The Basics on Kinect Integration in Madden NFL 13 and FIFA 13

Posted June 4th, 2012 at 10:00 am

As expected EA Sports unveiled the Kinect for Xbox 360 integration for Madden NFL 13 and FIFA 13 at the Microsoft press conference this morning. The likelihood was always that the voice command functionality would play the prominent role and that has turned out to be the case as no mention of motion controls were made. 

EA will likely be releasing much more detail on the Kinect options (including trailers) for the two games later today but here is a general recap of the functionality – all voice related – that was described at the press conference:

•FIFA 13: Kinect voice commands will allow the user to command the action on the pitch without having to pull up any menus. The ability will be there on the fly to make substitutions, change tactics and formations, and even command AI teammates will be present. Swearing can even result in getting carded by an official!

•Madden NFL 13: Kinect voice commands will allow the user to make pre-snap calls on both offense and defense. Demonstrated and singled out were the ability to call plays in no-huddle, flip plays at the line, make audibles, call hot routes (by identifying player by their actual name), and snap the ball.

Unfortunately from the display it appeared that there was significant lag time with Madden particularly after saying “hike” before the ball was actually snapped. The functionality seems to be more useful for FIFA where the action is continually flowing and changes can be made without having to interrupt the game or control over players to do so.

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  • CeeGee

    Is this the “monumental gameplay” change that was hyped up so much?

    If it is, I couldn’t be MORE DISAPPOINTED!!!

    • No, it’s not. Kinect stuff was already announced last year. The big Madden news comes later today at the EA press conference. 

  • And the disappointment posts begin rolling in, lol!!!

    What bullshit!

  • Im better than you

    Major waste of time and innovation…

  • Keith.

    The market’s not too impressed thus far, the stock has continued to drop to new record lows ($12.88 at the moment).  

    Guess it’s seen for what it is…a gimmick.

    • I really like what you’re doing, Keith. You’re chronicling the disaster that the media refuses to let the public know about. The company is in big trouble, and if this crap shown today is any indication, more trouble is to follow.

      • Keith.

        Thanks, man — all of the gaming media is too busy sucking off EA’s tit to do the job, so somebody’s gotta say what’s really going on.

        • You should have your own website or blog or something. I’m sure you would have a lot of subscribers…..

  • Steve Raycraft

    I’m looking forward to FIFA 13.  I will be nice to “call” for the ball when using my Virtual Pro.

  • Madden and Kinect lol I can see the problems now. I think it will be glitched in someway.

  • Ltirishkeg

    So this seems like a complete waste if you plan to play multiplayer on the same console as your opponnet would hear you yell hike and then you could blitz, or hmm how about hot route it to a dig…just seems a big let down considering you can already do all of this on the controller and faster

    • PutcheeseonmyRoethlisberger

      Play online then bro

    • You couldn’t hear them yell hike on the computer screen?!
      Also, is there a silent count or on 2 or 3?

  • I hope you can disguise the name of the plays. Because if you’re playing with a buddy and he knows the same plays, I would think he would know what you’re going to run. 

  • Skihawks

    I thought the Kinect integration was cool. Mix that with Smart Glass integration and it opens up different ways to play.

    I enjoyed the FIFA demo too.

    Going to be a sweet year for gamers. Splinter Cell looks damn sweet. Black Ops 2, however, not so much.

  • fantasyboi

    this will definately b a good addition. obviously it wont b perfect right away but that will come as the game evolves….good start tho.

  • Texan

    Did the announcer say “incomplete pass” on a completion? Here we go again, patch after patch after….