The Legends Included in Madden NFL 13

Posted June 14th, 2012 at 3:30 pm

EA Sports today revealed the full roster of legendary players and coaches being featured in Madden NFL 13. It’s been known for a while that a significant list of legends would be integrated in both Madden Ultimate Team and Connected Careers mode but it was just recently discovered some are included on a special Play Now team as well.

The Canton Greats team was on display at E3 – and as mentioned in the preview of Connected Careers starting as a legend within that mode means beginning with their respective rookie-caliber ratings (low 80s). Additional details include the ability for commissioners in an online connected career to block the entry of legends instead only allowing created or current players to be controlled, Hall of Fame inductions in careers coming one year after retirement rather than having the five year wait, the coaches having their own playbooks, and QBs getting their respective authentic throwing motions.

There are 27 legendary players and 7 coaches but those numbers include the individuals who are unfortunately only available exclusively to pre-orders at various retailers. Because of that the most anyone can have will be 23 players and 3 coaches. (Update) It sounds as though the opportunity will be there to earn the exclusive players/coaches within MUT which then would actually unlock them for selection in Connected Careers. More details to come. 

Barry Sanders (Gamestop)
Dave Casper
Deion Sanders
Derrick Brooks
Dick Lane
Emmitt Smith
Gene Upshaw
George Blanda
Jerry Rice (Best Buy)
Joe Greene
Joe Montana
John Elway (Walmart)
John Mackey
Kellen Winslow
Kurt Warner
Lawrence Taylor (Amazon + $15 credit)
Marshall Faulk (Origin)
Michael Irvin
Otto Graham
Reggie White
Rod Woodson
Ronnie Lott
Shannon Sharpe
Steve Young
Troy Aikman
Walter Payton
Warren Moon

Bill Walsh (Best Buy)
Dick Vermeil (Origin)
Joe Gibbs (Amazon + $15 credit)
John Madden (Gamestop)
Tom Flores
Tom Landry (Walmart)
Vince Lombardi

  • chris

    first lol

  • EricSpade

    So the very coach the entire game franchise is named after, John Madden, is only available if you pre-order from Gamestop. That seems totally ridiculous. He should be included in the game for everyone, since I dunno, the game is called MADDEN!!!

    • The problem with your logic, Eric, is that it makes too much sense. Now you know better than to be using sense and logic when expecting EA/Tiburon to make a move.

      • TheSpartanZombie

        I don’t believe it’s EA’s fault for making (John) Madden exclusive to Gamestop. That has more to do with the retailer.

    • TheSpartanZombie

      Not to mention that Amazon has the $15 promo credit so it just adds more insult to injury.

  • Brian

    I wish you could have the triplets on the same team, and try to lead them back to 3 Super Bowls. That would sweet.

    • Brian

      But with Smith, Aikman, and Irvin this game is now firmly in my buy category,

  • Geeznutz

    Anybody that buys this game is a f#$%%ing idiot, another stripped down version two steps foward 3 steps back first off no 32 team user control! its 2012!!! no season mode, no franchise mode you can’t even play other games on the schedule , no player edits ,no ncaa 13 draft import….ok big deal they got physics finally in!!! but you watch next year they’ll return all of these features I mentioned and say its new and improved this Justin dewiel wtf .. atleast give the consumer options to create!!!! you can’t even edit the hof players now people that buy this game are forced to play justin dewiels way in that career bull shit mode .I was so hyped after hearing about the physics being in the game until I heard what they took away!! I never heard people complaining about 32 user controlled teams??? …wtf. Say what you want about 2k but you can actually edit , create and share rosters … well its another year of nFL 2K5 ,allpro football 2k13 ….because EA limits your options as a player

    • Yes, there is a franchise/season mode. It’s called Be a Coach in Connected Careers. Be a Player is simply Superstar mode.

      Also, 32 team user-control is unrealistic.

      • Keith.

        32 team user control is unrealistic, but bringing back Mean Joe Greene on somebody’s Browns team is realistic? Lol — ok.

        • Drunk Peanuts

          Oh cause he said bringing mean joe greene back was so realistic. Quit being a d*ck, Jared just simply stated that controlling all 32 teams was unrealistic but your quick to attack him like a savage just cause your mad at EA. DONT BUY THE GAME ITS THAT SIMPLE!!!

          • Keith.

            I got a better idea — why don’t you go back to OS or the gaming tailgate where the Game Changers all hang out in the open without fear of using their names, and where everybody is always happy with whatever Tiburon sees fit to deliver. It’s more than just me that has had it up to HERE with Tiburon’s nonsense and EA’s underhandedness.

