NCAA Football 13 General Impressions

Posted July 10th, 2012 at 11:45 am

EA Sports played it safe with NCAA Football 13 by addressing some legacy issues while adding a highly marketable mode with the Heisman Challenge. Unfortunately for veterans of the series the game will feel all too familiar and those tempted primarily by the allure of legends may find themselves somewhat unsatisfied with the path they’re being led down. NCAA Football 13 is a product as rich in content as it is uninspired in its execution. 

Given that only the three days were had to formulate thoughts on NCAA Football 13 what follows will act as more of an overview than a detailed review. As a whole the game could be best described as mediocre and inoffensive while still offering a respectable amount of depth and variety in modes. Fans of the series will not find much new – unless Heisman Challenge mode provides intrigue – while the lack of advancement elsewhere is immediately evident. Dynasty does come through with some worthwhile additions but the reach there becomes more limited.

Aspects like play action, pass trajectories, screen passes, and non-psychic defensive backs provide the improvement on the field. They represent significant advancements but at the same time it’s hard to get all that excited about those things which should have been addressed long ago. Issues with the gameplay however were quickly identified. Poor safety play might be the most glaring of the bunch but at times deficient offensive line blocking along with the CPU being inept running the option and out of shotgun also stand out. User swatting or pick attempts with defensive backs appears to be terribly unresponsive allowing for some passes to be completed without any contesting of the ball. The CPU has also demonstrated some poor clock management and SuperSim is still busted.

Otherwise the game plays fairly clean with solid balance between offense and defense. Recognizing just how many problems there are none really will be all that startling to those used to the NCAA series. They can at least be somewhat overlooked, especially considering the actual improvements that are present, but will understandably create some frustration as well. More though should be expected of the game than just being adequate.

There seems to be no point to the addition of motion blur other than to make the graphics somewhat worse and to act as a constant slight annoyance. Visually the game is still spectacular despite that. Presentation is less effective with a mishmash of broadcast style shots with replays and post-play scenes that come from cameras on the field that don’t exist. Even though there is a disconnect in the post-play scenes – reaction shots often come from a totally different part of the field than when the play ended – at least it’s not as utterly embarrassing as what was on display last year. Players still can’t seem to walk around without bumping into each other but at least the focus isn’t consistently on those interactions.

The additions to Dynasty mode are worthwhile. In particular the ESPN Studio Updates and Bottom Line Ticker are effective in making the games within Dynasty feel more important and connected to the other results around the country. However the updates become bland with audio sometimes poorly stitched together and when in the process of playing actually glancing down at the ticker could act as a distraction. More time will have to be spent recruiting but thus far the dynamic pitches, enhanced phone calls, and new scouting have added some much needed spice to the process.

Where the NCAA series has failed the most in recent years – and continues to do so with the latest iteration – is in providing a true representation of the college football experience. This is particularly the case in the audio area where crowd noise is often flat and in general doesn’t have the effect that one would expect. The lead devs were at the Notre Dame vs Michigan game last year and still couldn’t translate that experience to the game which is disheartening. Player reaction scenes are still weak and more often than not feel disconnected from what had just taken place. It’s unbelievable how many teams have their uniforms omitted or incorrect. Commentary has grown stale but with the departure of Erin Andrews maybe EA will have the motivation to revamp it in the booth and not limit it just to the sideline.

Check out my full impressions of the Heisman Challenge mode here. Online impressions will be posted later this week and then the full ‘Hits and Misses’ review early next week.

There’s value to be had with NCAA Football 13 – there remains a rich array of content and commendable depth to Dynasty mode. However those who play NCAA every year may struggle to identify what exactly would make it a must-have product.

  • Keith.

    Stock is down 41 cents (and still falling) today — guess NCAA isn’t going to be the one to reverse the tide for EA. 🙂

    • Wow, 41 cents a share down?! How will they ever recover?!

    • Christopher5

      Wonder how many copies they will sell today? Has to be a huge drop from all the previous years.

      • Sales through Amazon have been huge – but that won’t represent the totality of NCAA 13. Gut feeling is sales overall will be slightly down for last year – but who knows the Heisman Challenge could resonate with casuals more than we would anticipate. It’s hard to gauge how a game will be received when it’s not a great effort but the marketing is especially effective.

        • Christopher5

          True. The Amazon deal was their saving grace this year, and without it there is no way they would have sold very many copies.

    • Crimson

      Say man, kinda funny…when is the last time you saw a post from Davis1982 or whatever his name was? If I remember correctly, there a a mention of a wager on this game’s sales versus last year’s sales. That guy all has all but gone missing since then.

      • Keith.

        Yep — he’s pretty much gone AWOL ever since the “bigger than Hiroshima” news about Madden turned out to be somewhat of a dud (considering that gameplay videos of the Infinity engine show it’s anything but a “game changer”).

        No way on earth that Tiburon football is going to see an uptick in sales this year — and if you missed my post in The Show thread, it’s got Riccotello worrying about his job (the falling stock price, that is).

        • Keith.

          Here’s a different link to the story, “Pachter: EA boss fears for his job.”

          • Crimson

            LOL…OH SNAP!!! I missed that one.

          • eagleyedesigns

            He better fucking fear…Welcome to the real world, asshole, we lose our jobs daily…

          • FYI apparently Pachter is now saying that comment was a joke. Got into hot water for it. But it probably rings true anyway.

          • Keith.

            Thanks, Pasta. Considering EA’s stock has dropped from $26+ in November to $11+ today, I agree — there’s definitely some truth to it. For Riccotello to even be asking Pachter (who’s with Morgan Stanley) why nobody is buying EA’s stock, is pretty telling.

            What’s funny is EA’s stock holders are due to be voting on a $1 million plus “bonus” for Riccotello later this month. A few more days like today, and Riccotello won’t be around to find out their answer…lol.

