Road to Glory Improvements Detailed for NCAA Football 13

Posted June 11th, 2012 at 4:45 pm

EA Sports today rolled out details on Road to Glory career mode for NCAA Football 13. The criticism towards “Reaction Time” when it was introduced with the Hesiman Challenge was significant and that isn’t likely to change here given how it’s being presented as the main new feature for Road to Glory though accompanied by more worthwhile enhancemenets.

Other improvements to the mode include the option to choose from four different difficulty levels, play calling shifting to focus more on the user-controlled player, the ability to be a kick or punt returner, goals for earning XP, new high school stadiums, and recruiting points being more difficult to obtain by offensive players and easier to earn for defensive players. One major oversight though is already apparent as quarter length can’t be adjusted.

Check out the full developer blog, new screenshots in the gallery or FB album, and continue on for the trailer. Then leave any thoughts on the mode in the comments! 

  • The only single player mode I play is in FIFA due to the interaction between your Virtual Pro and multiple modes.  Until Madden and NCAA get that or make this more interesting, I won’t be bothering with this at all.

  • The only single player mode I play is in FIFA due to the interaction between your Virtual Pro and multiple modes.  Until Madden and NCAA get that or make this more interesting, I won’t be bothering with this at all.

  • Jcarne7

    We STILL can’t adjust quarter length?!?! Are you serious with this garbage EA???? Do you actively hate the NCAA community??

  • TheLibrarian-

    So after all those years of being better than Madden, it seems as if Madden is overtaking the seat in the throne and NCAA is falling apart. Is this a sign that the series is going to be dead soon?

    • Wake Up

      Madden will not be better than NCAA. Unless you like bulky players running like they shit their pants and guys flopping all over the field, falling all over eachother like a bad game of smear the queer. Go with NCAA.

      • Look Around

        Infinity Engine? Have you heard of it?

      • first off NCaA is good this year. But Madden is great. and with the engine madden is on blows NCaA’s out the water. 11-23 in ranked on Ncaa. all 23 loses by way of super human Computer picks. and passing good. but madden’s is better. Madden will be the better game this year. But NCaA will not go away. NCAA will just be a above average game. That selled more than 2k College Hoops and NCAA Basketball series. So No NCAA is not dead,. it’s a good game. But madden is light years ahead. plus like Real Life College is different than the pros and the NFL is different. same with the games. NCAA you get real College Ball. Madden you get Real NFL. RTG is fun and getting leader board points is a plus. so the not exporting in madden is not a killer. because you can re create him in madden cc. Love Both games.

        • Nic

          Madden is light years ahead??? Of what? Sea Turtles? It took them 8 years to make a playable game, even then, there engine is still crap and the players still move and react like iRobots, making cuts, turns and split second adjustments that no human being n the face of the earth can make. You can argue its just a video game, but it’s sad theres a crap load of games that get player/character movement right, and Madden has never been one of them on the 360 or PS3.

  • Guest

    I’ll buy the game again when they make the players not move like robots


    my thing is,,, buy da game or dont buy da game but stop cryin about da shit,,, its a video game!!!!

    • Keith.

      If McDonalds had the only hamburger in town and tomorrow decided to start putting dog shit in your bun, I’d want to be there to tell you to stop complaining and to try becoming a vegetarian.

      • Bob

        That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard yet somehow you got 5 likes. Go figure.

        • Guest

          Really? Because Keith’s comment sounds pretty spot on to me…

          • Tinman1078

            For as assinine as the comment is, he makes a good point.  I wouldve said what if they used rancid meat though.  I cant seriously believe EA is sabotaging their own games.  Its like Lenny from Of Mice and Men, he didnt mean to crush the puppies skull it just happened.  His only crime was that he loved it too much…

          • Keith.

            Fair point. But 8 years of no in-game saves, to me anyways, is more dog shit than rancid meat.

            Rancid meat would be about right for their OL/DL interaction or their ball physics though.

          • Keith.

            Dog shit is also more appropriate for describing Tiburon’s auto-replay system, IMO. Still can’t believe no one down in Orlando — including any of the Game Changers — hasn’t looked at the replays and said “WTF are we doing here? Whoever greenlighted this extreme close-up, Matrix-style shit is fired!”

          • Tinman1078

            I was using rancid meat as a metaphor for how its gone bad.  To put dog shit in a burger you would literally have to be aware of not only the decision to put the dog shit in the burger but to find a dog, follow it around with a little baggy, collect the shit, take it to work and then put it on the paddy just below the pickles and lettuce.  EA sees the problems and just choses to ignore them.  And youre correct on both subsiquent points.

      • Qh_rhema2006

        how are you going to compare a video game to food. that was a bad example.

