Top Rated Receivers in Madden NFL 13

Posted August 13th, 2012 at 10:00 am

This is the week of the receiver for Madden NFL 13 with EA Sports today revealing the top 10 rated pass catchers. Come Friday the ratings for all receivers including tight ends will be released. Cover athlete Calvin Johnson pulls down the coveted 99 overall rating while Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, and Rob Gronkowski trail close behind at 97 overall.

Early next week will focus on defense with all the remaining players and positions coming out at the end of the week. There is also the opportunity to vote on which player, out of the designated top three, should be the highest rated in a particular category. Today the rating for WRs is “speed” with Mike Wallace, Devin Hester, and Devery Henderson in the competition to get the nod. Vote here on which you think is deserving of being the fastest receiver.

Continue on for the list of the top 10 wide receivers and tight ends by overall rating in Madden NFL 13 and leave your thoughts in the comments! 

Calvin Johnson – 99
Rob Gronkowski – 97
Larry Fitzgerald – 97
Andre Johnson – 97
Vernon Davis – 95
Jimmy Graham – 95
Steve Smith – 95
Wes Welker – 95
Roddy White – 94
Hakeem Nicks – 94

  • Man I know Steve Smith had a good year but I think 95 is high, especially since he’s 33 years old and sure to decline.

    • boog

      Exactly, he had a good year so the ratings are a reflection of that. If the season goes on and he declines you’ll see a change

    • 49ersfan1

      dont worry, theres gonna be roster updates every week…

    • Doncolumbia

      Ummmm Steven Smith has been a consistent big time receiver for the list 5 years. The only years he fell off was when he didn’t have anyone to throw him the ball.

  • kingjames8403

    Which Steve Smith

    • imr rager iii

      fuckin idiot

      • ajfgiants2627

        Thats is fucking funny ahahah

    • Riley

      Really dude?

    • 49ersfan1

      lol the eagles/giants one

  • Watkins

    Why is Roddy White always so highly rated? He’s not this good.


      2007 83 Rec 1,202 Yds 6 TD
      2008 88 Rec 1,382 Yds 7 TD
      2009 85 Rec 1,153 Yds 11 TD
      2010 115 Rec 1,389 Yds 10 TD
      2011 100 Rec 1,296 Yds 8 TD

      Are these stats not very good? Cause these are his stats. Not to mention I’ve seen him hustle down 2 INT’s and cause a fumble and got the ball back. One of which won a game.

      • KCPack

        Instead of looking only at the good stats, try looking at the stats that differentiate good from great. Roddy was targeted some 190 times last season, and only managed 100 catches!? Plus, he is a perrenial league leader in drops. Not very slick are you Nick..

        • SLICK NICK

          I watched every game he played in. I know he is a top tier WR you can pretend all you want that he isn’t and that’s fine.

      • Riley

        If I got 200 targets, I could catch 100 balls for 1,300 yards too. It’s like Kris Humphries in basketball. He is a double double machine, but only because he is the only one on his team that can rebound.

        • SLICK NICK

          If you could catch 100 passes in the NFL, you wouldn’t be on here.

  • StrasburgerandRoethlisberger

    Vernon Davis is overrated he should be a 90 at best.

    • informed critic

      lol, hilarious

    • Then gronkowski deserves a 85 at best

    • Dave H

      Clearly you didn’t watch the playoffs.

    • 40oz9mm

      You must have not watched him play at all last year? He’s the most complete tightens in the league. The best run blocking tightend with resliable hands and the most athletic tight end. Alex smith is his qb, if he had Brady or brees throwing to him he’ll have record breaking numbers.

      • CheckYourStats

        Alex Smith was his QB in 2009 and he set/tied the all-time record of TD’s for a TE.

        • 40oz9mm

          he tied for most TD by a TE … imagine if he had an elite QB and a pass first offense he’ll put up some stupid numbers!

    • 49ersfan1

      ur a fag. davis is producing omg numbers with alex smith. what if gronk and davis trade places. or davis and graham. holy crap, he’d be a candidate for the HOF.

  • twanjr

    no aj green?

    • Hdhdhd

      This comment shows why fans should not be doing the ratings

      • twanjr

        hmmm so aj isnt top 5? not a fan i just know football

  • Boog

    Roddy White overrated. Just glad my boy Steve Smith is on there

  • imr rager iii

    Leave your name and 3 teams for connected careers


    Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski sorry im not a believer

  • Faithful from jersey

    Don’t get me wrong graham and Gronk are great offensive weapons. But for my money I’ll go with Davis most complete tight end in the league.. Can catch speed strength and most important which I think separates him from every top tight end is his blocking!

