Madden NFL 13 All Player Ratings

Posted August 24th, 2012 at 9:30 am

Early this week EA Sports revealed the top rated players on defense. Given that the entirety of defense was lumped in together it amounted to only those individuals rated 97 and above. Though they didn’t crack the top 10 Terrell Suggs and Jason Pierre-Paul are right on the cusp of doing so. Rookies include both Morris Claiborne and Luke Kuechly at 81 and Mark Barron at 80.

Today the company has rolled out the remainder of the player ratings which accounts for all defensive players (file can be downloaded here) along with a list of every single player in the game (file can be downloaded here).

The release day roster update for Madden NFL 13 came out this morning. Of note is the addition of Terrell Owens, rated 80, and some ratings movement based on preseason play.

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          They can’t…that’s why the say it.

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    Thx, Pasta. Can’t wait to read your write-up…

  • wheres janoris jenkins?

    besides him not being on the list at all the rams D is pretty decent this year

    • Matt

      Rookies are not on the defensive player list. Open the one for every player. It should open in excel, hit ctrl F and type in Janoris. hit next and you will find him. he’s got a 90 man coverage.

  • Broderick Bunkley is an 88 talk about overrated. I like the guy because he went to FSU but he really hasn’t done a thing to be that high.

    • meow

      Actually he had one of the best years last year for a dt. You just never heard of anything other than tom tebow out of Denver unfortunately. These guys mainly look at profootballfocus for their scouting. And they still screw it up though

      • But he is strictly a runner stuffing guy. I just feel like that is too high for a guy that rarely gets pressure and has had one good year.

        • $evere

          There are alot of one trick pony guys with high ratings.

  • Mason Drews

    Glad to see Brandon Carr’s press rating has been fixed. On Madden 12 it was a 57!?! He’s one of the best press man corners in the league, he now has a 92 press after I’ve sent it in on Twitter a bunch! 😀

    • $evere

      I wonder why that is? I wonder why that great of a jump? Hmmmm? I don’t have a clue what so ever? Could it be that he now plays for the Cowboys? LOL

      • IceChief27

        I know right! I complained and complained about his speed and press and gave valid reasoning on the ea forums last year to no avail. Stanford Routt has a press rating of 75 and speed of 95 when he is one of the best, better than Carr, press man corners in the league and he runs a 4.27. He should have a 93 press rating minimum and 97 speed and acceleration ratings minimum. The ratings are so biased to teams and players that are in the media. It is terribly unfair. While on this subject, Tyson Jackson was the BEST 34 end at stopping the run. Not Haloti Ngata and not Justin Smith. And what does he get? an 86 block shed and 76 ovr. Absolutely pathetic.

  • Joker

    i cant open it the link

  • guest

    anyway you could upload this in a regular Excel file?

    • RandomGuy

      I have no problem with it. What year are you using?

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          Vintage Super Mario !

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      Too bad JR went to TNA…he should have called this game…errr, I mean match 😀

  • I like that eric weddle is a 95 overall. BUT he lead the league in interceptions last year, and also had his best year of his career. Should be the highest rated FS in the game.

    • Mason Drews

      Ed Reed still plays right? lol

      • turkey86

        Are you retarded or trying to be funny?

    • Complaining about a 95 is a little nit picky.

    • football101

      One year never determines a player’s greatness. One year certainly doesn’t make him the best Safety in the game. Horrible comment. He is no where near Ed Reed’s level or ever will be. 95 is a little too high in my opinion. I’ll give him a 92 at best.

  • NoFro904

    PASTA have you seen any footage of the game face actually in madden.
    Wanting to know how good it looks in game !

  • zyphox

    they haven’t fixed nick foles rating from preseason yet, since you know technically he has been the best QB in the first 2 games of the preseaon so far…….

    • turkey86

      It’s preseason. He’s the smartest kid with Down Syndrome.

  • Jimmy

    Is there no pass block strength, pass block footwork anymore?