        • Keith.

          Dog shit is the common denominator. But I’ll try to think up a better analogy to use next time for you.

        • Cuurtis jackson

          See it’s called a metaphor and it’s when you come up with an example to describe as best you can how you feel about something

          • Skopin

            It was a poor metaphor, though.

          • Chrisweber5187

            I thought it was a pretty good metaphor.

      • Skopin

        I would probably just stop eating hamburgers. Or just keep eating my hamburgers from 2004, as 95% of people here do.

        • Keith.

          Try as you might to stop, I bet that if hamburgers are your favorite food, it wouldn’t be too long before you were heading back into McDonalds and asking, “WTF are you doing putting this dog shit on my bun?”  

          • Skopin

            I would most likely boycott McDonald’s burgers in that case. If I keep going there and eating them, they aren’t going to change them. They will think that I, and many other patrons, enjoy eating their hamturders.

          • Keith.

            Fortunately, enough people seem to have stopped buying the hamburgers that McDonalds has now doubled the number of fry cooks in addition to making a number of other changes this year.  Whether or not the new fry cooks have done anything about the dog shit remains to be seen, however.

    • mf we puy $60+ every year for this dam game so we got right to say what the fuck we feel like saying….  “buy the game or dont buy da game”   mf we love football!!! therefore what other brand is it out there to BUY??????

      • Skopin

        Well, you’re an idiot for buying a game you don’t like every year. Why would they change things when people are buying it? Let me use Keith’s metaphor:

        I am selling dog-shit on a bun. People are buying them like hotcakes. Sure, they complain that it doesn’t taste very good, and they would like it to be better. But when they’re hungry again, they get right back in line for another shit-burger. So why would I, ShitDonalds, spend time and money to raise cows for real beef, when I can just feed a dog and have “fresh” patties every day, with minimal effort? I’m not losing any money, so I wouldn’t.

        Does that make sense?

        • CLEfan4LIFE

          get your own metaphors homo.

  • Eagleyedesigns

    Road to Shit.  Never played it.  Never will…Just a waste of disc space…NCAA is DONE.

    • Skopin

      It’s just as deep as NBA 2k’s My Player mode.

      • CLEfan4LIFE

        please tell me you’re being sarcastic… if not then get your eyes checked man, or actually play more than 5 games into 2k’s my player mode you bum.

        • Skopin

          Are you saying My Player is deep? Because it’s not.

          You play your showcase game, then get interviewed by 3 random teams, who, in most cases, don’t even need someone who plays the position you play. They each ask you 3 questions, which don’t mean a whole lot. Then you get drafted, no better than 6th(?) overall, regardless of how you performed in the showcase game. Then you play your games.

          The press conferences are repetitive, and often don’t even reflect what happened in the game. Not to mention, they only ask one question, to which your responses are very limited, and often not what you actually wanted to say. The point of the press conferences are to make the fans like you, so you can get on the cover of a bunch of different magazines, which do nothing at all. In fact, none of the endorsement, save the signature shoe, do anything. And even the signature shoe doesn’t work properly. You have to go in and re-equip them every game to get the boost.

          You get a series of drills to work on a random attribute, which is very unrealistic. If I go into the gym to work on shooting, let’s say, 3 point shooting, do you think that my inside shot will improve? Probably not, because that’s not what I’m working on. But that’s beside the point.

          Then we have the in-game portion. Do you want to call plays? Well, if you’re not a PG, forget about it. Not even an isolation with a clear mismatch. I could go further, but that’s more on the gameplay side of things, not the depth of the mode.

          So, how do all of these random things tie together? They really don’t. You get a set of arbitrary goals that are the same for every player type. They don’t even vary based on position. You can’t meet with other teams to discuss trades. Hell, you can’t even speak with your own team or coaches.

          Honestly, to say that 2k’s My Player mode is deep is a joke. Sure, it has a bunch of filler, but none of it ties together.

          • CLEfan4LIFE

            You make some sense here, but to say Road to Glory is on the same level as My Player, you’re clearly just being a fucking idiot with that statement. Filler or not RTG has nothing in it besides the games you play and a fucking few high school games. what an asinine comment from you. Oh and if you are good enough within the My Player Mode then you can call for the ball with the A button or X and then they pass it to you every time, in cases where you would have a mismatch or want to run an isolation. Like I said, play more than 5 games of something before you make an assessment.

          • Skopin

            But the level of depth in My Player is the same. Sure, it has a few other things, but none of them mean anything.

            And yes, you can call for the ball with X/A, and your teammates will give it to you every time. Having the ball passed to you is very different from an isolation. That is not realistic at all. And even in those cases, you still cannot run an isolation. Your teammates will still crowd you and bring their defenders over near you, which would also defeat the purpose of having the mismatch. So maybe you should actually think about what you’re trying to say before you post. And trust me, I have played well more than 5 games. Perhaps you should take your head out of 2k’s ass before you try to defend something you are clearly wrong about.

