NCAA Football 13 Named Rosters Now Available for 360 and PS3

Posted July 12th, 2012 at 8:45 am

The first completed sets of rosters for NCAA Football 13 have made their way out for the Xbox 360 and PS3. The origin of the rosters are unclear – and total accuracy can’t be assured – but for those looking to get names in as soon as possible these will probably do just fine. 

In order to snag the rosters go to Team Management – Roster Share – Download Roster – Download Roster and enter the gamertag PASTAPADRE on the 360 or GAMINGTAILGATE on the PS3. Make sure to save the file after downloading and manually load it if the names are not immediately reflected.

I can verify that these rosters do transfer over for use in online play on both the 360 and PS3 indicating that only names were edited and nothing else. These sets may very well be suitable for many while others can always choose to wait for a more distinguished roster maker to complete their file. Feel free to report back your findings on these rosters in the comments!

  • EA is garbage

    can you look into draft class export being removed from the game!!! wtf EA

    • Christopher5

      yea can’t do it anymore.

  • Nice

  • Skihawks

    Found a set for PS3 by EALegend35. Solid.

  • Kevin

    Pasta, you’ve made my day.

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    • Christopher5

      Hahaha does the link take you to the octomom porno or somethin…17 dislikes lol.

    • wolf onatshirt

      make like a woman, go back in the kitchen and make us some sammiches mmmkay? this is guy talk here.

      • atw86


  • nxt

    Will download when I get home from work. Thanks Pasta!

  • mikell young

    will you update the story when/if you get improved rosters? does anyone know ifthere have been other changes besides the names?

  • I’m totally fine with simple naming – college football rosters, even at this stage in the year, are still very hard to nail down at 100% accuracy (even 90% is tough, especially deeper in the depth charts). Gotta get the key names in there and it’s all good. Thanks Pasta

    • mikell

      I only want the names changed, no one knows what these kids skills actually are.

  • Pony

    Ps3 rosters are not good. Crowell is not on Georgia but he’s on the rosters. That’s 1 team 1 error spotted

    • They had him on the team and on the game before he officially transferred. Get over it man!

    • Christopher5

      Easy fix..change the name? Put him on the correct team?

  • Frosty04

    If i were you guys i would wait for the OS community rosters to come out within the next couple of days. They will have names, ratings, additions. and equipment edits all finished. By far the most complete package

    • I don’t disagree. I’ll wait to start my dynasty until then. For now these will do as I like to have some sense of who I’m playing with online, but OS rosters are obviously top notch.

    • MMO123

      Yes, they will be great for dynasties, but if you want to play online lobby games, they are unusable, hence the value of these rosters that are name edited only.

  • I’m waiting for the rosters from personally as they are very thorough. Up to 60+ teams as of 4:30AM this morning. Should be out in full this weekend. 🙂

  • Wingman

    These should not be used in online play now games as changes have been made and it won’t match up. Either vIZ GONE RAINx fosters or Fairdale’s when his come out can be used for play now. The names will show up, but the player and name won’t always match up with these in online play now. That being said these are pretty good for offline or online dynasty use.

  • Scrub question, but can I use this roster online with friends? I was waiting for the in-depth roster by operation sports, but from my understanding those won’t be useable online since they change the ratings. Am I wrong?

    I’m looking for a roster I can use online vs. friends in ranked matches as well as in online dynasty.

  • I won’t use the OS rosters because they are changing ratings. Anybody try out these?

  • Jr

    Named rosters are a waste if you can’t transfer to Madden

    • Playing Madden is a waste.

      • Jr

        And you probably still purchase it every year and come here to talk negative about the product.

  • Awesome. I’ll be using these for online play since they aren’t edits to the equipment or ratings, but I’ll use Carson’s over at OS for my dynasties and stuff. Thanks Padre!

  • CcAaRRSsOONn3’s rosters are up at op sports but these look good too, thanks!!

  • Jr

    I wasn’t saying that named rosters were a bad thing. I appreciate the hard work put into them. I see my initial comment was taken Negatively

  • DougPlank46

    This game is already broken! You can find 3 game breaking glitches on youtube already and don’t forget the ip booters and lag switch users!

  • DougPlank46

    It seems like this site no longer allows you to post youtube clips. I guess they had to find away to stop people from exposing all the bugs and glitches that ncaa13 and madden 13 have.

  • DougPlank46

    EA games are always broken and they never do anything to fix it!

  • Tym Mac

    Thanks Pasta man!!

  • MD_Pride555

    is Stefon Diggs in ncaa 13

  • Big Dawg

    Landry Jones’ name is spelled “Landary Jones”

    • Christopher5

      Landry Jones is spelled “Landry Jones”.

  • gy3

    why are the players sliding on the ground instead of running . is it my copy of the game or have everyone been experiencing this please let me know

  • guest0202

    are the coaches alma maters correct on the 360 version of these non-OS rosters? It really impacts my dynasties when it comes to alma maters

  • SizzleNation

    Could someone please upload the PS3 version of the roster, I will not be able to get online with my PS3 for awhile. Thanks!

  • For some reason it wont let me use the rosters in dynasty mode (offline)

    • connor mckeown

      go to your storage and see how many rosters you downloaded you can only have one on file to work for dynasty.

  • Benasuper

    I was excited to have the rosters in Road to Glory, but they didn’t transfer into the game mode for some reason. The first thing I checked was the Heisman Watch to see Matt Barkley’s name, but only saw “Ryan Willis”. Pretty disappointing.

  • Hud Skywalker

    PASTAPADRE doesn’t work for online dynasty on Xbox 360.

  • batman2010

    what happened to QB Nick Montana UW?

  • Hud Skywalker

    What roster works in online dynasty on xbox 360? PASTAPADRE doesn’t work. Neither does the CcAaRrSsOoNn3 roster.

  • dra ncaa

    i need the original rosters with isaih crowell as uga rb. i hate these fake rosters going around that off set uga and fsu rbs those are my teams and everyone has rosters with there rbs wrong.. crowell wont be removed from the game stop changing the rosters

  • dra ncaa

    pasta does your rosters have players kicked off the team..ex isaih crowell.. i wont the accurate lobby ranked match rosters

  • are you guys going to change the penn st roster and kick players off the teams like ray ray armstrong from miami and reid from fsu?

  • boomersooner

    Will there b a roster update for wen Penn state transfers are finalized?

  • georgie

    Do these rosters work with Road to Glory?

  • ez33sc

    I can’t access the roster share on xbox 360 and it says I don’t have permission can anyone help