Top 25 in NCAA Football 13

Posted June 7th, 2012 at 12:30 pm

Here is the top 25 ranking of teams in NCAA Football 13 as grabbed from the show floor at E3. Defending National Champion Alabama leads the way despite five teams actually being rated higher in the game. The biggest discrepancy comes with Texas who got a 99 overall rating but are only ranked 22nd. The lowest rated team to make the top 25 is West Virginia at 87 overall who are all the way up at #10.

1 – Alabama
2 – USC
3 – LSU
4 – Oregon
5 – Oklahoma
6 – Georgia
7 – Arkansas
8 – Florida State
9 – Michigan
10 – West Virginia
11 – South Carolina
12 – Michigan State
13 – Kansas State
14 – Clemson
15 – Virginia Tech
16 – Wisconsin
17 – TCU
18 – Ohio State
19 – Nebraska
20 – Stanford
21 – Boise State
22 – Texas
23 – Oklahoma State
24 – Notre Dame
25 – Florida

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  • T_rail94

    I’d be very surprised if NC State doesn’t make the real Top 25. 

    •  I wouldn’t, we are mediocre

      • T_rail94

        I think they have a great chance. But I’m also betting on Glennon taking a big leap forward this season. 

  • Rogauthi

    Michigan State’s Defensive rating got the shaft…

  • LSU and USC should be ahead of Bama

    • Coupe

      did u watch the national championship game?

      • Benzpusha600

        did you watch the seniors graduate?

        • Chrisweber5187

          hahah good shit Benz

  • Griggie1969

    How in the hell ea made texas a 99 what were they smokin when they made this game smh

    • Haha amen.  I am mind boggled at this.

    • Daniel

      makes zero sense…and I’m a longhorn fan

    • dwade


  • Amen_Ra

    TCU Repping!!!

  • SoulFooder

    #15 in the top 25, #1 in your hearts. Hokie Nation!

  • Can’t complain about my Ducks ratings…99?  I mean, I’d give them 100…but that’s just me. 

  • Ayo Pasta.

    Number 22? That’s about how many QBs we’re gonna have play this year.

  • Odd that FSU is ranked 8 I know they have had the best recruiting classes. That should not make them that highly ranked though they have been a disappointment with just 8-9 wins all the time.

    • Larryperry697

      fsu got best defense in the nation this upcoming season

      •  I am a fan of FSU always have the best something yet it never comes together.

  • 65South

    This is great. I was starting to wonder that even though the demo was during week 8, if the rankings on the ticker were where teams would be ranked by default.

    Makes me feel much better seeing this because even as a ND fan, seeing them ranked at #4 — according to the demo ESPN ticker — was waaayy out of whack.

    • I think the Demo simulates all the way to week 10 every time because the rankings are different every time I have gotten on it

      • 65South

        Thanks for the heads up! I did notice it was like week 8 or 9, but didn’t know rankings changed since I had only played the demo one time through.

  • Buggstbone

    I’m sorry I wasn’t aware that FSU was that much better than Va Tech.

    • SDC

      Well get used to it guy! VaTech is gonna take a beat down in Blacksburg this year!
      FEAR THE SPEAR >>——,–> 

  • Gettin’ in touch with reality

    I’m a Michigan fan through and through but I’m with RoGauthi, MSU got hosed on D, 

    They should be AT LEAST a 95…

    EA, there is still time to fix your mistake….

    Speaking of mistake, who does Texas have naked pictures of? 99 OVERALL!?!?

    Come on EA, pick it up. I’ll just be happy if there aren’t any glitches… I LOVE spending $60 every year to play a product with minimal improvements loaded with glitches. I don’t blame you, this is the result of no competition, you don’t need to do anything to make it better…. I would maximize profits too… Hell, are you hiring? I can come up with silly little ideas that are easy to implement at little to no cost….!

  • Larryperry697

    fsu will be undefeated this season 

    • SDC

      I agree bruh. Some people are sleeping! & They need to wake the hell up!

  • Dominator

    Even without Petrino, my beloved Arkansas Razorbacks will still contend this year !!!! GO HOGS !!!!!!!!!!!

  • FirstNoBuyInALongTime

    First time I’m not buying NCAA since 05. After playing the demo, the game in all faces, is the exact same thing as 12. The looks, the feel, the gameplay, commentary, everything. I was going to get it just for the rosters, but now I hear that that won’t work between the two games this year, so there is literally no point in getting this game.

    • I’ve been buying NCAA since it was Bill Walsh and I’m going to have to completely disagree with you there. The changes to the passing game and catching animations are leaps and bounds above what they were last year. I’m not saying this is homerun by any means (the audio advances they’ve bragged about are virtually non-existent), but saying that all FACETS (the word you should have used) are the same is just flat out incorrect.

  • Mts4796

    Georgia over South Carolina watta joke. notta chance.

  • I played a few games of the demo and really enjoyed it. Love the advances they’ve made in the passing game. The new passing trajectories are very noticeable really change how both the defense and the offense plays. I feel like I can actually put the ball where I want it instead of just throwing it up and trying to catch up to it with my receiver. The audio stuff they bragged about (Better crowd, commentary, etc) are very poor though, and I’m hoping that it’s something they’ve addressed since the demo was sent in for approval.

  • Qh_rhema2006

    by no means texas should be a 99 and also notre dame is a 99 0r 97 according to these teams is clearly overated. Dont matter though by the time i Finish with Colorado, or Illinois i will occupy one of those top spots.

    • I think it has something to do with the starters, as I read that that’s what calculates the OVR. I don’t know how it does it though where so many teams are this high lol.

      I mean, there isn’t even a player in the game rated 99, but there are a handful of 99 rated teams? LOL.

      I think ND is rated a 99 SOLELY because they A) Have the best MLB (Manti T’eo) in the game; B) Have the best TE in the game (Tyler Eifert I believe). Both come in at 98, so they are tied for the top rated player with Montee Ball, Matt Barkley, and a couple others I think. The fact that they have 3 QBs rated at least 86 could factor too.

      Also what’s funny…I think the Honeybadger is only a 93, and they may only have 2-4 players at least 90 (Mathieu included) but they still come out to around 97, LOL. 

      I think it’s all relative though, and honestly the OVR has never really mattered to me. I only care about the other ratings. As for Texas though…lmao idk about that one.

  • C.J

    how does the espn bottom line work if for example my team and the team
    of my friend play at 3pm but he allready has finished his game, will it
    also be displayed as ‘live’ score or how????

  • Jonblack13

    I’m a Longhorn fan and the fact they are ranked 22 does not surprise me. What SURPRISES me is the fact they are rated 99 OVR. That is completely ridiculous. The Longhorns are not going to be good this season at all.

  • my trojans number 2

  • Alanrodges

    How is Utah 95 rated and not in top 25

  • I thinking there will be a patch day 1 or shortly there after  to fix the rankings and overalls a little bit better.

  • let me know when your doing the Named rosters for NCAA 13.