    • Sam

      Gronkowski put up better numbers than Davis when Davis was the only weapon on his offense? Plus, nearly every football analysis site, such as profootballfocus, rates gronk as the better blocker of the two.

      • ballsucker69

        Davis is the only weapon so defenses keyed on him more than everyone else, plus he has Alex Smith at QB. Gronk has Tom Brady.

        • 49ersfan1


      • 40oz9mm

        Gronk is on a pass first offense. V.Davis is on a run first offense. stats are over blown. V.Davis is the most complete TE.

  • I’m super glad my bills are not getting any love from Donny /sarcasm

    • Jarod

      And which of their receivers derserves to be in this group?

    • Riley

      Steve Johnson is not a top 10 wideout.

  • No Brandon Marshall huh? Funny that his stats over the past 3 years put him in the top 2 or 3 receivers in the league, but apparantly EA Sports doesn’t look at real life when making their ratings.

    • Brandon Pierce

      I don’t think thats true, he wasn’t in top 5 for yardage or touchdowns in any of those past 3 years (tho if he had Jay Cutler the past 2 years, that might be different)

  • guest

    No Greg Jennings or jordy nelson WTF

    • Riley

      Neither of them are top 10 receivers, cheesehead. They are products of their system, particularly Nelson.

      • GUYaboveMEisANidiot

        LMAO Greg Jennings is easily top 5 and Nelson is easily top 10

        • Dumbass

          Both of them are definitely not top 10.

      • CantHearYouSpeakLowda

        That product of their system stuff is bs. WRs like Deion Branch are a product of their systems. Greg Jennings is easily a top 5 receiver and Nelson is a problem. You probably do not even know anything about football. I bet you watched NFL Top 100 and heard PlayerRater2012 say that he is a “product of his system” so you thought you would sound “football smart” by saying the same thing. Jennings has been a beast since he entered the league and slowly took Driver’s place as the #1 receiver. Now all of a sudden he is a “product of his system”? Get out of here with that bs you cardboard box fucking Pillsbury Holiday Funfetti son of a Duncan Hines Devil’s Food.

  • Thrizy

    Bummer, I thought Mike Wallace would make this list.

  • mike

    Why is desean Jackson not in the voting for spesd?

    • ajfgiants2627

      Im wondering the same thing

    • ColonelDeionSanders

      cuz he sucks but then again hester does too

      • ajfgiants2627

        Theres a big difference btw spped and sucking,i agree desean jackson aint hot shit but hes fast so stop talkin

    • chicagobearsdefense

      SURPRISE SURPRISE! Another Bear is rated like crap. thats 3 for 3 madden. Brandon Marshall isnt even listed? By the numbers, Marsh is better than Nicks. By the eye test he’s better than Welker and Smith. Seriously, was receiving yards the only category they rated receivers with? ACCOUNT FOR THE QBS throwing the ball to these guys and MARSHALL should be #4 just behind Andre…. also Larry should at least be a 98 if not 99. IDIOTS

      • chicagobearsdefense

        Also devery henderson???? top speed? meh. Hester or bust.

      • ajfgiants2627

        your just another guy whos complaining about your teams ratings. Brandon marshall is good but not better than nicks, marshall is just bigger and stronger. hes better than welker but not nicks and just cause he aint in the top 10 doesnt mean he was screwed and it doesnt mean he sucks. hes gonaa be between 88 and 94 so stop complaining. and jay cutler was not screwed, he is in no way a top 10 qb so relax about saying he was screwed cause hes is rated perfectly. you act liek your not gonna be able to play with the bears. stop complaining

    • Jumpman2033

      Considering Desean Jackson started last year with 100 speed, I’m confused on why he isn’t in the speed voting. I understand he isn’t top 10, but that is not what the speed voting is about. Whoever picked the 3 is an idiot and probably had something to do with RGIII and Luck being rated so high for never playing a down.

    • Bunchnerdywhiners

      Quit your crying bitch

    • Epicman

      how about victor cruz!?

  • Football Guru

    Its based on year to year basis isnt it? he can decline all he wants..he is still toughest little receiver..and he has speed, strength, hands, total package

  • Jarod

    Does anyone here notice that not every player is going to be in the top 10? There could possibly be other players with a 94OVR rating that just didn’t make the list. I’m an Eagles fan and in no way did I expect any WR/TE to crack the top 10, good. They didn’t deserve it. Sometimes I wonder how many people actually compare the top players with their own team’s players.