          • Brian

            Ive definitely got drafted 4th overall to the cavs in my player

  • Eagleyedesigns

    I guess this mode is completely useless now since you can’t import players into Madden 13.  Dumb game mode for a shit game.

    • kingjames

      all you have to do is recreate your rtg in madden cc and select your backstory based on what accomplishments you had such as (bcs champion,heisman trophy winner etc..will equal highly drafted where going to small school and dont produce anything will equal low drafted)

  • Chrsn

     I’ll be pissed if they didn’t model my high school.

    Just kidding.  Pass on this and maybe buy Madden.

  • chris

    Is there commentary, or is just the stadium announcer?  I know in Heisman challenge there is, just curious.

    • cory

      there was commentary for road to glory games in college in ncaa 12, you just had to turn it on in the settings


    Pasta I know this is off topic but I’m hearing that we can’t edit players in Madden 13?  Can you confirm this?

    • Wake Up

      I can. THERE WILL BE NO PLAYER EDITING IN MADDEN 13!!! For the 100th time!

    • Tom

      Confirmed…. Ea just lost a whole bunch of momentum….
      Hey pasta, write an article about the problem of losing this feature and let the devs see how pissed everyone is about it…. Maybe we can get an update wit that feature in it.
      Off topic, my bad

      • I mentioned it in my article. I think they’re well aware of the demand for it right now.

    • Guest

       Actually roster editing is just absent in Connected Careers.

    • Qh_rhema2006

      no editing, probaly next year

      • Curtis jackson

        Ah yes the line of thinking that has let ea continue to make sub par games. “so what it’s not in this year’s game it will be in next year’s” abd next year comes along but wait there’s a new problem now but it’s no big deal because they’ll fix it next year

        • Mikemck09

           You nailed it on that comment dude… All of these customers were satisfied with a sub-par game with the mind set of “Next Year it’ll be better”… Pretty sad, its because of that kind of thinking and desperation that EA has made millions and in the year 2012 coincidentally after Natural Motion (Backbreaker) introduced physics into the game of football that NOW EA has chosen incorporate a physics engine into the game… To the idiots – I am not saying Backbreaker was a great game, it wasnt and the gameplay was not good by all means… Being that it was a first year game with physics involved, a ton of clunky weird ass looking animations were experienced… But EA will also go through the motions this year being that its the first time ever physics are in Madden. Hopefully the game plays smoothly… I as well as a tonnnn of others NEED a real sim football game in our lives..

  • Wake Up

    I actually think this game (by the demo) is pretty good. Yeah, it’s still a generic EA game but all the plays in the playbook work. The new passing system is really great. Totally surprised at some of the throws I could make. The new annimations are a nice addition. I actually returned a punt for a TD the first game I played. A very nice return might I add. Yeah, it’s still an EA game that still needs work in the trenches and with some other things like tumble weed tackles. But overall I enjoy the game. It’s nice they improved on actual gameplay areas that we had concerns about instead of trying to revamp or throw us gimmicks to buy the game. I honestly believe this game will be a much better football game than Madden. When it comes to “it’s getting there”, NCAA is actually getting there where as Madden still seems to not know where it wants to go.

    • Qh_rhema2006

      man you crazy if you think ncaa will be better than madden this year….lol.. how can a game with no physics be better than one with physics especially with a football game…do what your name says and ” wake up” and stop dreaming.

      • Wake Up

        Man, you crazy to think a first year physics engine is going to save a franchise as horrible as Madden. I think you’re the one dreaming bucco. Listen to the name and stop being such a sucker. I woulden’t comment on comments that matter since I can tell you obviously don’t care about the future of football video games or that you waste 60$ on a game thats going to look like a game of smear the queer with players falling all over eachother and running annimations that make you wonder if the player shit his pants.

        • smell the coffee

          MAN! you both crazy!

          • Chris

             crazy enough to eat one of the above mentioned shitburgers?

  • Guest

    EA should get rid of Ben Haumiller and all of his little gimmicks so they can focus on legitimate gameplay changes for once.

