EA Sports Not Currently Pursuing MLB

Posted June 6th, 2012 at 9:30 am

With the apparent end of the MLB 2K series the general assumption was EA Sports would take the opportunity of the license being freed up to strike a deal with the league and resurrect the MVP series. Even though a game for next year seemed unlikely – the 360 may be going without an MLB game for at least 2013 – it would have been ideal for EA to secure it and possibly then debut MVP on the next generation of systems.

In an interview with ESPN however Andrew Wilson, the head of EA Sports, states the company is not negotiating with MLB. 

No, we’re not. Do I like baseball? Absolutely, I’m a huge baseball fan. But right now, we’re focusing on the franchises we’ve got. We’re focused on doing the UFC, and making it big and global. Is there an opportunity for us to do something with baseball one day? I hope so. But are we doing anything with baseball today? It’s just not something we’re working on right now.

In the past comments from Peter Moore (at the time the president of the division before moving up to COO) expressed deep interest in baseball and frustration at not being able to produce a licensed game. With such a declarative statement from Wilson it’d be hard to read anything more to it than is at the surface – they’re either not interested or they’ve walked away from the table.

There were rumors last year that the league was asking too much money or requiring another third party exclusive and the economics of such a deal – and entrenched competition in The Show – make it something companies will be hesitant to do.

  • Noooooooooo. I guess I’ll keep updating and playing MLB 11: The Show on my PS2.

  • Do you know if 2k will be doing a college basketball game or if anyone plans too?

    • 2K has no interest in college basketball. Take Two doesn’t want to add properties they have to pay out for licensing on. So don’t look for them to expand beyond just the NBA they have now.

      • Neetocheeto

         there lucky enough to have nba the way EA gobbles talent and companies

      • The headline we all REALLY want to see:

        “EA Sports Not Currently Pursuing NFL”

        That would be one of the great days in sports gaming history.

    • that’s not likely

  • mcmax3000

    “In the last year we did “Blitz” because gamers wanted it, we did “SSX”
    because gamers wanted it, “FIFA Street” because gamers wanted it…”

    Gamers wanted FIFA Street??

    • Keith.

      Judging from the piss-poor sales numbers, they didn’t want Blitz, SSX, GS2, NHL12 or TW13, either.

      • mcmax3000

        Whether or not people ended up liking the final product enough to buy it or not, there were a good number of people clamoring for a new NFL Blitz, and a new SSX.

        FIFA Street though, not that I ever saw.

  • clubsteve

    not a good time to be an xbox 360 owner…..we’re stuck with 2k12 for the next years or so. it’s interesting ea didn’t jump on the license right away. i think they may be doing this as a bargaining chip to force ea to lower the cost of the license. i mean, if there is no demand for the license, other than 2k, does this force mlb to lower the cost of the license?

    • Wait ’til Halo 4 comes out. 

      • Crimson

        Fucking Halo. Are you kidding me? Halo?

        Halo? Seriously?


    • Crimson

      There has NEVER been a good time to be a 360 owner. The 360 an the whole Xbox Live “pay to play online” scam has ruined gaming. The 360 using tiny outdated DVD disc storage was what created the “DLC” mess that we have to deal with today. All of the DLC created for games today would easily fit on a single Bluray 50gb disc as one complete game. The 360 and Microsoft’s limited vision for it, has been a worst thing to happen to gaming. And look, now you’re all stuck with this useless Kinect and video streaming apps bullshit, while Sony is still primarily focused on making groundbreaking games. Fuck the 360.

      But that’s a whole different conversation.

      • Crimson

         And the PS4 could actually wait 5-7 more years before being released. There is still soo much more to be done with the PS3 tech right now. The next gen absolutely MUST come soon if you are a 360 only owner. No new first party games, no first party game publishers, and all it wants to be now is a fucking cable box. 

        I pity the fool that hasn’t bought a PS3 yet. The next gen is still far away, and if you’ve learned anything from this gen, it’s that you don’t want to an early adopter. DO NOT BUY AT LAUNCH.  Its best to wait a year or two before jumping into the next console cycle. But like I said, if you only have a 360, that’s gonna be real hard to do. The 360 is shit on a shingle.

        • clubsteve

          didn’t know i started all this…..yikes.

          • Crimson

             You didn’t, I’ve been biting my tongue for far too long about it. Just the mere mention of the 360 going without baseball, kinda sparked it. Thanks for the lead in.

