NBA Live 13 Could Be a Digital Release

Posted August 2nd, 2012 at 9:30 am

There has been a lot of speculation around NBA Live 13 given the actions of EA Sports. The game is being hidden right now and they are actively cultivating a perception that something is severely wrong with the title. That the discussion amongst consumers about Live 13 is trending towards whether it will even release or not – and EA doesn’t seem to mind that stories have to be written saying they haven’t actually cancelled it yet – says a lot about their confidence towards the product should it actually hit the market.

An interesting development this morning though as NBA Live 13 has shown up on a list of current or upcoming digital content eligible for the Xbox Live Rewards program. “Full Game – NBA Live 13 – Digital” is listed as is “NBA Live 13 – Digital – DLC”. 

There is some reason to now believe that NBA Live 13 may be releasing as a digital download rather than retail product. EA Sports has yet to reveal a cover athlete for the game – a far less important event if there will be no physical cover. They have also not announced any retailer pre-order incentives which obviously would be unnecessary if the game never reaches stores. Confusion over release date at retailers could also point to plans that they won’t be receiving the product down the line as EA would have no reason to provide them that otherwise necessary information. That EA’s own store, Origin, doesn’t list Live 13 for pre-order is just as telling.

It would be a huge step for EA Sports to go full digital on a major release. They may be looking to combat NBA 2K by going such a route of differentiation though ultimately it could also be their demise by venturing into unfamiliar territory and limiting consumer reach. It would be much more difficult to sell the game at a full $60 digitally than in stores where physical copies offer the perks of pre-order deals and the ability to sell the game later and recoup some of the costs. If the NBA were to allow EA to release at a lower price point though – something that seems somewhat unlikely – it would make it much more interesting to see the results of such an experiment.

  • The more questionable thing that popped up was that “NBA ELITE 11 – NBA ELITE 11 Online Pass” showed up as one of the things to download

  • Presidential

    2k is the Shit! Fuck EA

    • aabbcc123

      2K is fucking terrible

      • E.A.S.

        Are you sure cuz it seems to me your opinion is a invalid as EA’s reputation when it comes to putting out and NBA Live game.

  • Jake

    I’d give NBA Live 13 a shot if it was just $20. Anything more then that no way.

  • If you read between the lines, you’ll understand that the reason this game could even go in that direction is because the quality is low and EA is willing to use this as a guinea pig for testing out AAA titles as digital-only releases. It’s pretty obvious that this game is going to be crap and every story that releases about it just gives that idea more credence.

    • Crimson

      Exactly. Seems like they are trying to pull a fast one.

      • sdot


        SIMPLY PUT

    • gee

      I concurr; and i would have bought NBA ELITE for $10 two years ago if they offered it as a DLC. This is EA’s direction at the moment for their crappy release game(s). If this game is truely S**T, it wouldnt surprise me if they went DLC.

  • jz

    Staying away from this game like the plague. And I wanted to buy NBA Live this year and couldn’t wait for a fresh NBA game.

  • Keith.

    NCAA was available to download on PSN from day one (and at full retail $59.99) — so I think you might be reaching with this, Pasta. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Madden and ALL EA sports games available digitally from this point forward.

    • That has never happened though on the 360. And it’s not just that – but all the other signs pointing to there being something up with the game behind the scenes that EA has yet to discuss.

  • stillhappy

    Well, I personally think they may do this to try and cut cost because

    A: They think they will need to cut cost because the game will not sell well and they must maximize the profit they get to make this profitable at all.

    B. They feel the game will not sell well because they know it is garbage.

    Both A and B.

  • Dymez

    Well, EA did release a statement a couple of months back saying that they see themselves going 100% digital in the near future. NCAA Football 13 was also a digital release as well as in stores. maybe they got positive statistics from that which encouraged them to do this.

    Pasta, I understand how you see it as a risky route to travel, and it is, but I think it might be a pretty smart idea when you think about the percentage of gamers (especially sports gamers) that are extremely lazy and would love to everything in arms length. Then you have the ones that have hectic work schedules Monday through Friday, which I fell victim to, before I discovered Amazon. This is going to be an interesting experiment to see how it turns out. No matter how good the game is, it will take them 2-4 years to get back in contention. It seems they’re trying to make the game as easily accessible as they can, just to get back in the door.

    • Crimson

      You really want to believe that, don’t you? If they really wanted to make it easily accessible, they would also release physical copies of the game for those that aren’t connected to the internet. Believe it or not, there are still people who don’t have their consoles connected to the internet. Going digital only, severely LIMITS the game’s accessibility to the consumer. Nobody is EVER that damn busy, that they don’t have time to stop by a Walmart, or a Gamestop, on the way home from work, and pick up a copy of the game. That’s just total fucking nonsense. This 100% digital sales model is gonna bite EA in the ass big time, especially if this game turns out to be a lemon.

