A Look at Kinect Integration for NBA 2K13

Posted September 5th, 2012 at 4:45 pm

Though the voice command functionality with Kinect for Xbox 360 proved mostly forgettable and in some cases acted as a nuisance for Madden NFL 13 it should pay dividends when it comes to those sports with more continuous action like FIFA 13 and NBA 2K13. A new video from 2K Sports highlights how Kinect has been implemented in 2K13 allowing for actions such as substitutions and play calling to be made through voice commands. 

  • don’t understand why you can’t use a normal mic. Sure, you wouldn’t be able to do it in online that way, but still

    • 49ersfan1


    • nov

      mics dont have the processor necessary to recognize commands.

      • afridgetofar

        The kinect does indeed do speech recognition, but speech recognition is really old stuff. There are ample open source libraries anybody could use to get it in their game at negligible cost to performance or dev time (relative to kinect that is). The fact of the matter is, it’s generally been the consensus in the industry that speech recognition is pretty lame in most all game applications. However, if microsoft comes crying about your game selling millions and having no kinect features you gotta do something right?

  • CSaintSwag

    Keith.= Damn this new kinect stuff with NBA 2k13 is the bomb.

    Keith.= Madden integrated the kinect with their game that just sucks.

    Me= Are you serious Keith.????????

    • Keith.

      Sorry dude…I’m a PS3 guy. I do like the Gatorade dump though. Nice touch.

      • CSaintSwag

        that was on 2k12 as well. Nice touch.

  • 49ersfan1

    idk why but 2k12 looks better as in gameplay graphics…

  • Skopin

    I like it. Especially with the kinect price drop. One thing that would have been nice to see is on the fly callouts for both offensive and defensive pick and rolls: telling your fellow defender to either switch on a good screen or just hedge and get back if you can get around, or, if on offense, the defender is cheating too much one way or the other, tell him to slip or pop. Unfortunately though, I still see the same glaring AI issues.

  • Sam

    wow graphics and animations look absolutely fantastic. good job 2k, good job!

  • Sam

    but that gatorade looks like melted candle wax hahaha

  • Crimson

    From a self confessed 2K fanboy~

    Dear NBA Live 13(NBA Elite)….its all over. Nobody loves you(nobody but Daley). Kill yourself.

  • Mr_Beans_o_o

    Welp. Looks like I’m buying a Kinect. Damn you Micro$oft

  • Mr_Beans_o_o

    I kinda don’t like the new scoreboard but I also haven’t played it yet so…yeah.

  • ReelBigMike

    Is that Mike Woodson? haha.

  • WL19

    The game looks identical to 2k12 (Aside from the laughably bad looking gatorade shower). We need to stop letting 2k keep pushing out the same game every year with a couple of sprinkled on gimmicks like this silly Jay-Z “involvement” and other things that were in previous games that are being touted as “new features” such as the dunk contest.

    • You won’t see noticeable graphical leaps with this game anymore. It’s pretty naive to expect it. Are graphics really what you use to determine whether something is the “same” game? That’s kind of shallow. What about added/changed gameplay mechanics and added features to existing modes? Does that not determine whether a game is the same anymore?

      • JAY

        He doesn’t get it. WL should just buy the games that boast the best graphics ever. Or 2K’s competition… Live. Good luck with that.

  • blackice622

    i wish 2k13 looked like madden 13 but still have the same game play.