Absent Player Editing in Madden NFL 13 Causes Uproar

Posted June 12th, 2012 at 2:15 pm

Madden NFL 13 has had a strong run up until now by marketing improvements that were attractive to the hardcore crowd whether that be addressing gameplay deficiencies from the past, attempting to improve commentary, adding the “Infinity Engine” physics, or evolving Franchise and Superstar with the revolutionary new “Connected Careers”. It was only a matter of time though before some element of the game would draw hostile reaction and that has come with what is lacking in “Connected Careers” and primarily the removal of all player editing.

It turns out that no form of editing will be possible within “Connected Careers” and a roster can’t be edited outside of the mode to start it with either. Only the official rosters provided by EA Sports (base roster and updates) will work for “Connected Careers”.

It’s understandable that editing ratings wouldn’t be allowed. XP after all is now the method for progression and regression in the game so editing ratings would negate one of the primary aspects of “Connected Careers”. What is less explainable is why the editing of player appearance, equipment, and even numbers will not be available to the user.

While this will only matter to a small percentage of gamers – having never even used editing within Franchise in the past it’s somewhat hard to comprehend the veracity of the current outrage – that doesn’t prohibit those who feel it is important from letting their voices be heard. Given Josh Looman’s comment below regarding Madden NFL 12’s Franchise mode it goes to show that the company has recognized in the past that editing was a desired feature so now it can’t be explained away as unnecessary or unwarranted.

After some discussion, we agreed that Franchise mode is yours to control and that we needed to give you the ability to edit the ratings of any player in Franchise mode, whether they are veterans or the rookies you just imported from NCAA Football.

There is no insignificant faction of gamers. No matter how small a group they can have influence over others and therefore impact perception on a wider scale – and that is being seen right now regarding the lack of editing in “Connected Careers”.

  • I have to admit I’ll gladly give up every fantasy draft and player customization option ever as long as we get a really deep career mode.  That said I’d like to know why it is so hard to implement when it has been in before.  I can understand that it’s a new mode so things like a franchise drafting AI may not have been able to be written well but with player editing it makes no sense.  I wish they would give a better explination to fans.

  • blueberry

    so lets say i play offline franchise i cant edit my roster? or i cant edit my roster for the game in general(like quick play games) or just the connected mode?

  • Huejac2

    I don’t care about all this fantasy football crap but I do care about the gaming experience and it be as close to reality possible. EA needs something about substitutions. Example I played a highly ranked gamer last week who used the Saints and he no receivers in the game. All tightens every formation. Who does that? Substitutions should limited to common position or package button only

  • Jonblack13

    If you told me in December I would have to give up player editing but would gain a real COMPLETE Online Franchise Mode I would have said sign me up.  

    • Battle

      And if you told me that clown ass madden would take away features that nba2k and the show have as just basics I would have said no surprise that madden would do some clown ass shit like that

  • Wareischris36

    Madden 15 NEW FEATURE !!!!

    Edit players in franchise !! awesome !!!

  • Roger Podacter

    I seriously don’t care about not being able to edit player ratings and hell- even their equipment. What annoys me is them taking away the ability to edit numbers.

    I play a lot of offline franchise, more than anything else probably and I like to sign/trade players.. Now I can’t set the jersey number and that’s sorta annoying.

    Also.. I’m not too big into not being able to change player positions. That was was one of the features they added last year with the expanded roster to make proper cuts/rotation with the rosters.. Now I can’t even do that- which technically.. A coach can do in the NFL.

    Kinda sucks.. Not really a deal breaker, but this is something I utilized a lot.

  • Hazard907

    I have an honest solution to those of you bitching. Buy the version for the Vita, its based off Madden 12 with new rosters, the only thing missing would probably be the imported rosters cause I don’t know if NCAA is coming out for the Vita. You guys always have something to bitch about. All these improvements from Madden 12 and you guys bitch that they got rid of a few minor things. You guys make it sound like you guys would prefer Madden 12 even though you were all bitching about it earlier.

  • Erik Hancock

    Its almost like they are determined to make their consumer base as angry as possible. Even though they have introduced important features that will carry this game forward, they continue to remove features from the game that may not be as important as the new ones but were still enjoyed by many. It makes no sense.