      • Christopher5

        Hes in hiding until madden creeps closer, so he can make another monumental post about the game that nobody has heard about yet.

  • beermn76

    That’s what I was afraid of… Another year of dissapointment from good ol’ EA. Hopefully Madden will be better.

  • eagleyedesigns

    “We’ve been working with NIKE for almost 14 months now to get every single uniform option in this years game. I mean, we had meetings upon meetings upon meetings with them about rendered artwork and colors and templates, so, yeah, we know a lot of secrets about schools switching uniforms this year. We’ve had the art files this whole time to try and be as consistent as possible. There are schools out there that have a student body that has no clue that their favorite team is switching uniforms…We do!” – BEN HAUMILLER – LEAD PRODUCER – NCAA Football 13
    Hahahahahahahaha! And yet, Vanderbilt releases NEW uniforms TODAY that are NOT in the game…Hahahaha…FUCKING LYING FAT FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! YOU DON’T KNOW DICK AND YOUR WHOLE TEAM IS FUCKING LAZY AND SHOULD BE SWEATING THERE FUCKING BALLS OFF BECAUSE, LIKE YOU, THEY WILL BE UNEMPLOYED! You FAT FUCK! I had a chance to accept this piece of shit for FREE and I took it and then sold it for the cash…You will LOSE so much fucking money from this piece of shit! Hahaha…SUCKERS!
    If I were them, and of course this would’ve never fucking happened, I would’ve halted production on NCAA 13 knowing there would be no fucking chance on this Earth that they would be able to compete with Madden’s Infinity Engine, and put out NCAA 14 next year with Infinity Engine. But, noooooo, you fuckers gotta get your money and put out another shit fucking product…Heisman Challange? Hahahaha…Who in fuck is going to play that bullshit? Nice fucking “bullet time”, BTW…What a fucking joke…Hahahaha…I got a FREE copy and didn’t even fucking open it…Sold it…Straight cash homie…FUCK YOU, Hamburglar! Good luck sucking up a job on skid row you fat piece of shit…

    • Christopher5

      Vandy always gettin left out..

      • eagleyedesigns

        And Mizzou, TCU, South Alabama (The whole FUCKING team), Multiple alternates for most major colleges, etc. What a travesty…

    • My problem is the working with Nike part. He constantly ignores Adidas,UA, and Russell gear. He is a joke and needs to go.

    • markus greenidge

      they also f***ed up on not adding hardly any new equipment. how the fuck do u forget the revo 2-bar that 40% of college football players wear? HOW? i have qbs w/ running back face masks! so friggin tacky.

    • kg

      man, maybe if you put as much time into something productive as you did this post, we might all be better off….instead we are left with an uptight, annoying blogger who overreacts to everything. It almost sounds obsessive, like a 13 year old girl that just doesn’t get it. good luck buying drugs and living your pointless life with the the $60 you got selling your free copy of the game that most less fortunate people would greatly enjoy to have.

      • Christopher5

        straight cash homie..don’t hate because he sold a grimy game. Why not make a few bucks when you can?

      • eagleyedesigns

        Sorry you purchased yours. I don’t do drugs. As a matter-of-fact, I purchased THREE outstanding Blu-Ray movies for that sixty bucks and got way more entertainment than that piece of shit would ever give me…So, in the end, the person that bought it wins, ’cause he likes shit wrapped in plastic, and I win for getting what I want. That is all that matters. And it’s not my fault that people are less fortunate…Get a fucking job then…

  • Ramon

    If NCAA came out in June instead of July it would sell more. Why buy the same game from last yr when madden is a month away?

    • Since Madden’s release shifted to the end of August at least its a six week window now between the two.

    • Skyflame21

      Have you seen MADDEN with IE? I was recently given the chance to check out the game and I’ll say this. I was not that impressed, sure Infinity Engine has promise but it’s quite a few years away from being any good. MADDEN 13 is littered with too many collisions that look like bumps ending up in a guy going flying it’s almost like watching a bad cartoon with how disconnected the engine is from authentic game play.

  • Guest

    They need to let 2K back into the football mix, this is the first year in 8 years that I am not buying the game. I was not even excited for it to come out at all after seeing the “new improvements”, I think all hardcore fans want is good gameplay and EA just can’t seem to justify making an effort to improve that. I am happy for the people who enjoy the game but I won’t buy the game again until the players don’t move like robots and momentum and physics are integrated to make it feel realistic.

    • Guest

      Exactly. Not only player movement but they need a major overhall on presentation too. It’s sad that 2K5 still sets the bar for presentation & that was on a LAST GEN console smh. This is also my 1st year in 8 years that I’m not buying. I’ll give Madden a shot.

    • EAHater

      This will be my first year not buying this game also. Played the season ticket early release and was very unimpressed and bored. I’d like to see some competition in video game football…. EA has dropped the ball way too much…..

    • MackSwagger

      And when it gets fixed there will people who still complain. I bought the game and while I agree that some things need to be changed this is not a horrible game and people should stop acting like it. I believe the focus is on Madden 13 this year and understand that there’s one studio working on several games year in and year out. They don’t only have Madden and NCAA they have other games to finish as well. As for 2K they are owned by Take-Two who I think only sees profit in its NBA 2K series. All Pro had the chance and no one supported it. If you guys want Take-Two back in the game send your e-mails to the NFL because they’re the ones who made the license exclusive in the first place.

      • polochamp

        I agree with some of what you’re saying. I don’t think people aren’t buying the game because it’s terrible, but because it’s simply a glorified game play patch. Heisman Mode is RTG with old players added. NCAA 13 feels like 12 with Heisman DLC and a patch for bugs. That’s not worth $60. 2k did an awesome job with 2k5 and people are still talking about it today. All Pro suffered because the lack of NFL/NCAA support, not because of gameplay.