      • Stuid Hoe

        Your statement about no one is ever that busy is completely stupid. Some people actually do not have time to stop places after they get off of work because they are so exhausted.

        • Crimson

          Don’t even bother me with a dumbass reply like that. What about on their day off, stupid?

          If you want something bad enough, you find a way to get it. If you don’t have internet access at home, you order from Amazon at work.
          OR….what about calling the wife and saying, “Hi Honey, I am so swamped at work lately, if you happen to be stopping by Walmart, Kmart, or Target, or even Costco today, can you pick up that new basketball game from EA Sports for me? Just tell the people in the videogame department what you want, there are only like 2 basketball games on the market right now. Get the crappy one with the “EA logo” on the cover.”

          Too exhausted to go anywhere else after work? Honestly, I shouldn’t have even bothered responding to such a bullshit rational as that. Talk about stupid.

        • Crimson

          Oh, and were you trying to spell “stupid ho” when you were thinking of what your name should be? LOL. Need I say more?

          • Man you’re forgetting us people who work 7 days a week, 18 hours a day who don’t have the time to do anything 🙁 give me a fucking break right, and about the whole internet thing, its completely true. It also shouldn’t take any game series 2-4 years to catch up? Especially when that series has been producing 1 game since 2010, meaning it will take Live potentially 7 years to make a game that can “compete”. crazy

          • Crimson

            LOL, man, I swear….this guy Dymez is too fucking stupid to realize just how fucking stupid he is actually is. He spouts off these whole paragraphs of unintelligible nonsense, while trying to sound like he’s fucking Dennis Miller. Honestly, I think he’s probably a 12 year old girl using her dad’s computer.

      • Dymez

        According to Neislen, 62% of console owners play online. This is not even including those who have internet connection and don’t play online. So going ‘digital only’ can’t possibly “severely limit” accessibility when only well under 38% of possible consumers are offline. The simple fact that DLC’s and MUT’s are so successful further proves that your “severely limited” comment is ridiculous.

        People are DEFINITELY “that damn busy” that they don’t have time to stop by a gaming store to pick up a copy of a game; I’m one of them. I can’t work a 9 to 9 shift and stop by a GameStop when they close at 7 or 8. Walmarts are sporadic, so even if you’re lucky enough to have a 24 hour one in your city (which I don’t), who in their right mind after work is going take a long drive to pick up a game when they can simply download it from home? And there’s people out there (some on this blog) who work much worse shifts than me and have more exhausting jobs. Once again, this will be an interesting experiment to see how it results.

        • Crimson

          Seriously Dymez, you can’t get someone to go and pick up the game for you? Your wife, or a friend? I know I’m here commenting everyday but I work hard too. I work shift work. It’s EXHAUSTING. Seriously…cut the bullshit. Don’t bring a Neislen survey of internet connected console owners in here to make a bad point. Anybody can search for that crap on Google to try and strengthen an argument against not selling physical discs, for what is probably going to be a horrible decision to release a very bad basketball effort from EA in “digital download only” form. I do agree, that it WILL be an interesting experiment.

          • Crimson

            And to further my argument, let me ask you this. Are you commenting from a work computer right now? If so, you can’t be that “damn busy” at work, and If you are not at work, you could have probably driven to the store to pick up the game, AND had it unwrapped by now, in the amount of time it took you to make both of those comments on this site. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

          • Dymez

            I’m commenting from my iPad in my backyard, and I’m currently on the 2nd week of my 3 week vacation. However, even if I was at work, I wouldn’t be “that damn busy” right now because it’s the summer; summer’s aren’t a busy time at my work place, like most other work places. Now, tell me this, Crimson, how am I going to drive to the store right now to pick up a game that releases on October 2nd (probably)? In the Fall, I won’t have this free time to relax. This stupidity really further’s your argument? This really makes sense to you? No offense, Crimson, but you’re really dumb. I’ll have to end it right here.

          • I agree people can be that damn busy. Married, with 2 kids full time salary job that comes to about 55 hours a week, by the time i got home get important things done, like the children taken care of and any issues with the family or house, it is usually 9 or 10 pm. Not running out to Walmart for a game if i dont have to. And commenting from a computer at work doesnt mean i can just get up and leave for an hour to go find a game. I think going digital is a decent experiment with this game, no physical copies, no trade ins, and probably a good way to see how going digital with the next gen consoles would turn out.

