Collection of Overall Player Ratings Revealed To Date for NBA 2K13

Posted September 12th, 2012 at 6:15 pm

2K Sports has been gradually revealing overall player ratings for NBA 2K13 over recent weeks. Though they don’t say much about how an individual will perform in the game – especially given the addition of Signature Skills this year – at the very least it provides perspective on general perception towards them and the ability to see how they are being slotted among their peers.

Continue on to check out the 34 overall ratings that are currently available for NBA 2K13 and leave any thoughts in the comments!

Michael Jordan 99
Allen Iverson 95
Kevin Durant 94
Chris Paul 94
Kobe Bryant 93
Carmelo Anthony 92
Derrick Rose 92
Rajon Rondo 90
Kevin Love 89
Andrew Bynum 87
Josh Smith 87
Steve Nash 87
Andre Iguodala 87
Pau Gasol 87
Blake Griffin 86
Monta Ellis 86
Amare Stoudemire 84
Danny Granger 84
Marc Gasol 83
Tyreke Evans 81
Serge Ibaka 81
Anthony Davis 80
Kemba Walker 78
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 78
Grant Hill 77
Kenneth Faried 76
Harrison Barnes 75
Evan Turner 75
Thomas Robinson 75
Jared Dudley 75
JaVale McGee 74
Dion Waiters 71
Austin Rivers 67
Kendall Marshall 65

  • Juukbox

    Austin Rivers is a little low… Or maybe that’s just me. Idk. Ratings aren’t everything, i guess.

    • rick

      he got destroyed in summer league fool

      • Juukbox

        Well I would of know that if I had taken the time to watch summer league, in which case i didn’t.

    • CLEfan4LIFE

      although summer league doesn’t mean a whole lot, because there have been guys who have tore up summer league and then you never hear of em, but Rivers is making a position change. Also, he is not your ideal type of PG you would want running your team in the NBA. He is a scoring point and doesn’t really have a grasp yet on how to run an offense. I think his rating is fine where it is.

      • Phil Shannon

        yea, I am assuming that, that is at point guard, so that would make it a pretty fair rating,

      • Juukbox

        I can go for that. PG is the toughest position to play in the NBA. im thinkin the signature skills may carry a little more weight than I initially thought. Rivers does have some offensive skills that others dont have. his rating is probably accurate seein is how his defense is sub-par.

    • I think he’d have a better OVR if he was a SG. He’s basically a PG with SG skills.

  • rick

    Monta Ellis 86? maybe a superstar to you sportscenter addicts but the fool makes barbosa look like kobe on D. he should be a 74 from a bucks fan

    • Guestt

      Nash can’t guard but he’s an 87…defense
      Is not everything fool. Monta is one of the best pure scorers in the league that’s why he has a good rating.

      • bah

        You’re kidding right? Jacking up 20 to 30 shots to get 20 to 30 points does not make someone one of the “best pure scorers.” It makes them a chucker.

        • CLEfan4LIFE

          yet carmelo does the same, but he’s still considered an “elite scorer”. I consider him a “cancer” to the team. That’s just me tho. I agree with you, if you chuck up 20-25 shots a game you better be averaging atleast 25ppg or more.

        • You must not understand what a “pure” scorer means. It basically means that’s what they do, they SCORE. Shot selection is a non-factor. They either get hot or cold. And when Monta gets hot, he can fill it up quickly.

          • CLEfan4LIFE

            no wonder u like NBA Live. You have no clue about basketball terminology or basketball in itself. A pure scorer doesn’t just jack up shots and if they go in they go in LOL. A pure scorer is a guy who can create a shot, whether its from the iso, the post, off the dribble, off the pick and roll, or from triple threat. They are also great finishers. LOL learn basketball before you try and correct someone.

          • Who said I liked NBA Live? And my opinion of a scorer equates to me not knowing anything about basketball?

            “A pure scorer doesn’t just jack up shots and if they go in they go in LOL.”