        • Skihawks

          I agree. I am liking the game but it does look and feel like what NCAA 12 should have been. I like the improvements but with those improvements comes other issues. None of what I would consider game breaking but definitely need some patch work (zone defense).

          I read a bit about the large quantity of sacks. I adjusted the AI pass blocking slider a bit and it helped. Can still get pressure but not racking up 10 sacks a game.

    • big-easy88

      My first time in 3 years I’m not buying… Skipped Madden last year and this year after gbuying 02-11 as well.

  • It really makes absolutely no sense to me how year after year, the glaring holes, missing pieces or severely broken features are still untouched by EA Sports. They SAY they listen to our feedback but we can clearly tell that they don’t. Instead they try and pull this “Heisman Challenge Mode” in front of our faces to distract us. This is bullshit. I don’t want EA Sports to waste their time with this stupid mode but rather put their effort, time and energy into providing the best possible college football game down to the core. Details matter and they obviously have missed the boat on this for quite some time now. Doesn’t it bother you that this company just is almost slapping us in the face by providing such a shit product while they pretend like it’s the best thing ever?

  • Why don’t they release it when college football actually starts in Sept? Seems like they could use the extra almost two month development time. Another disappointing year. At least I have FIFA to look forward to I guess.

    • mcmax3000

      “Why don’t they release it when college football actually starts in Sept?”

      Simple: because they want you to buy Madden in September.

      Putting out two football games around the same time would just have them competing with themselves.

    • “Release in Sept”, excactly. Madden would crush it.

    • Irish88

      If it released in septemeber no one would really buy it. A few reasons. 1. Everyone waits for rosters to be made which can take up to a full month for spot on accurate (Skyflame21 on 360 are quite good each year), with MADDEN being released around the same time people may choose 1 or the other and not both. Releasing in early July allows for everyone to be pumped about football coming back, looking for a fix. If you release it when football begins they already have their football fix.

  • jwallace0317

    Most frequent sighting of the “motion blur:” post-play cut scene, player getting up off the ground. Are these guys really getting up off the ground that fast? lol

    • longshoreman

      seems like moving the camera around in instant replay causes… motion blur. on everything. what the hell?

  • My 3 day impression is that it’s just
    boring. Not great, not really bad, but just boring. other than stat chasing
    there really is no real reason to keep coming back. The on field issues have
    been fixed (passing etc) but as it was said, this should have been done long
    ago. if the Heisman Challenge was limited to the amount of plays the real
    person had (say Allen had 400 carries, then limit the player to the same 400
    carries over the season. now can you really beat what he did? when you can influence
    98% of the plays to go to you just to collect yards, doesn’t seem all that
    exciting. I am on game 4 of Allen’s run and I am already past half way to
    getting his yardage total for the season. at this pace ill shatter it by week
    9. I have no desire to do this to all 12 or so challenges. i may be in the
    minority on this one but i don’t like spending hours trying to recruit players
    in Dynasty. I want to play, not look at screen after screen of ‘did he choose
    me yet?”. I’ll play it on game fly till Madden…like every other year, as
    my buddy and I play head to head and at least with some trash talking the games
    are fun. As a solo experience I am not thrilled, but not disappointed either.
    it is another NCAA Football game

    • Crimson

      Ben, I loved what you said, but you get an automatic upvote from me just for you picture alone. I am an older gamer too, I love that you are here, that you still have a love for playing sports videogames like myself. It’s always good to see older gamers still playing these games, because we comment from experience. We’ve seen the dawn of gaming and we’re still around to notice the trends of where gaming is going, and we can be vocal about it. I come here QUITE often and post QUITE frequently because I love playing a game of football or basketball late at night, with a bottle of Dos EquisXX, after the wife and kids have gone to bed. I hope I don’t ever lose that feeling, it keeps me young. I am spanking these kids ass online on NBA2k everytime I play, and I am just getting ready to have a birthday on the 11th. I will be 49 years old, and I am still gaming online, kicking asses and taking names. I feel like I have a lot to say about what is happening in gaming today, just on my years of playing these games alone. Keep gaming Ben. Its a great thing, and its probably good positive stimulation for the brain muscle too.

      • eagleyedesigns

        Me too, brother…me too…37 here.

        • Crimson

          Right on brother, keep it going. We can’t stop now. These kids today don’t know shit about gaming.

          • ptcommish

            Thanks for commenting older gamers! I’m a 40 year old who has played Video Games since I was 5 years old w/ Pong. I never thought I would still be playing, but just look at these games. Its incredible. I pretty much only play sports games (NCAA, Madden, NBA 2K and Tiger Woods). I am shocked sometime at the comments on these boards because of where we were and where we are now. But I do think the players are too robotic this generation, they still seem to float above the field of play. But the games are gorgeous and fun to play.

          • This is awesome. I’m 31 so I guess I’m not that old yet, but I still play video games. Mostly sports games but I still play them. I remember the Tecmo Super Bowl days and tracking Super Bowls in my notebook kind of having my own dynasty. Pretty amazing how far we have come.

          • polochamp

            Yes sir, I’m 31 too and I remember playing Bases Loaded, Double Dribble and 10 yard fight around Christmas of 88 when I got my Nintendo. Since then I haven’t missed a season of football and basketball gaming. Seen and played them all, Bulls vs., NBA Showdown, Live, David Robinson Supreme Court, Coach K, Inside Drive, 2k, Joe Montana, Madden, Bill Walsh, Game Day, Tecmo etc. Amazing that those games were more fun, but new technology brings new expectations.

          • Crimson

            I agree.

          • i remember joe montana football, bill wash, madden 92, tecmo bowl one of the best football games ever

          • Crimson

            Me too. I played them all. Tecmo bowl was the bomb back then.

          • NinoMarley

            agree tecmo bowl and super tecmo bowl just did it for me… but dont for get 10 yard fight, and super nes football (my brothers didnt like playing this one but i did)

          • oh yeah i forgot about 10 yard fight i used to like that one also. good one.