    • I agree that they definitely did some things that will move this game forward, but I would argue editing players might be one of the most important features in the entire game. Its the one feature that essentially allows us as players to fix all the mistakes they made in development. With it we can fix player omissions, ratings errors, unrealistic player appearances, position changes, bad player progression, unrealistic draft classes, etc.

  • Jesus

    LMAO @ Twanman76, dude its time for you to look into a mirror. You are the definition of nerd and you roved it by posting an essay on a messaging board. Nerd Squad indeed.

    • Twanman76

      Man!! I hate it when i go ahead and “rove” myself wrong.  You should look into a spell check, while i’m looking into a mirror.  Cuz this NERD is on the grammatical prowl….oh and eat my ass you fucking geek.  When i look into a mirror i see a huge package, accompanied by a handsome Madden supporter. See you on the virtal field in Madden 13, that is if you aren’t still crying over not being able to import a draft class..

  • So people have come on here for years and complained about the roster updates and you wonder why there is an uproar?! EA answer to our complains…we’ll make all the other stuff look good and just shove our horrible ratings down your throat. 

  • gmenn

    Not a big deal to me. Dont think ive ever felt compelled to edit a player in Franchise.

  • mike davis

    NOW I’M STUCK USING DONNY MOORES TERRIBLE ROSTERS. This is finally the year i dont buy an EA sports game, it’s ashame cause everything else looks nice. Being stuck with eas roster is a deal breaker for me, cause they have never gotten rosters right EX[asante samuel man coverage constantly over 90] this is just one small example i could list hundreds more.My point being i always spend at least a month tweaking rosters until i feel like its as close to realistic as it can be, and now ea decides for me that their roster is good enough. That’s complete bs, that being said i understand for cc mode not being able to edit, but why can’t i edit my roster before i start cc mode, and then once i start cc mode no more editing from that point on.Until then it’s a no buy for me, fix it or FIRE Donny Moore, and get an expert who knows about nfl players not someone who doesn’t even know the difference between nt and dt, 3-4 and 4-3, ws and ss linebackers!

  • Coolio Bourbon

    Hey pasta could you ask someone at EA if they are doing anything to implement any editing for this year

  • From what I’ve read this is why some (including myself) are complaining: I love it that they’ve actually listened for once and this game will have much better (from first glance anyway) physics. I love it that Franchise/Superstar mode have been improved in this new CC mode and it looks deeper than before. BUT! Taking something as simple as player editing out is just poor. I understand if they removed player rating edit out because that’s what progression is for with the new XP system (although I think you should still be able to do this if you play as a coach) but to take such a simple yet key feature like editing position altogether is inexcusable.

    Now some people are complaining about the complainers. I get it you think just because they improved some aspects it is fine to leave out some others. BUT! Isn’t this what happens every year? So maybe next year they put edit back in CC mode and roster import but they take out user catch or something? And you say well they listened to us from MAdden 13 so it’s all good that user catch it gone? That’s the reason we’re complaining it’s such a small but key feature (especially if some people convert defenses like Josh Looman himself said you can do in one of the interviews, but you can’t make your rush 4-3 DE into your 3-4 OLB?) it seems pretty ppuzzling why they took it away. Looman himself also said they don’t want to put it in unless it’s perfect? What’s to improve in editing? Maybe you take player rating edit out like previous Maddens but leave everything else in, that’s something we’ve never complained about why think you need to change it drastically? Even if you are adding new features to player edit for next year the old one was fine so no reason to take it out. I’m gonna say I’m 100% sure there would have been far less complaints if you leftt the old player edit system in as usual.

    • All I’m saying is that taking out something we had no complaints about is almost like not adding something we want to have in the game. So even if you are going to make improvements you should leave the current one in.