            When did I say that was the case? All I said was that they SCORE, meaning their job is to get buckets. Shot selection isn’t really a factor for scorers because they typically do their own thing. In fact, that’s been one of the criticisms on Monta Ellis AND Melo – both players are ball-stoppers that need to dominate the ball to score. It’s the reason Monta Ellis isn’t playing PG, and it’s the reason NYK fans damn near wanted Melo gone.

            Stop being an ass just because I don’t no-life it on these boards by bashing EA all day.

          • bah

            Being “pure” anything requires one to be damn good at what they’re considered “pure” at. “Pure shooters” for example tend to be amazing shooters like Reggie Miller and Ray Allen; you don’t go around calling any random schmuck who only jacks up a bunch of 3’s a “pure shooter” just because he jacks up 3’s and does nothing else.

            “Pure” scoring is the same way. You gotta be damn great at scoring points with high volume AND high efficiency. Monta and ‘Melo do not fulfill that requirement.

    • 49ersfan1

      monta ellis is a 84-5

  • NoFro904

    No Pistons ? How Rude of 2k

    • smsixx

      Tell me about it…and after seeing a bulk of the top 10 picks in this list, I was bummed to not see Andre Drummond.

    • CLEfan4LIFE

      woulda liked to see BKnights overall.

  • Keith.

    Gonna be interesting to see if NBA2k finally outsells Madden. Think this just might be the year it happens.

    • I am pretty sure you thought that every year, but I have to admit there is a chance beings all the changes they did with MyCareer, it will definitely bring people in.

      • Keith.

        This is the first year I’d put money on it.

        Just saw Amazon already knocked down the price of Madden to $43 on 360 and $44 on PS3. This coming just 2 weeks after release, and 2 days after Target slashed the price to $49.

        The one (1) star reviews are currently outnumbering the five (5) star reviews by almost a 7 to 1 margin on PS3, and by an almost 4 to 1 margin on 360. Looks like the dreadful word of mouth on Madden is taking its toll and is going to make it a pretty safe bet for me.

        And this was the year EA doubled the size of Madden’s dev budget…lol. Riccotello and Peter Moore must be shittin’ themselves.

        • Well I wouldn’t look at Amazon to get my opinion of the game, but thats just me, I also do not look at statistics as hard as you. I basically just look at how the game is looking and that is it. In my opinion Madden was fun this year, yes they have things wrong with it, took things out that most people say shouldn’t have however it is a fun game to play. I wasn’t as big of a My Player type of guy I would finish 1 season and be done. However the recent news with all these things being added on to MyCareer I am feeling that will be the mode I spend the most of my time on. I know for a fact people are looking at that mode and liking it a lot. If they would have brought back crew games I would feel they would have a way better shot even though the online did not work with it at all and all the people hacking their My Players people still liked that mode. It will surely be close, this is the first time I agree with you. “History has been made.”

          • BDiddy

            This little fucking retard agrees with you Keith. Wow. What an honor that is, huh?

          • Keith.

            Doesn’t really matter if anybody else agrees with me. But calling someone else a “retard” isn’t cool at all. Have you never had anybody who’s disabled in your family? If you don’t, maybe someday you will.

          • Die sir, I am not a retard and you had absolutely no reason to say anything you just said.

        • You really get off on that stuff, don’t you?

          Lemme guess, you have a 2k butt plug, don’t you?

          • Keith.

            I don’t even know what a butt plug is. Why don’t you fill me in, Jwaan.

          • Women use them to “prepare themselves” generally.

        • Dreadful word of mouth? Since when does around 600 people combined on Amazon equal “dreadful word of mouth?”

          Since you like doing math, let’s do math on how much 600 people are in relation to the estimated 1 million + people who bought the game already (and that’s really a general estimation).

          10% of 1 million = 100,000

          1% of 1 million – 10,000

          See, 600 people isn’t even 1% of the total number of sales. Yet, there’s “dreadful word of mouth” going on, huh?

          0.001% = 1,000; 0.0001 = 100; 100×6 = 600 = 0.0006%

          As you can see, the dreadful word of mouth going on at Amazon is being repped by roughly (very) 0.0006% of the total sales made up to this point.