        • Skihawks

          41 years old here. It seems games were more fun when companies werent striving to make them so realistic.

          I grew up on the Commodore 64, Atari, Intellivision to the Genesis and beyond.

          • eagleyedesigns

            How many remember “4th & Inches” on the ‘ole Commodore 64! I do! I do! LOL The Epyx games were the best! Winter Games, World Games, Summer Games & California Games! SO MUCH FUN!

          • Skihawks

            Damn. You just hit my wayback button. 4th & Inches team creator was the best. Nothing like creating a 710 pound RB.

            I also enjoyed Statis Pro Baseball by Avalon Hill and any text-based sports sima by Lance Haffner.

            Oh, let’s not forget EA’s Dr J vs Bird and Jordan vs Bird.

          • atari football with 3 guys on offense center, quaterback and reciever i was gaming since then

          • Skihawks

            Yeah. That game was terrible. However RealSports Football was fun on the 5200. How about Intellivision and its side scroller that took 25 seconds to run 30 yards?

          • Crimson

            “It seems games were more fun when companies werent striving to make them so realistic.”

            You are so right about that. They were MUCH more fun.

          • Skihawks

            I still have my 20th edition of Madden with the old school Genesis version. Still play it…

        • 35 here lol

      • RM7280

        Yea baby, older gamers love em, I been playin this turd for as long as they been makin it, 58 and still kickin on-line ass


          51 here…remember when you couldn’t update a roster in Madden…and when that was added we all thought this was the greatest thing ever. Now people complain when a roster update isn’t put out every other day. 🙂

          • alj

            Oh those were good times though…I always loved the ambulance that would tear on the field during an injury and just drill players. Fans tore down goalposts too in like 93 maybe? Somewhere around there.

          • Crimson

            LOL. I remember all that. Good stuff man.

          • longshoreman

            this year, people will complain when the “feature” of editing rosters is mysteriously absent. as they should.

          • GEE

            40 and still loving videogames! These games have come soo far and yet fall soo short nowadays; why is that? too much money involved and not enough love of the game developed, in todays society. A drink to the OG’s of gaming! Yeah man.

          • Crimson

            Not enough love of the art of creating something special. At least not in these sports game anyway.

        • Crimson

          YEAH MAN!!!! DON’T EVER STOP.


          I HAVEN’T.

        • Crimson

          Hell yeah…and why not? Its cheap home entertainment these days.

      • Neil

        Good to see I’m not the only 40 something person that’s addicted to these sports video games. I’m 46 and I love these games. I play NBA 2K11 and 12 quite often, and I also play MLB The Show too. I play with my friends and we often have tournaments at each other’s homes and our wives don’t even complain! That’s because they know where we are and we’re not out running the streets and cheating on them, lol! Heck, my wife even cooks us food and serves us drinks on tourney night at my house! I’ve played video games since the days of PONG and have watched them evolve through the years. I’ve had just about every gaming system known to man and I couldn’t think of a better hobby. Kudos to the old school gamers!

        • gamechanger

          I love how the old hats hijacked this thread. 38, ballin since 10 yard fight.

          Sadly after my 3 day eval, I will be on the sideline but paying close attn to the patch notes. There is a good game here underneath many nagging bugs. To bad they moved QA to a low cost testing local in Baton Rouge because we are suffering through low quality games as a result.

          With ’12, Even when they did patch it, they introduced other game breaking issues. I got season ticket so I could be sure it was worth a purchase and my time, unfortunatly it wasnt worth either. I will eval Madden in the same manner, tho I have no reason to expect a diff result.

          Maybe this will be the year that I finally give soccer a try since football is dieing or dead this gen.

          • Crimson

            We didn’t mean to hijack it, but we are STILL PLAYING THESE GAMES. We ain’t gotta hide it. I try to whoop my 13yr old son at these games every time we play. There ain’t no mercy around here when it comes to gaming. Gonna have to think hard when you wanna figure out how to beat Dad. I’m straight old school.

        • Crimson

          “I play with my friends and we often have tournaments at each other’s
          homes and our wives don’t even complain! That’s because they know where
          we are and we’re not out running the streets and cheating on them”


      • Tym Mac

        Old heads love fest going on up in this piece!!

      • The360King

        42 here. I’ve been playing NCAA off and on since Bill Walsh football as well. Been playing Madden since Madden 1990. Boom! My uncle and I used to go at it on Joe Montana on Sega Genesis. We had a rule that no one could pick the Lions because Barry Sanders was unstoppable. My brothers and I used to go at it on Tecmo Bowl on the NES. We had a rule that no one could get Bo Jackson because he was just ridiculous. The most dominant player ever in a sports game.

    • Amen_Ra

      LMAO! WTF is this the old gamers convention. We got respect for all you fellow gamers, but this was unnecessary!

      • Crimson

        Just sayin…we’ve seen it all.

  • Danny

    Will not be buying the game that’s for sure. Game felt bland too me.

  • Kevin

    At midnight last night I waited in a line of only 4–count em FOUR– people who preordered this game. The clerks working the midnight release said it was by far the lowest turnout of any midnight release, and I live in Huntington, WV, where Marshall University is and where WVU and Ohio State are very popular. I don’t know if it’s the stale improvements, the economy, Marshall’s string of mediocrity or what, but that was shocking. I personally LOVE the franchise. But something’s not right.

    • eagleyedesigns

      I got me FREE copy, that I already sold for cash, from a friend who works at Gamestop. All of the Gamestops in my area DID NOT do a midnight release because out of 9 stores, they had less that 10, COUNT ‘EM, FUCKING TEN reservations. I remember the days when there would be HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE waiting in line for this bullshit…

    • markus greenidge

      well i think too. so many people like myself are pre-ordering from online sites like amazon for 44.99. why wait in line at a gamestop when i’ll have my game at 10:00 am at my doorstep. but you are right, a midnight release used to be big for this game. i don’t think the game is that bad, it’s just played out.

