EA Sports E3 2012 Day Zero Trailer Roundup

Posted June 4th, 2012 at 4:00 pm

This has been a day filled with hugely impactful news announcements related to sports games as well as a great of expansion on information for various upcoming titles. This was just the start too as the press conferences only kick off E3 which officially begins tomorrow. Here then is the set of trailers released by EA Sports featuring Madden NFL 13 and FIFA 13 along with the trailer/announcement of the UFC acquisition. 

  • Love that Ray Lewis trailer!

  • Koachvonner

    The Ray Lewis trailer is CLEAN AS HELL!!!

  • john

    Holy shit madden.

  • fantasyboi

    thank u for not putting tebow (jesus) on the trailer

  • fantasyboi

    thank u for not putting tebow (jesus) on the trailer

  • fantasyboi

    thank u for not putting tebow (jesus) on the trailer

  • Remmy

    Holy crap @ that Ray Lewis video. INSPIRING!

    • only EA sports would make a video not focused on its to get you to buy it

      • Remmy

        The engine is an improvement, but still a long way from looking natural.

  • SoulFooder

    Why are so many players jumping into tackles in the Madden video? Looks terrible. I hope that it much more rare in-game.

    • Coolcam28

      It was showing off the engine. The player controls if the runner jumps into tackles or not. Obviously.

      • SoulFooder

        I wasn’t accusing, I was wondering. And the player doesn’t control a CPU ballcarrier.

    • Yeah…I mentioned on Twitter that they’re going to obviously show off highlight-worthy moments in a trailer. But if those are too common it’ll be a big problem.

      • MC130

        Agreed, but they can only “polish” the gameplay for so many years. Glad to see they turned to a physics engine- its a major step in making the game more realistic (of course it will have some faults, that’s to be expected). Honestly, the audio seems to be more in question for me. Any word if the audio has been improved from early showings, Pasta?

      • KAYLAB44

        FINALLY, HOUSTON WE HAVE A GO! For years now we have been asking for Physics “YES” and before we even have the finish product your’ll, including you Pasta already have thoughts of concern “YOUR’LL GATA TO BE KIDDING ME”, all who have thoughts of concern on this site go back and look at the Ray Ray Trailer again including you Pasta, look at the real cut scenes tackles an hits and then look at the tackles an hits in the video gameplay its on point.  Physics going to be a major difference in gameplay, its long over due EA for listening to the fans who have been asking for this engine but better late than never, until i get my hands on a copy am going to save my thanks for later but “FINALLY YES”! 

  • Chris


  • If the developers of Madden had Ray Lewis in their ear every day, the game would never suck. They need him to inspire them.

  • clubsteve

    just posted on my facebook…..dang, ray. this makes me want to play some football.

  • Brandon Short

    EA and Dana White. Two former enemies now teaming up. Funny how money makes people friends.

    • Of course, also, the management that Dana White always complained about have been gone for like 5 years.

  • Joe

    Sorry but that Madden 13 trailer was not that great.  If this new “engine” is so amazing then why not implement it last year?  This generation of consoles have been around long enough, you can’t tell me they just invented this new engine this year.  Then again I have no idea what I am talking about, I don’t design games.  Whatever, enough with the hype just give us the game.

    • You’re right. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Daechaun

    didnt dana white say that he hated EA

  • Mesohorny

    That FIFA video makes my dick so hard. If you don’t play FIFA you need to reassess your life. Best sports game on the planet.

    • Then most Americans need to reassess their lives, because most don’t give a crap about soccer. This is a gridiron nation.

    • Rm7280

      Its EA Sports best product, apologies to NHL12

  • CJ

    I’ll be so sad when Ray Lewis decides to retire. Football won’t be the same without him. Just hafta hope that he gets into coaching. I, for one, would run through a brick wall for the guy!

  • Williamf1218

    Yo pasta, can you find out when that NCAA demo drops? Thanks

    • Skihawks

      Out on 360. PS3 later today.

  • Rm7280

    It looks more like a clean-up then a “new” engine, it is however, welcome.
    Heading to E3 now to see for myself

  • icyInYou

    Ray Lewis trailer just makes me like Ray Lewis more. Not really motivated to buy madden. lol

  • Skihawks

    Not one to get hyped over trailers but that Ray Lewis trailer was fucking sweet!!!!