  • Football Guru

    and you have to factor in that they put TE’s in with this list so Graham, Davis, and Gronk took up 3 spaces that other WR’s could have had..its cool..waiting for that demo tomorrow

  • Andrew

    Gates is still an elite TE. He should be on this list but if he’s tied with Nicks at a 94 I’m good.

  • Qdog

    after the year victor cruz had you would think he be in the top ten

    • 49ersfan1

      he shud be like 92-93

  • EZ

    WHAT??? No Martellus Bennett??? jk jk

  • im a rams fan and HOW IS BRIAN QUICK NOT ON HERE/?!?! agh donny moore has no respect for the rams!!! booo!!! i hate madden! ea blows!!!!! mutiny!!!!!

    *Sarcasm alert*

    this is what everyone seriously sounds like though complaining that a receiver from their team isnt on here….

    • 49ersfan1

      u forgot ur beloved brandon lloyd *sarcasm*
      yes, i know hes a pat.

  • I think they are all about right. So long as Steve Smith’s speed is noted to be a lot lower than it used to be. Probably around 85-88spd. He isn’t as fast as he used to be but he’s very agile. Andre Johnson should have real low injury rating. And I’m willing to bet that Julio Jones is rated HIGHER than Roddy White by week 4 of the regular season 😀

  • Jedi

    Being a Texan fan, I like these ratings. But, I’ve always believed that when it comes to football sims, it’s more about one’s skill set, that gives you the edge, not just ratings. Case in point, last nite, I knocked off LSU with Florida St, an my opponent an I had the same rating level.

  • ajfgiants2627

    Hakeem Nick is better than Wes Welker

    • $evere

      Overall yeah he is, but Wes is great at what he does.

  • Mike Jones

    Steve Smith is not better than Roddy White or Wes Welker…he had a good season but Roddy and Wes have produced consistently for the last 4 years at elite level…

    • ajfgiants2627

      actually talent wise steve smith is definetly better than welker. steve smith has amazing circus catches and and hands. welkers got hands and can run routes but alot of welkers highlight videos dont show many spectacular catches. he does have some crazy catches but not many. most of welkers receptions come from passes that he should catch. he cant catch passes that Megatron, Larry Fitz, Andre johnson, Hakeem Nicks, Brandon Marshall, Roddy White, steve smith, and victor cruz can. lots of his receptions are short yardage and his yards after the catch are high. but other wise he just catches the balls that he should catch.

    • J. Day

      J. Day
      It’s amazing what you can do with a QB.

  • Bamalion3

    Megatron should have been 99 since M’11. He’s the best in the game-period.

  • ajfgiants2627

    Calvin johnson is fine.
    Rob gronkowski may be a tad ovverrated but regardless he should still be in the 90s and the highest rated tightend.steve smith
    Larry fitzgerald and andre johnson i have no problem.
    Vernon davis and jimy grahm are the second and third best tightends but maybe slightly ovverrated. Idk
    Steve smith had a great great year but 95 may be pushing it a little
    Wes welker is not better than hakeem nicks, when you have a great qb like brady targeting welker 90% of the time its hard to notice, but if eli manning just targeted nicks like brady targets welker i think nicks would do better but im glad i have eli to distribute the ball. The list is fine as it is. This is the correct top 10, these exact players. Some overalls may need to be changed up but overall these are the right top 10 receivers and tightends

  • Huejac2

    Wes Welker is a system slot receiver who can not get off the jam out side. A receiver who can only play in the slot should not be in the much less rated over now Buc Vincent Jackson. You can’t find a single GM in the NFL that rate Welker over V. Jack. Both Welker & Jackson hit free agency this year. Guess who got paid.

    • huejacfail

      You must rate receivers by potential instead of cold hard stats.

      Tell me who is who…

      Player 1: 554 receptions/6105 yards/31TD
      Player 2: 242 receptions/4242 yards/30TD

      Now tell me who you rather have on your team.

      • Agent916

        And New England simply doens’t pay their players that kind of money like the Bucs did. The Bucs are my favorite team, but you can believe what you want, they OVER PAID for Jackson. I’d personally take Welker over Jackson in this Bucs offense, where Schiano wants to simply move the chains and pound the rock. Both have been productive, but Jackson is too inconsistent for me personally. Welker having Brady is the difference here, but so is life. He’s got better numbers.

        • CSaintSwag

          Welker was complete shit before the Patriots.

          • footballguru45

            Brady was complete shit before the Patriots…what are you saying?