          Yep, they’re shaking in their boots alright.

  • Wematanye

    The NBA 2K Insider finally showed Rondo some love and showed Kemba Walker way too much love.

  • Idk if this is just me, but is iggy like the only SF that can avg 12 ppg and still get a 87 rating lmfao

    • CLEfan4LIFE

      bball is more than just scoring. Iggy does it all bro. One of the best overall well rounded players in the league.

      • And to reply to you, I would say best all around players

        1.) Lebron

        • CLEfan4LIFE

          yeah top 6 is pretty damn good in the NBA lol. Your point? I wouldn’t hesitate to put him infront of CP3 either, when talking about all around player.

          • Are you serious????? CP3 has more ppg apg and has 4 rpg you must be stupid

          • CLEfan4LIFE

            Iggy can guard 3 or 4 positions. CP3 can only guard one.

          • Iggy can guard SG and SF If he went up against most PGs they would run him, he is undersized against PFs and definitely undersized against Centers.

          • And on top of that a way better defender.

    • 49ersfan1

      iggy is great, he might take denver deep into the playoffs. and if ur focused on scoring, then rondo should be 78-9. if you cared about important things like passing, rebounds, defense, then rondo is 89 ish

      • I didn’t say iggy sucked I just said he is the only SF to not score a lot and be up their in OVR, you took it the wrong way. Besides rondo averaged a double double last season. Iggy was 12 ppg 5 apg and 6 rpg, Rondo was 11 ppg 11 apg and 4 rpg. Melo had 22 ppg 3 apg and 6 rpg, if melo would have gotten 2 more apg i guarantee you his ppg would not have dropped lower then 18 ppg. Iggy is a good on ball defender I’ll give him that but I would like to see him go back to 07-08 and 06-07 he is only 28. In 06-07 he was getting 18 ppg 5 apg and 5 rpg, in 07-08 it was 19 ppg 4 apg and 5 rpg. Also in 08-09 he got 18 ppg 5 apg and 5 rpg. 09-10 he got 17 ppg 5 apg and 6 rpg. Then his points took a total drop, in 10-11 he got 14 ppg 6 apg and 5 rpg. Then last year his stats were 12 ppg 5 apg and 6 rpg. All I am saying is he good do better. However he is still really good.

        • 49ersfan1

          iggy is also defener, dunker and a gold medalist. he is a 87-8

          • that is a terrible defense Ton Allen is a defender, Al Thorton is a dunker, and gold medalist has nothing to do with the NBA as a whole.

          • 49ersfan1

            iggy is also a dunker. and if he wasnt a 87 overall player, team usa wouldve took rudy gay or eric gordon instead of iggy but they took iggy becuz hes good. and yes i know gay and gordon r good…

          • The USA could win a gold medal in basketball with High School players just saying.

          • 49ersfan1

            no way, argentina, spain, russia would whoop their ass if they used high school, college, and/or rookie players!

          • russia is garbage lmfaoo, Argentina only has what Manu Scola? and Spain has Gasol Brothers rudy fernandez, High School can take those teams in the olympics USA basketball is just to good. By the way the Olympics used to be only collegiate players and the USA only failed twice that should show you something.

          • 49ersfan1

            well russia whooped spain in the group stages, argentina almost beat usa in group stages. high school players would get their ass kicked to china if they play them.

        • NoFro904

          Ive always described Iggy as a poor mans Lebron.
          He is good at everything and does everything on the court.

  • What about Dwight Howard? I say 93….

  • Rob

    Kenneth Faried’s rebound is a 95 for those who don’t know.

    • Rob

      Dwight is a 96 in 2k13. lol smh

  • pretty accurate if you ask me

  • Michael Jordan a 99 please people you crazy Donny Moore should be fired how many rings Jordan win widout Pippen NONE THAT’S RIGHT NONE 2K be trippin’ NBALIVETILLIDIE Haters!

    Ahem, where was I?With Nash, Kobe, Gasol and Howard, LAL will have 4 starters at 87 or above. Yikes. Plus, MettaWhateva on lockdown defense.It will be a long couple years for my Magic.