      • xcef209

        32 team user control is unrealistic but using madden generated rookies isn’t? Actually to be fair you can import rookies so…O wait.

        • it is reallstic i play with all the teams all the time i dont what nfl you watch i think you guys just want to help ea because you must be getting a check from them?

      • jared i think you work for ea crappy sports. why do you knock us who think is game is crap. how can you justify these clowns loigic.

        • SO its okay for the guy in the original post to call us fucking idiots if we buy the game but its not okay for us to call you guys idiots who bitch and complain about every thing

          • Drunk Peanuts

            I agree all these punks that cant do sh*t but thumb the top of there d*ck come in here and just talk sh*t.

      • jared i just put all the updated players on madden 12 all need to is put the rookies with all 32 so how can you say that?

      • jared comeon man i like some of your posts but what are you trying to prove. did you see darrell revis from the jets when one of those utube guys talked to him about the connected careers crap? he was very pissed at that they took out franchise mode.

    • Bobo

      I am not doubting you…I’m looking for confirmation……where did you hear that you can not play other games on the schedule? this is a make or break point for me. If I can’t play the superbowl each year, then fuck this shit! superbowl is the one game we all want to see, even if our favorite team isnt in the big game.
      connecting careers is one thing, but stripping down franchise basics is bullshit.

      • xcef209

        It was confirmed by someone at EA on Operation Sports. You can only play your games. Not special games during the season, not playoff or superbowl games….ONLY your games.

        • Shopmaster

          You could always switch to the coach of one of the Super Bowl teams when it’s Super Bowl week. Just a suggestion.

      • Keith.

        There’s like a long thread about it at OS.

      • bobo its true this is the gimick bleed money game

    • Drunk Peanuts

      Also your comment had nothing to do with this article!!!!!!!!!!!! So I have to ask you this, do you feel better now punk , well do ya?

      • who are you calling a punk? first of all you dont know me . and i have respected every ones right to free speech.second of all if you want to back ea thats you. but i have a right to educated people on what there buying. so its up to them to make up thier own mind . but how many timesyou guys jumed down the other delevopers backs about this game? and we all still bought it didnt watch you are calling a punk im not none of these kids.

    • AJ Gullotta

      I still love football, and i love video games. This is the best football video game out, so of course im gonna buy it.

  • geeznutz

    No ncaa 13 draft import , no 32 user control season mode, no franchise mode, limited very limited player edits, 2 steps foward 10 steps back……=$60.00 allpro football 2k13 and nfl 2k5 another year………

  • geeznutz

    They erased my earlier comments ok ….

  • Dymez

    They’re gonna pimp Rice, Barry, Madden, etc. as DLC, for sure.

    • Keith.

      Gotta pay for the NFL license somehow — everybody knows that sales of the game itself aren’t getting it done. Lol.

  • FootballFan

    Doesn’t really do a whole lot for me, but seeing how I am getting the game from Amazon, at least I get Joe Gibbs. But it’s not like his playbook fits with RGIII.

  • Skihawks

    No Jim Zorn, Dan Doornink, Steve Largent, Kenny Easley or John L Williams?

    • jim zorn isnt in the HOF, Cortez kennedy and largent would be good tho

  • Guydudebro

    Just more stupid useless crap to entice the consumers to buy into a shoddy game.

  • Dave3979

    No love for the Dolphins in that list…where is Shula, Csonka, Marino??? Spend some money EA, you rip us off for enough every year!
    Pretty sure I’ll pass this game up.

    • dont worry they got george blanda wtf really george fucking blanda and you cant at leat put in marino?

      • 49ersfan1

        as a niners fan marino is better than steve young. but no one is better than joe montana

  • Guest

    No Brett Favre?!?!?!?!?!

  • Walkatu

    So all the guys I would like to use are preorder bonuses. Nice ea.

  • Skol_Vikings_13

    No Bud Grant,Fran Tarkington,Jim Marshall,Carl Eller,Alan Page, ………WTF. Skol Vikings!!!!!!!!!!!

  • swag

    Should have included Junior Seau

  • fudgebar

    you are the only one who can collectively voice all of our opinions to
    EA about how TERRIBLE a DESIGN decision it was to exclude Player Edits,
    Creations, and Play any GAME from Franchise MODE!

    THey need to INCLUDE the OLD FRANCHISE MODE back into Madden 13
    somewhere for all of us that enjoy playing with full customizations!!

    Please PASTA you MUST help us…….

  • Buc4Life

    No Lee Roy Selmon…Aww Man #R.i.P.

  • no Chuck Noll?? What kind of game doesn’t even have the coach with the most rings in it?