    • chicagobearsdefense

      good those are horrible categories. There cant be a category for STRENGTH, PASSBLOCK STRENGTH, AND RUNBLOCK STRENGTH. those dont relate to the real world. There isnt Speed, speed after catch, speed running with the ball categories. Btw Bears players who got royally screwed include but are not limited to; Henry Melton, Nate Collins, DJ Moore, Earl Bennett, Alshon Jeffery, Chris Williams, Roberto Garza and of course JAY Cutler

      • Melton 1 good year out of 4, Nate Collins no one knows an he hasn’t proven a thing, Alshon has proven nothing in the NFL an had a bad rep in college looked at as a guy that will get overweight. Olinemen I don’t bother since they don’t mean much in Madden or NCAA.

      • turkey86

        Bears blow.

  • Steven

    No pass block footwork or pass block strength?

    • Not sure if you played NCAA but it was taken out of that too, meaning Madden likely wouldn’t have it.

  • Keith.

    Looks like, for at least the 20th year in a row, defenders still chase the ball carrier in a single file all the way down the field. Why in the world it’s still like this in EA football land 20 years later, I’ll never know. Guess they just not capable of doing any better. SMH

    • Keith.

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      • $evere

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        • $evere

          Anyone who put the 2 dislikes, I shake my head at you. WOW There never a wrong time to tell the truth.

    • Amen_Ra

      Dude you are complaining about how they chase someone…That’s reaching Bro

      • Keith.

        Been a pet peeve of mine with EA football for 20 years. 11 defenders running single file down the field looks beyond ridiculous.

        • asmckenna1215

          if it’s been a pet peeve for TWENTY YEARS (spelling of 20 for emphasis), then get a job at EA and fix it.

          Amen_Ra is right, this is really reaching and just sounds like something to complain about because you obviously hate EA. Seriously, if it’s that big of a deal to you start up a competing company and maybe don’t post on forums all day.

          • Keith.

            WTF kind’ve reply is “get a job at EA and fix it”?

            Dumbest thing I’ve heard all day.

          • asmckenna1215

            It’s because all you ever talk about is how bad EA is at stuff and it’s just so pretentious and annoying. All you do is complain, yet you never suggest a solution to your problems.

            What I said was not the dumbest thing you’ve heard all day. It’s probably whatever came out of YOUR own mouth that was, and you’re just too arrogant to realize it.

          • smsixx

            I find it ridiculous that I have to use a yellow blot of paint to hit a baseball…does that happen in real life? no…
            Will you bash “The Show” for it? no.

        • Amen_Ra

          LOL, dude took it to the house on em, How were they supposed to run? Sideline cameras and stuff I’m with you, but here you are out in left field

          • Keith.

            Next time you see all 11 defensive players running down the field in a single file line in a real NFL game chasing after the ballcarrier, let me know.

            It will never happen.

            In real life, players use realistic pursuit angles. In Madden, it’s single file, all the way down the field. Been that way for 20 years. Doesn’t bother you, which is cool. But it’s another year they’ve done nothing to address proper pursuit angles, so I’ll keep complaining.

        • Tee

          It does seem cartoonish but there are a rare few (maybe not so rare) that actually laugh at the cartoonish nature of ALL video games sports which often makes them more fun…..other examples

          invisible force fields around superstar players/collision – NBA2k11/12
          Getting stuck in the corners on the ice without contact – NHL 11
          Fast base running looking like they’re skipping – MVP Baseball 04
          QB’s looking like it hurt to throw – NFL 2k5 ; NFL Fever

          It’s stuff like that makes me laugh too much to be completely disappointed/disenchanted with VG sports….

  • Izzy

    my computer aint letting me see the ratings and my ipod keeps exiting the site everytime try to see it

    HELPPPPP!!! i want to see these ratingssss

  • @AbstractVision_

    How do you see only a specific team’s ratings on the excel spreadsheet? Sorry I’m not good with excel

    • Izzy

      how to u see the ratings i want to know its not letting me. microsoft is giving me another language

    • RandomGuy

      I have Excel 2012. Here’s what I do. Home – Sort & Filter – Custom Sort. Then here it should have ways to sort your columns by. Here’s how I sorted mine:

      Sort By: Team
      Then By: Position
      Then By: Overall Order – “Largest to Smallest”

      So it gives you a depth chart. You have each player sorted by team. Then the positions go in alphabetical order (starting with Center) then within each position the players are sorted by their rating, starting with the best.