    • CLEfan4LIFE

      ^what a dumbass

      • Apparently nobody got the blatant sarcasm. I’ll have to be even more overly ridiculous next time.

        • CLEfan4LIFE

          It’s kind of hard to tell sarcasm over the internet… There are some ppl who actually feel that way about Live, which is pretty sad. I feel for them.

    • 49ersfan1

      u idiot, michael jordan was their best player and a win is a win. scalabrine has 1 ring and he didnt even play in the playoffs. dj mbenga has 2 rings. kobe bryant has 5 rings, he was the second best player in the lakers when shaq was there. its called teammates u fool. u dont win by yourself.

    • Juukbox

      he’s right… Jordan should get an overall rating of 100.

    • Sniper

      You’re so right!! Michael Jordan does not deserve a 99, he should have gotten a HUNDRED or more! So if we go by your stupid ass logic, how many rings did Magic win without Kareem? How many did Bird win without Parrish and McHale? You actually think just because MJ didn’t win a ring until Piipen came somehow diminishes what MJ did in his career? LMAO! What a dumb ass! Jordan is the GREATEST OF ALL TIME!

  • CLEfan4LIFE

    Kemba is wayyyy to damn high. 2k insider must be a bobcats fan…

    • CLEfan4LIFE

      If Kemba is a 78 then Kyrie better be an 84, cuz yeah, he is that much better than Kemba.

    • Juukbox

      I was gonna try to make a case for Kemb’s “unusually” high rating, but then I realized he plays for the Bobcats and they’re irrevelant anyway.

  • Carter

    kobe 93 Nash and Gasol 87 and dwight probably a 94 or 93. The LA LA land is gonna be a force.

  • Last I remember Iverson was a 96 when he went to the finals in 2k2

  • GKage

    Rondo should should be above 90 imo. Dude gets triple doubles like clockwork lol

    Nash 87
    Kobe 93
    Gasol 87
    Howard 9x

    The new most picked team online?

    • salkjd

      with Antawn Jamison

    • rwm

      Nash – 87
      Kobe – 93
      Gasol – 87
      Howard – 9(?)
      Jamison – ?

      no substitutions, no timeouts, holding turbo all game … and they will still win lol

    • Rob

      Ronnie said that Rondo won’t go above 90 until his shooting gets better.

  • 49ersfan1

    cp3 will never be better than kobe. even when kobe is 40. and weres lebron,dwight. and deron williams is WAY better than rajon rondo.

    • Juukbox

      THANK YOU!

  • abc

    If Kyrie Irving has a lower OVR than Kemba Walker…fail.

  • abc

    Also, both Austin Rivers and Anthony Davis are underrated imo

    • Riley

      Austin Rivers will be completely and totally useless his first season, and IMO no rookie should be higher than 80.

  • Greg

    I’m kind of concerned. I don’t want to think 2K is hiding this game but all they have shown so faris ONE real gameplay video and bit and pieces about certain features. This game drops in 2 weeks basically and what have we really seen? Why aren’t they showing us a lot more with such short time to go? I’m starting to think maybe this game isn’t as good as they’re saying it is.

  • max

    seems like most players got a boost this time… i bet, dirk will still be a 83 or even worste. theyve never shown him love. not even after his legendary perfonce in da finals 2011… and no, after the all star break last year he played nice again, he just struggled at the start of the season… dirk must be at least 87. at least! and his defnese isnt that bad, many consider him as a bed defender but actually he aint. commantators in 2k12 even talk about that and say he is a good defender…

    • Nally

      learn how to spell and he started off at a 87 and was 99 med and virtually unstoppable & still was with his fadeaways

  • Amare Stoudemare is not better than Marc Gasol. I’m a diehard Kings fan and I think Tyreke is a bit overrated.

  • UconnBBall

    Kemba Walker!

  • DieHard0802

    Kobe overall is TOO low

  • Austin Rivers 67 yikes, that’s my starting PG; at least AD is a 80. Neither Melo or KD should be over a 90. The two easiest scorers in the NBA do little more than just that .