Top Rated RBs in Madden NFL 13

Posted August 6th, 2012 at 9:15 am

This is the week of the running back for Madden NFL 13 with EA Sports today revealing the top 10 rated players at the position. Come Friday the ratings for all running backs will be released. Current holdout Maurice Jones-Drew shares the top spot at 97 overall with Adrian Peterson who is coming off a severe knee injury. Arian Foster is right behind at 96 overall.

Over the course of the next three weeks there will also be the opportunity to vote on which player, out of the designated top three, should be the highest rated in a particular category. Today the rating for RBs is “speed” with Chris Johnson, Jamaal Charles, and Darren McFadden in the competition to get the nod. Vote here on which you think is deserving of being the fastest back.

Continue on for the top 10 ranking of running backs in Madden NFL 13 and leave your thoughts in the comments! 

Maurice Jones-Drew: 97
Adrian Peterson: 97
Arian Foster: 96
LeSean McCoy: 95
Ray Rice: 95
Matt Forte: 93
Frank Gore: 92
Steven Jackson: 92
Jamaal Charles: 91
Michael Turner: 91

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  • iHoop

    No love for Marshawn Lynch?

  • Sir_Charles18

    I don’t think they should even be changing ratings anyway! Every player should have been updated from their last game of the season and should have the same rating. They haven’t done anything after that so why do they deserve to be upgraded or downgraded. Fuck you EA!

    *Signed, Pissed off Raiders Fan!*






    Hit em up – THEY WILL HELP U!!

  • koz

    How is Fred not in there??

    • ajfgiants2627

      cause all those rb’s are clearly better than him except jamaal charles

      • Someone with common sense

        yeah right

  • Wow, Deangelo Williams, Jonathan Stewart and Marshawn Lynch got snubbed.

    • FUCKEA

      No, when your QB is a better RB than you are, you didn’t get snubbed deangelo averaged 52 yards/game, stewart was even worse. they’re good backs, but they’re nowhere near top 10 caliber.

      • New dude

        Can’t really say that because they all share snaps n since cam gets the most he do looks better than the hbs but Williams been balling every year before cam n steward would be just as good as lynch Jackson(Fred or steven) or turner if he was given the chance

      • For 2 players who only averaged 52 yards/game, did you even look at the average per attempt because both were above 5 yards/carry. Now I don’t think Turner should be a 91, I think more around 89, he averaged 4.5 yards/carry last season being pretty much the only back. Just because a team has options doesn’t mean a player should suffer for it, I think Williams and Stewart should both be 90-91.

        • FUCKEA

          What the fuck is your point? Evan Royster got 5.9 yards/attempt and 55 yards/game last year, should he be a top 10 running back too? As he’s better in both those stats than your boys. There’s something to say for a back who carries it 20-35 times a game and has the other team gameplanning for him and still busts 100+ yards on a regular basis. There’s not a lot to say for a guy who gets 8 carries a game and busts for 50. If you think those 2 should be top 10 backs you’re on crack.

  • im not mad with these ratings

    • afdg

      i mostly agree but i think Turner should be knocked down a peg. He had two huge garbage time weeks that bumped his stats but other than that he was very average last season. I think Chris Johnson should be up there.

      • yeah but Turner was still 3rd in rushing last year.. chris johnson should be something in the 80’s like he gonna be for having a very bad season for a person of his caliber

      • Brandon Pierce

        Turner had a better season (as a runner at least) than Johnson. Johnson only had 4 tds and 4 games where he went over 70 rushing yards

      • chicagobearsdefense

        I shouldnt be surprised the bears got screwed. since madden 04, their ratings have been very questionable. Matt Forte was the nfl leader in yards from scrimmage b4 injury… averaged 5 yards a carry with an offensive line that lost 2 starters to injury, and had statistically the worst Left tackle in football last year. It took till october last year for him to crack 90.