  • hoodiii

    I can totally understand why the ratings editing is not in the game but no reason for the equipment editing to not be in the game. With this much outrage from the loud minority I am sure this will be patched into the game as far as the equipment editing goes. If you guys are so upset about this speak with your wallet just like I am with NCAA after they stole my $60 last year. You guys really need to see how the connected careers plays out before you can make a decision that the sky is falling. If it is broken or does not function like it is supposed to then once again speak with your wallets that is what will be heard by EA. The guys that are into NCAA will buy whether it sucks or not. The guys into NFL will buy whether is sucks or not. For me Madden is a must buy because I am an online franchise guy from back in the ps2 days. I wonder where cats find the time and energy to complain about this stuff let alone find the time for all of the editing they claim that they do. lol


    so i can be a coach who cant edit players positions… booty. i feel like moving linebackers and d ends between 3-4 and 4-3 teams happens all the time because of free agency, trades or even the draft. i just want my players stats to move up as a linebacker if he plays linebacker even though hes a d end. dont even get me started on other positions.

  • Easy fix. Give us the option of making CCM offline only. I use edit player a lot (in NCAA since I haven’t played Madden in a while) to have players look the way I want and give them the numbers I want. I don’t want to have a Packer franchise and draft a player who then wears #4.

  • Pacoheadley

    I will never for the life of me understand why companies take away features from their games…

  • Birming@aol.com

    They taketh and they giveth away. Do not support this product folks

  • msanchez678

    the first thing i used to do before i started playing the game was to put myself in the game with a real face! now, in order to get “in the game”, i have to look at a blank picture of myself, and i have to compile my own stats in play now!

  • fudgebar

    you are the only one who can collectively voice all of our opinions to
    EA about how TERRIBLE a DESIGN decision it was to exclude Player Edits,
    Creations, and Play any GAME from Franchise MODE!

    THey need to INCLUDE the OLD FRANCHISE MODE back into Madden 13
    somewhere for all of us that enjoy playing with full customizations!!

    Please PASTA you MUST help us…….

  • gmesaint

    This is BS! Right when I start getting excited about Madden again, they do this crap!

  • msanchez678

    This probably means no importing your road to glory character to madden 13 for ccm either. Iwill still buy the game, but only for presentation purposes.

  • Have they added Save within a game yet? was always on PS2

  • MTC

    Just would like to be able to change positions. They say they make you a coach, but part of coaching is choosing where to best use your personel. Such as LBs that can become DEs or vice versa. Corners you see better fit as safeties, or TEs to small moved to reciever, or too much of a blocker moved to FB. Not sure how that goes against anything else.

  • MTC

    Also I am very confused.. so is this just reasoning to get rid of online franchise or what. I don’t know what the hell is going on with franchise at all. I really do feel like they have a bunch of unqualified idiots running the show at EA. If they don’t they have idiots feeding us the information.

  • joemoma

    Does no roster customization include trades? Isn’t that the whole point of controlling your own team? trading players you dont like for ones you do?

    • JoJo

      It’s more for adjusting Donny Moores shitting ratings.

  • Blazenhawks

    Who cares about editing. I would they only thing that’s a bummer is no import from NCAA and no fantasy draft but that’s some I would be happy to trade for a realistic Francise mode that you can play online with that is if EA doesnt eff it up.

  • redmond

    This is classic EA sports of the past 10 years. Before anyone says a word, know that I have been a loyal Madden fan since it was on the N64 and failed to get NFL licensing. This is all about money and what the majority is willing to accept. If EA had to do it right, they would have been hashing out these new features like the infinity engine will putting out a real football sim in the meantime. EA doesn’t work that way, they add new features that are gimmicks half of the time while stripping something away to later add as a new feature. This is a joke and I hope consumers show EA what a bad move this was by not buying this game. At least in 06 you could argue that there was a console jump, but even then it was BS. I must also comment on the INFINITY engine. This does not look groundbreaking to me. When I saw backbreaker trailers I was blown away, this looks like new animation, not real physics.

    • Mike

      First time in 9 years that I won’t buy both Madden and NCAA. NCAA is fun but the main selling point for me was editing my own draft classes. I never thought I’d actually be able to avoid buying Madden but I’ll wait and see if they ever decide to reintegrate this simple feature that’s been in Madden for decades.

  • NFL2K5omglolbrbgtg

    I understand the disappointment of people who like edit rosters and import draft classes, but, as someone who plays in a really involved 32 team Online Franchise, the pros of this game WAY outnumber the small omissions.

    The amount of shit they have added to offline and online franchise is staggering. I’ve seen all of the posted videos and heard all of the interviews and I’m still finding out new shit that they’ve added all the time.