      • Christopher5

        exactly. This game was awesome in 11, but its NCAA 13 and its the same game. Most of the same player faces, and the same gear. What have they done in the past two games to seperate themselves? #nothing.

  • Crimson

    Wow, 10 comments in and not a single word of praise for the game. That’s sad.

    • That’s the mark of a special product. Special like being held back 3 grades…

      • Crimson

        Metacritic has it at a 79 overall right now.

        • Christopher5

          Too high for this game…it is what it is 7/10. Not good, and nothing to get excited for.

  • Guest

    Did you guys expect any different? These devs are just lazy & complacent. I mean it’s 2012 & they still don’t even have something as basic as chaingangs in yet. I’m tired of hearing wait til next year. Unless the NCAA devs step their game up, they will never get another dime from me. I’ve moved on to other non sports titles which is sad because I love football. The NCAA series has become so stale SMH.

  • guest

    I’m leaving this trash in the shrink wrap and shipping back to amazon to my $45 dollars back ASAP!

  • Crimson

    Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA)
    4:15 PM ET on Jul 10, 2012

    Last Price
    Day High
    52-Week High





    Previous Close
    Day Low
    52-Week Low


    • Crimson

      It will be interesting to see if this game helps EA stock from falling any faster. Too early to tell right now.

  • ice2jr

    I like ncaa and madden to play online and inonline dyn, but for some reason every time i win a game i go down in rank and can anyone explain why?

  • dlsf8607

    Totally understanding that I will likely be flamed to death, and that no one here will agree with me, I am rather enjoying playing the game. I play these games for the gameplay, and I think they made a fairly large improvement in gameplay. I’m glad I bought it, and while I’m not really an EA Sports fan, as long as they’re the only ones putting out football games, I’m going to keep buying them, if only to get my fix.

    • Crimson

      Nothing wrong with you enjoying your purchase. Another satisfied customer.
      I have a feeling there are not gonna be as many this year though. Everyone seems to be just buying this until Madden comes out, and then off to Gamestop it goes. The price will drop on this game so damn fast, it’ll make the execs over at EA head’s spin.

      • dlsf8607

        Totally understand trading in for Madden because of money, etc. Totally get the EA hate too, they’re a slimy, awful company (as so many are), but they provide a serviceable product for my needs.

      • Christopher5

        Gotta sell all those copies somehow haha. Heads are gonna roll, and tubby will be the goat for this.

    • eagleyedesigns

      Na, you’re cool, dude…If you enjoy it that is all that matters…Me on the other hand…FUCK ‘EM.

    • Alj

      I like it just fine, just starting to feel like the same game each year. I’m not talking engine or whatever either but the teams have had the same celebrations and tunnel walks all this generation. I’m also sick of playing the likes of Troy in the title games after about 6-8 seasons in. Troy has a great team for the Sun Belt but will never make a title game, much less multiple ones. Having said all that I still get the most fun out of this series’ dynasty mode vs any other franchise currently.

      • dlsf8607

        That is one of my beefs with the series too, last year I played Indiana(!) in the National Title game in like my sixth season. Also, I’ve seen this year there are always tons of upsets in my studio updates. Though this could have always been in the game and I’m only just noticing this year because I’m being told about it.

      • alj

        ok, i’ve changed my mind a bit. I finished a season as the OC at Arkansas St. and took the head job at UCLA where i’m 2-0 so far(I’m DrJones56 on PS3 with Wisconsin as my team if you want to look up my xp so you know I’m not shitting you that I’ve played it waaaay too much so far today). I have to admit that I’m really starting to get into it now. I’m starting to see a ton of pretty animations on tackles, catches etc. that I hadn’t seen in the past and am still just loving the ESPN ticker and the sound quality. I agree that there are some wonky things that crop up here and there but my immersion level in terms of feeling like I have ESPN on during a Saturday afternoon in fall has never been higher with this series. I really am loving the recruiting/scouting system too…btw I’m a huge dynasty guy and the off field stuff really(and sadly) floats my boat.

  • ALJ

    Stay with me a sec here. My first college football game was EA’s Bill Walsh College Football way back on the Sega Genesis. I’ve been hooked from that point on. Graphics got better and better, when recruiting made it’s debut it was like the greatest thing ever. Having said that, this was the first year where I’ve really been underwhelmed. I know that last season it had it’s issues but I was OK with it cause I had fun with the game, but this year is a different story. I’m sure I’ll still put plenty of time into this years version but for the first time that I can recall I’m not itching every second I’m at work to get home and play it. About the only positive things I can say about it is that the ESPN Ticker is pretty cool, the updates get old fast but the ticker does give me the feeling that there is actually a living, breathing season that I’m a part of. And that’s it…I mean I guess it’s nice the Superman LB’s don’t exist anymore but I’m just completely underwhelmed. Like I said, I’ll play a ton of it but unless something radically changes, for the first time in 20 years I may not pick up NCAA 14 next year and that’s sad.

    • Crimson

      Damn, Bill Walsh on the Genesis? Welcome to Lazy Acres, old man. Enjoy your stay. We’ve been having fun chasing the nurse’s aids and playing sports videogames.

      • alj

        Oh man, it was so good though. Colorado was unbeatable with Rashaan Salaam. Always nice to be able to reminisce with a fellow ‘old timer’. It was ahead of its time too as you had a playoff at the end of the season

    • beermn76

      My favorite was College Football USA 97′ on Genesis. That’s when games were fun. Today, players take it way too seriously. “The facemasks are too narrow”…. Wow. I’m 44, married with 3 kids. I don’t have much time anymore to play. I just play games to clear my head after a long workday.