  • Fernando brazil

    C’mon! No Fred Jackson love??? The guy was an MVP canidate until he injured his leg last season, second in rushing yards and the most dangerous all around back in the league last year and EA people rate the likes of Michael Turner, Frank Gore and Jamaal Charles over him? It’s weird…

    • fred jackson is a great back but hes a 1 man on a bad team (bills) will never get no love…. fred jackson will prolly be rated around 88 or 89 which im ok with but he is not a prime time back like the rest of these guys. hes had one 1,000+ rushing season

      • VolsBillsMagic

        So the chiefs and jaguars aren’t bad teams? Freddy was playing as good as any RB before he broke his leg last year. What people forget was not just how good of a runner he was, but how good he was at catching the ball out of the backfield. I’m not saying hes one of the best RB’s in the league but he is just as good if not better than most of the RB’s listed above.

        • c3pu

          So if he’s better than most of the RB’s listed above, how are you NOT saying he’s one of the best in the league, because to me the list is of the best in the league…

        • jones has been a house hold name for years now…. i would not put fred jackson in that group of guys when u talk about AP, Jones-drew, Ray Rice etc…. fred is a good 3rd down back. and yeah he had a good season till he got hurt not gonna take that away from him. he should’nt be no higher then 89 & your crazy if u think he is better or just as good as Jones-Drew. EA got the ratings right

        • And yes the jags & chiefs r better then the bills.

          • VolsBillsMagic

            First off i meant to say “I’m not saying he’s the best RB in the league….” because obviously he’s not. My mistake. But you can’t tell me you are going to downgrade his rating based on the team he plays for. Because i would use the exact same argument against you for jamaal charles. Charles is a very good back with great speed, but he is not a better RB than Fred Jackson, no way. Also, how can the chiefs be better than us when we demolished them 41-7 at arrowhead????? LOL if you honestly believe the Jacksonville Jaguars are a better team than the Buffalo Bills.

          • lol i knew you would bring up that game… yeah yall demolished them but after that what happen???? same old bills for the rest of the season…. and i based it off da team because when has madden in recent years showed any love to the bills ratingwise. ill take charles because he can bust a 60+ year td in a heart beat but ill agree hes a lil over rated but hes still had more 1,000+ rushin seasons then old fred

          • VolsBillsMagic

            So now we are basing ratings over a career more than recent results? So under that logic where do you think Arian Foster should be considering he has had only one great season??? No doubt the ratings team at Madden has screwed the Bills time and time again when it comes to ratings, but that doesn’t give you an excuse to be ignorant when comparing players knowing that one is better than the other. BTW: “What happened after the Chiefs game?” Both the Chiefs and the Bills had injuries to major players on both sides of the ball that cost them any chance of making the postseason. I just LOL since you said they were better than us knowing the 41-7 score when both teams were healthy.

          • 49ersfan1

            jaguars are worse than the browns.

          • the jags have i good D i mean they beat my Ravens last year so im givin them all cred

      • fredjax

        that statement doesn’t add up when you consider Adrian Peterson, tied for highest rated RB is on a team that was 3-13 last year.

  • Mason Drews


    Maurice Jones-Drew: 96
    Arian Foster: 95
    LeSean McCoy: 94
    Ray Rice: 94
    Adrian Peterson: 94
    Matt Forte: 93
    Steven Jackson: 91
    Marshawn Lynch: 90
    Fred Jackson: 89
    Darren McFadden: 89
    Jamaal Charles: 89
    Frank Gore: 88
    Michael Turner: 87

    • Madden Expert

      AD number 5? Have you ever watched the NFL?

      • Mason Drews

        He’s coming off a major knee injury, if Peyton gets dropped so should Peterson.

    • AD number 5? Have you ever watched the NFL? lmao

    • guest

      I understand the injury is a concern, but until he takes a snap this season and we see otherwise, Adrian being rated any less than a 96 is a travesty.

      • FUCKEA

        if that’s true then that same logic should have applied to peyton manning, and he should be a 98 overall.