          • brady had spy gate in his favor!

          • footballguru45

            Excuses only satisfy those who make them

          • Oh I guess your going to ignore the evidence and the Fine/ deductions of draft picks? Sounds like YOUR the one making excuses!

          • huejacfail
      • dylan

        I wouldn’t sign a receiver based on a couple of career stats. There’s a whole bigger picture you’re missing, and considering that, I’d take player 2.

        • footballguru45

          What’s the bigger picture then? Are you saying Welker is bad because he is a slot receiver that can’t get off the jam outside? Was Michael Jordan “bad” because he couldn’t play the center position effectively?

          • ajfgiants2627

            hes not saying welkers bad dummy, hes saying he would prefer the other guy for reason that arent put on a stat sheet. and hes right, welkers got flashy numbers but there are other recievers who are better talented than him but just dont compete with him statistically for whatever reason. also welkers got tom brady. larry fitzgerald is like welker statistically but fitzgeralds way better. Do you get it now??? (sarcasm)

          • footballguru45

            Uhh…you lost all of your credibility by telling the whole world Fitz is like Welker. **Comment Ignored**

          • ajfgiants2627

            aight stupid i meant to right isnt but i wrote is, so correct me on my grammer you stupid english teacher. dont tell me i lost my credibilty and dont tell me comment ignored cause clearly you didnt ignore is dumb shit. and youll read this comment but you probly wont reply but youll see it

          • huejacfail

            That’s not a grammar problem, that’s your thought process being messed up, idiot. And BTW, Google Translate could barely translate your last comment…**COMMENT IGNORED**

          • ajfgiants2627

            actually thats me just writing is instead of isnt, has nothing to do with my thought process you stupid fuck. and first off this is a sight for football talk and you just looking to sound big by dissing peoples comments and opinions. and now your here talking bout thought process and google translate like this is fucking school. so you must be unhappy with your life so i can see why you talk smack online to make your self sound tough. yo by the way since your into all this grammer and thought process and google translate and all mistakes associated with writing, i definetly see the determination you have in becoming a teacher. i also look foward to using the new and improved google translate created by you. And real quick, how do you look putting my comment in google translate you dumb fuck, i never heard that type of shit before, but yo good luck ****Comment Ignored***** feel free to spell check this comment professor. and dont act like you aint reading thissssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

          • footballguru45

            How did the internet company even find the right address when you signed up for it?

            Furthermore, you said this is a “sight” for football talk. According to your logic, it seems as if everyone on this “sight” must have the same opinion. If you don’t have the same opinion on this “sight,” you are “dissing peoples comments and opinions.” Sorry I don’t agree with everything people “right” on here. If everyone agreed on EVERYTHING, we would have people acting like a bunch of Mormons on here.


          • jon

            stop hating on welker 122 catches, enough said

        • footballguru45

          And if this blog is dedicated to gaming, I think we should reference Madden. Welker should be ranked 5-8 points higher than Jackson thanks to the new rating system which accounts for team scheme philosophy. Welker is PERFECT in the Patriots’ offense; but if he moved to a team with a completely different philosophy (Jaguars), he would deservedly be ranked the same or lower than Jackson.

      • 49ersfan1

        or tom brady throwing vs philip rivers throwing.

        • footballguru45

          or norv turner coaching vs any o-cordinator for the pats in the last 5 years

          • 49ersfan1

            norv turner is a head coach

          • huejacfail

            He is also a self-proclaimed offensive guru….what are you saying?

          • 49ersfan1

            bill belicheck is better plus tom brady makes anyone good just like steve nash/drew brees/joe montana…. except for ochocinco that guys different.

          • huejacfail

            You know Belicheck isn’t an offensive coach, right?

          • 49ersfan1

            yeah no duh, but belicheck is better than turner.

  • DeVion Hinton

    I wonder if Jordy Nelson made the 90s.

    • 49ersfan1


  • Joe

    why is gronk rated the same as fitz? he had one good year and fitz has had about 7…seems a little pats biased to me

    • ajfgiants2627

      what would you like gronk to be???

      • 49ersfan1

        52… lol jk

        • ajfgiants2627


          • jon

            ya he only had 17 touchdowns as a tight end, the guy fucking sucks

          • 49ersfan1

            as long as martellus bennett is rated higher than gronk, im fine…. jk

          • ajfgiants2627

            Lmao ahahaha

  • Who ever did these ratings are an idiot. ANDRE JOHNSON REALLY? He had 492 yards last year. DOWNGRADE THE MAN. THEIR ARE WAY BETTER RECEIVERS THEN HIM. THE GUY IS ALWAYS INJURIED GEEZ Yall stay living in the PAST!