  • Izzy

    helpppppppp i cant see it on my computer nor my ipod

  • Gotta advertise this, Don’t care what you say… 2k Server Blast!


      Best engine ever. APF2K8 still does the things Madden can’t.

  • kurt

    the lions look pretty terrible for being “86” overall.

  • Ray

    Anybody notice the bucs never seem to lose players and the players that replace are always extremely similar? Meanwhile the panthers players lost all kinds of ratings… Which team went from 10-6 to 4-12 again?

    • I’m am a Bucs fan. The team is pretty much the same from last year( just add jackson, nicks, wright, clark) an its not like Madden keeps them good. Sim a season they are always close to last. They rarely have great ovr jumps in off season.

      • $evere

        For team to be as young and quick as they are and to have the kind of ratings they have is crazy. They aren’t a good team, true, but they are young and that should show.

  • Ray

    I also love how one of the leagues worst rush offenses has 3 WR with 60+ run block LOL Donny Moron is a joke.

  • $evere

    You can plainly see that EA hates the Ravens, Giants, and Bucs, it’s so obvious. Terrell Suggs being rated lower than JPP is a joke. He was defensive player of the year, and that’s not taking away from JPP, but man that is obvious hatred.

  • Izzy

    microsoft isnt letting me see the player ratings. its giving me another langage there. whats going on help me

  • whhhhhyyyyyy


  • $evere

    Why is Michael Boley only an 81? The Broncos had a great defense last year. Why did David Harris drop from a 92 to an 89? Jerod Mayo isn’t better than Harris. There EA go again overrating the worst defense in the league.

    • Jetsfan24

      Jerod Mayo IS better than David Harris
      and this is Coming from a Jets Fan

      David Harris didnt have a good year last year

      • $evere

        A down year doesn’t make him better. Jerod was a role player in a terrible defense. David Harris was one of the strong points on a team struggling to score points, now who has to work harder. Even Revis said it himself that the Jets haven’t given Mark nothing to work with and with the league favoring the defense, the Jets have nothing to lean on but their D. They aren’t running the ball well. Worst defense is exactly what it is the worst defense, and the Packers was the 2nd worse. Some of these rating don’t make any sense what so ever.

      • PatsFAN

        Thank you JEtsfan.

        • $evere

          Jerod Man-naise isn’t better than Harris. Harris is an excellent linebacker.

    • What does Boley have to do with the Broncos? He plays for NYG. Please fix your comment.

      • $evere

        It was a random comment. Boley should be higher on the Giants (Superbowl champ love0 and the Broncos should be stout on D. Champ only had one bad game and that was against Megatron

  • whhhhhyyyyyy

    I really would like an explanation as to why kyle rudolph’s catch in traffic is 71. That is low by any standard and it means if he gets touched he drops it. Please someone give me a reason why they have done this two years in a row

  • Izzy

    I still need help trying to see the ratings.. anyone?

  • Crimson

    I love this game it will be great!!! Here is a link to prove it

  • N O Geaux Getta

    Sooooo… Tim Tebow and Brock Osweiler (69 ovr) have about the same deep ball acc as drew brees ? ok

    • Tee

      According to Skip Bayless, Tebow throws one of the best deep balls in the game…. 😛

  • RandomGuy

    Here is a copy of the same Excel spreadsheet sorted by team, position, and overall. Sort of like a Depth Chart.

  • darkgalaxy1

    Where is VILMA in the list!?

    • RandomGuy

      suspended for the year. It’d be interesting to see if he’s even in the game.

      • If they are really omitting him because of the suspension that is pretty lame and definitely the wrong way to handle it. He’s not suspended from the NFL or removed from the team. He’s suspended a year and it still have a decent chance of being overturned. I realize they don’t have suspensions in the game (It’s apparently not in the game ;)), but the proper work around would have been to give him a year long injury. No different than when Manning missed all of last year yet was still in the game.