          • Dymez

            Exactly, bro. Exactly.

          • Crimson

            And yet and still, you find the time to actually “play” video games at all, but you just don’t have the time to “go out and buy” them. How stupid does that rational sound to you guys? How much time do you find to actually play games at all since you’re so busy with work, and the wife and the kids?
            15 minutes?
            20 minutes?
            A half hour maybe?
            Yeah. Whatever.

          • Crimson

            You’ll have to end it right there? Sounds good to me. I’ve heard about enough of your lame ass excuses for today. You just challenged yourself to not respond anymore, we’ll see how long that lasts.

          • Amen_Ra

            LMAO, if you are so busy in life that you can’t find 20-30 minutes to buy a game….man I can’t even call it. Stop all that Dymez. I get your point but you aint that damn busy. My brother has 4 kids and a lazy bitch he is supporting that don’t work and he can still find to buy a game.

          • Barry

            No shit. How in the fuck does he even have the time to play a game if he’s always working so hard, or when his dude at home isn’t always throwing him down and penetrating his sorry little ass?

          • Dymez

            Did you read? I use Amazon; that’s how I buy a game. Not many people use Amazon, I’m speaking for them because I was once them. Once again, GameStop is closed when I get out of work and not yet open when I get to work. Walmart is an hour and a half drive away and the only 24 hour one is a 4, maybe 5 hour drive away. It’s 20-30 minutes FOR YOU to get a game from a store retailer, not me. And like the gentleman Ian Ximinies said for those who are actually fortunate to be close enough to a retailer, I’m paraphrasing: “Once I get in the house and handle all the necessary things a provider must, it’s late. I ain’t about to drive all the way to a Walmart and buy a game that I can turn on my system and buy on the spot.” Once again, it will be a good experiment for those reasons.

          • Dymez

            How many gamers you think are married? Most gamers are lonely individuals, that’s just the way it is. Listen, I and many others who browse this blog truly, truly doubt you work at all, let alone work so hard that you’re “exhausted.” Which is how I’m sure why you don’t get what I’m talking about. The hard workers here do. Also, there is no “bad point,” it’s common sense that the vast majority of console owners are connected to the internet; I also used the success of DLC and MUT as an example.

          • if you have time to play games, you have time to go out and buy the damn thing. Once the sweatshop you work for gets closed down, you won’t have to worry about your damn 40 hour shifts anymore and play as much NBA elite 11 as you can.

  • yahhh

    if 2k wasn’t out live would put there trash out like there football,but basketball they got competition..must of hurt u pasta putting this up.face it. if 2k had a nfl game madden would be in the same canceled hole as nba live.

    • Keith.


    • Crimson

      True dat.

    • What about this hurt me? Ive been extremely critical of EA’s NBA efforts ever since the moment they announced the change in direction to NBA Elite.

      • I don’t get why people think you’re an EA fanboy/sell out. I don’t understand

        • Keith.

          He was one of the original EA Game Changers, back before they had a game changer program, and used to regularly attend EA events. Take notice, all of his “sources” are with EA — and none are with 2k or SCEA.

          • Keith is an idiot

            then why are you posting on his website, if you don’t trust his information…Seriously pasta, ban this ignorant d*ckhead.

          • Crimson

            Now why would you want Pasta to ban somebody for having a difference of opinion? That’s what forums are for. Why can’t people like you, who are so offended by that difference of opinion, just admit that you have a vested interest in seeing people like Keith silenced, because YOU are probably working for EA. You have NEVER offered any commentary, or opinion on any of Pasta’s articles. All you ever do is show up and try to silence the information that Keith shares with the rest of the readers. WHY IS THAT?

            DO YOU WORK FOR EA?

            I concur, seriously pasta, ban this ignorant d*ckhead, calling himself “Keith is an idiot”. He adds nothing to the daily discussion.

          • Keith.

            Dude, Pasta doesn’t ban people for speaking their mind … this isn’t Operation EA Sports, in case you haven’t noticed.

          • Wrong. Never was a part of Game Changers. That program came after. I did get to see some games early through a community feedback program though we’re talking 4+ years ago. Been for all intents and purposes blacklisted since – or turned down any invites. Have no interest in attending those things again and am openly critical of them. It’s been beneficial to my coverage however to have that experience in the past as I better learned the process that goes on behind the scenes and can spot motivations and manipulations from a mile away.

            And I have plenty of sources with 2K and SCEA. But given the majority of sports games are from EA of course there’s going to be more reporting on EA games.

          • Keith.

