The Media Personalities Tweeting Inside Madden NFL 13 Connected Careers

Posted July 19th, 2012 at 12:00 pm

Connected Careers mode in Madden NFL 13 features a number of personalities within a faux Twitter feed commenting on the events that take place throughout the league. As noted in the CC preview out of E3 they’ll all have their own voice which should be familiar – so Skip Bayless will act as a contrarian and sensationalist as one would expect him to.

What follows is not the entirety of the roster for the Twitter feature but only the media representatives involved. Others including Madden developers will be spotted there as well.

Mike Hill – @MikeHillESPN
Trey Wingo – @wingoz
Ross Tucker – @RossTuckerNFL
Mark Schlereth – @markschlereth
Matt Miller – @nfldraftscout
Scott Wright – @DraftCountdown
Robert Flores – @RoFloESPN
Skip Bayless – @RealSkipBayless
Susannah Collins – @susannahcollins
LaVar Arrington – @LaVarArrington
Todd McShay – @McShay13
Chris Mortensen – @mortreport
Adam Schefter – @AdamSchefter

  • Ive seen Rich Eisen caps

  • HoosierTransfer

    As a former AZ Cardinals newspaper reporter, this is disturbing. I would never want my name associated with something I didn’t create. This feels like a slippery slope. As a gamer, this is just window dressing. Why would I care about fake tweets?

    • harryhorseman

      same. i don’t see a purpose but maybe its just me because i am not a large madden fan. only liked maddens up to madden 10. the infinity engine will turn out like fifas first year physics, tons of bugs and finn situation. will be fun to see how it turns out.

    • What makes you so sure they didn’t create their fake tweets, or at least approve them? As a former reporter, you’re making a lot of leaps here without any real facts to back them up. Is that why it’s “former?”

    • slippery slope???ITS A VIDEOGAME!!

    • geaux5000

      I think it’s cool, it adds a layer of immersion.

      • Crimson

        Reading fake generic Tweets. Wow. Exciting. Which one of these guys are YOU actually following on Twitter during an actual NFL season?

        I’m sure your answer is NONE OF THEM.

      • wolf onatshirt

        Assholes adds a layer of immersion but it doesn’t mean it’s better than a vagina :/

        • Tee

          LOL….one of the funniest comments I’ve read lately

    • asmckenna1215

      Disturbing? I imagine EA couldn’t put anything in the game without the person’s or their agent’s consent. It’s really not a big deal.

      And it adds some realism into the game. Suspend your disbelief for a moment.

      • Crimson

        I keep hearing this statement that it adds realism. What is the value of reading a bunch of generic Tweets? What realism does it add to the game?

        • asmckenna1215

          for something as minor as this, it’s just all about suspending your disbelief (if you know what that means. if not, look it up). Sure, it’s “window dressing” but it helps you immerse yourself in the world you’re playing in. That’s all. And if it doesn’t add realism for you, why can’t it just be a neat little extra that they stuffed in? It’s not like it took a tremendous amount of resources.

          • there is alot of things to complain about this game, this is not something that should be complained about.

    • Crimson

      Thank you. This is useless fluff. Wasted resources. Its not even melodramatic to the point of a being a good reality simulation. Its another useless gimmick that will probably get old quick. Lord forbid that they would’ve used those resources for something tangible.

  • The Indecision

    Matt Miller?! The douchebag from BleacherReport?! #fail

    • right? when did Bleacher Report become credible sports journalism?

      • SOBAY310

        Miller actually does a helluva job for Bleacher Report. The site in general has made great strides within the last year. It’s no longer just a place for hacks to post their work.

        • Docta Phill

          Nice try Matt Miller

  • I thought Rich Eisen was in it.

  • CSaintSwag

    I don’t understand connected careers……

    • you and me both, from the gist of it, it comprises of both franchise and superstar modes. If you select to play as a player you’re in superstar mode per say, and if you select to use a coach you’re in franchise mode. either way you can’t incorporate edited rosters, so I guess that means you can’t bring your own CAP in Connected Careers either.

      Pasta, how unique are the feeds? Will they get redundant after about week 6? How about after the first year? Will it be the same couple lines of text year in and year out?


    This makes it seem more “real”. This is what y’all asked for. I’m not an EA fan at all but don’t complain when you ask for more realism and get it.

    • kbomb1upc

      The same people asks for a physics engine but still complain bout the infinity engine. I’m excited to see if this does what it is suppose to do. But we all know Madden isn’t the best in implementing new features but I loved they finley brought franchise online. So we’ll see

      • Crimson

        I read this forum quite regularly and I’m left wondering, who exactly asked for a physics engine and is now complaining about the Infinity Engine? Can you name at least 2 people? I love how you guys start running off at the mouth so damn easily, and not knowing exactly what in the hell your talking about.

        • MackSwagger

          But if they left the same predetermined animations in Madden 13 and released it with nothing new not even connected careers and Pasta said all of this in his pre e3 interview there would be plenty of you complaining.

          • You cannot please these people.

