Madden NFL 13 Pastapadre Coaches Connected Career League Sign-Ups

Posted August 7th, 2012 at 4:30 pm

The planning stage for the Pastapadre Coaches Connected Career League (Xbox 360) in Madden NFL 13 is now underway. The league will feature a full 32 user-controlled teams with the plan to play two games a week and handle off-season duties on a single day or two. There will be no leniency in staying active – anyone not showing up for a scheduled game or lacking communication will be immediately replaced.

There are two ways in which interest can be expressed. The first and preferred way would be to do so by replying to this post on Google Plus. Those who may not have a G+ account can do so by leaving the information (Gamertag, availability to play, and top five teams to control) instead in the comments. Understand though that anyone chosen for the league will be required to utilize G+ as it will be the primary method of communication for those involved outside of the Connected Careers website.

There will be some favor given to those who have been in past leagues or participate in discussions in the comments or through social media channels. That is just because those people are more likely to stay engaged. There will definitely be some spots filled with people that don’t have that level of familiarity so don’t be discouraged about that.

Understand that there are only 32 teams to be filled so unfortunately the vast majority of those who would like to participate will not be granted a spot. There will certainly be opportunities later to fill teams as any owners flake out. There will also be sign-ups for the Players Connected Careers League coming up in the next week or so. That one will feature either a league made up of only QBs or be opened up to other positions of choice.

  • jared

    gt jared2112
    everyday all week
    1) Packers
    2) 49ers
    3) Jets
    4) Falcons

  • Jared

    available everyday

  • Garrett

    Garrett Patchell
    xpatchx thegam3


  • Nic Wyatt

    GT- MinnesotaKight
    Top Teams
    1 Vikings
    2 Gaints
    3 Falcons
    4 Pats
    5 49ers

  • JustinR



    I work Monday through Friday but am home at 5pm Eastern time …

  • Pasta Fan

    Hi Pasta. A bit off topic here, but have you heard any speculation on whether not there are going to be half-time shows in Madden ’13?

    • Based on what I saw at E3 there’s basically nothing at halftime. Not sure if there’s anything in franchise mode though but if there was they probably would have talked about it.

  • xbox 360 gt: balks13 top 3 teams in order 1.tampa bay bucs, 2.seahawks, 3.chicago bears.and i can always play as long as we have notice and dont mind making a google plus to do this

  • Jack Gassen

    Gamertag: JackTheOtherOne
    Top 5 Teams:
    1. 49ers, I’ve been a die hard fan literally since I was born (on 4/9)
    2. Bears, I always play with them and have lots of family connections there
    3. Falcons, I love their play style I would LOVE to use them
    4. Redskins, that would be really fun
    5. Last but not least, the Bengals have 2 solid young players in Green and Dalton

    I play all the time, especially when a new football game comes out. I live in Cali and am getting Madden 13 1 day after it comes out because I preordered it with 1 day shipping, so I’ll be early to it. I’ve been in online leagues before, so I have experience. I visit your website every day because you keep me up to date with everything! I would be ECSTATIC if I could join your league! Thank you for considering me to join.

  • swa11

    I would be sooooo into this. Most involved owner you could hope for.

    gamertag: MR mauer7
    top 5 teams: Lions, Panthers, Eagles, Chiefs, Redskins

  • Rude Boy

    Been looking for a good league especially a complete league thanx for your consideration:
    1. 49ers they’re my team, only team I play with, always been my team going back to William Floyd other considerations would be….
    2. Texans
    3. Chiefs
    4. Cardinals
    5. Bucs
    I’m online often will have 0 problems getting my games played bc frankly I enjoy playing against others I’ve played 100+ games on NCAA stopped playing ranked due to the DC glitch….

  • GT: HeavyArmz 89
    anytime between 2-5pm and 10-12pm
    1. cowboys
    2. falcons
    3. bucs
    4. titans
    5. vikes

  • G

    xbox gamertag-toowavy4yall
    team-Jets or give me any team available…i just wanna partake in a real serious league with serious competitors….gimme a slot outta the 32 pasta please

  • Swift

    GT: swift kincade

    1. Ravens
    2. Ravens
    3. Ravens
    4. Ravens
    5. Ravens

  • I am very interested in joining. My gamertag is BartleDoo93, and ive played madden for about 7 years. I am very active, and can play at almost any time during the day.

    Top 5 teams:
    1. Rams (really want to play with the Rams)
    2. Lions
    3. Chargers
    4. Bengals
    5. Bucs.