    The negativity in these comments is pretty amazing. This is usually the case, though, because anytime anyone posts anything positive, they are called out for riding the EA jock. I can’t understand why EA would send their cronies to this site to try and prop up the game when that would be the most fucking futile task ever.

    If you were able to edit rosters and import draft classes, these comments would still find a tackle animation or a pixelated crowd shot and people would lose their shit and announce to the world that they are playing 2K8 this year. That’s great. Enjoy. I’m going to go fucking play Super Tecmo Bowl…but I’m also going to buy Madden this year.

    The exclusive license argument is so old and boring. It sucks. No one is happy about it. But it’s 100% guaranteed that EA will have the license next year and it’s highly likely they will have it for a long time. 2K is dropping licenses, not adding them. You can hate EA all you want, but the NFL is just as much to blame. It does nothing to sit and jerk off to games that are 5 years old and deride any effort that Tiburon makes to improve their game.

    They added a fucking physics engine. That’s a start. Will it be buggy? Probably. But this is a step forward. So, they took out roster editing. They will add it back next year. With as big of an overhaul as they did with the Connected Careers shit (and it is an overhaul…you would know this if you just watch one interview with Josh Looman and compare all of the shit that he’s been showing people with how offline and online franchise played last year) it’s completely understandable that some things didn’t make it into the one-year cycle. It might be a dealbreaker for some, but, it will be back in 14.

    Anyway, my point is: instead of just focusing (irrationally in many cases) solely on the omissions, why not try to see the positive shit that is going on with this game as well. I’m pretty sure that 2K8 doesn’t have half the shit that this year’s Madden will have.

    • Mike

      Is it really irrational to complain about the removal of equipment editing? No. The fact that EA can barely get player equipment correct is a slap in the face of the NFL. Shows a lack of detail in a product that sells itself on the realism of the game. Now we can no longer fix this simple issue. And none of this affects all the other stuff they want to cram into this release.

      This is likely a ploy to force us to pay for roster updates in the future. First step, remove the editing features.

  • D757

    What’s the problem? People want 6’9 receivers and 100 on every rating?? It’s not realistic.. EA should be applauded for taking off rating editing, thank u!!!!!!

  • Jon

    Wow, no editing, no draft classes and no franchise mode? Sounds like this Madden is going to suck.

  • AndyMP

    For me, it’s less about the fact that editing ratings isn’t there – which itself is bad enough – but it’s another one of those essential facets of the game that all of a sudden has gone. It happens way too often, that the new version of the game lacks something that was in the previous one. Editing player ratings will be back as a brand new feature next year, eh.

  • DrMethodical

    Still amazed that EA Sports is the only company that removes features every year, while other franchises just add on. EA needs to stop with this strategy of “Break new things this year so we can fix them next year and call it ‘new and improved'”. It gets really annoying how they basically purposefully remove features just so they can add them next year and break new things.

  • Exatraz

    My issue with no Character editing is that I used it last year to make Peyton Manning=Curtis Painter because they didnt remove him from their roster though he was out for the entire season (not fun to have the rest of the league not being accurately simulated).

  • f00tball101

    This is whut happens when we continue to support EA even though dey keep giving us half-assed products. Until we stop buying their bullshit releases they’re never gonna change and they’re gonna keep taking away from the game and adding gimmicks in place of innovation. You all better wake up. And don’t even get me started about da NFL license

  • Nomorejunk

    There are obviously people who don’t care about multi-team control, fantasy draft, player edits, all the buttload of other stuff that not in 13 to focus on connected careers, but why are some of these people yelling at those who loved these features and don’t want see them gone!?!!?

  • ibrondo

    Nooooooooo!!!!! I spend hours editing, it’s one of the most important things for me in the franchise game, including looks and equipment!!!!!

  • Dr. D.

    Editing ratings in franchise mode was nothing more than cheating anyway. It makes the entire draft obsolete when you can pick from the bottom of the barrel and just change the player’s ratings to make him a superstar. I can understand for exhibition modes, but there’s no place for editing ratings in franchise mode. The need to customize players however, should remain. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to change someone’s number or equipment, or even personal appearance of rookies. That doesn’t affect the actual gameplay like the changing of ratings does.