  • mjtags11

    my bottom line ticker is not showing up… is there anything i have to do to get it to show up?

    • Christopher5

      damn so they sold you ncaa 12 in the 13 case…lol im jokin, but thats messed up.

      • mjtags11

        I love the game, just wish teh bottom line ticker would show up. its not my tv because the ticker is not even on the screen at all (if it was my tv then it woudl show a little bit on teh screen). I really hope it starts to work, i really like the game and it would be better with the ticker. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

        • mjtags11

          finally got it working!!! If anyone else suffers this problem, make sure your xbox is in widescreen (settings > display)

  • JerseyPatriot

    Thanks for the comments on the game. It made my decision not to purchase the game a bit easier. The price cut of 25% at Amazon was not enticing enough for some tweaks. I didn’t even buy NCAA 12 and am still playing NCAA 11.

    I am not one of those people who roots for a gaming company to fail. That isn’t right and nobody wins with that way of thinking, please stop posting the stock price, I can get that myself. Ask Curt Schilling how expensive it is to run a video game company.
    The best we can do as gamers is not buy the games, that will make the message loud and clear that places like EA need to do better.

    We’ve seen some of the greatness that EA has produced with FIFA and the NHL series, why this does not translate to a series that is twenty years old and seven years in this generation of consoles is beyond you and me. Is EA too big to fail when it comes to football video games? At least with Madden there is some hope. The sad part is that I like the NCAA series better than Madden, and I am a bigger NFL fan than college football fan. The NCAA game did not need a massive overhaul, but it needed to make a Jersey guy feel what it is like to be in Death Valley, the Horseshoe Outzen Stadium, etc. I will likely never get to those places and I’ve known what these places look like since the days of my PS One, but if EA can’t replicate the sounds and the intensity than they need to do better and all we can do is keep the game on the shelf to tell them that.

    • Keith.

      I respectfully disagree. If Riccotello gets shit-canned, I seriously doubt the next CEO will be very anxious to over-pay for the exclusive NFL license. So in that respect, we’d all win.

  • People aren’t covering the coach trust point system in RTG, and they should. It’s completely broken. I know people cried foul last year that the system was too easy. However this year, I gained 12+ for a TD pass in practice, then lost -40 on the next play because of a rollout and sack. I had no option to audible. I got demoted twice because of one or two sacks in practice. The unbalance in the coach trust has completely ruined the RTG feature this year. BIG DISLIKE!!!

  • Memphis

    I’ve had fun..Im a Dynasty guy..I play Madden for competition.. Very enjoyable and realistic so far..and I play with the 1 star Memphis Tigers..Pasta you have to also stop blatantly ignoring Black people that tweet you on Twitter..Its not cool and its obvious…We can see who mentions you…so you saying, you didn’t get it or see it while responding to others is horse crap..Its 2012 man..Let it go!!

    • DNA

      He is racist…you notice on his videos from e3 for madden 13 he had all white players on the seahawks in the game and all the black players on the bench…lmao!

    • Christopher5

      come on man…thats a bold statement, might want to make sure you are positive about that before calling someone out like that.

      • Crimson

        Exactly, I’m black and I hate when people just call others racist at the drop of a hat. Lets keep the tone civil. I like what Pasta has going on here. Good way to connect with other sports gamers here.

        • Christopher5

          good stuff Crimson.

  • B1g J05h

    Arkansas’ fight song is wrong. smh

    • Christopher5

      yea one of the many glaring holes in this game..if you can look past all the shit, there might be an ok game in there? Don’t look too hard tho, don’t want you to get your hopes up.

  • PatB

    God damnit! I just started my dynasty and there’s already a bug in recruiting. When I change the recruit rank on some of my players they go from whatever interest level they were (1,2,3,4,etc) to N/A and now I have no shot at landing them. WTF?!?!? Anyone else having this issue? I did download some dudes rosters (not sure how legit they are but Cal’s roster is good).

  • Dave3979

    Very fair review Pasta. It’s just so sad that EA’s response to any of this is the sound of crickets.
    Last night I played a game and with no time on the clock threw a 50yd TD to win the game. There was no change in how the announcers called the play. In reality they would’ve been falling out of the booth and going crazy. Why can’t EA get any emotion into the game?

    The same is true of Bowl games. They just feel like any other game except some
    confetti fills the air afterwards. I want it to feel like a real accomplishment to win a Bowl game. For years I’ve waited for EA to address this but they never do and I can only think they never will. It just seems beyond their ability.

    • jagjaguwar

      they tried to add emotion with Gus Johnson on Madden, and look how that turned out… not being smart, just saying..

  • Truth

    I said it a couple days ago. It’s the same game with different stuff and no exporting of college players, Whoever buys it and complains has it coming to them.

  • Skihawks

    I know I am in the way minority on this site but I am enjoying the game. Much better than last year’s travesty.

    I know everyOne has their opinion on what they dislike. For me, the game is what NCAA 12 should have been. It’s lack of “newness” is what hurts this game.

    I understand the expectations however the game plays well and OD is working well.

    I also agree that Amazon may gave absorbed more pre-orders. I ordered through Amazon for the first time. Hard to beat $45 and free shipping

  • Drew Peterson

    man it is hard to read everyone’s comments. even the people who have found some positives out of the game, none are like, “whoa” or, “this feature is soooo much better this year”.

    I’m mostly an online guy. I’ll get the game because I like the gamer to gamer competition. To those who primarily play offline or just feel they deserve more, I agree it is mind boggling that EA can’t produce a better lasting appeal with this game.

    Also, step one fixing this game should be the offseason. guys getting caught with weed, beating their girlfriends, freshmen running from the cops because they got drunk at a keggar…basically half the SEC running backs and all second string quarterbacks (joking…maybe).

    and to the older gamers who rightfully so have been giving their input, I feel for you since EA simply isn’t addressing true gamers wants, but trying to sell games…which some have pointed out may continue to go down this year again.

