QuickHit Football Shutting Down

Posted July 11th, 2012 at 7:45 pm

Majesco has announced they will be shutting down operations on QuickHit Football come August 17. Less than two months ago the company stated that QuickHit would be losing the NFL license which it had utilized for a two year period and now the free-to-play browser based game is closing for good.

QuickHit began in 2009 hosted solely on its own website and later expanded to be playable on Facebook as well. It featured generic players and teams but with five current NFL players signed to be involved along with a number of legendary NFL players and coaches. In June 2010 the company announced they had reached a deal with the NFL to incorporate the league licensing within the game. September of that year the NFL integration launched featuring the official league branding, stadiums, team logos and colors. Majesco announced the acquisition of QuickHit during E3 2011.

The exclusive NFL license is currently with EA Sports running through 2013 (Madden NFL 14). That agreement however has never extended to mobile platforms or browser-based games which has allowed other companies to produce licensed products there.

It’s unclear whether Majesco will be delivering partial refunds to those who purchased annual membership subscriptions. Those went for $48 providing bonuses, removal of ads, and full access to the NFL branding packages when they were available. Others may have balances in their account or have paid for items they’ll now never receive as well.

The free-to-play but microtransaction and ad supported structure hasn’t really taken off with sports themed games. Even the ones with higher awareness levels have only found middling success. Until the products warrant consumers buying into them with rich feature sets and gameplay experiences they’ll continue to struggle to gain traction and hold users beyond the initial try-out period.

  • This is a real shame, because it’s just another non-EA effort that couldn’t make it due to a lack of communities getting involved the way they should.

    • ea is trash

      hell yeah.all we got is EA

      • Crimson

        Hopefully after Madden 2014, we will see something new from somebody new with the NFL license. Anybody else making a an NFL licensed football game would be a welcome change at this point.

        • Keith.

          Don’t be surprised if Riccotello gets the boot if the next CEO doesn’t negotiate an early out from the NFL contract, like THQ recently did with UFC. $60 million a year for the exclusive license is killing ’em, since their overall Madden numbers have dropped 2-3 million from their 2007 high. The NFL negotiated some changes for them last year, so they’ve already got a history there. Plus, how many millions do you think EA has spent on defending all these lawsuits? And, there was already word EA has $27 million set aside for a possible lawsuit settlement, and even that hasn’t yet gone through. If those settlement talks fall through and EA has to go to trial in the Fall, there may be no Madden 14 if EA loses, whether they or the NFL like it or not.

          Anyways, new NPD comes out at 4 today — look for Tiger Woods 13, SSX, NHL12, GS2, Fifa Street, or any other EA game and how the market responds. Should be fun.

          • Crimson

            I don’t expect that any single one of those listed games will have made any kind of sales numbers. EA is in big trouble. Gotta love it.

          • Keith.

            Yep, even though June was a big month for golf and hockey — pretty telling.

            Stock is down 25 cents already this morning — and yet another new 52 week low has been set. To be a fly on the wall at EA these days….lol

          • real sports

            golf……. what an athletic sport……
            wearing khakis and button shirts/ 50 yr old men thinking their something in the sports world

          • whitemamba

            Ah, Keith – our resident economist. Love your work.

          • 49ersfan1

            and i love ur favorite basketball team…..

  • Keith.

    YES! YES! YES!

    • Amen_Ra

      how is this good?

      • MMO123

        In all his neverending EA hating attacks, I think Keith has finally lost touch with reality.

        • ur moms a shitstain

          thats a imitator shitstain

          • MMO123

            Wow, such a brilliant response. Do us all a favor and go commit suicide. The world’s gene pool and your parents will thank you.

    • Keith.

      Wasn’t this “Keith.” who posted this — seems I’ve got an imitator now. Probably just some angry Game Changer.

  • I don’t know what this game is/was, but I hate microtransactions in anything and everything.

  • smsixx

    So everything was going good and then this “Majesco” buys the product in 2011 and then everything goes to shit…Lets start there and see what happens.

    • maximov

      “Everything was going good?” Nope. QH’s developers had never been able to make the game profitable, proof of which is that the Majesco deal only paid off the QH lenders — and even they didn’t get their full investment back, SEC filings indicate. Majesco, it appears, had to agree to satisfy QH’s lenders in order to get the QH president, a social-games expert who joined Majesco as a VP.

      The real end for QH may well have been its decision to pour money into the NFL license. On the one hand, that brought in a flood of new customers, which exacerbated existing software and hardware problems. On the other hand, without a way to continually pull cash from those users, every extra user was just another drain on QH’s expenses.

  • Jon

    I’ve never even heard of that game.

  • Panagle

    Majesco fucked us, plan and simple.

    • Thing1234

      Calm down panagle:)

  • Wow. Another game that a big company has ruined because of no apparent reason. Thats a shame and I dont even play this game. Just my past experiences with other games.