        • Mason Drews

          Exactly the reason I dropped Peterson.

          • 49ersfan1

            u dropped? who gives, ur not EA..

    • 49ersfan1

      gore hater…

      • Mason Drews

        gore homer…

        I just don’t think Gore is all that special, we’ll see how much he has left in his tank. He had a solid year last year but I see him and Turner declining significantly this season.

        I think he should be around…
        91 speed
        90 acceleration
        84 truck
        82 elusiveness
        85 carry
        87 agility
        78 Injury

        Brandon Jacobs is gonna steal a handful of his touchdowns. I see Gore’s production dropping off (Projecting: 890ish yards 4 or 5 TD’s with around 3 fumbles).

        • 49ersfan1

          u obviously dont watch 49ers games. if u see what gore and hunter did. anthony dixon stole 2 gore/hunter tds on the 1 yard line which is why jacobs (dixon’s projected replacement) is gonna steal them but gore is a top 10 RB

          • FUCKEA

            Why are you saying what “gore and hunter did”. they aren’t 1 person. they don’t get to combine their ratings. the dude made a list based on what gore did, not what gore/hunter did. dixon stole carries, and you’re right jacobs will steal more, and they spent a 2nd round pick to get LaMichael James so, I assume he’ll get some touches at some point this year too. Plus Hunter should see at least as many as he did last year. I expect Gore to fall in ratings steadily this year.

          • 49ersfan1

            well those ratings are coming of last season. and gore is coming of a 1200+ yard, 9 td season. thats impressive for a guy who has to share carries and got injured. and the 49ers passing game is getting better…

          • Mason Drews

            8 TD’s not 9

  • Marvis Hood III

    These ratings are ridiculously high especially for guys coming off major injuries.

  • Charles Xavier Van Ludwig

    Lynch should be higher than Turner. Frank Gore is not better than Charles. Gore got basically all his yards against the shitty defenses.

    • LMAO watch football much? Charles had 1 good year, just one dude. Since gore came into the nfl he has more 100 yard games than any other back in the NFL look it up

      • doesnt matter

        2587 yards on 420 carries in 2 years
        765 receiving yards on 85 catches in the same 2 years..
        Tell me again what RB tied Jim Brown with the highest YPC in a season in the history of the NFL? Probably Jamaal Charles..its ok to hate a player or to dislike one..but atleast know what your talking about please..6.1 YPC for his career..thats impressive..give me another RB who has that..with over 3K rushing yards in there career?

        • foolish813

          gayle sayers

          • IceChief27

            Exactly, Gale Sayers and Jim Brown
            Two nobodys for sure. Charles’ stats would be even better if he hadn’t been screwed over by Todd Haley

    • 49ersfan1

      ur a fag

  • Rm7280

    Gore and turner r tired overrated backs that will have poor seasons, however on Madden they will b unstoppable

    • FUCKEA

      Turner won’t be unstoppable. He’s still slow. And Speed/Accel ratings mean a whole lot more with RB’s in madden than overall rating numbers do. Gore will be unstoppable though.

    • 49ersfan1

      gore is a BEAST! he had one of his best seasons last year. 1200+ yards. he might have a bad season due to many many RBs on the 49ers roster. but he is a top 10 RB.

  • t_rail

    More garbage ratings. Can we have some guys with actual NFL knowledge take over the ratings for EA?

    • CMPunked

      O please tell us Mr.NFL Guru. Please tell us what the real ratings should look like!

  • rmt

    Where the hell is Willis McGahee??

    • FUCKEA

      he still plays in the nfl?

      • 49ersfan1


  • Keith.

    Still no news about a demo? Wonder if it’s because EA has a train wreck on their hands, or because they’ve watered down their new physics engine so much that they don’t want people to be calling them out for 3 weeks between the demo drop and the release date.

    Speaking of demos, I’m loving the PES demo. Kind’ve a shame we never get to talk about PES around these parts.

    • 49ersfan1

      its sort of confusing (pes demo). fifa 13 is gonna be beast tho.