    • ajfgiants2627

      the ratings go by talent so your an idot. andre johnson isa very talented receiver. he was injured so he deserves a low injury rating. what are you gona put his catching 70’s, really??? so cause he was injured he cant catch, catch in traffic, run routes, etc. smh

      • bro check his stats the last few years he deserves a 92-93 in my opinion I don’t view him as elite, HIS NOT WHAT HE USE TO BE!

        • ajfgiants2627

          my fault i didnt mean to call you an idiot, im not like that so sorry. but n my opinion andre johnson is still the same talented reciever hes always been its just that the injuries dont leave him with enough games to prove it. when he does play and when hes healthy he still performs very well.

          • ajfgiants2627

            well enough to be a 95-97 reciever. thats the unfortunate thing about injuries on players who have performed well for a couple years because after the injury people seem to think they should be downgraded. andre johnson hasnt done anything to prove thats hes not as good as always, except gettng injured.

          • respect to you man your a true class act for man-ing up hope to play my steelers against your giants on XBOX LIVE!

      • 49ersfan1

        but he didnt have a great season. he was injured. same thing in nba, derrick rose and ricky rubio didnt do much, they shud be downgraded till they come back and proove that they deserve it. ITS 2012 NOT 2010

  • AmazinsCowboys

    can’t wait for the demo, is it gonna come out like at 12 midnight tomorrow or is it gonna be like mid-afternoon?

  • Desean Jackson is faster than all those guys…. MAYBE with the exception of Mike Wallace.

    • 49ersfan1

      he shud be in the fastest WR category, but he had a bad season

      • SilkCB21

        bcuz he had a bad season they sud lower his speed?!

        • 49ersfan1

          no thats not what i meant. i meant he SHOULD be in the fastest WR catagory minimum 98 speed, but he shouldnt be in the 90’s overall for that season he had.

          • $evere

            Agree the point of view on these ratings are jaded.

  • Montana16

    Vernon Davis is rated too high… 92ovr tops. He finished top 10 among TE’s in almost every category but never in top 3 or even top 5

    • 49ersfan1

      hes top 3 bro. 1. gronk 2. graham 3. davis. he could be better but look at the guy throwing to him.

    • Really

      Did you not see him in the playoffs?

      • 49ersfan1


        • $evere

          On top of the fact that he’s underrated in the speed category. 93 speed at least

          • 49ersfan1

            94 or 95…

          • $evere

            Yeah the dude can fly, and I’s surprised that at least that should have been gotten right.

  • Spencer

    I know it’s only his second season, but A.J. Green anyone?

    • 49ersfan1


  • khalidx

    What are the sideline players looking at?

  • jon

    gronk probably deserves a perfect 99 his stats are just unreal for a tight end, otherwise i think the ea got the wide receivers right

  • SilkCB21

    if the tight ends wasnt on the list D Jax wud b on the list and why he isn in the runnin for 100 speed is mind boggling

  • why not victor cruz? and why are TE’s in as receivers? why dont they have a top tight end thing… victor cruz should be up there as well… he had over 1500 reciving yards last year

    • $evere

      Because he plays for the Giants

  • John

    Does anybody else notice that in the picture featured above; NONE of the Packer player’s on the sideline are actually LOOKING at Megatron?? Their all staring at midfield while Johnson is truckin’ it to the house for 6. This is the s*** that drives me crazy. EA used to take pride in the small things. Now they just overlook them like it’s no big deal.

  • NachoMV

    WTFFFFF¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ WHERE IS VICTOR CRUZ AND WHY ARE Two TEs in the top ten

    • $evere

      Because he plays for the Giants.

  • J.J. Buc

    again because a player signs in tampa thier rating goes to crap Vincent Jackson is a stud and has been wtf is up with his rating not showing it

    • $evere

      Yeah and they are a young team with young fresh youthful legs and they are rated horribly.

  • $evere

    I finally played the demo, and the Giants are horribly underrated. The 49ers corners can’t stick Cruz and Nicks, and Patrick Willis has no business running strife for stride on crossing routes. Eli’s throws are too weak. The corners are too slow. The Giants once again don’t play like a Superbowl team. Keith Rivers ratings is funny. I AM NOT SURPRISED AT ALL.

  • mayogamer

    Why isn’t victor Cruz rated a 90+ reciever?!?!