            Alright Pasta — then how do you explain your receiving free copies of EA Sports games, but never getting anything free from 2k or SCEA? Or your giving away free EA Sports games, but never The Show or NBA2k? Or how The Show and NBA2k never make it to the top (or near the top) of your annual Top 10 Sports Games of the Year list, when most non-biased sports gamers can agree that those games are as good as it gets with next gen sports gaming?

          • I’d like to see this one answered.

          • Megaman781

            Except that time he ranked NBA2K11 #1, last year? What the hell are you talking about?

          • Dymez

            Sad part is, with that said, you know it’s not going to change anything, right? You’re still going to be called a “Game Changer” and “you work for EA,” “EA fanboy” and etc, etc. The ignorance that floods this blog is insurmountable. Some of us do appreciate the ‘down-the-middle’ perspective you bring, but you’re pretty much going to have to deal with the swarm of ignoramuses for the life of this site. Down-the-middle to them means you’re an “EA employee.” It’s sad, but that’s the internet.

          • Crimson

            LOL….the ignorance that floods this blog is insurmountable? Swarm of ignoramuses? There goes fucking Dennis Miller again.

            Hey, Dymez, what does Pasta’s hairy ass taste like to you right now? You got your lips all over it. Stop it, you’re making Pasta uncomfortable. Are you sure you don’t have a boyfriend in your small town, or a farm animal that you can do that to?

          • Dymez

            Look, Pasta. I took some of your stans just by agreeing with you; agreeing with a fact. The hate you endure is powerful. LOL!

          • Crimson

            Pasta doesn’t want you up in here slurping on his ass crack like that. Can’t you read? Ass kissing is prohibited. Bitch, go make your dude a sandwich or something.

      • Crimson

        By saying “extremely critical”, do you mean that you posted fewer articles about them? Because that’s how YOU do extremely critical Pasta. “Extremely Critical” means less coverage on your site, if you know you can’t find a way to “spin” the story to make it look positive for EA. Just sayin…

        • You must not read the site then…that’s the only explanation for that comment. No site has held EA to the fire more on NBA Elite and then NBA Live 13.

          • Dymez

            Trust me, Pasta, the kid reads the site. He just doesn’t know how to process the information he reads; Mental Retardation.

          • Crimson

            Yeah, I read it. But, I definitely won’t be in here quoting something I read in that rag Kotaku.

    • E.A.S.

      Along time ago lol

    • E.A.S.

      Remember NFL2K5 nuff said.

  • deepen03

    2K13 will destroy it either way! hahaha

    • MoneyMayweather

      not yet but it’s close depends on how big the NBA live 13 download is. anything under 5 gigs and Live might be down for the count.

  • EA Huh?

    One thing about this. This list is for a program that requires purchase in August. NBA LIVE 13 would have to be out this month..

    • are you sure? i hope you’re right i wouldn’t mind getting an NBA fix in august! even if that game sucked my dick

  • plus lp

    jay-z says ”rip live” lol

  • I just want to see some footage. I’m getting 2k for sure, because as a huge NBA fan i dont mind forking out 60$ for a (great, and probably upgraded enough for someone like me to notice) game i spend over 200 hours playing a year. I truly think Live should have waited 1 more year, i think 2k held back a bit last year with the impending lockout.

  • Crimson

    “It would be much more difficult to sell the game at a full $60
    digitally than in stores where physical copies offer the perks of
    pre-order deals and the ability to sell the game later and recoup some
    of the costs”

    This statement would probably be the true reason for EA going digital with this game. If the game is bad, the trade-ins would flood Gamestops. If you buy it digtitally, you’re stuck with a turd, and you can’t get your money back. This game is starting to smell really bad at this point, but they don’t seem to want to flush it altogether. A digital release seems like a winning solution for EA, but I wonder if the reviewers will even get a shot at it before EA begins to start selling it digitally. I truly doubt it.

  • LetsGoMets5

    EA knows it won’t make big money off of this, so instead of releasing it for $39.99 and having it decrease in price and losing money in the Used market, they’ll release it for a set price and they never have to worry about the price decreasing.

    • Crimson

      You’re a fucking genius. I totally agree with you, and I applaud you for seeing it for exactly what it is.

    • Ryan

      Also, digital saves a **** ton of money on production and distribution of discs. So if you think it’s going to bomb, digital will definitely save you on losses.

  • LetsGoMets5

    @pastapadre How do you think the Season Pass will work for this? Will we just be able to download the full version 5 days before and keep it? Or will it be 2 separate digital downloads?

    • NBA Live isn’t part of the Season Ticket program. Probably another sign that it may not be a retail release.