    • at least you have rod woodson and joe green they didnt put one dolphin in it… Marino, Shula, Stephenson, Warfield, Csonka

  • gunner

    So I guess in a online franchise the Legends come in as a rookie?? And as a commishioner can you set it up that they come in a draft class after first year? Or do they come in via free agency? These are questions I have.

  • clubsteve

    there was already a game made with nfl legends……#justsayin

  • Surprised no one has said anything about the jersey in the pic. It actually has loose sleeves.

  • Pasta, do you have any idea how the “exclusive” coaches and players are going to work for us Madden buyers in the UK? I can’t really seeing any UK stores having exclusive Madden content available for pre-ordering

  • brian

    I agree with everyone on this board who hates EA! I will not be satisfied until they put together a game that’s far more better than what I see on actual broadcasts! You guys are nothing but p*****. You know that right? Suspicious of anyone who has anything positive to say. Leading a mundane witch hunt into the profiles of possibe “Gamechangers.” Calling them terrible things. Over what? A game? You guys are ridiculous. Get over it already. Or get a girlfriend. Something that causes you less focus on a game you have some personal obsessive vendetta over. How many of you can program? Or in your spare time, how many of your just drink a beer from your porch critiquing someone on how they’re cutting the lawn. Because you share the same riduclousness. You watch a Vs. video on youtube now you’re an expert of “sim football.” Get a life. Better yet get a shrink.

    • Battle

      Hey clown ass I hope the madden boys brought condoms before u ride them lIke a pony.

  • Bleak5170

    I know he’s not in the HOF, but I was really hoping Phil Simms would be included since he’s already in the game doing commentary.

  • Hungryandrew

    Cough*…(All Pro 2k8) Cough*

    • clubsteve


  • Keith.

    Anybody see this clip from Fallon last night? I thought they got rid of the garbage where a quarterback can drop back as far as he wants and heave a perfect strike 50 yards down field, throwing from a QB’s back foot. Total garbage. There really is no hope for EA football so long as Tiburon remains in charge.

  • Bigg C from Chicago

    Here we go again EA, constantly trying to copy 2K with this “Legends” pack….sounds very shaky and poorly put together this pricing stuff.

  • Mason Drews

    Nice to see the triplets included, I may actually give this mode a shot now that I can play as Aikman! How does one go about getting the Walmart Pre-order? or in-store purchase?

    • Pewter_Power

      Either one.

  • yo

    madden sucks deal with it

  • Cjweber5187

    Its a shame that one of the greatest coaches of all time has his name tethered to this piece of shit game year after year.

    • FireFlyJam

      Should be called “Browns13”, after Paul Brown. Greatest coach in history.

  • thbends

    As long as the Triplets are not split in different store giveaways I’m good!!!

  • Marino84

    No Dan Marino?? WTF??

  • No Bruce Smith? A DE that leads the NFL in career sacks while playing in a 3-4 system?

  • biglou65

    they should have put at least one player from every team. that would have been better

  • Kelley

    WTF? I can’t play with Barry Sanders and Jerry Rice? (Not to mention Lawrence Taylor and John Elway). I have to choose? APF 2K8 had 240 former NFL Players, and the most I can have is 23? C’mon EA! The funniest part is Elway, Sanders, and Rice were the cover athletes for APF 2K8! Coincidence? I think not. Pathetic EA!

  • AJ Gullotta

    i kno for sure that im pre ordering from best buy. And I’d kill for Ronnie Lott and Joe Montana to go along with Bill Walsh and Jerry Rice. I wouldn’t waste time and money for Steve Young cuz he won’t be starting on my team. But Ronnie Lott’s hit power shud be definately 100. Go Niners!!

  • digits

    damnit i wanted to play as jerry rice but i dont have a best buy in my town!

  • mutfan

    no matter where i buy it from they will all be in ultimate team, CANT WAIT!!

  • no dan marino?

  • Looks like I need to go to Wal-Mart for Tom Laundry

  • dan13marino13

    no marino and shula ! how can i contact ea sports please? who are dick lane& otto graham?[just kidding but come on no DAN]

  • Game OF Fame

    How is there no Dan Marino and Don Shula? Instead you have Gene Upshaw, Kurt Warner with a K, Kellen Winslow, Joe Gibbs and Tom Flores. Is EA missing a QB who broke almost all season passing records in his second year with a rocket arm, and a coach who won back to back super bowls and is the all time winningist coach?

  • scott

    I Dont Like it how they sorta got rid of franchise mode it was a very popular and yet they get ri d of it its sucks but connected carreress sound good but still bad move ea