        I have to say if he’s really omitted, I just lost a lot of respect for EA. Not that I had a ton to begin with. I’m still on the fence for madden and this definitely wouldn’t help. Just poor poor decisions … there are plenty of other players that have to serve suspensions and you don’t see them being removed. I don’t care how long the time is.

        • RandomGuy

          Nooo. He’s suspended by the NFL. The courts even upheld his appeal. Even if he wasn’t, it wouldn’t make any sense to have him in the game if he wasn’t playing.

          • So are all other players that are serving a suspension removed from the game until their suspension is served? I think not. Your argument makes no sense at all.

            “Even if he wasn’t” … what the hell are you talking about. If he wasn’t suspended he would be playing. That makes no sense at all.

            And it just goes to show how much you even know about the case. The appeal is still in the courts. The judge has even urged both sides to come to a settlement. So you are either ignorant or just get the latest from SportsCenter and think you know everything.

            If your going to make an argument, at least make it intelligent.

          • RandomGuy

            excuse even if “it” wasn’t. Even if the courts were still in appeal.
            Until they come to a decision…He’s still suspended. “So are all other
            players that are serving a suspension removed from the game until their
            suspension is served?” If they’re suspended for the year. He’s not
            practicing. He’s not on the field. So he’s suspended. If they don’t come
            to a decision by week 1 he’s not going to play…by week 2…by week
            3…etc. If he’s not in the league he’s NOT IN THE GAME. Don’t believe
            me? See Pacman Jones. He wasn’t in the game in ’07 after he was
            suspended for the year. Appeal or not. As for the courts…do your own
            research. The judge you’re referring to was the judge in restraining
            order to case to get him to play while he waits on the appeals: Judge
            Ginger Berigan. She refused to make a ruling because she didn’t think
            she had the power to make the NFL put Vilma on the field. She said she
            wouldn’t make a ruling until the appeal process was exhausted. Which
            would make her ruling moot anyway: If he wins the appeal. He would play
            anyway. If he loses, she can’t rule that he should practice while he
            awaits his appeal…IF THE APPEAL IS OVER. But, you are correct. The
            appeal is still in the courts…but at the release of the game he was
            still suspended for the year and therefore should not be playing.

  • RandomGuy

    Terrell Owens rated 80?! Chad (still called) Ochocinco rated 76 and Moss 84.

    • $evere

      T.O. doesn’t play for Dallas anymore so now he is rated normal.

  • Any word on rowing abilities? Who has the No. 1 canoe fleet?

  • All Maurkice Pouncey did was go to the pro bowl and named an all pro player but yet his an 85? Donny go do me a favor and play in some traffic!

  • Huejac2

    Why the hell does Bucs CB Aqib Talib always gets reduced to start the season? No one had more than 3 cathes on him in a game and that included Maga Tron & Green Bay’s Gennings

  • Huejac2

    How the hell did Bucs LT Donald Penn get reduced from 90 to 87. He has not played in the preseason so maybe he gave up a practice sack?

  • Did anyone else notice that Jon Condo, rated 39 Overall, made the Pro Bowl last year (for the second time). Something is obviously wrong with that rating. Madden seems to ignore long snappers, featuring them as backup Tight Ends and giving them brutal ratings…

    • RandomGuy

      they don’t have categories for long snapping. He has 32 tackles over a 7 year career. What stats would you give him? Would you rate him a 99 is a linebacker? even though he’s a long snapper. Would you create a long snapper position? When in all actuality the position isn’t as vital as anything else. You can put your starting center in there and they’d do just fine. Heck they don’t even draft long snappers. Why waste the time?

  • billy lang

    Hoenstly, madden has taken so many things away from the gamer it is more basic than Madden 10. I am extremly dissapointed with how the Career mode is set up, there is no franchise mode, and you cant send over your NCAA 13 career. Madden has clearly stopped caring what the gamers think.