          • Crimson

            Are you pleased Jarod? Do you blindly buy these games ever year and reward them with DLC money, and shower them with affection for their continued hard work every year? You’re fucking pathetic.

          • Actually, no. I never buy DLC for sports games.

        • kbomb1upc

          I read the comments on this website too and a lot of people here are either anti-EA or anti-Madden. You can’t deny that when BackBreaker came out everyone said how cool it would be in Madden. And now that there’s something very similar to BackBeaker’s physic in Madden, most of the people think its still garbage. It doesn’t matter what Madden does the majority of the people will continue to hate Madden as they await the return of their knight in shining armor…NFL 2K. Which can’t make any good games other than basketball in my book. So please spare me as if no one wanted a physics engine in Madden.

          • Crimson

            There you go again, running your mouth without covering your bases. Who said no one wanted physics in Madden? Who is complaining about the infinity engine? We haven’t even seen much of it in action, outside of what is posted on Youtube, and from what we’ve seen so far looks no different that what we’ve seen in all of the past Maddens, animation wise. Physics or not, EA’s game engine this generation IS garbage. Get your facts together before you open your mouth. Gameplay wise, 2k would have made a better football game than any of the Maddens this gen . Presentation wise, 2k would have made a better football game than any of the Maddens this gen. You can quote ME on that statement, but I’m sure you would just fuck that up too.

    • Crimson

      Tell me something, because I’m curious. Who the fuck is y’all? Who asked for this? How does a fake Twitter feed equate to realism? I personally don’t even have a Twitter account. I don’t even go on Twitter. Most people just want a decent halftime show with updates and clips of the other games being played during the season. Who in the hell did you specifically read here in this forum, that asked for this unrealistic shit? You’re talking out of the side of your skinny little chicken neck and you really need to quit running your mouth.

  • Keith.

    This is dumb.

    Also dumb is the way they’re using “Legends” — from the screen shot, Barry Sanders put up 315 yards and 5 TDs in one game. Are there people out there who actually will find it fun to run up stats like this? And if there are people out there like that, why does EA constantly cater to them each year? It’s not like it’s resulted in an increase in sales before.


    • Keith.

      And still no story about the Madden Monopoly settlement? Looks bad when even Kotaku put one up yesterday.

      • Crimson

        Pasta was a MaddenNation employee. He’s beholden to certain entities that must not be mentioned.

      • MackSwagger

        Most people will get next to nothing. The lawyers will be the ones rolling in dough.

    • MackSwagger

      But if 2K did it and EA didn’t it would be innovative and fresh wouldn’t it?

      • Crimson

        Are you really STILL here with that EA moneyshot dripping off your chin?

        • Dave

          Crimson – you may read a lot of this board, but I’ve read a lot of your posts. I can say this with conviction: you sir, are a whining c*nt.

  • asmckenna1215

    yeah, Eisen is definitely in CC (unless they pulled it). pasta, did you get this list just from screen caps or did EA release an official one?

    • V3NOM908

      It’s a confirmed list

      • asmckenna1215

        where might i find this list, other than here?

        • “What follows is not the entirety of the roster for the Twitter feature but only the media representatives involved. Others including Madden developers will be spotted there as well.”

  • People are being too hard on Connected Careers. If nothing else, the mode brings traditional franchise online (can still play offline), which is great. For those who do not like the Twitter feed, what it does is allows for storylines a la newspapers from the PS2 Maddens. Additionally, the Twitter feed is interactive with updates such as trade rumors based on your actions (like proposing a trade). Some are upset because they don’t personally use Twitter, but the site is how many media figures choose to distribute their opinions/stories due to the site’s one-way communication structure. The mode is going to be awesome.

    • gt

      the twitter feed will be just one of those things you read at first then ignore after a few days

      • a short form text based model is the easiest way to add content to the game. creating ugly models of each personality would take time and effort and would probably end up looking as bad as Bermen did in 2k5.

  • wishboner

    This is the first year that franchise will be on line. Everything else is just gravy. The twitter feed isn’t anything special but damn, its just for fun right. Maybe it will be fun. Although whoever mentioned a decent halftime with highlights around the league would be pretty awsome as well. Thinking way down the wish list would be able to view other players online franchise games, much like how you can watch other online poker tables, so that you can see tendancies and cheaters. Now that would be a NEW feature!

  • Bob Boberson

    This is going to be the worst videogame of all time

  • Texan

    Yeah OK, whatever….when is the demo coming out? I know, EA excells in window dressing, I want to see what takes place on the field, this tweet stuff wont be ready until after several patch’s anyway…I want to demo “THE GAME”!!!

  • Doug

    They picked Skip Bayless as one of the tweeters? It’s official, I’m not buying this game. Fuck Skip.

  • wolf onatshirt

    It’s bad enough I hate tweets or twits or whatever you call that crap, but now i’m forced to see this on my screen on Madden?! FUCK YOU EA YOU TRENDY FUCKS!

  • yo

    fake tweets because you know real tweets are just as awesome right?