  • Patrick

    I think the problem with next generation games is that they make people expect the games to be as close to real life as possible. Last gen games, when you played them, you knew it was just a game, so you let a lot of the problems with those games slide. With these recent games, you are expecting so much more that you actually overlook all the good things about the game.

    • It is 2012 and football video games still aren’t up to par with football games that came out in 2004. That is why I expect more.

      • Crimson


  • jagjaguwar

    i knew something was wrong when i put in the disc for 13, and the SAME EXACT MUSIC AS NCAA FOOTBALL 12 played in the XMB, when i highlighted the game. Even the demo had different music. I played all afternoon, trying to just let things play, not messing with sliders, not looking at rosters, just getting a feel for things. Bugs. Hard Freezes. And then I put the game away. I won’t go through this again. I hung on to NCAA 12 for far too long, hoping for fixes that never came. I won’t be making that mistake again.

    And finally, I dusted off NCAA Football 11, and started playing. It feels good. Very good, by comparison. I don’t care about the Heisman Mode (playing as some superstar out of his element destroys all of the realism and immersion i’m looking for). I don’t care that there isn’t a “Coaching Carousel.” I don’t care that there aren’t customized intros for various teams (yet not my own). That just leaves me with less to skip through. I don’t care about 400 catching animations. The catches I saw in hours of play-time looked forced, like a receiver sprinting full speed on a slant only to somehow- against ALL of his momentum- reach backwards in a half-dive and make a “spectacular” grab. I don’t care about any of it. I just want a game that’ll suck hours of time away from me. And I think I’ve rediscovered that.

  • Quay Boddie

    Im mad at myself for buying after playing it wit the season ticket, just so use to buying it every year not sure when im going to open it and when if i dont open by madden 13 will return. Have no motivation to play it.

  • Foster

    Mississippi State realeased brand new matte helmets last year and sweet Egg Bowl uni’s I’m pissed to say the least that EA didn’t put them in there Fuck you EA! Fuck you.

  • RM7280

    After 2 days with the early release it looks like APF08 will get another year of use, now entering its 6th year of relevance, any EA title last 6years?
    Unless Madden saves the day, and what r the odds of that, looks like another year of 2k8, I have noticed more people on line this week then b4 already…

  • rynostud



    NUMBRAGAIN IS 877-625-0345


  • Dr. Hardin Thicke

    I love Football, and the games annoy me with their flaws…but I would have probably bought them after they had been out awhile…IF, the draft class capabilities were still there. The realism of having the first few draft classes with real players, was what helped bridge the gap between the two games, and add that little extra realism. It helped me over look some of the other errors, and gave me a reason to enjoy both games. Now, they’ve just closed more doors by taking things away, instead of opening them, by fixing issues and improving further. So, this will be the first time I will not be purchasing either of the two games. If I get bored, I might rent them through Gamefly if I don’t have anything else I want to play… but that’s the extent of where it’ll go.

  • Bawktalkin

    33 here. I’ve bought EA games for a long time now, even the last 2 years (Ma11/12 and NCAA) even when I knew better. The game is stale, animations are limited, and ratings STILL don’t mean anything this generation. I’m going back to playing NCAA 2006 for XBOX 1 on my 360. Seriously, give it a shot and be amazed at how much more fun and just a better game of football it produces. Has everything NCAA 11 and 12 has, but ratings mean something and without the bugs. Go UW Huskies!

  • willhop1984

    I hate that the players from ncaa cant be drafted to madden this year thats the main reason I buy ncaa every year

  • willhop1984

    i hate that you can no longer import the draft classes from ncaa to madden

  • SmashMode

    Very disappointed with this game. I sold it back the day after it came out. Hoping that Madden brings a somewhat fresh experience with the new physics engine. Until then I’m back to playing NCAA ’12.

  • It’s a shame that people are still talking about nfl2k5’s presentation. It’s shocking that after what, 7 years, EA still doesn’t come close. Look at the presentation in NBA2k12. i honestly thought it was a real basketball game. It’s not that EA is lazy (ok actually they are) but the game doesn’t capture the college feel. People are sick and tired of paying 60 bucks for an update. At 40 years old, I’ve been playing games since Pong. And I have followed the evolution of football games. And while this is a good game, it’s not worth buying if you have last years version. Did i expect better? No. I’m writing to the NFL to let 2k have just as much rights as EA. Unfortunately, 2k doesn’t have EA’s financial muscle. So we will continue to get “updates: every year. When will the lines on offense and defense get looked at? I could go on and on..but..oh well.

