voted EA the Worst Company in America deserve nothing less, whether people like you enjoy hearing it or not.

          • Keith.

            And your record company example is stupid, btw. There will always be a market for GREAT sports videogames, even in a down economy like this. The Show, NBA2k and even Fifa are proof — those games aren’t going away anytime soon.

          • Remmy

            Phone apps have been around for years, I remember playing Fight Night 3 on my cell phone 5 years ago, you say consoles are going extinct yet Fifa and COD sell more than ever.

    • Tell us about how low Take-Two is going! LOLZ won’t do that, will ya? Nah, let’s just pull random numbers from different sites that fit your argument, huh?

      • Keith.

        Lol…T2 isn’t the one setting a 30 year low with its stock — in fact, it’s not even at its 52 week low.  Good try, though.

        In any case, EA ended up finishing down 50 cents for the day — at a new 30 year low of $13.12.  How’s that exclusive license working out for ya, guys?  lol

        • I love how you deflected the point.

          It doesn’t matter if EA is at a 30-year low. EA’s stock is still higher than Take-Two, the owner of the company you have an uncontrollable Love Jones for.

          Also, wasn’t it you that said the case they’re in had something to do with their stock drop? Which is WAY more logical than simply because the games are being perceived as bad?

          Because, according to your broken logic, if the game has been declining for 6,7,8 years, then why was EA doing so well in stocks from 2004-2008?

          • Keith.

            Which case?  They’ve got a few big ones going on at the moment…lol.  

          • That further leads to my point: That stocks are dropping because of legal issues. NOT because people don’t like Heisman mode. Stop with the inflammatory bs. AND, you’re still ducking T2’s stock dropping.

          • Phil Donahue

             Glad to hear it, because you are simply embarrassing yourself. Try and stick to a topic that you know a little something about, you may fair a bit better when arguing with grownups.

          • Ok. Here’s a topic:

            Let’s talk about how I don’t give one fuck about your opinion. Is that grownup enough for you?

          • Phil Donahue

             LOL, ahhh….sorry, I don’t think you know much about that one either. So….whats your favorite crayon color? I bet its yellow.

          • I take whatever colors your mother gives me. I’m not picky.

          • RL52

            You don’t give a fuck, yet you still reply to everyone.

          •  your a fucking idiot. you went and posted how ea dropped in the stock mocket in the new camera angle on maddden? WHAT THAT FUCK GET A LIFE YOU TROLL


    i dont watch gameplay videos nor do i play the demo,,, i jus buy it… i been buyin since it was billwalsh college football and plan on buyin it 4ever, cant wait 4 da ps4!!!!!!

  • Skyline014

    I just looked at EAs full list of games for e3 and FIFA and Madden were on there but no NCAA…

    • NCAA will be there. They have something they’re announcing at e3 FOR NCAA Football 13 so they’re gonna be there. They were there last year too. They’re gonna show gameplay with it coming out in almost a month.

  • Eagleyedesigns

    You’re fuckin’ a right it did…

  • The problem is this: once again EA attempts to throw in “new” features while gameplay seems lackluster. I have no hope until the engine is rebuilt. Sure, they have the new read and react, but the gameplay still shows the same blocking animations, the defensive AI is still dumb. I just wish they’d spend their entire development cycle on actually improving the game instead of features such as Heisman mode. 

  • Qh_rhema2006

    i just saw on youtube that the new read and react defense they call all new, was in a previous ncaa on the playstation 2/ original xbox where the db’s turned and  look for the ball and actually did a decent job locating the ball while in the air. now they remarketing this as a new feature.

    • Qh_rhema2006

      actually it was ncaa 07 where the db’s turned and looked for the ball

  • Texan

    Hopefully the NCAA & NFL are monitoring this lastest development.The 1st few seasons after 2004, I thought EA would have put it all together, because their ps2 and xbox games had promise. But they stumbled out the gate with the 360 & ps3, and its been hit or miss (mostly miss) ever since. What they should do is just drop kick the demo and release the game in late June, or on the demo date.Demos are never the same as the actual game on disc, that might generate more interest. But if the gameplay sux….oh well!

  • Skihawks

    The true barometer is the demo. Also, polls arent a true reflection. Those that love the series will vote one way while EA haters will vote the opposite.

  • NCAA & Madden SUCKS ASS!! but ill still buy em because i love football and EA is the only football brand on the market. case closed

  • Mikemck09

    Shit football games this year… I guess people are starting to open their fucking eyes… Stop being sheep and don’t settle for average…

  • RL52

    Why would anyone even buy this?

  • Gameplay videos really are not showing what they are trying to patrey

  • I just think they need to go back to the the best game was 05 and 04

  • Gquimby1

    The game hasn’t changed in 5 years except for getting worse. Cool, you polished a turd…now fix your game.

  • JamesDOTBomb

    Omg thank you bro. I’m so sick and tired of.people crying about video games. Like you people exspect a game to change your lives or something. These people are the reason gamers get a bad rap. These people are the reason EA stopped making MLB and NBA games. Complaining about every single detail. Hell I love EA sports. I was raised on it. I’ve owned every Madden every Ncaa and NBA,MLB title they have made since they started. They are the best. Stop wanting a GAME to change the world. Its a friggn GAME.It sounds to me like you fellaz need to get laid lol.