      • Roger Podactor

        Check tomorrow.

  • DeVion Hinton

    I wonder how high Ben Tate is rated. I’d guess about 85-ish

  • foolish813

    Sorry, but McCoy and Charles should be at the bottom if even on that list at all. McCoy is good but not even as good as Forte. The dude is surrounded by weapons unlike anyone else on the list. And Charles will not be as fast as he was. And speed was his game.

    • FUCKEA

      Ummm yeah sure, Mccoy is surrounded by weapons, that’d assume that those weapons actually played instead of sitting out injured half the season. The guy played half the year with kafka/vince young as his QB. You think those opposing teams were gameplanning against kafka/vince young and not loading up on McCoy. Really??? McCoy was 4th in yards and 1st in TD’s last year, how can you hate on him. And it’s funny how you say Forte should be rated higher but want to drop Charles because he’s coming off injury… newsflash bro, Forte is coming off injury too, and yeah Charles injury was more serious but he’s had a lot longer to recover than Forte.

  • ICe

    Is Mcfadden in the game????????????????????

    • Roger Podactor

      Probably right outside of the Top 10, I’d say 88-89.

  • foolish813

    And dont forget Cadillac Williams 96

    • 49ersfan1

      WHAT?!?! is he even on a team?

      • foolish813


  • KA1Z3R

    Um where is Darren McFadden? Before he was injured he was leading the league in rushing yardage despite an average passing game and average O-Line?

    • 49ersfan1

      before he was injured. we talkin about last year. if this is madden 12 then rate him as high as u want. but in madden 13, maybe after a few weeks if he plays like before. but not now.

      • Roger Podactor

        Then explain Jamaal Charles’ rating.

        I’ll wait.

        • 49ersfan1

          correct, jamaal charles too

        • 360Coug

          Charles was a 95 last year…so he went down four points. There’s your explanation.

  • 49ersfan1

    steven jackson shud be 90, hes old, and arian foster is too good to be behind peterson

    • 2 months older than gore….
      but what does age have to do with his production?

      • 49ersfan1

        gore is slightly better plus what do u think a 49ers fan would say about a rams player.

        • Mason Drews

          Umm no, I’d take Steven Jackson any day over Gore. He’s been the focal point on the Rams for how long now? Literally their ONLY weapon PERIOD and teams try to stop him yet he still gets 1,000+ every year. Sure he doesn’t score much but that’s because the defense knows the only person that’s capable of scoring is Jackson. Gore on the other hand has Crabtree/Davis to work with and provide some sort of balance.

          • 49ersfan1

            crabtree? crabtree is garbage. the biggest bust since blaine gabbert/ted ginn. and davis had no one to throw to and dropped like 10 passes till the playoffs. it was gore, davis, and hunter.

          • Dave

            Come on, dude. I am as big a 49ers fan as there can be, Crabtree came back from injury and put up very respectable numbers.. Saying he is a bust is just either stupid, or you let the media tell you how to think back on his draft day. On topic, Gore and Jackson are rated fine here, but Gore will fall because he will be splitting snaps like never before.

          • 49ersfan1

            crabtree was the never the steal we wanted. tell me why this offseason our biggest need was a WR. our best WR right now is randy freakin moss. crabtree never attended training camp or preseason.

          • SF biggest need was WR because their real biggest need QB couldn’t get filled.

          • 49ersfan1

            or that QB had his best season and one of the best QB rating last year.

        • I understand being biased to you’re own team, but when has gore been better than Jackson?
          Not saying Gore isn’t a good running back or that it’s a huge gap between them, but it is at least notable.

          • 49ersfan1

            both very close and very good. im not biased, im a fan and on a close match, the slight edge wins. FRANK GORE BABY!

          • You just said what do I think a 49er fan would say about a Rams player?(Implying you’re reasoning had to do with your affiliation with the 49ers.)
            Edge goes to Jackson.