  • Tinman1078

    Just for the record did anyone actually play Road to Glory mode last year?  Or are we just complaining how dumb it seams from each of our own perspectives?  I played four seasons of it and imported it into Madden.  And seriously IF I planned on playing RTG this year, the concerns they chose to address are exactly were they need to focus, the highschool stadium variety sucked, you couldnt be a returner, and there were balancing issues between O players and D players.  I used RTG as Qb practice, since you dont play D and only throw the ball it gave me the opportunity to practice, especially since the every damn middle linebacker in NCAA was Troy Polomalau and could one hand intercept anything over the middle…To the people are complaining about clock time?  By the time my Stanford QB (unseated Luck about week 13 of my freshman season…which shouldnt of happened PERIOD…) got to Madden he was starting at a 99, rookie season.  That shows there are balancing problems and allowing clock adjustments arent going to help.  Granted there are ways to balance it (I dont think game developers hire statisticians to calculate and balance, seems like they wing it and make adjustments via patches) but seriously all my stats were on par with most everyone else in the league and I still managed to score two Heisman trophies.  If its about freedom as a gamer, then sure make 12 or 15 minute quarters but for the type of person who is going to play RTG I dont think its a huge concern.  Maybe Im wrong but so far I dont see any comments providing good reason other than, I should be able to.

    Oh, and put commentary in for the highschool games!!  I dont care if they use the garbage generic commentary from Madden 08, anythng is better than nothing.  At least have a voice coming over the PA, most highschools have that.

  • Qh_rhema2006

    come on guys you really think that road to glory was going to be a big deal. then again they should have made it a big deal, now that we know what madden has done. im thinking that ncaa 14 will be very good because im thinking they are trying to find a way to make both games compatible to each other, especially with the new connected career mode. they should work hard on it where you are able to take your player from high school to the hall of fame with a storyline that continues on to madden once he graduate from colllege.

    calling your own plays is a upgrade, reaction time is garbage and should not even be in the game at all, i like the fact that its harder to gain xp on offense and a little easier to gain xp on defense,, new high school feilds is a plus. i probaly wont play this mode, i think they have alot more work ahead of them concerning this mode, i just hope it will be connected with madden connected career mode somehow next year.

  • Guest

    Pasta, are they going to have build-a-team in this year? If so do you know when it will be up?

  • Guest

    Reaction time is the biggest waste of a feature. Seriously, if you have to slow the game down to compete then dont play it! There are so many things they could have done instead, and I can almost guarantee it wont be in NCAA 14…just a one year “new feature” to make it seem revolutionary like EA always does before they take it out because nobody likes it. It bothers me to see them focus on the stuff that nobody wants or cares about

  • Gay

    I cant even remember how long ago it was I liked the superstar mode for NCAA.  It was back when you were just locked to your player with the default camera.  No behind the back shit for my safety.  I remember I had like 18 sacks and like 20 picks, and was up for heisman.  Good time. Then uploaded into madden that year and was drafted like 6th round.  My imported “stats” were mucked!  Said I had like 3 sacks and like 6 picks.  Not surprised you cant upload them this year… It never really worked well to begin with. Then it was dooownhill from there.  Sux it will blow again this year….   GAY!!!

  • fantasyboi

    is anyone honestly going to play this? really this has no point to the game….u couldve taken the time u put into this BS and put it into franchise mode and put in things like probation, funding for schools, facilities, stadium updates, scholarship budget….BCS bowls and other bowls have more influence then just winning a trophy, there is LOTS of $$ involved which schools like Boise St. need and use to fund recruiting and upgrades to stadiums….i love bringing 1 star schools up from the dead but playing at a stadium that holds 14,000 and being #1 just gets old…i would love to b able to build onto stadiums and bring more interest into smaller schools….hopefully UTSA has their orange field but i dont expect EA to put that in….my big concern here is how do these guys at EA honestly sit in the meeting room and say “heisman challenge sounds like a great idea”? if any of us sat in that room anyone would say this would generate more negativity then positivity….maybe EA needs to hire ex football players who r brainiacs instead of brainiacs who only know football through buttons and 2 joysticks. just saying….

  • chris

    After playing the demo i just can’t see myself buying this game anymore…NCAA 12 will have to stay in for another year i guess.  Hamburglar needs to go ASAP, or we need someone else to make a better game!

  • Starman55

    I have bought NCAA for the past seven years, looks like i will be breaking the tradition and going with Madden. What a terrible excuse for a college football video game. Hopefully, sales will be low enough where they learn their lesson.

  • Guest

    I would rather just keep ncaa 12. waste of 60 dollers. they didn’t do shit almost the same game.

  • Onefuckingpissedofffan

    Biggest fucking mistake ever made! I buy NCAA & Madden every year. Luckily, and unfortunately, I didn’t buy NCAA this year. I am currently renting it & I’ve just been informed that the RTG I did was for nothing. These titles = bullshit now! Fuck you EA! Next time why don’t you think ahead you retarded fucking dipshits! NCAA 13 & Madden 13 can burn in the fiery depths of hell along side of EA catching satan’s loads to the face!!! FUCK YOU! iili_