EA Sports Pledges Extra Attention to South Alabama for NCAA Football 14

Posted June 22nd, 2012 at 3:15 pm

Supporters of South Alabama – and those who value authenticity in the NCAA Football series – were upset by the news that the school was left out of NCAA Football 13. South Alabama is one of four schools entering the FBS this season and for some inexplicable reason EA Sports was apparently unaware of this despite the process being set in motion a few years ago.

In an attempt to make up for it EA has contacted South Alabama assuring them that they would “go above and beyond” what is typically done for a new FBS school by giving them the treatment afforded to the major institutions. The info comes from the Alabama news outlet AL.com which goes into detail on what the company has in store for the school. That includes the team’s authentic entrance, stadium sounds, crowd chants, playbook, and stadium as well as the inclusion of their mascot “SouthPaw”.

  • Again, in the past we never got these teams until they were fully eligible so I’m not too upset about this. I do think it’s pretty cool that EA is going to make up their mistake.

    • Crimson

      “I do think it’s pretty cool that EA is going to make up their mistake.”

      You do? Really? Wow…now I’m no software developer, but it seems to me that they could probably make it up with a pretty good sized patch these days, instead of making promises to give them the full treatment in next years game. Then again, I’m no developer, but they seem to be able do amazing things with patches and DLC these days, like huge new maps and missions, upgrades, major tweaking of gameplay changes, special uniforms, new downloadable characters, etc. Why is this error so impossible to fix with a patch, and why are we even mentioning NCAA14 already?

      • Christopher5

        Theres always next year…never stops with this franchise.

        • Then don’t buy it, don’t rent it, don’t read about it, don’t post about it if you are so frustrated by it.

          • Christopher5

            Im venting…you dont have to read what i post. I will state my opinion on this “open forum” if i chose to do so. I enjoy reading Pasta’s info on what is going on with this game in particular. So i will continue to post with my opinions. Never said i was frustrated…pissed would be the more accurate word. NCAA 12 was a complete miss, and this game is already complete, and it seems to be flawed before it even hits the shelves with many of the same issues NCAA 12 had. Also the fact that they are rolling out the red carpet for south alabama is pretty funny, considering everyone knew they were gonna be D1 and EA forgot to add them in the game. Pretty epic fail on their parts.

      • krrit

        Using Something like Teambuilder you could add in a team. But art assets like stadiums, fields, and even scheduling issues cant be taken care of in a basic patch.

      • Heat

        You gotta be a pretty STUPID mother fucker to believe that can be made up with a “pretty good sized patch”

        • eagleyedesigns

          Why in the fuck couldn’t you, dipshit? If you can add 10 hours of new gameplay for a Gears of War 3 DLC, you sure as shit can add ONE fucking team with all the bells in whistles in ONE patch…What are you a fucking plumber? If you know so much about “patches”, Mr. I.T. Guy, gives us your glorious reason why you can’t and we’ll give you our undivided attention. Fuckin’ douchebag…

          • Crimson

            Thank you eagleeyedesigns. You saved me the trouble. They could probably alter the whole game’s season structure and format, add a stadium, rankings changes and all, with one single download of data patch…if they absolutely wanted to.

          • 49ersfan1

            lol u made my day

  • Why can’t they do this for every team?

  • majesty95

    The Inexplicable reason was that South Alabama wasn’t originally scheduled to be a full fledged FBS team this year. The still aren’t eligible for the conference championship or a bowl game. The NCAA decided late to allow them to play a full FBS schedule this year instead of in 2013 which was the original plan. Just happened too late in the dev cycle to get USA, their team and their stadium in the game.

    • jake

      once the 2 year probationary period was up they were going to be in the sun belt conference. everyone knew that since back in 2009 i think.

      • Correct. And main point is, Texas State and UMASS are at the same exact stage of their transition. The three of us are all ineligible for conference titles or bowl game berths this year, but count as FBS wins and losses for the all of the teams we play this year. UTSA is actually even a year behind the other three, with their full transition not being completed until 2014.

    • Why do you keep saying this? That is not the freaking case. South Alabama’s “timeline” was released shortly after the creation of the program in December 2007, that listed a “12 game FBS schedule” for 2012. Turned into 13 games because of the contract signed with Hawaii last year. PLAYING AN FBS SCHEDULE IN 2012 WAS NEVER IN QUESTION. Stop saying it was.

  • So they are going to waste resources on a team nobody cares about? Dumb.

    • James Kraft

      I don’t get it either and like @yahoo-3TCQYBDEBMBBG4R6SIAAKABF24:disqus said above, customers are going to pin the extra time on USA as a reason some on the inevitable bugs and glitches or missing features in next year’s game. I think it was very foolish on EA Sports’ part to make this public, sure it may show good faith to those who follow USA and the Sun Belt conference, but for the majority it makes it look like they don’t give a hoot about other, more prominent schools.

      Saying that, I’m happy for USA fans who will get the “full treatment”. Enjoy!

      • Anybody who uses that as excuse for any of the game’s possible shortcomings is an idiot.

        • James Kraft

          Or not, there are only so many hours in a development cycle. Spending time on such a small school’s entrance (which probably isn’t all that original) is a waste of time…

  • I bet the other three that made it in this year wish they’d been the one left out now.

    It’s an awful lot of effort being used on a canon fodder team, which bothers me. I understand they screwed up, and want to make it up. But next year every NCAA 14 fan is going to assume that features were cut because of the time & effort that went into getting South Alabama correct.

  • usa

    20000 fans a game maybe woohoo authentic stadium sounds

  • bigturboweenie

    just another reason why i cancelled my pre-order. no upgraded equipment…no new revo face masks…i still see f***ing rutgers in their old unis, based on the recently displayed photos…and NOW THIS!

    wtf man! ben haumiller…u are one LAZY a**! how does madden get a new lead designer and magic happens, but your sorry a** fails to upgrade anything OTHER than USC and Texas cheerleaders and mascots?!?!


    i can’t trust fat people to do anything. they care nothing about their own personal hygiene, so why would they care about other people… UGH, demote this guy PLEASE!

    P.S. – i WILL be buying madden this year. i like what they’re innovating…and fifa 13 is a must buy (just showing that i’m not an EA SPORTS hater…. just a NCAA development team hater…lazy a**es)

    • 49ersfan1

      like it for including madden, and showing some love to fifa

  • UrbyJT

    All 17 supporters of South Alabama were upset?

  • 49ersfan1

    so theyre doing this for a half star team that wont play until next year instead of doing this for 5 star teams like stanford and alabama o.o

  • Chrsn

    S Alabama’s timing is good. They get left out of a forgettable installment of “NCAA,” and for that, they’ll get special treatment for next year’s edition, which hopefully will have something worthwhile enough to warrant purchase.

  • KDubleU

    Why can’t they just create a patch or free download into the game? It does have online capability, right?

  • Guest123

    Everything EA said they’re going to do should be standard, not “going above and beyond.” Piss on me and tell me it’s raining EA.