  • Yes Fred Jackson should be on here, he’s one of the top 5 RB’s in NFL.

  • GKage

    Im a rams fan and I feel sorry that stephen has had to endure being on such horrible teams for so long. Hope Jeff can coach them right this season.

  • Texan

    Okay, the way EA is milking this stuff, my guess is, the demo will be out th 20th? This is sounding more like “fantacy football” than simulation,Ratings,do they really matter?

  • Fred Jackson, Marshawn Lynch and Darren McFadden all should be ahead of Michael Turner. Jackson a 91, Lynch a 90, McFadden a 90 and Turner an 89.

    • Brandon Pierce

      Why should Lynch be rated higher than Turner? Yeah he tore it up in the second of the season, but this has been his first good yr since 2008, Turner has been consistent thru that time

      • duh

        its about how good u r right now, not in the past

  • santi

    does any one know when the demo comes out

    • Henry

      I think probably next Tuesday the 14th.

  • Prodigy3son

    Seems about right. Good job EA

  • thegoods81

    Mcfadden better be 88-90….

  • realestrapper
  • crisscross592

    Not only were the Panthers duo of Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams left out of the top 10, it seems they aren’t even being discussed as in the mix by anyone. Just because they split carries does not mean their ratings should suffer. Both are easily up there with Lynch, Gore, McFadden, and Turner.

  • Peterson & Mcfadden deserve low injury rating , but why Mcfadden disapear from the top 10 & Peterson still there

    • FUCKEA

      for 1 even if peterson and mcfadden were both injury free peterson is a lot better of a running back than mcfadden from a starting point. i don’t believe in dropping guys a whole lot for injury, maybe a point or 2 depedning on severity. i wouldn’t have been mad at a 96 for AP, but mcfadden is probably at 88 or so, and I think that’s generous. as far as injury ratings go, AP has been a workhorse in the league and played full seasons up until this last one, DMAC never plays a full season and his injury rating should reflect that.

      • KCmizzou852

        I agree with you. Why give a player a low injury rating when he has only had one serious injury? He isn’t Stafford or Greg Oden.

  • KCmizzou852

    i cant believe people are saying Fred Jackson is better than Jamaal Charles. Just to show some stats here. Taking out 2011 since both didnt play every game. Fred Jackson has had 1 season over 1,000 yards. In 2009 he had 1,062 and it took him 237 carries. In that same year Jamaal had 1,120 and did that in 190 carries. Not to mention he only started 8 games that year. The next year. Jackson had 927 yards on 222 carries. Charles had 1,467 on 230. And if you take away his last rush of the season. He would have broken Jim Browns record for yards per carry. For receiving. Jackson has had 58 more receptions. With an average of 8.8 yards per. Charles has an avg of 8.9 per. SO its basically a tie there. For blocking as far as i can see there is no stat for that. And if you want to look at career stats. Jackson has 817 carries for 3,794 an average of 4.6 and 16 TD’s. Charles has 499 carries for 3,027 an average of 6.1 and 12 TD’s. If Charles stays at 6.1 and had 817 carries he would have 4,983 yards and 19 TD’s. Yeah Charles had a pretty bad injury. But it’s 2012. Athletes come back better than ever with these injuries now days. You dont have to agree with me. You can call me bias being a chiefs fan. You can say KC has had a better line which would be farthest from the truth. IMO opinion Charles is better and stats back me up on that. Oh and KC hasn’t had a better pass game either.

    • FUCKEA

      stopped reading after you said “taking out 2011”. the guy was on pace for his breakout season 2011, sort of how jamal charles went from 1100 to 1500 yards from 2009 to 2010… you can’t just take out one guys breakout season and ignore it while highlighting the other guys breakout season. Fred Played 10 games last year, that’s more than enough to get a good feel for his stats. Take those 10 games and compare them to Charles first 10 of his breakout year in 2010 and go from there on your comparison. I’m sure Fred’s 94 yards/game will stack up to Charles 91 yards/game in 2010 quite well.