      • Xcef2008

        I disagree with your “fuck the 360” approach mainly because it could lead an a flame war followed by calling each other fanboys. Sadly I agree with you and this is coming from a person who bought an Xbox first, sold it and went with a PS3. While the Xbox has some good games (Halo, Forza, Gears) the PS3 is THE console when it comes to exclusives. In fact they have so many that I’m not even going to waste time naming them all. They also have the PS+ which released 12 free games this month and will be releasing another 2 free games each month after that. Sure its a rental but so are services like Netflix.

        • Tapes n Tapes

           No gonna start a back-and-forth, but their are definite negatives about the PS3 that the 360 does much better.  Xbox Live is much better than PS3 online.  In all, the 360 has certain functionalities that the PS3 simply doesn’t.  The 360 is better for online play and the PS3 is better suited for single player play.

          • Crimson

              ” Xbox Live is much better than PS3 online.”

            That’s a downright internet lie. Xbox may have a better “interface” to connect with your friends, but that’s about it. The online functionality works the same for both. When you buy an Xbox, you are getting a really cheap pc in console form, but you are truly paying extra for an online service that should be free….

            And you are getting tons of ads that you don’t get on the free PS3 online service. Maybe those imposing ads are the “certain functionalities” you are talking about?

    • sort of there was a rumor that MLB asked EA for too much money for a deal.

  • Smsixx

    Pasta has created this pipe dream that 2k is done with baseball and their won’t be a 2k13.

    Its sad that people have bought into this crap…I’ve googled and searched numerous times on news articles for this, but the only links I get are to this site. No one knows if 2k will pick the license back up or not…and I also question the numbers on how much the company is losing (as these numbers have also only been provided by this site).

    Its all speculation right now and thats all. Don’t buy the bullshit and make assumptions based on things you read here.

    • Keith.

      Exactly.  From what I’ve seen, MLB2k has actually sold decently this year — better in fact than TW13, NHL12, SSX, GS2 and Fifa Street.

      Maybe now that EA has confirmed they won’t be working on baseball, Pasta will give it a rest.

      • Amen_Ra

        May have sold more, but that licensing eats up profits

    • turkey86

       Uh…no  2k has created it by saying it.  They are not doing a baseball game.  They have no interest in the license.

      • Keith.


        • turkey86

          I’m not gonna find a link for your lazy ass.  This is common knowledge that this would be the last year they are going to do it.  License is up, and it’s too expensive for them to reup.  2k puts out a crap baseball game every year, because they have too.  Now, they don’t have to anymore.  Play The Show, fanboys.  It’s way better.

          • Keith.

            Too expensive to re-up?  That may or may not be true, if we’re talking about an exclusive (or semi-exclusive) license.  But if MLB is left with no other takers for an exclusive license, then it would seem to me to be a lot more cost-friendly for 2k to stay in the game.

            They’ve already got a baseball game built that sells a couple hundred thousand copies every year.  Seems like a no brainer that they’d keep churning it out, assuming the price of the license drops.  

          • StlSportsFanatic

            You do realize that ‘a couple hundred thousand copies every year’ is horrible, right?

          • Keith.

            You think? Boy, then I’d sure be curious to hear how you’d label the sales numbers for TW13, NHL12, SSX, GS2, and Fifa Street, since MLB2k has out-sold each one of them this year. Too bad you’re not in charge at EA, as I presume there’d be a lot of people out on the street.

          • StlSportsFanatic

            I would really like to know where you are getting these numbers at. & How does ‘a couple hundred thousand copies every year’ beat the 451k NHL sold in it’s first week?

        • Skihawks

          The CEO of Take Two said it in EGM. He is not in to pay for licensing. After reading the article he didn’t even sound supportive of 2K Sports as a developer and appeared to be more focused on the library of its other games in its stable.

          I am not a 2K hater. I like both EA and 2K and wish exclusivity would go away. I wouldnt be surprised if Take Two sold off 2K Sports before the next generation hits. Just my opinion.

          MLB 2K was horrid. I own both consoles and The Show kills that game.

          • Keith.

            I don’t like 2k baseball either. But I listened to Take 2’s CEO say during last week’s investor conference call that 2k’s sports division was responsible for 40% of T2’s revenues for the year. Sounded to me like T2 has absolutely no intention of getting out of sports.

          • Skihawks

            Interesting. Personally, I hope not because I want competition.

            The way the article read he made it sound as if the sports division’s cost (licensing being the key denominator) outweighed profits which is why they werent looking to re-Up with MLB and only stick with the NBA.

