Fight Night Team Developing EA Sports UFC

Posted July 18th, 2012 at 4:15 pm

EA Sports today announced that the development team behind the upcoming EA Sports UFC is that of the Fight Night franchise. The company began publicly discussing the new UFC series earlier this week with the news that work on it was already underway. The development team is led by GM Dean Richards (Fight Night, NHL, SSX) and creative director Brian Hayes (Fight Night Round 4, Fight Night Champion). 

No further information on plans for EA Sports UFC have been provided. While the Fight Night series has been lauded for technical achievements consumer demand steadily slipped from the peak of Fight Night Round 3. Having a full license should free up much more in the way or resources and provide distinct vision as opposed to boxing titles which necessitate acquiring each fighter individually and offer no clear direction to follow due to the sport being so fractured.

The Fight Night series has excelled graphically, gameplay has been fairly good with technical innovations introduced along the way, and the titles have consistently offered a sufficient level of content. The story mode in Champion was well-received even though it was quite short and post-release support has been extraordinary. EA Canada though made some stubborn decisions with the series that cost them along the way ignoring consumer feedback until it was too late, online play hasn’t been anything special (unlike EA Sports MMA’s stellar offering in that area), and the standard career mode never fulfilled its potential.

Ironically Fight Night Round 3 was the basis of the piece about how the UFC brand could grow with EA Sports. That was with the assumption however that UFC would be launching on the next generation of consoles. With EA already talking about the series they could instead be planning for a debut before then.

What do you think about the Fight Night development team taking over EA Sports UFC – is this encouraging or discouraging news for the future of the UFC series?

  • KittenMittons

    anything is better than THQ. They’ve been saying for months how theres a patch and that they’re in the “final” stages. Bullshit, THQ got what they deserved; I hope every fuck gets fired from there.

    • SomebodyMakeABoxing

      You must not know much about the Fight Night Team. They made promises that that never happened. EA just have the best servers.

  • more bs

    fight night is trash now,waste of time.they should focus on the football tiles more instead of this bs!!

  • Hate defeats Love

    Oh Lord, here comes the 3 year plans followed by the 2nd year change in dev team followed by the 3 year plane with different take on a genre that has changed.

  • Keith.

    I read today that the executive director behind EA’s flop Star Wars MMO got the boot and that some of the Star Wars staff has been “re-assigned” to EA Sports’ Austin, TX studio.

    Says a lot right there. The Show and NBA2k are both made by guys who are passionate about baseball and basketball, respectively, and it shows.

    EA Sports games, meanwhile, are going to be made by Star Wars devs who flamed out when their game bombed, and I’m betting it’ll show, too.

    Then again, maybe a dev team of Boba Fett fanatics would be an improvement over Hamburglar and his squad of incompetent hacks.

  • mcmax3000

    I’d be interested to know what the Fight Night team has been working on up until now.

    The last Fight Night game came out almost a year & a half ago. Were they working on Fight Night Round 6, and if so, has that been canned?

  • jab16

    Pasta, you should be ashamed of yourself! The Fight Night games were TRASH and so unrealistic that’s it’s not even funny! Brian Hayes knows as much about boxing as my 5 year old niece does. He’s the one that put all that arcade type shit in the FN games and now these clowns will make a fuckin mockery of the UFC franchise. Have you heard the punch sounds in FN Champion? They sound like the punch sounds in the Rocky movies! I’m telling you guys they are gonna really fuck this game up BIG TIME!

    • SomebodyMakeABoxing

      You are right, even boxers didn’t like it. I had quite a few on my podcast who said Fight Night Champion was a joke and very arcadish. The Fight Night Team and anyone who agree with that game made a mockery of the sport.

  • Keith.

    Pasta, what’s up with Kotaku’s resident EA ball washer, Owen Goode, beating you to the punch with a story about the Madden Monopoly settlement?'-ea/

    Maybe today will be the day we find out the details of the proposed settlement — can’t wait.

  • Dallas Carter

    TERRIBLE NEWS! FAIL! UGH! FIGHT NIGHT IS CRAP. Nice Looking fighters but the gamely so unrealistic and sound effects cheap. EA MMA (who made that game) that game played and looked great. CRAPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!

  • 50 bucks

    Fight night champion was awesome. I’m excited to see what ea will do with the UFC.

  • Jimbogegs

    discouraging….. that means the punches will all be with the right stick…. hate that

  • SomebodyMakeABoxing

    EA and the Fight Night producers are banking that the Fight Night fans follow the Fight Night team to the UFC game. They forgot they left a horrible taste in the fans mouth. The game realism factor was very low to be called a sim. The game had too many glitches and problems.