      • KCmizzou852

        If you kept reading i talked about career stats. in 2010 Charles did most of his damage in the second half of the season. And his actual breakout year was 2009 where he rushed for 968 yards in 8 games. Finishing it off with a 259 yard game in the season finale. Over the first 10 games in 2010 he average like 76 yards a game or something. But over the last 10 he average 97 something. You can add last season. Like i said in the first post. Jackson has 817 carries for 3,794 an average of 4.6 and 16 TD’s. Charles has
        499 carries for 3,027 an average of 6.1 and 12 TD’s. If Charles had 817 carries he would be at
        4,983 yards. And if he had the same TD per carry he would have 19 TD’s. Jackson has 1 great season and he is better than Charles? Over the last 3 years Jackson has 2,923 yards on 629 yards. Charles has 2,610 on 432.

        • FUCKEA

          You’re comparing career statistics? That’s even more ridiculous. Why would it matter what Fred Jackson did in 2007? If we are going to include 2007 statistics as a factor for Madden Ratings then I guess Ladanian Tomlinson should be a beast in 2012, dude should be a 99 overall, he had a monster year there in 07. Randy Moss had a monster year in 07 as well, he should also be a 99. It’s not that hard, you use the most recent statistics, Charles doesn’t have any for last year to use so you can use 2010, Fred has more than enough to use from last year just look at game average since he didn’t play 16 games. Compare those statistics. GTFO with 2007 data. I don’t care what Fred Jackson did when he was a back-up for Marshawn Lynch, or what Jamal Charles did when he was a back-up for Larry Johnson in 2008. That’s irrelevant.

          • KCmizzou852

            If you want to use the most recent stuff then fine. JC had 1,467 on 230 carries in 2010. Jackson had 934 yards on 170 carries. If he had played in every game and maintained his 5.5 ypc and his 17 attempts per game. He would have finished with 1,496 yards and 272 carries. If that’s the case Jamaal should still be higher. Having only 29 yards less on 42 less carries.

          • ajfgiants2627

            ther you go KCmizzou852 you proved a good point i wont lie. either way i dont know why you guys are arguing whos better between the two, their overalls based on the recent stats you guys posted leave them in a similar rating category between like an 88-91 overall, neither should be any better than that. and theres not a drastic difference between and 88 and a 91 so based on both your guys statistics and points they are both relatively in a simlar rating category truth!!!

          • FUCKEA

            Well I should have mentioned, Jackson got hurt quite early in the 10th game of the season and left with just 7 carries and 17 yards. It’d be like taking into account the game where Charles left with 2 carries last season. Funny you haven’t mentioned the fact that they played each other last year when both were healthy and Fred ripped off 112 yards vs. Jamaal’s 56 yards. You also didn’t factor in TD’s, Fred had 5 in the first 9 games, Charles had 5 all year in 2010. It’s also not all about ypc, ypg is a big factor as well. But you used the right time frame this time, for the most part… you’re getting closer…

          • KCmizzou852

            How is YPG a big factor? If your D is getting lit up you usually stop running. As was the case in the 1st game. 10 carries to 20. Cassel had 36 passes compared to 25 from Fitz. When Buffalo is in the goal line who is their RB? Pretty sure Fred is in. We always had Jones in. They never let Charles stay in the game. Even though Charles can run between the tackles as good as anyone. And he got hurt in the 3rd. Not that early.