    • Dlsf8607


  • Crimson

    2K is focused on the NFL right now. They are coming back and EA has to be prepared for their return to rival competition at football games. The 360 not having baseball is not as much of an issue because the idea of an Xbox360 as a games console, is pretty much dead now. Someone  on another website said it more accurately, “the Xbox360 today is nothing more that a Roku Video streaming device, that will still play the occasional 3rd party multiplatform videogame releases.

    Be prepared for 2K’s return to the gridiron folks.

    • Well, a new generation is right around the corner, so it’s not like the 360 has a lot of primary life left.

      If 2K is to come back to football (and it’s the most logical thing for them to do with their lineup pretty much disappearing rapidly) I welcome it. 2K just does football right, and even with all the incredibly dumb mistakes 2K made with All Pro Football, APF still played the best game of fundamental football that any football video game has ever delivered. Just imagine a new 2K football game without all of the dumb restrictions and a full development cycle behind it? It would be wild.

      • Crimson

         “Just imagine a new 2K football game without all of the dumb restrictions
        and a full development cycle behind it? It would be wild.”

        Dude, I just touched myself. We just had a bro moment. Can I offer you a Newport menthol? Seriously though, EA knows whats coming. Competition is coming. 2K WILL BE BACK. MARK MY WORDS BITCHES.

        • Crimson

          And when I say “mark my words bitches”, I don’t mean it like when that stupid fool Eagleeyedesignsnothing says it. I won’t come back here and remind you over and over, and fucking over again constantly, that I said it, at the first tiny announcement of it in the press.

          That guy was just stupid with the “I told you so” mentality. I’ve been right MANY times before. No biggie to me.

  • Mike

    That’s disappointing.

  • The important thing is EA is never granted an exclusive licence like it got with the NFL.

  • Skihawks

    This is smoke and mirrors. You cant be a sports brand and not include America’s past time. They resurrected Live and MVP will follow suit. I believe it will be Spring of 2014.

    The MVP franchise was stellar and would provide excellent competition to The Show.

    • With all due respect to the sport of Baseball, Football is America’s past time now. Baseball lost that title many years ago and will probably never get it back.

      Football stories dominate the headlines all year round and routinely bump Baseball stories right out of attention. The Super Bowl towers over the World Series like Andre The Giant over a midget. The NFL is so big that bad games between two bad teams get higher ratings than the World Series. The Pro Bowl gets higher ratings than the World Series… preseason NFL games get higher ratings than the World Series. Americans love football so much, that a TV special where two guys sit at a table and talk about playing football would get higher ratings than the World Series.

      The NFL and the sport of football in general is a beast that can’t be stopped.

      • Crimson

        I agree with everything you said. NFL football is the best damn game in America. I love football season. Wouldn’t care if baseball went away forever.

        • Tapes n Tapes

           Yeah, I agree.  The violence has allowed so many non-sportsy Americans to take out their blood-lust in a sport.  Violence is apparently the only entertainment that doesn’t get stale, right?

          • Crimson

             Apparently. Can’t wait for football season.

            “Its the most wonderful time of the year.”

      • Bob

        When a Pitcher pitches a no hitter, perfect game, a shut out, records 10+ strikeouts, or when someone hits 2+ homers in a game, they steal the headlines. I love watching football, but theres nothing better than watching a great baseball game

  • StlSportsFanatic

    I always wonder if there would be a way for Konami to step in. If you think about it, they have PYS, which from the looks of it (and reviews, and etc..) is a GREAT game, and much better than the show (I’ve been reading up and these are things I’ve heard. I would’ve bought it if I could read Japanese), which means they already have an engine. With a game engine already in place, it would be MUCH cheaper for them to make an MLB game compared to EA, who would have to create a new engine for this gen.

  • Rdr3967

    They should do a college baseball game.

  • clubsteve

    i really hope 2k will at least keep the servers up for an extended period and update rosters for next year…..but that’s probably wishful thinking.

  • Wiz

    Sorry to bust your bubble guys.  There wont be a a 2k NFL game anytime soon. 

    • Crimson

      Don’t believe it Wiz. It’s coming.

  • I expected EA Sports to return with MVP Baseball I don’t want MLB The Show to become stale & stagnent. We need more baseball videogames. Competition brings out the best in you & I have hope that EA Sports will deliever a great MVP Baseball game sometime when the next gen consoles arrive.

  • Spencer H.

    Any chance this opens the door for MLB Power Pros 2013, or at least a similar arcade-type game?

    A (high quality) MVP reboot couldn’t happen until 2014 anyway… but all you’d need to with MLBPP is localize the Japanese version…. hey, a guy can dream, right?

  • Malcolm7cf

    Man fuck ufc its sucks bring back baseball yall will make a lot of money