  • TurdalPower

    This company is completely incompetent. Is a shame too because they used to make decent sports titles back in the Sega Genesis days. Now, it’s become a conglomerate piece of garbage. This game would of looked cool when the PS1 was out. In 2012, not so much.

  • Hammer

    I LOVE to have physical copies of the game. I HATE digital. And thats the way it will always be.

    • Crimson

      I agree. When it comes to console games specifically, that’s a big lesson soon to be learned by companies like EA, who think they can suddenly go “all digital”. “Steam” is fine for computer games, but us console owners like to dump shitty games on Gamestop, and Ebay as soon as we start to smell the shit.

  • 49ersfan1

    im a kobe fan but this year lebron shouldve made an nba cover. nba 2k put durant, rose, and griffin, so i knew lebron will be on nba live, but ea is ea and if live is really gonna happen. they’ll probably put kwame brown on the cover.

  • clubsteve

    pasta, is this still going to include the FIBA license/teams?….at least it might have that going for it.

  • hugryandrew

    Whether its in Digital,physical,liquid,or gas forms this game is terrible and will not sell.

  • daley7199

    Your speculation is nauseating at this point. Nobody know anything about this game. You know nothing, OS knows nothing and every other media outlest knows nothing so what is the point in these Bullshit speculative posts that serve absolutely no purpose other than take up web space.

    Wake me up when you have some “relavant” news regarding this game.

  • daley7199

    I find the replies in your Live 13 threads to be quite comical. Aside from myself the only people who reply in here are 2k flunkies that have no intention of buying a Live game. Its even funnier that these clairvoyant morons seem to know what this game is going to look like and play like. Seriously, these clowns in here take “talking out your ass” to a whole new level.

    How bout you all just wait and see what develops. It will be what it will be. Regardless of how good or bad it is, you have already made up your mind and THAT is the reason why EA isn’t releasing any info.

    Why should they reveal anything when most of the genre’s fanbase are irrational 2k fanboys. EA has absolutely nothing to gain in August by giving any info on the game. The game is bought in October not August. When the game is done, that is the time to show it off and not until then. No one wants to see an Alpha or Beta release that will ultimately be ridiculed by the 2k ignoramouses. The real Live fans are patiently waiting for the return and when October comes WE will be the ones to judge this game.

    • Crimson

      “The real Live fans are patiently waiting for the return and when October comes WE will be the ones to judge this game.”

      Wow. That’s the saddest, “Remember the Titans” speech I ever heard. I teared up a bit when I read that last line. Tell me something. How long does it take you to proof read these little fits of pure rage, and superior intelligence, before deciding that you’ve said exactly what you needed to say? Just curious, because when you post these little tirades, you seem to take yourself VERY seriously. The part about EA not releasing any info because of the 2k flunkies stepping all over it? That sounds like some pretty crazy talk right there. You’re essentially saying that they won’t release any info because they know that the game is a turd, and doesn’t even come close to 2K’s efforts. Is that what you really meant to tell us 2K flunkies in your own little, “I’m much smarter than you morons,” tone of voice? If so, you’re just making the same point we’ve been making all day. The only thing different is that you succeed more in sounding like a condescending asshole, when you make the point. You should become a writer for “The Oreilly Factor.” You would fit right in with the other fucking know-it-alls over there.

      • Crimson

        One other thing, as soon as I read the term “clairvoyant morons”, I thought to myself,…alright…this guy “daley7199” is definitely not getting any regular pussy. You sound like Frasier Crane’s skinny little fairy brother Niles. Good luck with that.

  • bingy

    thats how ea is gonna make their money back.. cut out the physical copies of the game. i have a feeling the game is gonna be very dry. just exhibition, franchise and online. so the download should be around 4-5 gb

  • ThBeNdS

    I would buy it for $30 as a digital release but NEVER $60.

  • Fuck EA

    The nail in the coffin for NBA Live 13! Ha Ha!

  • Fuck EA

    EA=Electronic Assholes!

  • Chris Barnes

    still heavy speculation on rather the game will be a dlc copy. also the game may be a lemon maybe it will be soild. till i play it all i can give is my opinion. regradless of everyone opinion we still don’t know if they hiding it cuz the game is bad. i believe no footage should be released till the game is ready. ea is running out of time of couse but better late then a cancelation. i don’t judge games till i play them. and i don’t take other opinons seriously exaspecially if the game hasn’t even been released… i need to play it to pass offical judgement. till then im choosing the ladder.

  • 2K is sandbaggin

    I prefer EA sports games over 2k except in basketball. That said, I KNOW EA would not put out a great product when they know that the competition isn’t in the game. ie Madden.

  • Dee

    all yall fucing haters 2K is arcade bul for little kids just learning how to play basketball