  • ajfgiants2627

    1- Adrian Peterson 98
    2- Maurice Jones-Drew 97
    3- Ray Rice 95
    4- Arian Foster 95
    5- Frank Gore 94
    6- Matt Forte 94
    7- Lesean Mccoy- 94
    8- Darren Mcfadden- 94
    9- Steven Jackson 92
    10- Fred Jackson 90
    11- Marshawn Lynch- 90
    12- Chris Johnson- 90
    13- Darren Sproles 89
    14- Michael Turner- 89

    15- Rashard Mendenhall 88
    16- Deangelo Williams 88
    17- Willis Mcgahee- 87
    18- Cedric Benson 87
    19- Micahel Bush 85
    20- Jonathan Stewart 85
    21- Ahmad Bradshaw- 85 (arguably could be higher or lower)
    22- Demarco Murray 84
    23- Reggie Bush- 83 (maybe 84)
    24- Ryan Grant- 83
    25- Legarette Blount 82
    26- Brandon Jacobs 82
    27- Felix Jones 81 (maybe 82)
    28- Peyton Hillis 80-81

    im aware of certain good rb’s that i left out that arent on the list, thats because i cant figure out where to put them.
    As for the ratings you can agree or disagree, i dont want anybody jumping down my throat if somebody is rated to high or too low its not that serious. if you like than thats fine, if you dislke just thank god that im not the guy who does the player ratings.

    • KCmizzou852

      So is Charles not on here because you cant figure out where to put him?

      • ajfgiants2627

        is that not what i said. Jamaal charles had one great year and then spent the next year injured. im not gonna judge his skill by giving him a rating in the 90’s until i see what he does this season. players should only be rated in the 90s for consistent performance on the field. you see peyton hillis? he had one great year out of the blue and all this sudden hes on the cover of madden 12 with a 91 rating just like charles. where was peyton hillis this past season?????? CJ2k running for 2k yards and the next season only had 4 games over 70 yards, so whats up with that?? clearly you are a jamaal chalres supporter but sorry you cant judge someone off of one season. All those guys i put in the 90s are either consistantly good every season, or have had a drastic improvment.

        • KCmizzou852

          Yeah i am a supporter. And I originally said where is Charles i didn’t read that you left some out. But i could only edit not delete. But if that’s the way your rating why is McFadden on the list? one year over 1,000 yards and he cant seem to stay healthy.

          • ajfgiants2627

            he had one year over 1000 yards, and despite his injury, the last three season hes show top quality running. yea he cant stay healthy but for whatever he showed during his last 3 more successful years there was obvious potential in his running game. you cant dupe players because of injury, as for jamaal charles im not discrediting him in anyway ive sen what he can do that one season and then there was an injury next season so therefore i cant judge whether hes got some sort of consistancy until this season. Back to mcfadden, last season he got injured but before the injury he was in the top for rushing and continued where he left off 2 season ago where he was a 1000 yard rusher. 3 seasons ago ii dont remember his yardage but i remember him developing into the monster he became in the 1000 yard season. there go he had 3 season where he constiently show improvment and consistancy despite his ability to stay healthy which should not discredit his talent in anyway.

          • ajfgiants2627

            overall the only way any football player should get any type of credit for their performance is at least 2 or 3 seasons of consistent play. you cant say otherwise, for somebody to be given respect at their position as a top performer you got to show what youve got for more than a season. again its not jamaal charles fault for getting injured, injuries happen but all that he created for that one great season he had is hype. thats all it is, its hype. for one season of great play its just hype until the next season or two, to prove that their a top performer at their positon. Peyton hillis is a prime example of hype for that one good season. arian fosters first season was very good and he created hype for himself, and the next season he performed just as well. anybody who watches football can see that arian foster very quickly earned his way to a top rusher and he deserves it.

          • ajfgiants2627

            let me re-phrase that first sentence. the only way any football player should get any type of credit as a top performer in that positon is at least 2 or 3 seasons of consistent play……

  • Fubar

    What about REDZONE REDMAN!!!

  • juice

    Fred Jackson > Steven Jackson

  • OrlandoChief

    jamaal charles is rated a bit too low, the man has the second highest per carry average in NFL HISTORY second only to the great jim brown who had 6.4 ypc to jamaals 6.38 ypc. He is clearly underrated

  • OrlandoChief

    and another note Matt Forte is overated BIG TIME

  • That’s what I’m saying…fred jackson gets no love!

  • Where’s Chris Johnson!!!!!!!