  • paulbrownsrevenge

    Below is a list of players that wear the 2 bar RevSpeed facemask that were left out NCAA13 after Madden had it last year.
    List of QB’S who wear 2bar RevSpeed Facemask. (85) 31/123 teams starters.
    Matt Barkley- USC *
    Braxton Miller- tOSU*
    Logan Thomas- Va Tech*
    E.J. Manuel- Florida State*
    Landry Jones- Oklahoma*
    Connor Shaw- South Carolina*
    Taylor Martinez- Nebraska*
    Collin Klein- Kansas State*
    James Franklin- Mizzou*
    Jeff Driskel- Florida*
    Jacoby Brissett- Florida
    Kiehl Frazier- Auburn*
    Clint Moseley- Auburn
    Bo Wallace- Ole Miss*
    Barry Brunetti- Ole Miss
    Brett Hundley- UCLA
    Taylor Kelly- Arizona State
    Mike Bercovici- Arizona State
    Jordan Wynn- Utah*
    Andrew Maxwell- Mich State*
    James Vandenberg- Iowa*
    Jared Barnett- Iowa State*
    Steele Jantz- Iowa State
    C.J. Brown- Maryland*
    Chandler Whitmer- UConn*
    Bryn Renner- North Carolina*
    Marquise Williams- North Carolina
    Caleb Pressley- North Carolina
    Tahj Boyd- Clemson*
    Tino Sunseri- Pitt*
    Trey Miller- Navy*
    Teddy Bridgewater- Louisville*
    Will Stein- Louisville
    Luke Brohm- Louisville
    Tyler Tettleton- Ohio*
    Robert Marve- Purdue
    Rob Henry- Purdue
    Cameron Coffman- Indiana
    Max Shortell- Minnesota
    Ryan Williams- Miami
    Preston Dewey- Miami
    Michael Rocco- Virginia*
    Jeff Tuel- Wazzu*
    Dayne Crist- Kansas*
    Grant Hedrick- Boise State
    Alex Gillett- Eastern Michigan*
    Joe Licata- Buffalo*
    Ryan Alpin- Ark State*
    CJ Bennett- South Alabama*
    Stephen Rivers- LSU
    Jerrard Randall- LSU
    Brion Carnes- Nebraska
    Philip Sims- Virginia
    David Watford- Virginia
    Greyson Lambert- Virginia
    Mark Leal- Va Tech
    John Schrock- Colorado
    Connor Halliday- Wazzu
    Zach Kline- California
    Mark Myers- Pitt
    Casey Cochran- UConn
    Mike Nebrich- UConn
    Jon Budmayr- Wisconsin
    Reilly O’Toole- Illinois
    Brion Carnes- Nebraska
    Russell Bellomy- Michigan
    Kenny Guiton- tOSU
    Gary Crow- Miami
    Jacob Coker- Florida State
    Ross Metheny- South Alabama
    Trey Fetner- South Alabama
    David Fisher- Kent State
    Austin Gearing- Miami(oh)
    Tyler Van Tubbergen- Western Mich
    Jay Hall- UTEP
    Austin Brown- UAB
    Blake Frohnapfel- Marshall
    Jon Hays- Utah
    Sam Richardson- Iowa State
    Max Wittek- USC
    Emon Saee- USC
    John Manoogian- USC
    Seth Strickland- South Carolina
    Andrew Clifford- South Carolina
    Tanner McEvoy- South Carolina

    * denotes starter

    Other Skill players who wear the same mask (85)
    TE Jake Stoneburner- tOSU
    TE Brandon Ford- Clemson
    TE Mike Ragone- Kansas
    TE Sam Grant- Oklahoma
    TE Junior Pomee- USC
    WR Tavon Austin- WV
    WR Marquis Lee- USC
    RB Rex Burkhead- Nebraska
    RB Ray Graham- Pitt
    RB Cierre Wood- Notre Dame
    HB Trey Burton- Florida
    RB James Wilder Jr- Florida State
    RB Eduardo Clements- Miami
    RB Akeem Shavers- Purdue
    RB Donnell Kirkwood- Minnesota
    RB Danzel Williams- Oklahoma
    RB Dominique Brown- Louisville
    RB Devondrick Nealy- Iowa State
    RB Melvin Gordon- Wisconsin
    WR Eric Ward- Texas Tech
    WR Eli Rogers- Louisville
    LB Mike Taylor- Wisconsin
    LB Sean Fisher- Nebraska
    LB Will Compton- Nebraska
    DB Lamarcus Joyner- Florida State
    DB Durrell Givens- Iowa State
    DB Corey Cooper- Nebraska
    DB PJ Smith- Nebraska
    DB Andrew Green- Nebraska
    DB Mohammad Seisay- Nebraska
    DB Josh Mitchell- Nebraska
    WR Brandon Coleman- Rutgers
    WR Jordan Matthews- Vandy
    WR Bennie Fowler- Mich State
    WR Tony Lippett- Mich State
    WR Juwan Caesar- Mich State
    WR Dana Dixon- Mich State
    WR Keith Mumphery- Mich State
    WR Andre Sims Jr.- Mich State
    WR Spencer Elliott- Mich State
    WR John Jakubik- Mich State
    WR Tim Marlowe- Nebraska
    WR Kenny Shaw- Florida State
    WR Andre Dubose- Florida
    WR Frankie Hammond- Florida
    WR Quinton Dunbar- Florida
    WR Latroy Pittman- Florida
    WR Michael Thomas- tOSU
    WR James Wright- LSU
    WR Chris Fields- tOSU
    WR Kameel Jackson- Oklahoma
    WR Victor Blackwell- USC
    WR Michaelee Harris- Louisville
    WR Garrett Kidd- Miami
    WR Rashawn Scott- Miami
    WR Kendal Thompkins- Miami
    WR Mike Shanahan- Pitt
    WR Chris Harper- Kansas State
    WR Torell Miller- Kansas State
    WR Curry Sexton- Kansas State
    WR Daruis Jennings- Virginia
    WR Tommie Thomas- Purdue
    WR DJ Coles- Va Tech
    WR Regis Whittington- Maryland
    WR Patrick Laird- Army
    WR Matt Aiken- Navy
    WR Jerome Tiller- Iowa State
    WR Chris Young- Iowa State
    WR Marcus Kennard- Texas Tech
    WR Tyson Williams- Texas Tech
    WR Taariq Allen- Nebraska
    WR Richard Mullaney- Oregon State
    WR Mitch Singler- Oregon State
    WR Richard Morrison- Arizona
    K Alejandro Maldonado- Oregon
    K Drew Basil- tOSU
    K Mike Meyer- Iowa
    P Brad Wing- LSU
    P Cody Webster- Purdue
    K Coleman Peterson- Utah
    P Sean Sellwood- Utah
    P Zach Grossnickle- Colorado
    K Justin Castor- Colorado
    P Ryan Erxleben- Texas Tech
    P Kyle Dugandzic- Arizona
    P Dalton Botts- Miami
    This list isn’t complete by any means.